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did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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Playing around with something new tonight.

You took a Snapchat of you wearing your cute new underwear and tried to send it to a female friend. Instead, you sent it to one of the guys on accident.

Let me know what you think and if you think I should do more of these. It was just kind of a trial fun run. (:

(This is legit the 10th time I’ve tried to upload this and if it doesn’t work I’m going to be so mad lol)

Bang Yongguk (shyly) covering John Legend’s “Ordinary People”

Okakuri Week Day 2- Time.

so, time huh? well personally, i think clocks,


This was the best concert ever!!!! BTS really outdid themselves. I went to the concert in a group, so there were five of us. One of the people in the group camped out, so our number line up was in the 90s, plus we all had soundcheck tickets ( bless her because I don’t know how she survived because it was so cold outside.)For soundcheck, it was the best experience ever! I like that BTS felt comfortable enough with us to show up to soundcheck without any makeup or hair done. They legit looked like they rolled out of bed, they were still handsome though. Since there were not that many people there, it was so intimate and personal. I made eye-contact with Jimin, Taehyung, Jin and Jungkook. Since they were not dancing during their rehearsal (except for Baepsae) , they were looking straight at us while singing. When they were practicing Dope, Namjoon didn’t even rap, he let us say his lines for him lol. It was so hype at soundcheck even though there were barely any people there. Also, Namjoon was the only one who showed up with glasses on. A fan had a sign that said “King of Destruction” for Namjoon, when Jimin saw it he was laughing lol. Overall soundcheck was such an awesome experience and it felt nice personally connecting with the members on that type of level. When the members were leaving, all of a sudden Taehyung came running back, he said “ I forgot my cellphone” poor Taehyung lol. Then we went back outside to line up and then entered the venue. I was right in front of the extended stage on the right side. I had the best view ever, first row is really the best lol

I was laughing the whole night because of my friend and her commentary ( if you watch my fancam for J-hope’s MAMA, you will see what I am talking about lol). My favorite member was Jimin and he was in front of me for the majority of the concert :) But he is so strange though. When he is dancing he is so focused and serious and his body really flows with the music ( I am so happy I saw it live and up-close). Jimin is really a beautiful dancer. However, he was feeling himself a little too much and almost busted his ass twice twirling and spinning around. If he fell in the pit, it would have been RIP to both Jimin and the security. Speaking of security even they were turing up to BTS lol. There is like three sides to Jimin. 1st is the serious and passionate dancer. 

Then his cute fluffy side. OMG, Jimin smiles while he talks, and it just melts your heart, he is really adorable lol. 

However,we also have flirty Jimin, he was having multiple fans shook all night. His thighs are no joke they, they are so thick lol. When the fans did the rainbow ocean, he was so amazed and was staring at the whole venue in disbelief lol, all of the members were shook. 

Taehyung was so interactive and cute with the fans. However, the energy from J-Hope was no joke. He was hype for 2 and a half hours straight. He is such an amazing performer, honestly the majority of people who left the concert all said they are now J-Hope stans lol. He was like a ball of light and sunshine, and he was smiling so much. I also, caught Jin staring a lot, even though he was on the opposite side of were I was on stage lol. Towards the end of the concert when they were saying goodbye I had eye contact with Namjoon for too long, and then he opened his eyes really wide and waved goodbye. 

Jungkook was cute too, a fan gave him the American flag and he took it and ran around with it.

The performances at the concerts were well done, and I was able to appreciate their choreography even more so seeing it live in person. They all can dance so well. I loved when Cypher Pt 4, was performed. For someone who says they are a rock, Yoongi sure was getting his life though lol.

This was really the best concert that I have ever been too. I was able to meet so many wonderful people. I really had an amazing time and I can’t wait for them to comeback soon.

I uploaded all my fancams on youtube:

 I also complied a video of highlights of the concert :

ALSO: I put together a few moments when I had eye contact with the members: 

I havent drawn/doodled/made a mess in 6 years. Blame Dan’s tweet and @iihappydaysii (based on )

yukionna1us  asked:

Sorry if I'm bothering you but... The ensemble from the DwD stage play doing the tango with a very confused and horrified Lindo while everyone else watches in confusion, and amusement.

DwD plot twist: no one can dance except for one

Sneak peek of my original story main character, Enji Akira :3 It’s a fantasy/slice-of-life story which sets place not so far in the future. As I’ve told you just now my laptop keeps on lagging every time I draw a stroke I took hours just to finish so I’m thankful of this at least orz.

If some of you realized, I do change how the MC looks for my story after long brainstorming and rewriting the story plot and character development I did for the past inactive months;; The first chapter shall be finished by this month or if I’m sick enough it’s gonna be done by this weekend lol.

Gonna share it here once I’ve uploaded the whole pages^^

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hey y’all, so senioritis hit hard and I took a ‘break’ for like 4 months lol…. but with uni coming up my motivation’s returned and I want to try to be more active on here :) my dash is kinda dead so reblog if you’re a studyblr and i’ll check you out! for those of you that stuck by after all this time, thank you from the bottom of my heart 💖  i’m gonna try to upload more of my own stuff now so stay tuned!

😂 So...its time to pour a cup of Petéa 🍵Because...its like...When you try to spare people the embarrassment and shame by being nice. They try to play victim.

So I know you all saw my last post. The one about the grillz coming soon? And how I mentioned that they were blatantly stolen??? Well its time to elaborate because I was going to let this slide but when the thief wants to keep lying and trying sub-posting about it as if nothing will come of it…

lol well…Time to make something of it. Since I’m not one to send hate messages and casually post and delete dumbass posts with no @ then block the person I’m talking about, I will @ you:


for everyone to see. See, I was going to spare you the public embarrassment but you decided to show such bold cowardice *ahem*

Let’s show everyone how bold you really are. 

Ok ya’ll XD So this girl actually managed to take my grills, these right here:

And take the texture that I took the time to work on and shape to fit a sim’s mouth and paste it on another base teeth then upload it and call it her own XDD

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kosmo, if the link is private, how’d you get them to compare??” Well see that’s where she fucked up lol She released another set of grillz publicly but she forgot to take out the texture images for these “private” ones lol Both of these grillz managed to escape my notice until recently because she doesn’t tag her cc as S3CC and that’s the tag I follow. At first I just thought “Hmmmm I don’t think I gave her my grillz so maybe they just look similar to mine?” 

But nope. I opened the files in GIMP and xDD Well, these are her’s:

And these are mine:

So now you’re probably like, “Ok but did you try to take this up with her privately???” And the answer is yes. Lol In fact, when I first saw they were literally my textures verbatim, not a variant, (NOT EVEN ON DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE TEETH YA’LL like bruh xD) I was annoyed, but if she just admitted it, all I was going to just ask for  was a simple apology and for her to give credit as using my stuff as a base. But she got defensive and snippy and tried to dismiss me XDD She actually claims that she just found the same image as me on google then showed me some cellphone picture of her computer screen of grill images. But even then those weren’t the one’s I used??? xD I actually used two different ones then shaped them in GIMP to fit my Melanated teeth. 

But after she got defensive and rude and basically annoying, I stopped responding back to her because I had the answer I wanted. 

She stole them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I even had other CC Creators look at the files to double check for me because if I was wrong, I was willing to apologize but literally the only difference is she shrunk my textures down, sharpened the fuck out it, changed the saturation, and stretched it ever so slightly to fit a pair of MoonSkin93’s teeth as a base XD

For comparison this is the quality on her other, public, set of grillz ya’ll XD

So I just wanted to neatly unfold this at her feet so she can stop pretending to be a victim of hate. XD I can and will also post the conversation that was had if you need a reminder. Like this wasn’t even going to be a thing until you annoyed me but like I said before, whatever happens, happens. And well…its done happened LMAO

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IS FALLS ACTUALLY ON TIME???? YEAH BOI!!!!! This piece was originally gonna be with color pencils but nahhhh watercolor 

Peebles is such a nice gal and I love her very much! I haven’t met her, but I know she is really sweet and kind and an alien! She is such an inspiration to me and I hope that one day I’ll be able to tell her that 

So yeah, back to your regularly scheduled art frustrated Falls! I can’t believe I started this at 12am and finished it at 1am. Apparently watercolor painting in the middle of the night/morning is my thing rip…

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I was gonna stream and then my brain jinked down a side alley and instead I made a mashup for the first time in my life.  it’s one verse long, it took me an hour, I think the keys are slightly off, and it doesn’t look like I can upload it to tumblr, so ANYWAY

uhm finally
my stoopid ass
uhm finally

SCREAM this is like the 5th time im trying to upload this file lol i wanna choke uuuhhhh i hope it works

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