the time it took for this to upload lol


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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BYOT Sample Pack Download!
  • 18 Toddler Package Files in 10 different poses
  • Accessory CC [poses & furniture]
  • .PSD’s bump & spec for recoloring

This is only 1 of each of the 18 toddlers in 1 of the 10 poses [each one gets a different pose]. I am releasing this temporary download for those of you who really want to use them. There is still a lot of work to be done until the full release.

 Feel free to recolor them to match your sims better, as they have base game skintones, and will probably look out of place if you use a lot of cc lol, just please don’t re upload and claim as your own work as I took a lot of time to make these.

 Thanks guys! Have fun!

 If you upload any screenshots you can tag either @simmerdownnah or @ts4byot I would love to see the ideas you guys come up with :3

                      📥 Download from Simfileshare


Re-uploading bc tumblr took it down the first time for some reason~

I can’t believe I really hit 1k followers recently. GASP! Just looking at that number feels so surreal. Especially since this blog is only like 7 months old and I actually only created it once as a place to upload my graphics. Nothing more. (Until I somehow became addicted and tumblr took over my life. lol)

Anyway, this is incredible and I am so grateful for every single one of you who decided to follow me. Who bared with me through weird ramblings, endless posts of Malec (I am even more trash now since I started, duh!) and most recently my obsession with Eyewitness and Skam. Thank you to everyone who is still here. I love you all! And if you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate to send me an ask. Or a message. I am here and I will listen!

To celebrate reaching 1k I decided to do my first follow forever. Because let’s be real: The reason why I am still on this site (that pretty much bugs me at least once per day) are these blogs—apart from all the followers. I would have quit already if it weren’t for these lovely people:

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ok this was the old animation i was talking about.


This scene is one of my favorites in the game because YOU must choice what to do: to forgive the villain of the story and stay pacificist in your convictions or kill him…and prove his point.

Maybe some day i will finish it. I kind of changed my style so it will probably look different…but that’s the main idea i had the time i was doing this :D

I edited the sound a little bit cause i didnt want to put completely the sound of the scene since is, well, not finished

“How about we knock each other up?”

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for for Janna x Yasuo since last year.

Sorry it took SOOOOOOO LOOOOOONG!!! Having a full night-time job is pain in the ass!

Not only that I’m having connection troubles where I’m staying so I can only upload on the weekends,

Don’t know where to start so I thought I’d keep is simple.

I’ll still keep those requests I had but it might be a while.

At any rate thanks for the support and peace out!

once upon a time, long long ago, i doodled jack on my (now broken) phone. then it spiraled out of control and i transferred it to my computer for coloring. several months later, after some technical issues but mostly just me getting distracted by video games and youtube, i finally finished it. idk what this even is tbh. i mostly just wanted to draw jack and blood again lol

Genocide stream done!

Thanks to everyone who came to the stream! Only took 2 hours and 13 tries to beat Sans, lol. The video should upload to my channel soon if you missed it. 

Originally posted by thehiddenspycrab

Also started a new game and named the human…Bacon, because my stream watchers hate me apparently. Not sure when I’ll stream next, but I’ll try to let you know in advance if I’m planning it :D

so i guess since its the third ? week since i’ve had this blog so i’ll upload a munday pic … though the last time i did a selfie was for a joke & it was before i dyed my hair pink – none of the less the story is that my best friend was complaining that she left her yogurt pretzels where i live so on valentine’s day i took a pic of me kissing them bc i was like, “i found my valentine” & she didn’t talk to me for a couple days … lol it was the best thing ever. anyway, munday below the cut

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This. Birb. Took. So. Long.
It took a few weeks of work but I got him/her/it/them done. It was a value study for school, and this is my first time painting a full piece. Hope ya guys like it.
(Please excuse any lack of contrast, this phone’s camera wasn’t refurbished properly. I’ll upload this with full contrast once I get the piece back from an art competition.)

A while back I was watching Sons of Liberty while my cat Taylor dozed on me. I took the picture because of him doing a blep while sleeping.  When I later uploaded the picture to my computer I got a funny surprise.  Much to my amusement is what’s going on in the background on the tv screen.  Talk about good and interesting timing lol

VIXX Utopia Concert JPN

Hey~! I have uploaded the Utopia concert that was broadcasted in Japan. It took me a long time to get everything uploaded, so I’m not sure if anyone needs this anymore lol ^^ 

But feel free to use it if there is anyone that haven’t seen it yet~

** Part 1, Part 13  and Part 19 is uploaded on my Google+ instead b/c youtube initially muted it when I uploaded there. But now there is no problem with sound on Google+. The rest of the parts are included in a unlisted playlist!!

Part 1 

Part 13 

Part 19  

** I’ll also have all the missing parts links in the description box on each part video~

If any of the parts are not working please inbox me~!!!





I uploaded a little highlight reel of the special fundraising stream Holly did for Kati’s play! I includes all the times they sang “6969″ and the end where they met her goal!~ :D