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Sanvers kisses

Is it just me or does it feel like we’re getting the same Sanvers kisses all the time? I mean the angle, the hands on elbows, the softness, the shortlived moment - I mean I’m thankful for the kisses we do get but I’m all for upside down, hands in hair, hands around backs, backs on couch ANYTHING DIFFERENT because I don’t know, It’s just so safe of SG writers. Even sims character are wilder.



This is a preview of HELIOS, a new animation system created by us, in response to today’s production demands.

Helios is a custom-made Toon Boom Harmony module that allows to rotate a 2D character in real time in any angle on a 360 sphere . It also controls every facial feature of said character:

Helios is not something  that you can  just reproduce in Toon Boom, but a very sophisticated plugin with thousands of lines of code.

It has the potential of speeding the animation process 5 to 8 times, according to our calculations, in between other conveniences.

We are pending a test for the Oculus with 2D characters.True  classical toons.

We chose Mrs Brisby for being a classic character, to give us a challenge of maximal difficulty.  What you are seeing here is 95% complete, minus a few patches.We are aware of slight breaks in the character, this is the first ever Helios construction and thus, we are are still testing the limits of the system and figuring the pipeline out.

Princess Bride: The Shoot From Hell That Made A Beloved Film.

The Princess Bride is one of the most popular heartwarming films of all time. But the story of its production was no fairy tale. Here are just a few of the events that happened on set:

  • The lead actors didn’t get along. Robin Wright and Cary Elwes fought constantly, often refusing to kiss each other on cue. In one instance, the actors refused to be on set in the other’s presence, necessitating many scenes to be shot with doubles, or one angle at a time. 
  • Director Rob Reiner made the film while suffering from brain parasites. Picked up from bad catering on “Stand By Me,” Reiner frequently collapsed on set, losing the shooting day as a new worm was found and removed from his cerebral cortex. He was finally cured of the disease only days after filming ended.
  • The “Cliffs Of Insanity” shoot lasted well over 7 months. Weather refused to cooperate with the dangerous stunt of climbing the rope. Every time the actors were in place they had to come back down before a storm hit, and seven stuntmen were killed when they couldn’t get free in time. Due to the dangerous conditions, many of their skeletons remain on the Cliffs of Moher where the sequence was filmed.
  • Author Donatien François who wrote the book on which the movie was based was furious over the adaptation and often showed up on set despite a restraining order. He managed to burn down the castle sets twice, kidnap Billy Crystal for two days, poison the craft services table with Iocane powder, shoot Werner Herzog, steal most of the horses and viciously bite off Christopher Guest’s sixth finger for which he had been cast. He remains in jail as of 2016.
  • The budget soared from an intended $16 Million dollars to a record $98 Million, and its planned two month shoot lasted well well into 1987, the film having begun shooting in 1983. During this time numerous roles had to be recast, and many crew were replaced, including ten cinematographers, four directors (Reiner was preceded by Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, and Werner Herzog), and had to reshoot many scenes when the movie took so long to make that the first footage shot had decayed by the time it made it back to the developer lab.
  • The large rats used as “ROUSs” were real rats that had been specifically bred upward in size to be in the movie. Taking 4 years to breed, the giant rodents were uncontrollable on stage. In a single day, they ate all the catering, splattered the swamp set with noxious feces that caused sickness among the handlers, tore up most of the costumes, killed an alligator which was to have appeared in the scene, and seven of the beasts were lost into the streets where they caused a massive traffic accident and plagued the Fox Studio lot for decades. One can be seen hiding in the background of a shot in Alien 3.
  • Wallace Shawn stubbed his toe on a rock while shooting the famous battle of wits scene. He tells the story in “My Dinner With Andre.”
The Great Hand Discourse: All Angles

So okay, part of why this is getting so hard is because we’re seeing only two pics of this scene. Here on tumblr I see the angle that seems more like Bellamy’s hand and on twitter, the angle that seems more like Abby’s hand.

Either way I decided to screen cap that thing and post all angles here. Have fun;

So, basically, on pics 1-2 it seems like Bellamy’s hand but from 3 foward it seems like Abby’s hand


I could never leave you.

Cats and Dogs

Originally posted by hellosarang

Note: Originally was just a college au but I incorporated the animal hybrid element because why not.  Also, I’m sorry if this is disjointed but I was literally working on this from 5 different angles.  I’ll be better next time hunnies.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Rating: NC17
Warnings: hybrid!au, frottage, masturbation, voyeurism, slight name-calling/insulting (not in a sexual way though)
Genre: Smut
Word count: 4723


Summary:  When you skip your yearly heat, it causes a different kind of friction between you and that perpetual, thorn-in-your-side mutt named Kim Taehyung. (cat!girl/dog!boy au)




You should have never engaged Kim Taehyung while you are going through physical difficulties, but he is an expert at egging you on.  The dog hybrid might be a slacker in class, but he’s absolutely conscientious when it comes to pissing you off.  It also doesn’t help that this is the first time in years where you’re late for your heat by a whole month.  Usually you are on-the-dot regular, but with graduation looming and the overwhelming fact that you’ll have to go out into the Real World soon, you’re on edge, and not a little bit stressed out.  

Even Jimin and Jungkook, your two best friends who have been with you from the cradle to adulthood, have taken pains not to be around you too much because you’ve taken to being a little…extreme with your words and actions as of late.  (Read: You were being a Bitch.)  

But Taehyung just doesn’t know when to stop irking you.  

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