the time of the nine

that time where brooklyn nine nine hadn’t been renewed or canceled for months was so stressful lmao that cannot happen again next year like if u aren’t watching b99 what the Fuck are u doing tbh

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Not HoO related but what are some of your favorite shows?

Many? At the moment I am re-watching for the fourth time Sense8 because I have not yet exceeded its cancellation.

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And Brooklyn Nine Nine is my new favorite series !!

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And The Flash is the only current Superhero series that I still not disappointed ah.

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And I’m currently watching Poldark? But I hate all the characters except Demelza who deserves better.

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I also see Game of Thrones, Vikings and The 100 but I think I already see them by inertia, because I really lost the emotion I had for them.

i really love genuinely good posts that deconstruct the moral performativity and the flagellation intrinsic to social justice culture on this website but i truly do believe that nine times out of ten those posts are written by disgruntled white bloggers who’re angry at people of color having fun at their expense or rightfully criticizing their deeply ingrained racist beliefs. which just sours what could be a great way to commiserate over shared feelings regarding how ineffective and downright toxic so many facets of sj culture are and can be, smh. 

such as “this site has ruined people’s ability to form their own opinions” - yes, a lot of younger bloggers who are highly impressionable don’t do their own research and instead rely on extremely biased posts with no nuance or historical context whatsoever to formulate their ideologies which is horrifying. but, natalie, are you saying that because you’re concerned about how this leads to stagnant and even abusive politics, or are you saying this because some people of color made fun of your lips and eyebrows because you spewed racist bullshit? the answer to that question informs my perspective on these posts. 

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Rory literally died nine times and Bill's HUMAN voice is in a next time trailer already. Clara died horribly as part of the season finale this is a recurring theme. People have been far too quick to jump on Moffat for this it's been clear from the start his companions always suffer and deaths but their deaths DON'T stick. She's my fave revival companion and even I know that if Bill had been treated any differently where only nice things happen to her then there would have been problematic too.

Pearl Mackie has gone an record to say she may be in the X-mas special and Season 11, she’s no sure yet (I think it’s hinging on the new writer and how well received she is). So I really doubt Bill’s death shall stick if that’s even a possibility.

Rory: straight white dude
Clara: straight white chick [EDIT: i’ve been told she’s bi,apologies.] Regardless, the fact the bury your gays trope exists is not to his fucking credit

human voice: could literally just be a flashback

Moffat is literally a pile of shit that composted so far that it grew a thriving microorganism community that learned to type and that’s how his scripts happened. The film over said structure maintains a passing resemblance to a white human male and thus he maintains employment in an industry that gives him enough leeway that he should be at the point of hanging himself with how horrible he treats women and minorities but because his entire being is made of shit, it literally just slides through and people who don’t know any better than to gobble up his leavings are too busy doing so while the pile re-congeals and continues. 

So yeah, my point isn’t that “only nice things” should happen to Bill. It’s that Moffat is shit and should just Stop and quietly leave the world alone.

That being said, please go ride his dick elsewhere, i have things to do and don’t need to see that today


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Relationship Status: Single (technically but I may have a kind of thing with this boy possibly??)

Favorite Color: Blue

Last Song I Listened To: Good Times by All Time Low

Top Three Shows: Sense8, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Friends

Top Three Characters: Alec Lightwood, Newt, Magnus Bane

Top Three Ships: Malec, Lashton, Newtmas

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So I may have mentioned before but Bailey, nine times out of ten, from lows me when I go to bed.

He lays down right in the middle of the room and usually stares right out the door.

Tonight, twice, there were semi-loud sharp-short noises outside. Maybe fireworks or something? Anyway, both times Bailey bolted up and went to the edge of the doorway, and sat there in that super alert pose cats get, still with the ears straight up and pricked.

And just, he’s so cute and it’s like he guards the room when he knows I am trying to fall asleep and I love my cat to pieces.

wonderful, funny, touching, diverse comedies you should be watching and supporting!

  • one day at a time (netflix)
  • brooklyn nine nine (fox)
  • jane the virgin (cw)
  • fresh off the boat (abc)
  • master of none (netflix)
  • speechless (abc)
  • blackish (abc)
  • superstore (nbc)

please feel free to add any on that i haven’t mentioned!