the time of the angels cosplay

How to make felt wings

You can make angel wings in a lot of ways and this is how I made a pair out of felt for my latest cosplay. This technique is fairly simple but takes a lot of time.

I started by drawing the shape of one wing on a piece of paper (One wing was for me around 33x26 cm). It is a good idea to also draw out how you want the feathers to be on the paper wing so you can get a hint on how big they should be.

For the feathers I used white hobby felt that I cut out in to six different sizes. This step is by far the most time consuming (it take a lot of time!) and I highly recommend making a pattern of the feathers in cardboard to make the process easier. I made around 600 feathers in total to cover back and front on both wings.

To make the feathers more stiff it is a good idea to coat them with mod podge. Just one coat makes a lot of difference and help the wings keep its shape. (I did not do this step with the smallest feathers since they did not need to be stiff).

To see how I wanted the formation of the feathers I placed them out on the paper wing and took a photo so I could check it later on.

For the base of the wings I cut out the shape of the wing in craft foam. Since I wanted the small feathers on the upper part of the wings to be a bit higher up I glued on some extra craft foam there.  

To hold the base up I used some black worbla that I twisted the lower part of to give them some angle so they didn’t lay flat. To make sure no color show between the feathers everything was painted white and a stripe of felt was glued over the worbla.

Next I started to glue the first row of feathers to each other. Since I did not want to glue them direcly on the foam wing yet I used needles to help mark the placement of the feathers on the next couple of layers.

When I was done gluing the bigger feathers together I took the foam base away and used some transparent paper to draw out the shape of all the feathers except the first row.

I then placed the paper over the foam base and made dots where the inner corners where the feathers on the lower row met. I then draw a line above it and cut along it. This was made because I realised that the felt feathers where a bit see through and the shape of the foam base could be seen. Higher up it were more feathers and harder to see it.

The base was glued to the feathers and was then flipped over and feathers where glued to that side as well.

For my cosplay I needed red stones on the wings. I used two glass prism, black worbla and some red and gold paint to make them. However this made the wings heavier then they needed to be so if you are making something like this, try to use a lighter material for this part.

And they are done! Time consuming but really light (even with the stones) and easy to make.


Super Long AU Compilation

Here’s a really long list of a ton of the more simple/generic AU’s I’ve seen floating around. I made this list for personal reference and figured having so many all in one place might be helpful to others, too. I tried my best to alphabetize but I can’t promise it’s entirely correct. Hope you enjoy!


-1920’s con artist
-1940’s noir
-3DS friends
-6 weeks to live


-A Walk to Remember
-Accidentally falls asleep on stranger
-Accidentally hugging stranger thinking they’re someone else
-Accidentally read their journal
-Accidentally swapped items and have to return it
-Accidentally take each other’s bags
-Action hero
-Airport bar
Alice in Wonderland
-Alternate history
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient mediterraneans
-Ancient orientals
-Ancient slavs
-Android and human
-Antique shop
-Around the world
-Arranged marriage
-Arthurian era
-Author and fan


-Back in time
-Bank robbers
-Battle of the bands
-Beauty and the Beast
-Childhood friends reunited
-Big Brother
-Blind date
-Boarding school
-Bonnie and Clyde
-Book club
-Borrow payphone money
-Both cosplay same character at con
-Both stood up for blind dates
-Break up
-Bride Wars
-Bucket list


-Camp counselors
-Catfish uncoverer
-Childhood companions
-Civil war (American or otherwise)
-Civilian and agent
-College roommates
-Comic artist and assistant
-Costars in a movie
-Craigslist meetup
-Crashed their car
-Crime spree
-Criminals on the run
-Cruel Intentions
-Cruise ship
-Cyber date


-Death race
-Demon and angel
-Deserted island
-Destructive relationship
-Disneyworld cosplayers
-Doctor and patient
-Doctor Who
-Dog walker
-Drug smugglers
-Drunk calling the wrong person
-Drunk texting a stranger
-During war


-Edwardian era
-Elements (earth, water, fire, air)
-Elizabethan era
-English class
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Eternal winter
-Explorers (any time period)


-Fake family
-Faking It
-Family doctor
-Famous and fan
-Fight Club
-First time
-Flower Shop
-Forbidden romance
-Foreign exchange program
-Fortune cookie
-Fortune teller and customer
-Found their dog
-Found their phone number in a library book
-Friends with benefits
-Futuristic resistance


-Game of life and death
-Game of Thrones
-Game show
-Gay for pay
-Gets into a cab to find someone already in it
-Gets lost at airport
-Girl/guy next door
-Ghibli movie
-Ghost Adventures
-Ghosts in love
-Go to the same support group
-Government spy
-Greek God and Roman counterpart


-Hair stylist/makeup artist and actor/model
-Halloween party
-Haunted house
-Have to take pictures for photography project
-Heaven vs. Hell
-Help moving
-Hidden talents
-High class thieves
-High School
-High School reunion
-High School teachers
-Horseback riding
-Host/hostess and customer
-Hotel staff and guest
-Hotel workers
-Huge blizzard and only one hotel room left
-Hunger Games
-Hush Hush


-Ice cream shop
-Identity theft
-Imaginary friend becomes real
-Immortal and non-immortal
-In Hell
-Indentured servant
-Internet friends


-Jane Austen story
-Jurassic Park
-Just keep running into each other everywhere


-Kindergarten teacher
-Kiss bet


-Lab partners
-Law firm
-Life guard
-Little mermaid/merman
-Looking for Alaska
-Lose virginity bet
-Lost at sea
-Love triangle


-Mailman and person who receives a lot of mail
-Marriage contract
-Med school
-Meet in diner at 2am
-Mental hospital
-Met at Comicon
-Met on Tumblr
-Met through online rpg
-Military school
-Mirror world
-Mistaken identity
-Missed the same flight
-Modern royalty
-Modern Tangled
-Monster hunters
-Mortal Instruments
-Movie rental shop
-Movie star
-Movie theater job
-Murder mystery
-Music bar
-Music conservatory
-Music teacher
-Musician and fan


-New guy/girl
-New Orleans
-New neighbors
-Nightmare on Elm Street
Nuclear apocalypse
-Nurse and patient
Nursing home


-Once Upon a Time
-One’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice
-On of them is turned into a child
-On opposite sides of a war - POW or spying
-Orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer
-Out walking their dog who starts chasing another person’s dog


-Pacific Rim
-Paired together during an ice breaker
-Pandemic apocalypse
-Partners in crime (literally)
-Partners in dance class
-Past lives
-Patients in mental hospital
-Patients in same hospital ward
-Pen pals
-Personal trainer
-Peter Pan
-Pet runs away and other person finds it
-Phantom of the Opera
-Phone sex worker
-Photographer and model
-Pirate and mermaid
-Poetry class
-Porn star
-Poses nude for art students
-Pretty Little Liars
-Prisoner and guard
-Prisoners/escaped prisoners
-Private detective and client
-Private investigator
-Prohibition era
-Project partners
-Protester and police
-Public demonstrations
-Punk rock



-Reality TV show
-Rebels against the government
-Rich family and servants
-Riding the same bus
-Riding the same bus multiple times
-Roadtrip, serial killer
-Roller derby
-Royalty and servant
-Runaway royalty and confused commoner
-Running late for the same flight


-Sailor and mercreature
-Scavenger hunt
-Screenwriter and director
-Serial killer
-Sex pact
-Sex shop
-Sex shop owner
-Sex tape
-Sex worker
-Seven deadly sins
-Shakespeare play
-Share same layover
-Sharing an umbrella
-Siblings best friend
-Sits next to each other at an orchestra
-Sits next to each other in theater
-Sits next to each other on turbulent flight
-Sitting by same wall plug
-Skipping school
-Sleepwalker in college dorm
-Small town
-Snowball fight, hits passerby
-Snowhite and the Huntsman
-Soldiers on opposing sides
-‘Sorry about stealing your wallet last year, no I wasn’t drunk’
-Soul mates
-Space pirates
-Space travel
-Spartacus -gladiators or freed slaves against the Roman army
-Specialty shop
-Spin the bottle
-Spring break
-Stage magician and audience participant
-Strip club
-Struggling artists
-Student and teacher
-Study abroad
-Stuffed animal becomes a person
-Sucked into a video game
-Suddenly become disabled/handicap
-Suddenly caught in the rain
-Summer job
-Summer school
-Supernatural hunters


-Tailor and customer
-Taken hostage at bank robbery
-Tattoos and piercings
-Tattoo parlor
-Teacher and student
-Ten Inch Hero
-Terminal illness
-The Breakfast Club
-The Labyrinth
-The one that got away
-The Princess Diaries
-The Vow
-Theme park
-Theme park mascots
-Theme park workers
-Therapist and patient
-Therapist and patient in mental institution
-Thieves on the run
-Time traveler
-Train ride
-Trapped in an elevator
-Trapped on a deserted island together
-Treasure hunting
-Tutor and student
-TV host


-Undercover lovers
-Undercover stripper
-Underwear model
-Underworld -vampires vs lycans
-Use someone’s charger
-Use someone’s hotspot


-Veronica Mars
-Virtual world


-Wake up together in Vegas
-What Happens in Vegas
-White House
-Wild West
-Witch trials
-Wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
-World War II
-Writer and editor
-Wrong bag




-Yoga class
-Younger siblings are best friends


-Zombie apocalypse


Mom Tooth Fairy from FairlyOdd Parents

So I know I said I was going to cosplay “Mom” but then my lovely fiancee @paradigmshift2 wanted to do Gordon von Strangle and I offered to be his darling wife! I was very nervous about wearing this cosplay because of… well… tummy issues. I do like the way she turned out though! Not to mention it was really fun.

A Comprehensive Guide:

To Making GOOD RP gifs:

The kind that people wanna like… look at…. n’stuff. 

Because… y’know… I get a lot of asks about that too. 

Well…. first off….. 

This is gonna be really fucking long… 

Second off! 


Because no one wants to be looking at this shit.

and if you don’t have a decent quality camera…. 

Well…. Make sure your acting is on point?

And all might be forgiven.

… Probably.

Now… that aside… how does one know if their gif is decent? 

Well here are a few pointers…


It’s hard to enjoy a gif with shitty lighting. 

For example… 

The Wash-Out: 

No one wants to look at your eyeballs and your nostrils floating in a featureless abyss. 

The Phantom: 

Well… there’s SOMETHING there… I think… ? *twilight zone theme-song plays* 

The Power-Outage: 

Guess what? No one will want to look at your gifs… if they can’t fucking see you.

So… let’s try this again… 

Hey… It’s daytime… in the sun? No problem. 

Hey… it’s… like… not as bright out? No problem! 

Hey… It’s the middle of the night and you’re sneaking out to go… like… shag or something? Cool. 

That’s my shagging face. 

No it’s not… I’m kidding, I promise… I’m sorry, ignore me

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khr things I still think about to this day:

  • “an angel without wings told me he’d lost his map to get home”
  • “my friends and family are my pride”
  • Lavina
  • all the box animals
  • Reborn and his cosplays
  • the utter betrayal at the fact that Naito Longchamp wasn’t in the anime
  • the undying hope that we’ll get a season 10
  • poor poor Romeo
  • Bianchi 👏 deserved 👏 better 👏
  • Fon’s sleeves
  • I-pin, who had given her childhood for the Chinese triads, working a part-time job to send herself to college??? YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE
  • The Bovino family??? literally???? sent a fucking FIVE YEAR OLD on a suicide mission to try and kill the number one hitman in the world????????
  • Shouichi, you nosy little motherfucker
  • Ryohei’s “swimming”
  • Gola Mosca has his own character song????? why????
Baozi & Hana (ゝ。∂)

Well, I’m quite a bishonen hunter, so these guys can’t slip out of my sight! And here’s what made me love their cosplays :
1. They are male! xD

2. They did BL cosplays (。♥‿♥。)
cute uke!Hana and cool seme!Baozi

3. Both of them can be beautiful and handsome at the same time, see…

4. Detailed costumes, awesome armors, setting and other props

5. Their flawless, high-skill make-up

6. The daily un-cosplay(?) Baozi & Hana are real lookers

Yup, that’s Baozi and Hana for you!
and oh, did I forget to mention how fvcking hot Hana is? L(・o・)」

Look at that tempting lips~ ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ
enough to make fangirls dying out of nosebleed!


iKON with their Haloween costumes from iKON dome concert in Chiba 171028 . Not a lot of Junhoe pics this time..I was waiting for it. Oh well I hope there’ll be more today😊

During Encore Cosplay:

Hanbin - Spiderman
Jinhwan - Red Devil
Bobby - Angel
Yunhyeong - Robin
Dong hyuk - Golden Mask
June - Batman
Chanwoo - Joker

Pics © focus, themoment_7, OH! BOY, kimjiwondotcom, iKONIC-2, brilliant moment, hi my DD, 1004chanwoo, ipersmiso

i can’t remember if i told this story on here or not but i’m telling it again because… im high

So basically I went to animeFest 2k17 this summer with one of my close hs friends and it was great, it resparked my interest in the whole cosplay community, so much Yuri on Ice, etc.

Back in the day I used to be a big SnK cosplayer of non-renown and I cosplayed Mikasa and Annie (naturally… obviously) and I still own the SnK cosplay gear and wigs because they were pricey (and no one wants a pseudo bondage harness these days lbr)

So it was the last day of AnimeFest and I’m lazy so I wear my Mikasa outfit, half-assed without the jacket not only because it’s hot but because that cosplay, much like me, was experiencing hardcore senioritis.

So it’s maybe two hours before the dealers room is supposed to close and my friend and i are standing near artist alley, trying to figure out what to do when this GIANT group of maybe 14 year-olds begin approaching – like i catch them out of the corner of my eye like “GOD please DO NOT approach us” but naturally they approach, and i can tell they’re young because they have parents in two. 

These second gen SnK Fans, bless them, approach me and are all excited like “MIKASA! Guys, we found a Mikasa!” and im like “oh no.” So one of them, this really gung-ho kid as Reiner (a rarity) is like “Do you wanna do a group” and my dumb, foolish 22 year-old ass is like “Oh, like a few group photos” so i said “Sure”. And the kids go “Great! Now we can go around the con as a group!” and INSTANTLY my heart drops into my stomach because “Fuck” i literally cannot go around with a group of kids ten years younger than me. So i look at my friend like “Ahhh what do i do” and she’s LAUGHING because of course she is. Eventually she’s like “Just tell them you have to go to the dealers room before it closes” so i was like “Yes, logical.” 

So i told them that. I was like “Hey, actually uhhhhh…. sorry about this but I actually gotta head to the dealers room before it closes, but I’d love to take some group photos with you all!” and like they were mildly disappointed but were like “Okay” so the parents, this tired looking mother and kind of an oaf of a husband whip out the cameras. And me, of course I’m in the middle, not an easy escape route. 

We ended up standing there for a good four minutes while the parents just photo-took away. 

And that’s the time i almost got stuck parading around a con with a bunch of fifteen year-olds. 

How To Make Victoria's Secret Angel Wings

Who hasn’t wished they could feel like a Victoria’s Secret model at least once? It’s your time to shine with your own very sexy angel wings! Whether for photoshoots or cosplay, this method of making feathery wings can be changed according to your costume’s needs. Create your own with the following list of items:

  • 12 gauge wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Felt
  • Duct tape
  • Feathers
  • Satin-esque fabric [optional]
  • Elastic [optional]

For the feathers, I used ostrich feathers. They’re perfect for a really fluffy, angelic look. They can be pretty pricey, so feel free to substitute with other types. The feathers, felt, duct tape, and fabric should all match the color scheme of the wings you’re making. For mine, I just made everything white.

Start by getting your wire and shaping it into the general shape of your desired wings. This will be the main frame that holds everything together. Keep in mind that while using long feathers like ostrich feathers, the final shape and size of your wings will be a good bit larger than the wire frame since the feathers will be sticking out a few inches off the edges.

See the little triangle-shaped bit in the middle connecting the two wing shapes? To make sure your wings don’t flop around or pivot while you’re wearing them, it’s necessary to have a back brace that’s more than just a simple bar going across.

Next, you’ll be covering the frame with the chicken wire. Cut it out around the shape of the wire and then down and outwards in the shape of the wings you want. Make sure to fold the edges of the chicken wire around your main wire frame a few times so it’s really sturdy. Try not to leave any pointy bits - they could poke through later and cause problems.

Time to add your support bar. This is just another piece of the 12 gauge wire. Cut off a piece that’s a little too long, then fold the extra length around the main wire frame so it stays in place really well. Use some of your duct tape to wrap around it several times so it’s extra strong.

Using duct tape, tape around the edges of the chicken wire by folding a lengthwise piece in half. It should stick to itself through the holes in the chicken wire relatively well. This is just added protection against the chicken wire poking through, so it’s mostly optional.

Now glue on your felt. Cut out the correct shape around each wing, but be sure to have an extra inch or two of fabric around the edges. You will need two pieces per wing, with four in total. Get the two felt pieces so they’re covering all the chicken wire, and glue the overlapped edges together. Hot glue works well for this. 

Now it’s time for the fun part - the feathers! Start off by laying them out in the pattern you want before committing to gluing them down. It looks best to have one central point that all the feathers point to; in this case, it’s the inner corner of each wing. You’ll want to be sure you can’t see any of the felt through your feathers by laying them in an overlapping pattern. 

When you’re ready to glue them down, start with the feathers on the outermost edges. The ostrich feathers I used were 10-12", and I had the longest ones on the edges to make the wings look even fluffier. Most natural feathers have a slight curve. When choosing how to place your feathers, pay attention to the curve of each feather. To best cover the felt, I placed them so they curved downwards. I would glue a few here and there with the curve going upwards, to add to the fluffy effect.

Now it’s time to move on to the straps. Measure and cut a piece of thin elastic. Make sure it’s tight enough to hold your wings on. For the fabric, I used a satin-esque kind with a subtle shine, but feel free to use whatever you think will complement your wings best. Simply cut a rectangular piece about twice as long as your elastic, and sew the edges together inside out. Leave the two ends open so you can thread your elastic through later. Next, flip it inside out, thread your elastic through, loop it around the frame of your wings, and sew the ends together. To give a more finished edge, I hot glued the ends of the straps inside the felt so they wouldn’t be seen. 

Ta-da! Nice looking straps to keep everything in place.

*Note: If you’re going to strapless wings, you will need to make the frame of your wings so that it can be stuck inside of a corset or whatever article of clothing you’d be using to hold them up.

Next, add some sparkles and glitter! I simply got some iridescent glitter and tiny rhinestones for a subtle shimmery effect. 

You’ve probably noticed that the edges of the wings have some major felt showing through. Not cool. Cover it up by lining the visible edges with either more feathers, or feather boas. I recommend the maribou feather boas because they blend in well.

Last, you’ll want to do something about that ugly support bar. You can either add more chicken wire and felt, and glue some feathers on to hide it. Or do something creative with it. For mine, I got some holographic vinyl and hot glued the pieces together with the ugly parts facing inward where no one will see them.

Now put them on, and go out to your favorite sci-fi convention or lingerie photoshoot and have some fun!


It’s been over a month now since last con I attended wearing my Licht cosplay for the second time (now with my shit rat :pp) but I’ve been busy with feels and forgot to share the pics here ahah.

In the middle of our quick photoshoot, we realized our super homo shots weren’t really possible, cause Hyde would turn into a hedgehog if hit by sunlight xd But the lighting there was pretty, so we decided to make “Hyde’s fantasies” the theme of our photoshoot(?) hahah x)

Lawless: @dayzzledelatour
Licht: me
Photos: @pastenaga