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every time the volleyball club members leave during club hours hamuko texts her squad to help rio and her practice!!!



Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

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Everybody is talking about the comeback, the theories but I CAN'T wait for the summer package !! I want to know the reason why JK sits on JM's lap liek that (mission? for fun?) Arghh I wanna knowww!

LOL LITERALLY THIS IS ME. WE ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE XDDD there are people crying their eyes out over these sad images with a deeper messages and we’re just sitting here with our popcorn like:

“yeah, ok but GIMME DAT LAPDANCE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

k maybe it’s just me. but i think everyone knows I REALLLY NEED A JIKOOK–nvm.

Timebreaker - A Summary
  • Sabine: do I look good
  • Marinette: yeah mum you look fine
  • Tom: ???me?
  • Marinette: you lOOK FINE
  • Marinette: GO AND EAT YOUR FOOD
  • Tom: thanks love u
  • Sabine: don't forget this! really! important! thing! kid!
  • Marinette: lmao don't worry I'll remember
  • Marinette: bye
  • Marinette: merDE THE BET
  • Alya: HURRY UP
  • Mr Kubdel: Alix did you have to just wear the same thing u always wear
  • Alix: father don't question me I know what I'm doing
  • Me Kubdel: okay
  • Mr Kubdel: listen u want a cool-ass pocket watch with a hologram
  • Alix: hell yeah I want it
  • Mr Kubdel: here u go my child
  • Mr Kubdel: now go forth and win that bet you made with the tall kid
  • Alix: I will not let you down father
  • Alix: key Kim imma beat ur ass
  • Kim: well imma steal your rollerblades that are way too small for me
  • Max: listen would you two shut the fuck up
  • Marinette: I'm FINE I MADE IT
  • Alix: wait a hot minute I forgot Alya please hold this very sacred and important thing that is 100 times more important that your blog
  • Alya: but my blog
  • Marinette: BUT THE BANNER
  • Marinette: AGH THERE IT GOES
  • Adrien: (I forgot to mention that this is the one episode Adrien and Nathanael actually stood next to each other, which is the only content I'm ever going to get) o h n o
  • Chloe: lmao what's this trash
  • Adrien: Chloe nO
  • Chloe: oops my hand slipped
  • Alix: *skates over the top of her watch*
  • Alix: wait
  • Alix: you actual fools
  • Alix: I'm going to kill you that was priceless
  • Everyone but Sabrina: Alix we feel so sorry for you
  • Sabrina: *evil smiling carrot*
  • Marinette: Alix wait
  • Alix: no listen you piece of shit
  • Alix: that had a HOLOGRAM
  • Alix: leave me alone
  • Marinette: *races home*
  • Marinette: I'm so sorry I was at this other thing
  • Nadja: no problems kiddo just give me my cake
  • Tikki: Marinette have you noticed that people are freezing up
  • Marinette: oh
  • Marinette: OH
  • Marinette: THAT IS NOT GOOD
  • Tikki: NO IT ISNT
  • Timebreaker: try my
  • Timebreaker: time to die
  • Titanic music: baaaa ba ba ba ba baaa ba ba baa ba baaaaa baaa
  • Chat: dead
  • Ladybug: ASDFGHJKL WHY
  • Timebreaker: BACK IN TIME
  • Ladybug: yo past me go home and come back
  • Hawkmoth: YES MORE
  • Akuma: flap flap
  • Timebreaker: *multiplies*
  • Ladybug: *also multiplies*
  • Chat: puns
  • Fight sequence: lasts a long time
  • Ladybug: YEAH IM DONE
  • Other ladybug: ok bye
  • Other ladybug: *fades from existence*
  • Alix: woah you fixed my watch thanks bro
  • Hawkmoth: ffs why
  • Marinette: nice anniversary?
  • Sabine & Tom: alright

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Hi, I love your story and I was wondering if you could recommend some other simblrs with good stories too? Thank you!!! <3

Hi!! Well my love!! You can check out my follow forever!! It’s on my resources page here! Also!! If you go onto my actual blog (it’s on the right hand side!) I have a ‘currently reading’ section!! If you hover over a story it will tell you the name!! and if you click it’ll take you to the authors blog!! (DO U KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO SET UP??? SO MANY LINKS, SO MUCH HTML!!)

Obviously I read more than 10 stories but these are some of my favs! But I’ll give you some more because you were so sweet!!! 



Anddddddd like a 1000x more!! So get your reading glasses on nonny!! time for some stories!! when yo’ done come see me and I’ll give u another list 😉

Roses || Grayson Dolan

SUMMARY - The same boy, the same flower shop, the same bouquet, every Monday. 

WARNING - Dark themes, possibly triggering, read with caution 

AUTHOR’S NOTE - i tried to use old lady names for the old ladies working there, srry if u have the same name lol. srry its so short. srry if it’s lame, i tried my best.


His shoes softly hit the pavement as he nears the small floral shop on the corner. He admires the bunches in the stand out front, a weak grin placed on his face. A gust of wind blows by him, making him pull his hoodie over his freshly combed hair. 

A small lady walks out in an apron, carrying new bouquets to place on display. She smiles at him before organizing the stand in front of her. Assuming he’s lost, she faces him.

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Stockings - Adam Henrique (smut)

Requested by anon: Hola Marta! (That’s entirely all the spanish I know) can I request a smutty imagine of Adam Henrique where you receive him wearing stockings and his jersey after a win? If the girl could be in the thicker side it would awesome :) Thanks Amor (I know two spanish words apparently)

A/N: OMG YOU ARE SO SWEET THAT WAS ADORABLE UGH I’LL TEACH YOU MORE SPANISH. I hope you like this, amor. I’m sorry it took so long.

Word count: 1427


Master list

Originally posted by faulker

Have you gained weight again? You ask yourself while spinning around in front of the mirror. The jersey feels a little tighter around your thighs, or at least that’s how you see it, but you do not have time to change, Adam is about to get home.

You have been planning this all day, buying a nice lingerie set and stockings on your lunch break. Adam has been away, playing games on the other side of the country during the last two weeks, coming home for a day or two and leaving again the next day, so you can’t wait to have a nice night with him without worrying about him having to leave early in the morning or you having to go to work.

You hear the sound of the garage door going up and give yourself a last look on the mirror, from your perfectly curled hair to your heels, frowning a little over your thighs, before walking towards the bed and laying on your stomach, waiting for your boyfriend.

“(y/n), I’m home.” I hear him yelling from the front door, clearly excited for his win tonight.

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If I ever kill myself, this is why.


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  • meet mingyu
  • he looks intimidating as all hell but he’s truly a dorky, lovable meme who cares for the people around him and isn’t afraid to show it…. when he feels like it seriously tho most of his misconceptions come just  from his height and build
  • that’s why kids used to kick fusses up with him while he chose to brush them off at first after all what use did he have for them
  • but ok the thing is he’ll only really engage you in anything if he thinks you’re worth the energy which is why he rarely got into fights unless it was v necessary and even then he took one step and they dipped tf outta there in a heartbeat
  • continuing on, just the mention of his fave videogame is enough to get him fired up so when people are treating him shittily he easily serves the same behavior right back
  • given he was taught not to take anyone’s shit, he usually fought back in elementary school and middle school with the ones who were usually the bullies tbh
  • he was the lowkey heroic dude that would save potential victims it was actually really sweet bc the ones he saved would back him up and make sure he had rewarded instead of reprimanded like #freemingyu
  • high school was ultimately where everyone generally tried to avoid him what with his record and his overall intimidating demeanor bc puberty was his friend and enemy at this point
  • he spent much of this time alone and doing his own thing, finding a huge interest in music bc it allowed him to express himself without being seen as some hulking monster that could kick ur ass cuz he can but does that mean he wants to??? no (ok that depends but still)
  • this lovable giant didn’t actually befriend anyone until prolly his second to last year of high school
  • thank wonwoo bc he was a new student who as quiet as he was had a knack for music as well
  • somehow these two found each other and became an inseparable pair who lived to create music together, always hyping each other up and supporting one another
  • even when wonwoo was getting shit for his graffiti, mingyu made sure his bff knew that a) his art was cool as shit and b) he got detention with him just y’kno to be at tru bro
  • moving forward, the two eventually made it into university much to their peers’ surprise since they only ever assumed the worst about the both of them as like ‘gangsters’ and shit
  • it’s funny cuz you’d think that he’d let the stigma affect him drastically but instead he’s still a really loud, semi-hyperactive giant who welcomed seungcheol and vernon in his and wonwoo’s friend group
  • bc wonwoo was actually really hyped about meeting others who shared a passion in music like him and mingyu did and how could mingyu say no to his bff??
  • anyway, with their love for music, they discovered the underground rap scene not too long after and chose to perform and just have a shit ton of fun there cuz they absolutely adored the vibes and idk it just became a thing for them ok
  • so i feel the need to mention just how impulsive mingyu can be bc he actually dyed his hair orange bc he saw how cool it looked on ichigo from the anime bleach and the volleyball anime haikyuu!! with hinana shoyo like he just…. wanted to lmao
  • everyone else was like “???? ….you dyed it bc of an anime?”
  • “yeah, looks cool right????”
  • no one wants to tell him he looks like a walking cheeto
  • ok well
  • no one except…..
  • can u guess???
  • you
  • ahahah yup you called this giant a walking orange cheeto
  • so, here’s the backstory behind this:
  • you had gone to one of the underground rap battles bc your friend was so hyped about it and you were part of the school’s paper for the current events section
  • rumor has it that a group that went to your high school was actually killin it and you wanted to see it for yourself and maybe write about it otherwise you’d settle on the dance team’s biggest win thanks to the v cute dancers (*cough* jimin *cough* hyungwon *cough* yugyeom *cough hoseok *cough* *cough* ahem) who you didn’t mind interviewing…. again
  • but anyway, even if the school’s hiphop group turned out to be a bust at least the talent from the other groups was poppin and you always admired hiphop music anyway so it wasn’t like an unenjoyable way to spend your friday night
  • now most people at the rap battles are actually really cool and chill, normally you’re fairly chill yourself, but there was a particular group of people that rubbed you the wrong way, figuratively speaking (and almost literally bc you swear you felt someone brush against you)
  • your discomfort must’ve been noticed by your friend bc she hooks an arm with yours and leads you toward the stage where she promises you she’ll get you an interview with the rappers when y’all see ‘em in action, all you gotta do is wait
  • and so as you’re on your way there, those creeps are watching you and one of them actually tries following you despite how fast your friend tried getting you outta there and so you’re torn between telling the dude to either a) “fuck off” or b) be semi-nice and turn him down
  • but before you can, mingyu kinda appears and tells that guy to leave you alone and said dude is both terrified and irritated with that pretty attractive stranger who has you lowkey miffed also even more so at the fact that you may or may not have lost ur friend in the crowds
  • it isn’t like you’re some defenseless person who can’t y’know handle themselves so the act of saving you just wounds your pride a lil but you don’t say anything (yet) just watching the scene unfold as the creepy dude backs off and says “whatever man just watch it later” and mingyu gets a lil worked up but he tries not to embarrass himself in front of you when you’re both left together
  • i mean you’re not ungrateful for the help but like i said it wounds your pride and you’re just like “ok ya big ol walking cheeto head where did you come from and why did you just put yourself in this position???” bc you’re under the impression he’s about to get into a fight (lmao oh hunny just wait until he’s up on stage) and he’s just baffled
  • he gives you this dumbfounded look like “??? what do you mean- HEY DID YOU JUST CALL ME A WALKING CHEETO HEAD”
  • and you’re just like “hell to the yeah i did! now answer my question. do you have a death wish or something?? over a stranger?” bc to say the least you’re a strong feminist who isn’t afraid to lay out some facts on someone and you’re pretty adamant about staying lowkey when it comes to situations that could endanger other people so you’ve gotten a little worked up on trying to convince him that you had things perfectly handled and he thinks you’re so flippin cute getting worked up as you are and he’s just speechless listening to you
  • he has no time to respond tho bc wonwoo comes up and is like “yo bro we gotta go say bye to the damsel and leggo”
  • you shoot both of them a minor glare but mingyu nods and leaves you with this cute lil two-finger salute and disappears like how he suddenly appeared and your heart is pounding like crazy and you’re like “who is this kid???”
  • after a while forget about him bc your friend finds you and drags you over to an area closer to the stage where one of her bodyguard friends who also went to school with you two jackson was there all smiley and happy to let you guys wait with him
  • most of the acts that have gone up were pretty good but from what your friend and jackson were telling you, the ones from your school were the ones to watch bc they were so good!!!
  • so you wait it out, trying to decipher some form of distinguishing factor about the groups and of course you take notes on a little notepad of yours that you keep for nearly all articles of yours and as you’re finishing a note on a group… jackson and your friend began squealing and shaking you to pay attention to the next act
  • the performance starts off with s.coups and vernon with their strong verses but it serves as a surprise to everyone else and you when wonwoo and mingyu come in with their own
  • you’re in a bit of shock to see that orange-haired dude up there and you expected yourself to be imagining things buuut the hair was a dead ringer for him and as you’re jotting down notes about mostly his verses and the group, you had to admit that they were worth the hype and watch if no one else had done it already
  • just listening to mingyu was enough to entrance you for the rest of the show even as the satisfaction of them winning over the group with the sleaze who was harassing you earlier too and you didn’t realize your friend was dragging you behind the stage until you nearly tripped over a step
  • there’s a deep chuckle off to your left and you see the orange-haired boy that has caught ur eye and you’re tryna put up a front like “???? psh whatchu want???”
  • and she’s going over to s.coups and vernon with a friendly grin, telling them about how you’re on the school’s paper and how you wanted to interview the infamous rap group
  • of course they’re down and she doesn’t say anything as she watches you and mingyu talking again, dragging wonwoo away to let you two talk
  • he’s teasing you for nearly tripping, not even offended that you called him a cheeto head and you compliment him for his rap skills bc your pride isn’t as wounded as it was before
  • it’s pretty cute bc for the rest of the night after introducing yourself and everything, they tell you they’ll do the interview which was what y’all spent doing for the next few hours until it was mingyu’s turn who was actually pretty happy to go last
  • now at the wonwoo’s break room at his job at the nearby convenience store, you two end up talking for the rest of the night with a few of the interview questions you had planned and it goes so well honestly
  • of course you forgot how you had work and so when you wake up in the convenience store you’re like “!!!! shit i gotta go” and you leave a note for mingyu, who looks adorable as shit with his mouth slightly afar and semi-snoring that you had to go and leave without your trust notepad bc of your haste
  • anyway you go to work, p normal stuff not realizing you didn’t have it until mingyu texts you bc you may or may not have left it on the paper to be a lil cute and aloof that he has it and you’re like oh fuck bc you wrote some lil notes about him and you’re readily embarrassed as you meet up with him after with his damn smug smile
  • “cheeto head, dont you dare say shit abt whatever you read”
  • him: “me???? who you callin a cheeto head huh? certainly not me ‘the most distinctive rapper of the group’”
  • you: *facepalms* “i will fight u. you wanna go rn?”
  • “go? yeah, we can go out. how does sushi sound?”
  • so that’s how your first date went ahahah
  • it was really cute bc it’s always been pretty casual and lax between you two since your allnighter of talking and it’s just really easy for you two to connect bc you’re both really passionate about helping people and the one thing you’ve noticed about mingyu is how insecure he really is bc he doesn’t believe in his music ability in comparison to wonwoo, seungcheol, and vernon, all of whom are just as talented, and he just thinks they’re much better than him :(  and it really makes you upset that he’d think that ‘cause you genuinely believe he is talented af
  • i’m not saying you wrote your article about him but it was mostly focused on him which the rest of the boys were totally down for ‘cause their dearest cheeto head deserves it
  • a lot of people come to the show just to see the performance (mainly mingyu) and they’re not disappointed in the slightest like even your editor is telling you to get a solo interview with the orange-haired man that everyone is really enjoying and mingyu is in utter shock bc how could that be? how could the people want him more than his brothers?
  • you have to like physically pinch him to get him to realize he’s not dreaming and he’s seriously like “are you some kind of angel? or fairy? like how did you get this to happen?”
  • and you’re like “that was all you bro”
  • and he’s like “bro but like….. bro”
  • “bro”
  • you can’t help but kiss his cheek bc of how adorably dumbfounded he is and he wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you close bc he can’t contain himself bc in the span of meeting you within a few months he feels worthwhile and if anything he doesn’t care if he’s worth anything to everyone else but you, his bros, and even himself and it’s just so cute to see him finally comfortable in his own skin
  • it’s so presh even the cheesy ass lines he’ll use on you
  • he blames wonwoo but i promise it’s ones he’s come up with personally
  • like remember that v live of him with the toilet paper and how he wanted your exams to roll smoothly? yeah he pulled that shit
  • he talked to his friend joshua into letting him borrow his parent’s cafe and pulled off the sweetest date when you were stressing about your biggest editorial and finals and you couldn’t help but kiss him with so much fervor… well, y’all were glad wonwoo wasn’t at the dorm since it was closest hehe
  • some of the pick up lines that he used but aren’t limited to:
  • “i’m not a photographer, but i can picture me and you together“
  • (you: “you nerd we are together”)
  • “ if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber”
  • (you: …why are you like this?”)
  • (wonwoo: srsly bro why are you like this???”)
  • even some of his texts, which haven’t failed to get a laugh outta of you:
  • “You wanna know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again.”
  • “Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?“
  • but in all seriousness, he’s really precious with you and the boys love that you bring him strength especially wonwoo who acts like a total tsundere about it and is like “oh yeh, whateves. y’all are p cute”
  • and you’re like “is the emo king actually complimenting us???”
  • wonwoo: shut up i take it back y’all ugly (’cept ming)
  • you: (งಠ_ಠ)ง
  • mingyu: never thought i’d have people fight over me before (’:
  • but yeah, you and mingyu are really really REALLY CUTE AND I SHIP IT MUCH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

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I am an 18 year old girl. I have this customer who comes through my store that asks the creepiest questions. He once asked me "What would you do if somebody tried to reach across the counter and *sexually assault* you?" BUT, I'm a supervisor and company policy states that I can't refuse to serve him unless he directly threatens me. So I have to serve him, with a fake smile and massive anxiety, every time he comes through.

Yo what

Most places have a policy that protects employees from harassment, even from customers. Double check that

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Hi, cutie! Can I request Jaehee helping MC dealling with a break up? It can be a little platonic at first, but this helps Jehee realizes she has feelings for MC? Ur blog is so perfect <3

Such a cute request, I’m so glad I did my first Baehee fic <3

It’s cliche as fuck, but I hope you still like this ^^


Jaehee x MC

It’s been four days now. Four days you’ve been coming to work at the café silently and leaving right after to go back home, cry in your room and listen to sad songs.

She understands, okay? A broken heart is tough, but… seeing your eyes puffy from so much crying is hurting her, your pain is sort of becoming her pain now. And she swears if she hears “So Sick” by Ne-Yo coming from your room one more time…

“MC! Dinner is ready!” she calls, though she knows you’re probably won’t come out. She can’t hold back a little gasp when she sees you standing by the balcony, your face is still a little wet due to the tears. “Are you okay?” Rhetorical question…

“I’ll survive… because you know… at first I was afraid, I was petrified…” and you keep reciting I Will Survive’s lyrics as you invented those words. She knows you fairly well by now and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out what’s going on: you’re drunk.

She berates herself for not hiding the liquor, she should know you would sneak out to the kitchen and take the bottle to your room when she wasn’t looking. Lord help her on this journey that is handling drunken you.

Not that you’re handful, you’re usually a very fun drunken type, she remembers as you would come home wasted, leaning on your (now ex) boyfriend, telling random facts about turtle’s longevity and the underestimated science behind astrology.

But now it’s different, your boyfriend isn’t here to laugh and say “that’s really interesting, honey. Now let’s take a shower.” No… he hurt you, he dumped you through texts. Jaehee didn’t read the content of the messages, but from the little she had known about him, it was probably “seeing other people. We r done! </3”

“Jaehee, I’m hungry!” you state when you finish reciting the song and looks straight at her, but you’re obviously not being able to focus your sight.

“I made some dinner, MC. Why don’t you sit here and eat?” is it really a good idea? Won’t you throw up the minute the food hit your stomach?

“Nah, I’m hungry for something else…” then you look away, to the… horizon? “REVENGE!”

“O-Okay… MC. Sit here and eat now, okay?” she has no idea what you’re talking about, but you have to eat, for Christ’s sake!

“I’m seeing it very clear now, Jaehee! Aren’t you?”

“The only thing I’m seeing is that you lost some weight. Please, MC, sit down and eat, okay? If you’re not doing this for yourself, do it for me?” Ugh… how cheesy, you ‘’won’t really fall for that, will you?

“Oh my God, Jaehee, you’re such an angeeeellll, how can I say no to an angel? I’m going straight to hell if I do, right?” you do this whiny face, and she wants to laugh so bad, but… one wrong move and you will burst into tears and run to your room again. So… she keeps it as serious as she can.

It’s more than relief, she’ legitimately happy you’re eating with so much hungry. She catches herself smiling as she observes you. How could that guy dump somebody so funny and sweet? So emotional and passionate about everything? And through texts?

“This is really good, Jaehee! Remind me of signing you to Masterchef Korea tomorrow morning, okay?” she won’t.

“Okay,MC. Now why don’t you take a shower and go to bed?”

“Wut? Noooooo. I just ate because you can’t… you can’t plot a revenge’s plan with an empty stomach! Now let’s get to work!” you jump out of your seat and stomp to your bedroom. Oh my God… this is bad news, isn’t it?

“MC? What are you… oh my God,MC! What are you doing?” she feels her face going on fire as she walks to find you taking your top off… no bra.

“I’m changing! I can’t go to that fucker’s house on my pajamas.” What fucker? Oh… your ex… for a second she was wondering why would you want to go to Jumin’s house,but that’s just her and… wait! You want to go to your ex’s house?

“MC, why do you want to go to his house?”

“To key his car, obviously.” You say matter of factly, she finally looks at you now that you’re dressed again. Oh, but now you’re taking your shorts off and… no underwear either, of course! “Jaehee?” oh yeah… your eyes are a little up, yeah…

“MC, just go to bed, please… I…”

“No, Jaehee! I’ve grieved for too long now! I need an answer!”

“But keying his car won’t give you an answer, MC.”

“He’ll have to pay attention to me a little, at least. I… I’m tired of being ignored…” with that she could relate a little, but still… this was a terrible idea, no matter how you look at it.

However, seeing you so determined and knowing you’re so hurt for being dumped like that… what if was her? Wouldn’t she want an answer too? Yeah, but she would probably be sober for this and… hum, too slow, you’re already reaching the hallway while she kept contemplating you and your struggling.

“MC? MC, come back here, please!” she runs after you in the elevator.

“Why, Jaehee? Why should I just stay here suffering while he gets all the joy? Don’t you think I’m being disrespected? Don’t you care about how hurt I am?”

“Of course I am, MC. I just think…”

“Then let me go! This is none of your business after all, is it?” she tells herself to not take it personal, you’re angry, hurt and drunk… oh, but don’t people get more honest when they’re drunk? So yeah… maybe she shouldn’t interfere, since you don’t want her to, since you don’t really rely on her, since you don’t… trust her to help you? No… she can’t think like this, this is not about her, this is about you about to do something really stupid you’ll probably regret. That’s what you would do for her if she needed, because that’s what you do, always.

“Fine. Do what you want, but don’t do it alone.” She sighs as she presses this elevator button and makes a gesture for you to come in, which you angrily do.

And as the elevator moves a little, you two feel a little trembling and then… it stops and the light goes red. Oh shit…

“Jae-Jaehee? Are you okay?” Rhetorical question, you’re not too drunk to remember she has some claustrophobic tendencies. Yeah… she always told you the stories of how she would use the stairs at C & R when you always complimented her stamina after a long day of work at the café… “Jaehee… don’t panic…”

“P-panic? Who’s panicking? I’m not…” she chuckles nervously. “Why would I panick, I mean… it’s just a small place with a red light… no ventilation… four walls, which are getting closer, aren’t you feeling? They’re getting closer, MC? I’m… I’m…” you run to her and hug her, since your depth notion is a little off, you end up pushing her and you two fall on the floor, but she doesn’t seem to care, she just grabs fists of the back of your shirt, holding to you as her life depends on it.

“Shhh, it’s okay… it’s fine, you’ll be fine… I… hope you will be fine… I… don’t want to see you like this, and it’s my fault, isn’t it? So I’ll fix this…”

“Because that’s what you do, MC. You… fix me.”

“No, there’s nothing for me to fix in you, you’re… so… perfect to my eyes, Jaehee. You… I wish I was more like you, y’ know? You… wouldn’t get drunk and want to go to your ex’s place to key his car just like Carrie Underwood did.” She chuckles, then she realizes she’s basically nuzzling in your chest, and… she doesn’t feel like pulling away…

Now you two are laughing, sitting on across corners of the elevator, after you started telling embarrassing stories about your ex to keep her distracted.

“Hum, and listen to this… he… called his penis ‘the predator’. Ugh…did he really need to take a reference from such an old bad movie?”

“Well, you two share this taste for old things, how come your break up playlist doesn’t have anything after 2010?”

“Fuuuck you!” you two laugh “You didn’t hear my moving on playlist yet, did you? It’s basically Kelly Clarkson and Pink…I can’t wait to play it.”

“I can’t wait for you to move on, MC. I’m… hurt seeing you so hurt…”

“Yeah… it sucks. I just… I’m so afraid, you know?”

“What are you afraid of?”

“Of… ending up alone, you know? What if I’m the one who needs to be fixed? But I… what if there’s not a fix for me? What if… I’m broken?”

“MC, are you serious? You’re really thinking the problem here is you after you got dumped through texts? MC, you’re the most amazing, smartest, sweetest girl I’ve ever met, and if he can’t see this… then he’s the one who needs to be fixed, but… this isn’t for you to fix, don’t waste your time trying to fix who doesn’t deserve to be fixed.”

“You know you basically described yourself, right?” you chuckle lazily, she does the same.

“It takes one to know one, right?” you look down a little, maybe it’s the red light, but… are you blushing? And as you raise your eyes and look straight at her, she’s pretty sure she’s blushing… what is happening?

The light is back on and she quickly looks away for you not to notice her flushed face. Then you get up and offer your hand to help her. You’re sober and apparently fixing yourself.

She thought she would crash to bed and sleep like a baby after everything that happened, but… neither of you are feeling sleepy. Instead, you kept listening to your moving on playlist, and you couldn’t fell more surprised as she pulled you for a lip synch of So What by Pink, which you obviously didn’t decline.

“Thank you, Jaehee. I’m so lucky to have you as my friend…” you say before hugging her and waving a good night to her.

“Yeah… I’m lucky to be your friend too, MC…”

What is this feeling growing inside her? It’s painful, but so glowing and… warm. She rolls in her bed, thinking of your smile and wondering what you’re dreaming about right now… the warmth grow as she wishes you’re dreaming about her.

Because she’ll definitely dream about you. At least in her dreams, you don’t have to worry about fixing, you can be happy, and so can she.