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How long have you been drawing?

Short answer: like 23 years?

Long answer:
Been drawing since I can remember, but my first sketchbook is from about 3rd grade I think (which I still have). I drew dolphins, birds, and dinosaurs all the time. Then I played final fantasy viii in 8th grade and drew my first human figure. I didn’t take art classes in high school because “I didn’t want people telling me what to do”, then promptly went to an art college.

I did digital art mostly through high school and college, but when I graduated I didn’t draw (or write) for almost three years. I haven’t been able to figure out how to digital art again since then.

Really, I should be better than I am for how long I’ve been doing it, but I’ve made so much progress in three years, that my motivation is to just constantly best myself until the end of time. It feels good, man.

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This is incredibly nerdy, but I went home two weekends ago to clean out my childhood bedroom and went through some serious nostalgia…including for Neopets! The simple cell-shaded artwork for those mint-cream cookies was so visceral, took my right back to my childhood :P I seriously owe so much to that experience; I got into drawing and digital art so voraciously that my tech-savvy dad gifted me my first tablet, I daydreamed my middle school years away, wrote stories, made new friends and discovered artists I still admire to this day, and even learned coding/web design all because of that site. It really sparked my imagination and I think that’s pretty powerful :’D     

HS AU info

Cassia would be library a helper, and probably be super into witchcraft and modern magic. She would be the quiet girl in the back of the class that never participates, but always gets A’s. I imagine she would spend all her free time in the library or art room, and the art teacher and librarian would love her because she would always help clean up and be super nice. Cassia would still be oblivious to any bad stuff that went on, i.e. drugs, rumours/gossip, fights, etc. I like to imagine that her parents are always super supportive of her, and would sign off on letting her get a tattoo – it would be an arrow on her wrist. If the school had an archery team, she would be on it.  If the school had an archery team or Latin club she would be in them.

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Hey guys! I’m back again, and this time with a fancy new commission page!

Okay, so I’d really love to get some extra cash to help me pay for some art supplies I need for school, because let’s be honest, that stuff ain’t cheap. Not only would you be helping me, a full time art student, get by, but you’d also be helping me pay to fix my stupid car which has been having a crap-ton of problems over the summer. I got rear-ended, the car has overheated and is still overheating, it’s died (THREE TIMES) and most of my summer cash went to paying for some pretty pricey parts. Let’s just say I’m desperate haha! So, please consider getting a commission from me!! I’d love you till the end of time ;u;

Things I will not draw:

  • Anything Not Safe for Work
  • Furries/Anthro (ehh, not my area of expertise)
  • Mecha/ Robotics
  • Racist/ Homophobic/ or any hurtful material

Things I will draw:

  • Fanart!
  • Original characters!!
  • Shipping/ Pairings!!! Give me your OTP <3

Send me an email if you’re interested or if you’d like to shoot me any questions pertaining to my commissions to! I’d be glad to answer and clear up anything with you! I will only be accepting through paypal and only USD. :D

Slots open:






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Thanks again!

EDIT: because I love myself, I’m raising the price for extra characters! I’m sorry, I just realized how much work goes into drawing another character in a commission :p

My Jongdae fanart got posted on After School Club and-


(the other two fanarts are by on instagram~)

hahah i was thinking & yall would hate me if we went to hs together cuz i think most of u guys r like art kids or music kids or band kids or whatever but im the stoner jackass wannabe punk who sits at the back of the class with a beanie on and never does any work and u can hear aggressive rock music and/or gangsta rap blasting from my earbuds at any given time (outside of school i mostly listen to r&b & indie but i have a reputation to keep u kno what im sayin) and if it’s a class that allows it i just sit on my phone the entire time and in group projects i dont do any work and like. if we do become friends im ridiculously awkward & dont make eye contact but ill make dick jokes & say thats what she said 17 times a day & yeah yall would hate me im a mess the internets the only place im not basically emo michael cera

STORY TIME back when I was still in school we had this arts week thing where we could like dance or sing or play an instrument or even perform a bit of a play for the whole school (like whoever wanted to watch it but it was usually pretty crowded) and I had this friend who was this chubby and adorable little guy, super shy and super funny (I adored him, he was the best), and he said he wanted to perform something with me and we thought about one million things but in the end we went as sharpay and ryan in full bright pink outfits and we performed bop to the top and it was like, one of the best moments of my life because everyone loved it so much and after the performance me and my friend started making like one million hsm references a day and like, learned all the songs and dances afterwards. We even had our hsm crew for the big songs (some other kids who loved the movies). Those were the times, man…