the time element

time-elemental  asked:

What's the last music concert you visited?

“The Wiggles” (a popular band for kids when Rachel was little). I had to buy tickets from shall we say a “ticket reseller” because the box office sold out in minutes. Then when we got there, Rachel, who was three at the time, got scared of the loud noise and we never actually went to our seats hearing part of the concert from the lobby before leaving.


Adventure Time: Islands - main title

storyboarded by Hanna K. Nyström

animation studio - Science SARU

animation directors - Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna

animators - Tomak Kymula, Tatsunari Karube, Karin Noguchi, Eri Kinoshita, and Mari Motohashi

compositing - Batiste Perron


Once again, we were lucky enough to feature a new intro animated by Science SARU for the upcoming Elements miniseries.

ELEMENTS premieres April 24th, 2017 on Cartoon Network