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Sketchy Behavior | Hellen Jo 

Never afraid to speak and/or draw her mind, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Hellen Jo and her characters can be described as rough, vulgar, tough, jaded, powerful, bratty and bad-ass - AKA her own brand of femininity. Known for her comic Jin & Jam, and her work as an illustrator and storyboard artist for shows such as Steven Universe and Regular Show, Hellen’s rebellious, and sometimes grotesque artwork and illustrations are redefining Asian American women and women of color in comics. In fact, that’s why Hellen Jo was a must-interviewee for our latest Sketchy Behavior where we talk to her about her love of comics and zines, her antiheroines, and redefining what Asian American women identity is or can be; and what her ultimate dream project realized would be.  

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this didn’t happen to me, it happened to an old friend who now goes to art school. my close friend, kate, told me about it.

so the friend’s name is christopher, but he’s been going by “pher” since sixth grade. halfway through seventh grade, pher showed up to class in a suit. and then. he never. stopped. wearing suits. he wore suitS for the rest of seventh grade and ALL of eighth.

oh, and then my friends got him into homestuck. for about, like, two weeks, he was constructing himself a vriska cosplay out of paper. it got progressively more elaborate: he gave himself a paper robot hand, horns, and even got a pair of sunglasses to imitate vriska’s. it was weird.

and then ninth grade came along. he went to art school (along with kate) while i went to the standard one. and last time i saw kate, she told me of one of his… exploits.

on the first day of school, he decided that he would go by a different name for every class.

every. class.

all year.

none of the teachers ever noticed.


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getting kind of tired of the lack of updates, w out an explanation, we at least deserve that

I think I’ll have to put this in the FAQ at some point because I get asked this a lot even though I’ve answered it before, which is OK. I don’t expect people to search the blog for old asks all the time to find information. It might just be easier to put it in the FAQ.

I had surgery in late April for a kidney tumor. It was successful but the recovery has slowed my updating significantly since then. I used to have no job and all the time in the world to work on SaM before that, updating maybe even 3 times a month. That is not doable anymore. Since surgery, I’ve had health problems as well. I’ve been to the Emergency room 5 times since April, all on separate occasions, once even on my family’s first time ever going to Hawaii. I was stuck at the condo.

In addition to health problems, I also have full time employment now. Meaning, I can only work on “Satan and Me” and my other comic “Here it Comes” on the weekends. Updates will be significantly slower because of that, also because I still want to have a life outside of just drawing on the computer all week. I don’t spend my entire weekends drawing updates. Sometimes I go shopping or see my friends or have a meal with my family. 

My full time work is also a drawing job, which I’m happy to have because I went to art school to work in art, so I like that I finally can do that after attending school for 3 years. This is extra taxing on my wrist, which has been in very bad shape even when I started SaM 3 years ago. So sometimes I just don’t want to draw because my wrist needs a day off. I am unable to draw 7 days a week every week. I still try to do that, though, because I feel bad about how much updates have slowed down since my surgery in April, so I still push myself and end up doing just that.

These past two weeks I have some friends in town for the first time on vacation as well. So for these two weeks I haven’t been working on SaM, choosing to spend time with these friends while they’re here instead. It’s my first vacation since I started employment in April, and since my medical recovery. I even had to work during my family’s vacation in Hawaii, so that never felt like a vacation to me when I was stuck 4 days at the condo sick, on meds, and drawing all day while everyone else got to sight see.

I’m sorry that updates are slower. “Satan and Me” will realistically probably get an update every month or every other month if I’m honest. I can’t help that at this point. I try to make the updates prettier and with more panels to make up for that. Before, updates would be 7-10 panels long. I’ve been trying to shoot for the 20s range for you guys, or at least upper teens, since Natalie came back. 

I’d love to draw more, believe me I would, but with fulltime work now that’s just not doable. I’m sorry, but I need to pay my bills.


I’m so excited and still pinch myself daily. I mean, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I could talk, so it’s just been a lot of time and hard work. I moved to LA straight out of graduating my arts high school and worked three jobs to afford living while taking acting classes and auditioning often. I started building up relationships the more I went into the same rooms to audition at the same time becoming more confident in my craft. Finally, in the last year before Riverdale I was able to just focus on auditions and learning. I ended up auditioning for David Rapaport, Riverdale’s amazing casting director, and he immediately knew I would be a good fit for Cheryl.

[TRANS] BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine - Suga’s Biography

A mischievous kid growing up into a boy who enjoys reading 

I was born in Daegu in the South, the third biggest city of Korean, and grew up there until I came up to Seoul. When I was young, I was pretty much an ordinary kid. I loved playing around so my kindergarten teacher didn’t seem to like me. (laughs) I remember being scolded “It’s dangerous!” a lot. I also loved sports and was good at running, to the point of being picked as a relay runner from elementary school all the way up to high school. When it comes to studying, I’m slightly above average. 

I used to love playing outside with friends back then, but I changed as I grew up. Even when we went outside, it wasn’t like we did anything, we just gathered at the park. I wasn’t fond of that so many times I just stayed at home on weekends. My mother told me to go outside and meet my friends sometimes. (laughs) 

I had a thing for collecting, so I collected a lot of books when I was young. It was a time when I wanted to be a cultured man, wanted to pretend I know things too. Mature stuffs that didn’t suit my age or novels, poetry books, essays, newspapers,… I read everything regardless of genre. I don’t know why but up till middle school, I had the habit of reading books from the back page. I still read books sometimes now. My reading speed gets faster by reading multiple sentences at a time. 

Memories of first love from elementary school… I really don’t have any. Unlike Seoul, the provinces are conservative, and my school didn’t have that kind of atmosphere in which boys and girls talk to each other. If I was with a girl, I would become really shy and wouldn’t even say a word. 

The encounter with hip hop
Started composing in middle school 

I started to be interested in music in 5th year of elementary school, while watching the performance of “Stony Skunk”, Korean artists, on TV. It was the prime of ballad back then so if 18 teams perform on a music program, 10 would sing ballads, 5 would be idols and the other 3 would be other genres. They were one of those 3 teams. It was so cool how they were different from other singers. Up until then, I didn’t have any interest in music, but with Stony Skunk, I started listening to hip hop and reggae music, and was influenced by Epik High as well. MP3 player was starting to come out at that time, but I bought a Panasonic CD player and listened with that. 

Along with listening to music, I also started writing music at the same time. It wasn’t like someone told me to do it, I just had the thought of having to do so. I started writing rap lyrics in elementary school and started composing after I went to middle school. Back then, no one around me liked hiphop… It became extremely popular in Korea now but when I first started listening to it, hip hop was a genre once popular a long time ago. I think there probably wasn’t anyone on the streets who raps, except for me. If I rap at the karaoke room, it would just become some kind of sound to my friends. You know the moving hand gestures that are hip hop’s specialty? I was picked on for that too. 

Despite that, I still kept liking hip hop and in my 2nd year of middle school, I went on the stage for the first time at a festival. I performed Dynamic Duo’s “Go Back” with a friend. I didn’t like standing in front of people, but at that time, I only felt like I have to do it. I showed the rap that I practice too, although it wasn’t anything great. (laughs) 

 Actually in middle school, I wanted to go to an arts high school so I composed classical music. But the tuition was too expensive so I ended up just going to a regular high school. I told my father “I have done enough music now so I’ll study hard in high school” and went to that school, but of course I didn’t. (laughs) 

Full-fledged activities as a rapper after joining a crew in town 

Middle school years was when I composed music to satisfy myself only, on a hobby level. It was after I changed the MIDI software that I started full-fledgedly making music. In 1st year of high school, I showed my song to a person that was like a mentor to me, and he liked it a lot. I was introduced to a hip hop crew called “D-town” and joined. That song had the feeling of new-age music but had hip hop beats similar to Nujabes. For your information, the mentor that acknowledged me studied at Berklee College of Music and is currently working as a movie music director.

I think I started rapping properly after joining the crew. I have been rapping since elementary school, but since there wasn’t anyone who raps around me, I thought I was the best. (laughs) 

After that, I came to the Daegu underground scene, and from then, I also got to know that you can’t make a living out of music in the underground scene. Most of the hyungs who made music with me that time was about 10 years older than me, there were also people over 30. They worked part-time jobs and made music at the same time, but it seemed very hard. Even when performing live, it was already a huge deal to have 100 audiences, and I hated that fact. I thought “If I success, could I be the liaison of the underground scene?”. There are plenty of people who make good music in the underground scene, so I thought when I become famous, I want to create a better environment for them, I want to show their music to the world. 

Just then, I knew Big Hit was holding an audition in Daegu. I came there knowing nothing but that it was a company formed by composer Bang Shihyuk, but I was told that I was accepted the next day. I heard it later that when he saw me, he immediately thought of letting me pass. Even though I wasn’t good at rapping that time. (laughs) 

Coming up to Seoul after becoming a trainee
Different from first thought…!? 

I came to Seoul on November 7th, 2010, when I was in 2nd year of high school. I still remember it now. 

I joined to company not to rap, but to become a composer. So I thought I didn’t need to dance, and let people who are good at rapping rap, I just needed to follow the producer path. But it became a totally different thing. (laughs) At that time, rather than idols, the company was planning to create a group consisting of rappers, but that changed. The members were Rap Monster, J-hope and me. There were also Supreme Boy, i11even-hyung who is now active in the underground scene and Iron-hyung who made it to the finals of Show Me The Money 3. I think if we debut like that, despite being good at rapping, we would fail. (laughs) 

Rapper & producer
The future Suga thinks of as a goal 

My 4-year-older brother plays a very big role in letting me be able to walk on the music path like this. He started liking hip hop under my influence, but when I came to the audition, everyone in my family opposed it except for my brother. They didn’t view music activities nicely, even my relatives told me “What music for you, go study.” So I only showed my songs to him. He was the first person I informed that I passed the audition too. Our relationship is so good that we’re like friends. I basically don’t drink alcohol, but I drink it with him only. 

My family all support me now, of course. Even the relatives that told me to study ask for my signatures. (laughs) 

These days, I have thoughts about wanting to also be active as a producer. I have no greed of being in the center, I just want to make music. I don’t have interest towards the entertainment world too, everyone says they want to act, or to go on variety shows, but I don’t want to do those. (laughs) But still, the first thing is to make BTS get 1st place in Korea as well as Japan. And myself too, I want to be the best rapper, the best producer. I don’t know if it would take time, but I have to try.

JPN - KRN © mondomizel1


I’m so excited and still pinch myself daily. I mean, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I could talk, so it’s just been a lot of time and hard work. I moved to LA straight out of graduating my arts high school and worked three jobs to afford living while taking acting classes and auditioning often. I started building up relationships the more I went into the same rooms to audition at the same time being more confident in my craft. Finally, in the last year before Riverdale I was able to just focus on auditions and learning. (Madelaine Petsch for Bello Magazine)

mod rika explains why they love rika

okay someone sent an ask asking why i love rika, and they asked me to answer it privately so i’m just gonna put it all here then send them a link!!


The first thing I want to say before I start gushing about her, she has done horrible, inexcusable things.  But that doesn’t mean she deserves to die/rot in jail/whatever you want her to do.

Now onto my list

1) Rika is kind.  She had a horrible child, from the verbal abuse from her adopted parents and the bullying from kids at her school, but she still is kind and compassionate and wants to help other people, hence her founding the RFA.  Of course, as time went on, her way of helping people became distorted and harmful for the people she wanted to “save”.

2) I can relate to her.  We both got dat bpd or at least that’s what i think she has lmao.  With everything she went through when she was younger combined with her mental illness(es), she wanted to kill herself and V treated that as a sort of “art” and tried to be the hero and save her.  I’m not blaming V, don’t get me wrong, but it upsets me as a neurodivergent person.

3) She’s just?? really gay??? Like have u played v’s route SLAMS EMBRACE RIKA OPTION

4) The scene where she breaks down crying because V said it was an obsession and not love.  It really resonates with me.  Even if you hate her, it would be hard to not at least pity her in that moment.  She breaks down saying if V didn’t love her, then that would mean no one has ever loved her.  Again, I can relate cuz the bpd makes me freaked out that no one actually loves me rippp

5) She’s such a complex and interesting character.  I’ve always loved her as a character (even if the fandom originally made me despise her and think she was completely to blame for everything wrong that happened in mysme).  I could make a 100000 point list of things about her (as a character) that I love, but the main ones just being her past i’m a slut for that tragic backstory and her progression as a character.  Starting from a person just wanting everyone to be loved and cared for by hosting charity parties, slowly escalating to her “devil” taking over and forming Mint Eye, creating an all around toxic environment.

6) I just….. want to protect her.  With how the fandom treats her, calling her a bitch and a snake, I just feel bad for her and want to hug her.  And y’all know she wouldn’t be nearly as hated if she were a guy.  Internalized misogyny yayyy

If any of you guys have seen Death Note, I kinda like to relate my love for her in a similar way to how I love Light.  They’ve both done horrible things that originated with good intentions.  They’ve been corrupted by their internal demons, and I just want them to be happy and go back to the way they were before everything started.

So there’s the main reasons why I love her.  I think she deserves happiness and help, and if she were to get those things, she could become a person that everyone loves.

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So, this isn't exactly a writing question, but I'm not sure where else to ask. Is it at all possible for someone with chronic wrist pain, such that they can't take impacts on their hands for any significant length of time, to still learn a martial art? And if so, what martial arts would be best, like ones that focus more on kicks or grappling?

There are students with all sorts of disabilities who are training right now. So, don’t let that stop you.

I’ve worked with martial artists who had a variety of health issues, from those recovering from cancer to eighty year olds training for their black belts. I know of students in other programs ranging from blindness to deafness to only having one arm. Lots of kids with glasses train, and take their glasses off for sparring. One of my training partners for my third degree test was a woman who’d recently recovered from a stroke and had specific health concerns we worked around. There was a certain pace she needed to train at, which was fine. Master Reyes was upfront about it with me when he assigned me to work with her, and she was upfront about it with me. She passed her test by the way.

It is very common in martial arts schools to have students who have specific health concerns, chronic pain, and injuries. It is part of the job of the instructors at these schools to develop work arounds together with their students.  Whether the instructor needs to keep an eye on the time because one of the kids you’re training needs to take their meds during your class. These are all issues that can be worked out. (Consider the number of geriatric students who come in on the regular. There are quite a few.)

As martial arts instructors, we are legally obligated to care for our students when they’re on our floor. (And we care about them because they’re family.) You’ll find plenty of teachers who also have or have had injuries whether they’re permanent or not. One of my master’s had a blown out knee from a gymnastics injury, he was thirty years old and he limped around the floor.

People of all ages, all dispositions, and all backgrounds come through a martial arts studio’s door. Sometimes, they’re people with chronic pain, sometimes they have heart issues, sometimes they’re diabetics. 

A healthy body is not a necessary requirement for recreation the same way it is in the military or the police. In a healthy martial arts school, you will find instructors who are more than happy to work with you and find solutions that fit your needs. Unless you take a boxing-type martial art like Kickboxing or Muay Thai (and even then), you will be hitting air 90% of the time.

It’ll take time to work out your limits and to find alternative options. However, it will be up to you find those limits. Stay in touch with your doctor. Over time you will learn how to discern between good pain and bad pain, and you’ll be better able to moderate what you can do and how long your participate. It’ll also be up to you to keep your instructor updated.

As for which martial art would work best, I’d actually advise you to start with what you want to be learning (90% of success begins with interest) and work your way around to finding a studio in your area who’d be willing to make the accommodations you need. Those are the people you want to be entrusting your safety to. Those men and women are the good beans. Work with the people who want to work with you towards your success.

When you have a disability or chronic pain here’s what you do when looking for a school:

1) Start with a martial art that interests you.

There’s absolutely no reason why your disability or injury should stand in the way of you learning what you want. I guarantee there is a school out there full of martial arts masters who’ll become a second family to you. So, you should start with what you want. Want to fight like a ninja turtle? (I did when I was five, okay.) Run over to or somewhere similar to figure out what the martial arts used in the movie were. Once you have that in hand, go to the internet and look up videos on the Tube. Want to study that? Great! To Google!

2) Do research over what is available in your area.

This is the tough part, your choices are going to be limited based on what’s available and feasible to reach. You may not find what you want available in your area. Google for the local martial arts schools in your area (this goes faster once you have a beat on martial arts you want), and see what comes up. Find one you like? Read the reviews, and make sure to look them up on other review sites like Yelp. Make a list of several (yes, several) you’d be interested in. Always have backups in case the first doesn’t work out. You’re probably going to want family schools, but go with what you want. You’re a customer, and if you sign up, you are going to paying them to provide you with a service. Keep that in mind.

3) Make the call

Once you have the schools and the numbers, give them a call. Most martial arts schools have someone working the desk and reception while the instructors teach. This is the person who makes the appointments and handles the gear.

Ask them if it’d be possible to visit the school, make an appointment, and look in on a class. (You don’t need to be upfront about your needs yet.) This is a common practice for students scouting out schools, so no need to be shy. I recommend looking in on an adult class as it’ll be easier to talk to those students after.

Remember, this is a business so they’re going to try to sell you. If you get easily flustered remember to write up and bring a list of questions to ask that you wrote up beforehand.

4) Look in on a class

Before you sign up for the first lesson, look in on a class first. Half the success of any martial arts program is going to be how well you sync with the people who are going to teach you. Watching a class lets you scout out an instructor’s teaching style and talk to the students without pressure. Come a little early so you can watch the students file in, how they interact with each other, and the warm ups.

Think about it like dating. You want a match who works for you.

The general feel and attitude of a good school is one that is relaxed. The teacher is in good spirits, humble, and explains easily. The students look happy when they’re on the floor, they’re in a good mood, social with each other both before and after class, and everyone is generally happy. They’re focused when they’re on the floor. Students who are happy with their school will try to sell you on it if you ask. They’re enthusiastic! You are looking for a warm, friendly, relaxed, and happy environment.

Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.

You don’t want to be in a school that’s controlling, where the instructor is uptight, angry, or yells at their students. If they’re prideful or act like the source of all wisdom, then you don’t want to be there. You don’t want a place where the students seem unhappy. If you walk into a place like this, leave. You don’t have to bring up your health issues. Know it’s not for you. Look elsewhere.

5) Talk to the instructor

Whoever you talk with on the phone will probably have told the school’s owner or instructor that you’ll be there, so don’t be surprised if they seek out out either before or after the class. If they don’t and you like what you see, introduce yourself. Express your interest and ask if you can set up an appointment (either now if you like it) or at a later date where you can talk more. Let the instructor sell you on their school.

You can either bring up your health issues at this point, or later when you talk to them again. See what they say. It is important to be upfront about it because whoever you will be training with values your health and safety. That is part of their job. Do not forget it.

You will, probably, find plenty of instructors who’ve worked with students that had health issues before. They’re either going to say thanks but no thanks, (if that’s the case, look elsewhere, you want the masters who want you) or they’re going to ask you some questions about your specific needs.

If you decide you like this person and their school, make an appointment to take the first beginner’s lesson. (This is usually free! Sometimes, you get a free gi too! Heyo!)

6) Take the First Lesson

What it says on the tin. They may ask you about your needs again, if they don’t remember or don’t bring it up then remind them. Anyway, take the lesson, see how you feel.

Like it? Like the price package? Yay! Sign up.

Don’t like it? Repeat steps 2-6 with another school.

7) Double Check With Your Doctor (Bonus, Important Step)

I’d double check your needs and discuss this course with your doctor in step 2, but do it again anyway. The school may ask for your medical documentation anyway, and you will, of course, need to sign a waiver. Have a list of everything that might possibly go wrong and what the signs are when your wrists have had too much. Give it to your new instructors, they will put it in your file and reference back to it over your time spent training with them.

8) Start Taking Classes

You’ve made it to Step 8. The last step. The big kahuna. Enjoy your new martial arts life. Remember to keep working to build the bond of trust between you and your teacher. Don’t be afraid to bring up your needs and remind them if they forget.

When I was a little bean, I broke my leg. During the latter half of my recovery after I finally got off the crutches, I still had specific activities I couldn’t engage in. I went back to my martial arts school, and started training again. I went from not being able to run (so I had to do other exercises when everyone else did) to not being able to jump (No jumping till June) until I was finally free. (”You can’t jump yet, right?” “No, busabumnim! I can jump today! I can jump!”) My instructors were with me every step of the way, easing me (twelve year old bean) back into it so I could test for my black belt the next year. It was a slow process, but it happened.

In the right school where you feel comfortable and trust your teachers, it’ll be the same for you. There’ll be things you can do, and things you can only do a little, and maybe things you can’t do at all. That’s not a mark against you.

The most important thing here is honesty. Your limitations are not insurmountable. A good school with good teachers will figure out how to work around them, and if you sign on that is what you will be paying them to do.


To my martial arts followers, please leave enthusiastic recommendations of your school and your master in the reblogs or comments so our Anon friend here gets an example of what to look for in their search.

Thank you!


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LOU YOU WENT TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH ANSEL ELGORT???? *whispers* how bad was he 👀👀

so he was a senior when i was a freshman and he was in the drama department, we went to an arts high school and i was a lowly visual arts student, the drama kids were the cream of the crop™™ so i already was like 🙄 BUT heres what i know abt him:

1) his senior class sold calendars w topless pics of him to raise $ for their prom (there was a senior in my french class and she tried to sell me one and my gay ass said No Thanks!)

2) he was barely in school, he missed like all of second semester to be in a broadway show and somehow still graduated on time

3) he has SUCH a god complex like he thinks hes a literal god and would use it to leverage others and take advantage of them and get them to do what he wants . like ngl he is talented for sure, i saw him in bye bye birdie and he was great but also ….. his personality is ugly and annoying

4) he would incessantly be hitting on young girls like 14-16yo girls even when he had a gf , and he was 18. and it wasnt just flirting, hed talk to these girls on like facebook for HOURS and make plans to hook up w them and i think he did hook up w them. my childhood friend was one of many many girls he lured w his ~fame~

all in all hes overrated at best and a complete predatory asshole at worst !

(also pls reblog this so ppl can know the truth and stop stanning him before they get in too deep or before they start period)

Vans Girls Music Crushes: Brianna Collins

Meet the soulful singer and keyboardist of the alternative/punk/indie band Tigers Jaw, Brianna Collins. The second we heard her sultry voice and beautiful piano melodies, we were instantly hooked and had to know more about her. We met up with the Pennsylvania native and roamed the streets of Long Beach, CA in our Old Skools, scoping out vintage thrift finds and rare records while chatting about tour, writing, and her band’s new record.

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The Smile That Broke A Thousand Nats

I know that many of you don’t care at all about my OC’s, but I just needed to see this silly smile in the screen tonight. Mel is the one that always has a way of making others go along with her crazy ideas, and her smile is perhaps her most powerful weapon in doing so. Before she and Nat went their separate ways after high school graduation, countless were the occasions when the poor young otter fell prey to a cleverly timed toothy wolverine grin.

This is to remind me that I too am still capable of smiling and laughing and being silly for silliness’ sake, and Mel was made to reflect that part of me. Thank you for putting up with me.

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This video isn’t about what the person is drawing…

By markcrilley

I want to share this as a reference video of how people can improve their drawing! I want to especially pinpoint #2 and #4.

Tip 2: Drawing from life is ideal. Drawing with the assistance of photo reference is common among professionals. Very few artists can draw anything they want to, flawlessly, entirely from memory.

- Unless you have photographic memory… I applaud you. I have been told several times that a few new artists feel ‘ashamed’ to look at references! Don’t be! You learn from references, we are not all born with photographic memory. And even if you have the image in your head it is very hard to project it on paper. It is never a bad idea to have a photo reference, go online and find images you like, and develop your drawing through those. It is not copying at all unless you produce is completely and try claiming it as your own. Then thats’ plagarism. But using references is never a bad thing and taking photos when you go out really helps out alot!

Tip 4: Try looking at the thing you’re drawing as an abstract arrangement of shapes, composed of lines at various angles.

Some of you who has seen my own drawing tutorials or work in progress may have realized, even when I’m drawing a chibi or person, I ALWAYS begin by laying out the shapes before I add in skin and ‘fat’ into them. I sometimes draw stick figures on my notebooks because I want to study the movements on people and take quick notes of how things look like for future references. I do that all by starting with lines, squares, circles and other abstract shapes. 

Tip 9: Don’t expect progress to occur in a matter of weeks, or even months.

Never expect to be a master at anything overnight. It doesn’t happen that way. Sometimes things go on in life that can restrain you from practicing drawing but as long as you don’t forget, and always go back to it because it’s your passion, than progress will be obvious in the future. Keep your old artwork, start using sketchbooks instead of loose leaf paper, KEEP YOUR SKETCHES AND DOODLES. NEVER throw away even a picture of something you feel isn’t perfect. I tell this a lot back when I was tutoring my colleagues and friends how to draw and improve their drawing. Each time you scrap a drawing in the middle, equals you stopping that progress and trying to improve. When you end something in the middle,and throw it away, you can’t go back to see what things need to be changed. I have old sketchbooks from 10 years ago when I was still in high school and as horrible as they were, they sometimes reflect or tell me about my own mental process of what went on during that time or how amazing my ideas were back then, just didn’t have the skill to produce it. 

One of the fun things a lot of artists like to do, is ‘redrawing’ a piece of your own past artwork based on your own style that you’ve developed over the years and compare your past and present to see your progress.


Tip 10: If comparing your art to that of other people is bringing you down, then stop doing it. Your work doesn’t need to win contests, impress people, or be ‘conventionally beautiful.’

Art should is selfish. It should be about you rather than pleasing about other people. You don’t need to draw a bibliography but your art should make you feel good about yourself. It shouldn’t bring you down. I have tons and kazillion artists I look up towards but not once, do I compare or say ‘I’m horrible compared to them.’ Never say that! I’ve been learning so much about art therapy lately, and it holds true that art should be something your express yourself and style on. You can learn from other artists but eventually, you should find yourself, find your art and feel good about it. When you truly love yourself and artwork, people will automatically love them as well because there’s no lies.

I hope I can help some of you guys continue with pursuing what you like. If you like to draw or what to begin drawing and learning about it, do so now. As long as you’re passionate and determined about it, be patient and you will strive :) And this YouTuber markcrilley states all the things that actually holds true for many artists out there. They may not realize it but it works! 

Art is no miracle. It is a reflection of hard work, patience, and passion.


Art School | Q&A with Luke Pelletier (LA)

Hawaiian shirts, toucans, palm trees, tiki drinks, alligators, and panthers are just a few of the characters you’ll find in Los Angeles based artist and musician Luke Pelletier’s works.  Creating fun, bold, and brightly colored scenes from an imagined paradise, Luke has done collaborations with Valley Cruise Press, Mike Vallely, and most recently with Darkstar skateboards.  We’re excited to have him in our Art School Q&A where we talk about his recent trip to Milan, his band The See Ya Laters, and his process and approach to painting. 

Portrait by Broza Photo

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Hello, world! I’m back!

Here’s a little life update given my absence and blog inactivity in the past couple of weeks:

I’m halfway through my junior year in college!

I’m getting my 10,000 steps a day because of running back and forth buildings. (Hooray for toned legs!) It’s pretty tiring but the classes I’m taking this semester are worth it. Industrial/Organizational Psychology is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite psychology classes. There’s also Organic Chemistry for nine hours a week. It’s constantly proving to me that it’s going to be one hell of a ride but hey, I love me some numbers and problems to solve. We just gotta keep triene.

My team sent the latest issue of the psychology department’s official publication for approval.

It’s my second time to work as a layout artist for a school publication and boy, did I have fun designing the layout of every page that was assigned to me. Although I went down with the flu on the week that I worked on the magazine, it was still a beautiful experience to connect my craft with another thing that I love. Which leads me to…

The topic I pitched for my undergraduate thesis/research integrates art into psychology.

I have yet to hear from the chairperson of the psychology department about it but here’s to hoping that it gets approved!

I’m learning to manage my anxiety and it feels great.

When I attended the Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates (PAPJA) convention last January 21, I was in awe of the amount of positivity flowing out of our workshop facilitator’s mouth. He saw the humor even in the worst of times and counterattacked the negative phrases and thoughts with positive ones. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try his method of coping. Combined with daily exercise, less caffeine, and a different mindset, 2015-2016 me probably wouldn’t recognize this healthier version of myself. Although I still do carry with me a small stress ball just in case life wants to spice things up a bit, I found myself not using it as much as before and I think that’s progress. :)

In the next few days, I hope I can pick up where I left off here and curate more content you’ll love. I’m already in the process of updating broken links to my free wallpapers so before you know it, you’re back to making your gadgets looking fine as hell again.

Make the most out of today and don’t forget to smile!


+ By the way, I’m also on Instagram (especially on Stories) @arialligraphy and Twitter @arialligraphy!


Holy heck, I haven’t been on Tumblr since November 2016!!! So sorry for disappearing for so long and not letting anyone know what the heck was going on and why I was gone. I initially took a break from Tumblr to focus on my schoolwork and figured I’d be back by January, but things kinda kept pilling up and by the time I had more free time, my old Macintosh ended up dying on me. It’s my personal computer and has all my non-school-related artwork on it, so I kinda went from having a heck ton of stuff to post to nothing at all (also rip all my reaction gifs). I still have my work computer (our school specifically wanted us to use a PC, so I had to buy on, and thank God I did), so it didn’t affect my schoolwork, but I’ll be honest and say it completely sucked the motivation out of me. I haven’t been drawing as much digital art outside of school, and have neglected basically all my artblogs.

Buuut, good news! I’m getting it back by the end of the month, all fixed with all my work unscathed, so I’ll have stuff to post, including some sketches I managed to salvage before my scanner died (because of course that happened… got a new phone tho, so I’ll probs just take pics from now on). I’ve also been doing Inktober on Instagram, which kinda boosted my motivation and has been teaching me how to juggle my time a bit better, so I’ll probably be getting back into the swing of things by November (no promises tho, school is kicking my ass and I’m currently looking for an internship).

Got a lot of messages and I’ll be answering a bunch of them privately, and sometime this week, I’ll make another post to answer those I can’t answer privately. So so sorry for disappearing and leaving everyone in the dark!


Halloween nostalgia - it defs my favorite holiday as a kid! Honestly trick-or-treating was just the best. I went up until the year before college, but my most vivid candy-grabbing memories were from elementary school. I went with my best friend Marjorie, my crush Sydney, and Marjorie’s weird brother Kieran (I wonder where he is now?) We’d run around without any parents then go home and see who got the best candies (candy-trading was a very important part of halloween) then spend the rest of the night playing Kirby Air Ride or Melee until my parents came to grab me, and not without protest. Good times. I wonder if they still think about me?

Request-36- Theatre dreams

Countless amounts of people rushed back and forth on the stage. Some carrying dresses and costumes others with wires and lights. I sat and watched the busy bodies making their way behind the long velvet curtains that stood both sides of the platform. The soft fabric brushed against my arm as I shuffled against them in attempt to find a comfortable position.

“It’s about 5 minutes until they’re on.” Issie mentioned before continuing to scroll through what looked like tumblr. I let out a small laugh before turning to talk to Louise.

I turned back to the stage and thats when I saw her. Head peering around the curtain, probably counting audience members. One of her hands pulling the curtain from her eyes; a small glimmer from the ring that showed my love for her. Her y/c/h hair hanging in a plait over her shoulder.

She didn’t tell anyone what the show was. No one in the audience knew. Every ticket said a cast members name, that was all. The name, the time, and your seat number. When she caught me staring at her, her cheaks ran red and she hid back behind the heavy looking velvet.

My mouth hung open as her full outfit was revealed. The black dress that held her curves perfectly hung around her knees. It suit her, the black, the way it bought out the colour of her eyes.  I couldn’t keep the smile from pushing my cheeks up and pulling my dimples from hiding.

I couldn’t stop myself from remembering all the times I’d been there when she rehearsed, all the shows I watched, all leading up to this day.

The first time she performed in the same room as me was high school. I stood in the corner of the assembly hall and read through my script. As I read I heard y/n’s soft nervous voice recite all of the lines highlighted pink; word for word, not one mistake, mumble, or stutter. That was the day I realised her talent.

Then 7 years later, we did the cliche. Ran into eachother outside starbucks, reminisced on my old perferming days. She told me how she carried on, went to a performing arts school. I got her number then after a year asked her to be my wife.

All the time we had known eachother, even in the seven year gap, she never gave up her love of performing. When she got denied parts in plays and musicals she never gave up. When she went into huge debt and couldn’t afford performing arts school she never gave up. Even when reaching her dream meant leaving her parents and family in the north, she never gave up.

Now I was sat watching her perform in something she’d dreamt of performing in for her whole life. I came to the realization I was watching Cinderella with my fiance as Cinderella.

My was heart beating faster and faster as I remembered all of the times she wished to be on that stage. My smile still pushing my cheeks further and further up my face; my dimples making themselves more prominent.

Tears fought to get from my eyes. Pride filled my heart and was now running down my cheeks. It gave me an unexplainable feeling, seeing her on stage. I never took my eyes off her body, now hidden in a beautiful blue ball gown. Her smile lit up the whole room sending butterflies to stomach.

All I wanted to do was run up onto the stage and engulf her in a huge hug. I wanted her to feel my heart beat, see the grin across my face, feel the butterflies that bounced around my stomach. I wanted her to know how crazy in love I was with her, how proud I was to call her my best friend and future wife.

anonymous asked:

Hi!!!! You're art is just really good and (honestly) flawless and I was wondering if you have any tips for improving art? I'm not trying to butter you up, I really do admire your art. It's beautiful.

well idk how to advice people on this but here we go! 

1.If you want to improve your art, try drawing something like a prompt or a certain action in mind, once u’re done, tell yourself, is this how u want it to look? does it look stiff? sometimes when i draw something i kept on thinking “aww I’ve just finished drawing this, I don’t want to redraw it again.” or “I don’t want to erase this part because it took me a long time to finish it even though I don’t like how it looks”, don’t set your mind like that, you wont improve that way. Here’s an example i did, though it’s not that great but it will do:

this was the first drawing from the ask of daniel bleping, it looks stiff and somewhat expressionless not to mention less dynamic compared to this one:

look at his eyebrows and his stance, this one looks less stiff, not perfect but it was an improvement, so it’s fine.

2. Redraw something. Usually I saved a lot of artworks (i mean a lot of them), like fanarts or official arts, or even from real people, just so I can redraw them. It’s okay to think, “but if i do that, it wouldn’t be my own art style.” it’s fine, your art style comes after no matter what, you’ll find it. Sometimes when u redraw them, and mix up the styles you’ll get your own!

3. you don’t have to draw them seriously either. It can be something stupid, or just a doodle. Don’t keep on thinking “I need to draw today, I need to draw everyday.” u can draw, but think about your needs first. Ur wrist will start to hurt if u keep on drawing. Just a small doodle will do u wonders!

4. Watch videos from Youtube. I do this, even now since i’m still in the process of learning. I watch Mark Crilley too! Though his art style isn’t my cup of tea, it’s still okay to follow his steps and make it in your own style! Also it’s free!! I did bought books on how to draw (it was useful but not that much to me and it costs me a lot)

5. LOOK UP AT REFERENCES!! Some people hate doing this, even I did. But it’s really helpful! Even great artists do this. Don’t be afraid.

6. Every artists hate their work, that’s normal. You may not like your own work, but others will like it. I don’t like how my art looks most of the time, but here we are. Don’t be sad from this, you’ll like it eventually. It comes slowly.

7. Some days when your art looks horrible, draw them out. The only way out of horrible art works, is to draw them out.

8. practice!! I know everyone is already tired from hearing this but there’s no other way or a short cut to improving your art. I’ve been drawing for 6-7 years (sometimes had to postpone during high school?? like stop drawing for a long time because I’ve been busy with exams). I’m still learning, artists that have been drawing for longer years are still learning and practicing. No matter how long you’ve been drawing, you’re still learning.

9. If you’re the type to sketch messily, try cleaning it by lining. This helps you have a cleaner and more distinct art work, and helps you develop smoother lines.

there we go! how i went through years and years of pain and agony from drawing merged into one posts in a not specific order, i might forgot some things but these are what i mostly did and still do.


“I think I could love you forever,” he breathed out on top of her.

“I think I already have,” she responded- it evident in her voice that she had imagined an entire life with him.

“Here,” he said handing her the key to his house, removing it carefully from the chain he wore around his neck, as he moved to lay next to her.

“Your house key?” She asked perplexed.

“It’s the house I’ve grown up in my entire life. I lost my first tooth in that house, had my first beating in that house, and my first heartbreak- the day my parents split. That house is my past and my future. And that is you now.”

“It doesn’t feel permanent enough,” she said holding the key against her chest, a small smile appearing across her lips.

“What?” Confusion apparent in his voice.

“Quick, get dressed,” she said pulling her shorts back on.


“What are we doing here?” he asked as they walked through the woods behind their high school.

“This is our make out spot.”

“Trust me, I know,” he replied shocked that she thought he could forget.

“You see this tree right here,” she said pointing towards a tree beside her. He nodded still not sure, where this was going.

“Every time we make out, I lean against this tree for support. It’s the backbone of our love. It’s permanent,” she said as she used the key to carve their initials on to the tree.


That fall he went off to play college football, and she went off to art school. Each and every day they drifted apart. Soon enough he stopped wearing a chain around his neck, and she stopped carrying someone else’s house key around. When she returned home for Thanksgiving break she couldn’t bring herself to his door.

Partly out of nostalgia, partly out of boredom- she found herself in the woods behind her high school. That tree among others were gone- probably in a storm she thought. That tree wasn’t permanent and neither was their love.

—  m.n // excerpt from a book I’ll never write (18)