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Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤ 

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊 

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic sex. Semi-public sex. Fluffiness. Bucky’s just having a good time.

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First Time With Them: B.A.P YONGGUK

/ YongGuk // JongUp // DaeHyun // HimChan /


  • Oh man……. ;
  • Idek dude;
  • He;’s a natural born leader;
  • His voice is low;
  • He’s hot;
  • This mix is like;
  • Oh man……. ;
  • Literally daddy material right there;
  •      And I’m not even this kink;
  • Teasing;
  •      Lots, and lots of teasing;
  •           Cause he can, that’s it;
  • You’ll have to remember, though, that he was the boss;
  •      So no switch for you;
  •           Well, maybe sometimes;
  •                When he’s in a super good mood;
  •                     Cause he finds it so hot when you ride him;
  • On the other hand, back to the first time, ey? ;
  • Slow and sensual;
  • A bit of dirty speech;
  •      But just when he thought that you were not loud enough;
  •           And besides, since his voice is low, only his voice alone could make you come, anyway;
  • He’d leave marks, too;
  • He’d love marking you;
  • Since he wanted the world to know that you were his;
  • And his alone;
  • As the night would progress, his hips would be snappy;
  • So instead of the slow and sensual;
  •      You’d get fast and clumsy;
  •           But loving;
  • You’d also get to see him being a complete mess;
  • Besides that, I don’t think Gukkie is very vocal;
  •      So soft growls and grunts.

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

Waiting By An Open Door by @femmequixotic and @noeeon

Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Word count: 29,506
Summary: Draco starts following Potterwatch secretly during the War. He wishes Potter would come save him too. But that sort of thing only happens in fairy tales, and Malfoys don’t get fairy tale endings, do they?
Potential enticements: ANGST with an HEA, FEELS, post-War, pining!Draco, Auror recruit!Harry, owls, Slytherins, flirting, banter, enemies to friends to lovers, getting together, obliviousness, social media stalking in the wizarding world, first time, fingering, a wee bit of come play and rimming, dirty talk, enthusiastic consent, exploding snap with shots, DRARRYTALE ENDING

And so he lies here every week, curled up on his bed, listening to the wireless alone, heart in his throat, hoping that somewhere out there in the darkness Potter’s still alive. Still waiting. Still their goddamned Saviour.

Happy birthday to @bixgirl1!!!!! A little @o0o-chibaken-o0o told us your birthday was today and we just HAD to write a fic for you. Much, much love from both of us, and we hope you’ve had a marvelous day! <3

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first (successful) ith art

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We ever gonna see Matt all bloodied up after nomming on someone again? Preferably after nomming on...George Glass, lol.

lol maybeee.. i have a few summer plans for the kids and since they’re out of school right now Matt can have more freedom to do as he please.





Hi! Can i request for the OC to cook breakfast before Harry wakes up in the morning, but she wasnt expecting him when Harry suddenly backhugged her while she was cooking saying something like “Good morning, baby” the OC is a good cook, too!

Hii, thanks for your request. Sorry it took me so long, I hope you enjoy it

When she woke up it was still early, the sunlight just barely shining through the curtains of Harry’s bedroom. She decided to stand up though. For once she wanted to be the one to make breakfast and spoil him with some pancakes and other good stuff.
His body was curled into hers, his head on her chest and his lips pressed to the top of her breast, the air they released tickling her soft skin.
She stroked his hair back, off his forehead and pressed her lips against his skin. She never quite understood those couples before, which were always kissing all over each other but now she did. It was almost a reflex to press her lips against parts of his body.
Carefully she moved away from him, almost whining when the warmth of him left her body. She made sure the blanket was covering his whole figure before pressing another kiss to his face and then silently tip toeing out of the room and making her way to his kitchen.
Y/N turned the radio on, getting all the ingredients for a nice breakfast and then getting started. She prepared pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. A small fruit salad with berries and apple pieces and fresh orange juice.
She was almost finished with everything when Harry came in. She didn’t acknowledge his presence before he wrapped his arms around her from behind. A soft squeal leaving her lips at the sudden contact. Harry tucked his face into her neck, breathing in her smell of shampoo, fresh laundry and his own perfume which for some reason made him feel all happy inside. His arms were tightly around her waist, pressing her back as close to his front as possible.
“Good morning, darling.” he whispered into her ear before pressing a kisses from her cheek down to her neck and over her shoulder.
“Good morning.” she repeated with a almost disappointed sound to her voice.
“What’s the matter?” he asked a bit concerned.
“Wanted to be ready with everything when you woke up. Maybe even bring it up in bed.” she sighed.
“Oh, my love” he chuckled.
Harry turned her around and engulfed her small figure in a tight embrace. He loved hugging her. Something about it made his heart beat faster and his stomach fill with butterflies. His arms were so tightly around her that his hands squeezed her sides and his face was squished into her neck.
He pulled back after a few moments and cupped her cheeks to make her look at him.
“It’s absolutely perfect, sweetheart.” he told her before he pressed his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.
She sighed and melted into him, her lips finding his again and again until the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the pancakes were ready.
She pushed him away softly, her hands slapping against his shoulders.
“Sit yourself down.” she grinned.
He watched how she put all the foot on two plates and put all of it on the table and then finally sat down in front of him.
“Wow.” Harry said as he eyes all the delicious things she prepared for him.
“Thank you very much, baby.”
“No need to thank me. You cook for me all the time, was long overdue that I made something for you.” she smiled at him and grabbed his hand which he placed on the table.
He squeezed his fingers with a loving smile on his lips before they both started eating.

“Goodness, love. That was the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.” Harry sighed contently.
“You’re just saying that because you love me.” she teased him.
He caught her wrist before she could take his plate and made her sit down on his lap with her legs on either side of his.
“I do, yes. I love you very much.”
Somehow the atmosphere changed. The funny banter and easy chattering turned into deep stares and serious words.
“I don’t think I tell you enough but I do really love you. A lot. And the fact that you prepared all this just for me made me love you even more. If that’s possible.”
She stared into his eyes a few seconds more before she diverted her eyes to her lap.
“You’re gonna make me cry.”
Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly to his chest.
“M'sorry, love. Didn’t mean to make you cry.”
She pulled back after a bit, pressing her forehead against his.
“I love you too, you know. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.”
He smiled softly at her words and cupped her cheeks with both hands before pressing his lips against hers.
“How about we go back to bed now?” he asked with a sheepish smile on his lips.
“I’d love to, but there’s a lot of dirty dishes and-”
He interrupted her with another kiss.
“So you’re saying you prefer dirty dishes over a bit of time in bed with me? Maybe even a bit of naked time with me?”
Y/N laughed softly and shook her head.
“Of course not.”
“Well, good.”
He stood up with her still clinging to him, a surprised squeal leaving her lips. He carried her to his bedroom where they did exactly what he said.

tummy ache. [slightly nsfw // angsty beverie]

(before you ask, yes, they’re aged up to seventeen. this is weird and not really beverie at all but i was feeling it so…yeet. enjoy my late night shit!)

her lips taste like cigarette smoke and bubblegum, some sort of familiarity in a shockingly unfamiliar world.

they’re shoved up in the backseat of richie’s car. a baseball game is roaring rather close to the parking lot, and this whole affair is wildly dangerous - getting caught under here would mean lots of questions and uncomfortable tension and general awkwardness. and that’s the cheap thrill of it all, that it’s so /dirty/ and /shameful/ and /awkward/. that’s how they’ve felt their whole lives anyways. like the way that their atoms have managed to combine is wrong and odd, and created two fucked-up human beings who just kept drifting into each other’s orbit. 

one hand is tugging at his mess of dark curls, and the other is raking right down his bare spine, and he can feel in the way that her fingers twitch that she’s not used to such a slim and lanky and long body. that she’s still hung up on somebody who’s stockier and taller and never pushed her between leather cushions and his bare chest, but worshipped her from the comfort of a bed. and fuck if it matters, because he’s not used to her small waist and breasts (he really can’t remember what it’s like to make love to a girl at all) and he’s not used to being high as hell while he’s Getting Off a Good One (and he doesn’t mean a joke).

their lips crash together violently, chaotically, sloppily, like they’re fucking wild animals who’ve been starved for weeks, and the other is their only food source. his fingers twist desperately into strands of fiery hair and tug, and her back arches upwards, and it’s all so strange and weird because she’s not /him/. and yeah, richie and bev have gone pretty far. it’s a common occurence when they’re high - stumble into each other for some source of attention they get nowhere else, from nobody else. they’re too similar, anyways. he jabs safety pins through his ears and she layers on red lipstick and it all gets torn and smudgy down in the backseat of this -

“richie,’ bev pants, shoving him upwards with two hands at the base of his chest. he blinks down at her in a mixture of confusion and surprise, because oh my g-d she’s started to cry and why’s she crying? he sits up immediately and so does she, burying her face in the crook his neck and sobbing openly. maybe they’re not high enough, because bev doesn’t cry when she’s fucked up. but it doesn’t matter, because his best friend is fucking bawling and he hasn’t fixed it yet. “bev. bevvie-girl, babydoll, what’s goin’ on?” it takes her a moment to catch her breath, and when she looks up at him, mascara is streaking her cheeks and collecting under her eyes. 

“richie, have you ever noticed that every time we have a fucking awful time, we end up like this?” she gestures wildly around the inside of his car. their shirts are strewn across the head of his front seat. empty bottles once filled with various substances litter the floor. boxes that once held cigarettes are thrown all over the seats. she’s pretty sure it’s gotten so bad once that richie snorted coke, because when she picked him up, he was a fucking wreck. he’d always been a little crazy, and she’d kept him from going off the rails. but she wasn’t sure if she was doing a very good job of even keeping herself on the tracks this time. bill and her had broken up two weeks ago, and she’d been chainsmoking and partying like a fucking maniac for twelve days out of fourteen. it wasn’t healthy. hell, she and richie must be sick. diseased. to fall into these dirty sins every time they felt just a little bit outta control.

“we’re gonna kill ourselves, you know. we’re not gonna be able to keep each other from going overboard and we’ll end up dead in a ditch and bill won’t care because we just broke up and now he stares at stan like he’s the fucking sun and he could orbit around him for days but i can’t hate him because he’s bill denbrough and he doesn’t mean it! he’s just…he’s just…” before she can finish, she’s choking on sobs again, and richie’s pulled her tight into his chest again. he’s never been good at comfort except when it’s bev, because he knows bev inside and out, like he know himself, maybe better then he knows himself. “yeah, bevvie. we’re not okay. but fuck if i ever let anything happen to you. beverly marsh, if something happened to you, i’d burn the whole world. i’d punch bill in the fucking face if he wasn’t in love with stan, because so was i, bevvie, i still love stan, stan’s just…g-d, he’s perfect and he can’t figure out! and he’s my missing puzzle piece and i hate it -’

and before he knows it, she’s crawled into his lap to hug him tighter, because he’s starting to cry and he’d usually tell a stupid joke. like how he shouldn’t be a screw-up because his parents are totally normal and their only flaw is how badly they wanted a girl instead of him. and how fucking unfair it is that bevvie gets stuck with a life like hers when she deserves the world, and damn if he wouldn’t give it to her, if he had it, if he fucking had it. but he didn’t, and so what he gave her was some shared sense of self-pity and self-hatred and a little bit of crazy. and after a while, the sloppy act of backseat “holy rollin’” (as his mother called it) resumed, and they didn’t feel much better, but they felt a little less shameful.

maybe their fucked-up atoms were meant to be that way in the first place, to draw them together in a way they don’t really understand.


Sara Lance flirting with you but denying it after you ask her about it.

“Sara Lance, did you just flirt with me?” You smirked, sliding into the seat next to her. Sara shook her head, looking away.

“No, of course not. All I said was that you looked good. It’s just a compliment Y.N.” You nodded, trying to catch Sara’s eye with no luck. Time to play a bit dirty.

“Okay, so you wouldn’t mind if I went and complimented Ray, right? He got a new haircut, and let me say, he looks really handsome.” Sara’s breath hitched, and you could see that she was clenching her jaw. “You’d be fine with that, right?”

“Yea, I’d be completely fi- yea… no. I wouldn’t be fine what that.” Sara sighed, meeting your gaze this time. “I did flirt with you.” You rolled your eyes.

“I know that, I’m not dumb, Lance. What are you going to do now then?” Sara blushed as she turned to you, looking at your lips.

“If you let me, I’ll kiss you.” You nodded slowly.

“I’ll be okay with that.” Sara looked at your eyes again then leaned in, building up the tension, until finally her lips met yours in a long awaited kiss. 

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours.

gif came from: google images

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Preference: Their Dream Girl.

Author’s Note: PLEASE READ! This was a request for both personality and looks. The looks part of this was kind of hard because I feel like they wouldn’t have a specific type of girls while there may be a couple of traits they lean toward I feel like they mostly wouldn’t care. I also decided to include gif’s as well but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is their exact dream girl in the gif their just gifs of celebrities I found that I could see these characters ending up with. I just wanted to state while this is their ‘dream girl’ that does not mean that you you could not be with them or anything like that. My dream guy is tall and has a great sense of humor but that doesn’t mean I could never fall in love with a short serious guy. Please don’t let this post ever discourage you but rather let it entertain you and if you would like to be shipped by me then feel free to leave a description of yourself in my ask and I’d love to do that for you :D Sorry for my ramblings and with all that being said, enjoy!


Darry tends to go for a more classic looking girl. The girls he’s with tend to resemble movie stars and have an elegance to their appearance and they speak softly. This doesn’t mean they’re helpless as the girls he’s with are usually pretty strong as well which he likes. He also likes a girl who’s on the taller side.

Having to take care of his brothers can take his toll on Darry but the girls he’s with usually not only are able to help him take care of them but they know very well how to care for Darry. His girl’s are usually good at getting him to relax with a simple look. Darry’s dream girl could convey anything with just a simple expression on their face. She can go from sweet to tough in a matter of seconds if she has to and very rarely she can go mean if the situation calls for it. She loves listening to records and has an odd fascination with the ocean. The most important thing about Darry’s dream girl is that she cares about anyone she comes across and will do anything to show it. She knows how to make each of the gang feel better. Even if that means staying up all night to comfort an upset Sodapop who just wishes his brothers wouldn’t fight, making Steve know that he is important too, confronting Johnny’s mother when she saw him being chased him out of the house, and she has even talked Dally out of trouble with the cops once.

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Sodapop loves a girl who’s shorter than him. His dream girl is never not smirking or smiling about something and she carries herself with a casual confidence as if she is completely unaware of her beauty and Sodapop loves it. Her hair is long and thick, and usually it’s worn down. She always seems to dress pretty casually but no one is ever looking at her clothes, they all are always drawn to her smile.

Everything about Sodapop’s dream girl is always effortless and casual. She’s never one for drama, if there’s a problem she fixes it and moves on. She doesn’t like to linger on things or dwell in the past, she would much rather enjoy the moment. She’s very good at making every moment a memorable one whether it’s a calm date night with Sodapop where her and him are just laying in bed not saying much of anything or a party where the night is crazy and never seems to want to end. She has no enemies and everyone wants to hang out with her due to her ability to make everyone feel included. Her favorite thing is going for a drive with no destination in mind and surprisingly enough prefers talk radio to music.

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Ponyboy’s favorite thing about a girl is her eyes. He doesn’t care what color they are, although he has a soft spot for brown eyes. Ponyboy doesn’t really prefer any hair color or length either as long as it’s soft. His dream girl will have round cheeks and soft features. She’s about the same height as him, maybe just a bit shorter, and she also has some curves which he loves. Her skin is always warm she’s not one for large expressions so she usually has a thoughtful look on her face.

Ponyboy’s dream girl is often quiet at first, she has a lot going on in her own world in her head but once you start a conversation with her she can talk your ear off. When she’s excited about something her nose crinkles a little and she sits up a little straighter. She is open to any ideas and thoughts you might have even if she disagrees she will listen. She loves hugs and any sort of physical contact, even if it’s just hands brushing. Different to Ponyboy’s love for sunsets and sunrises she longs for the stillness and calm that the night brings. They have spent multiple nights just going to watch the sunset and staying outside looking up at the sky till morning. If she’s ever upset about something she’ll disappear for a little while to read by herself until she calms down enough to talk to her best friend or Ponyboy. She’s usually pretty silent when she hangs around with Ponyboy and the gang only talking to her boyfriend, Johnny, and Dally- who has found a soft spot for her. Her favorite way to wear her hair is down and tucked behind her ears and she loves to wear big sweaters or if they’re Ponyboy’s-sweatshirts.

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Two-Bit doesn’t care if his girl is tall or short as long as she has nice legs. His dream girl always wears her hair up and Two-Bit loves it so he can see all of her face. Her laugh can make Two-Bit grin wider than anything. She has wide eyes and as Two-Bit likes to put it when talking about her is ‘smokin’ hot’.

Two-Bit’s dream girl is easy going. She can laugh at jokes and make them too. She loves to dance around no matter what she’s doing. She can be very sarcastic and sometimes it comes across as bitchy but she’ll smile after whatever she says and everyone knows she’s joking. She loves food and will love anyone who buys her french fries. While she can be rowdy and fun she also has her quiet moments where she likes to just curl up and read a good book. She loves reading and when hanging out with the gang will often talk to Ponyboy about books. She’s an incredibly hard worker who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She reprimands Two-Bit every time he steals though she knows he’ll never stop. His dream girl also has a great singing voice though Two-Bit has only heard when she thought she was alone but when he catches her he’ll stay as quiet as he can to listen until she stops.

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Dally’s dream girl has two different looks to her. Most see her when her hair is down and everything about her is done up and her clothes are killer but there are occasions where her makeup is off and her hair is up and she’s wearing a t-shirt and loose jeans and you almost can’t recognize her as the same girl. She can take her face from a look that will have you rushing out of her way as she walks past to one that’s very approachable and kind. Her hands are incredibly soft although almost always freezing cold and Dally tends to take them in his hands to warm them up. She’s supposed to wear glasses but never does unless she is completely alone. Even Dally hasn’t seen them.

She’s had to put up some fronts in her life much like her boyfriend but underneath it all is someone who genuinely cares. She can be a good ear to listen if you have a problem and she’ll offer to kick the crap out of someone if you want but she’ll also give you the best hug you’ve ever had. She has a lot of friends including the gang who may not understand her all that time but they can see she’s good underneath. She doesn’t mind baking them all a cake if she’s around and they don’t mind either as her baking skills are amazing. She smokes cigarettes constantly but doesn’t really drink. Her and Dally rarely talk about issues but with them it’s almost more effective sitting in silence than discussing their past. They’re comfortable together and always have been. Her favorite thing is when Dally brings her magazines (she doesn’t ask if he paid or not) and she likes to take the pictures from them and put them on her bedroom wall.

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Steve’s girl is tall and looks older than she actually is. She has strong arms and is very flexible. She always dresses up for things even if she’s just going to school and Steve loves how confidently she walks. His favorite parts about her is her lips and how inviting she always looks.

Steve’s girl is incredibly smart. She would love to become a teacher and try to teach kids that maybe have a harder time. She also loves to live in the moment and never takes anything for granted. Every night she makes it a point to write down her day because she never wants to forget anything- good or bad. She is a bit scatter brained at times and will lose her keys a lot but Steve is really good at finding whatever she misplaces. She plays a couple of instruments and is in a kind of a band. They perform more for fun than to make it big but she enjoys the closeness being in a band brings. She often makes friends with the younger girls at school to make sure that they have good role models and likes to act as their big sister. Her favorite time of year is summer because she loves swimming and her and Steve always go to ponds together for a swim. When she talks she has a tendency to talk loudly and has been known to smack Dally and Two-Bit and any of the gang really if she catches them saying bad things about girls.

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Johnny’s dream girl has a unique look and that’s what he loves. He loves how her facial features are both strong and soft and he really likes red hair because of the fact that not many people have it. Johnny loves that his girls smile gives her dimples. When she walks she looks graceful but she is bit of a klutz and will often trip over her own feet. He likes when she is the same height as him.

Johnny’s dream girl doesn’t appear it on the outside but is extremely tough. She can handle herself in a fight and has many times before. She comes from a big family- which Johnny was hesitant to at first but now he loves it- and she keeps to herself at school. Her best friends are her oldest brother and sister. Though she’s young she’s a bit of an ‘old soul’. Ever since she was a kid she was always vastly more mature than others her age and that set her apart from everyone. She does have a few friends from her school’s drama club. Johnny loves seeing her shows and can usually drag Ponyboy, Steve, and sometimes even Darry to see them. Johnny gets a little bit confused at them sometimes but all he knows is that he could watch her on stage every day. She loves flowers and her room is covered with them from real ones to pictures she’s hung up of them. When they sit outside she likes to twist them together and pin them in her hair. She told her older brother about Johnny’s home life and so he makes sure that if Johnny needs a place to stay he can stay with him- because theres no way his sisters boyfriend is staying in her room. Johnny’s dream girl loves to cook and she absolutely loves people so she hopes to open a restaurant one day with her sister.

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Movie Night - Archie Andrews Imagine

REQUESTED: Yep, requested by a lovely anon!

Ooo can you do a Archie imagine where him and the reader go to her house to hang out since her parents are out of town and they start watching a movie and it’s fluffy for a while and then smut idk if that makes sense but 💕💕💕

WARNINGS: Implied smut, hickeys (you know how much I love hickeys)

SUMMARY: You and Archie haven’t had time to yourselves recently, because of all your homework and the Jason Blossom drama. So when your parents are out of town, you invite him over for the night.

NOTES: It’s the start of exams week this week for me. I’m dreading it, but I have the day off tomorrow for revision, so maybe Ties pt. 3 can be uploaded? 😏

Also, I’m writing all of this on my iPad, which isn’t normally what I do…so let’s see how the formatting goes.

Enjoy! ❤️

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unraveled (saeran x reader)

summary: saeran’s halloween costume is a little more than problematic.

rating: 13+ (mildly sexual situations, 707 name spoilers)

notes: ah. so i started writing this when i saw @riko-os​ post some mummy Saeran fanart earlier this month. It was originally meant to be longer and shorter at the same time if that makes any sense. LOL. 

Happy Halloween friends, hope you enjoy! (both the holiday and the fic LOL)

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horton trying to make you cum from clit slapping alone... wow

FUCKDKSKEK just like.,,.,.

Him slapping you with his long fingers and you can feel his cold rings biting at your clit. He’d place a hard smack between your thighs and immediately thumb over the little bud quickly for a few seconds, working you up nice and sensitive for the next slap. And he’d do this for a bit, smirking every time your thighs clench and, “Dirty little thing, aren’t you?”

And when you spill out of no where, he looks up at you, a smug grin working its way across his lips slowly as he brings his glistening fingers up to his mouth, pushing them past his lips and then sucking your release off his ruby ring. “Too easy, angel. Too easy.”

She’s Gone

This is for @dally-baby because @bashful-cade asked me to do a little favor.

Dallas’ POV

I’ve been out the entire day hanging around Tim, helping him out a bit. When I get home, all I want to do is cuddle up with Maya in our bedroom. As I head up the stairs, Buck comes running after me in an obvious panic. Inside, seeing someone in a frenzy makes me upset. But outside, I remain calm and force my face to appear slightly annoyed.

“What Buck?”

“It’s Maya—” Before he can continue, I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Maya’s my girlfriend. I’m extremely protective of her. For example, once Steve was being very touchy with her to the point where, to me, it looked to be bothering her. I pulled Steve out of the room and he had a nice chat about keeping his hands to himself. Another time, Two-bit was telling dirty jokes. Now, I’m all good for a dirty joke, but when someone makes a sexual comment directed towards Maya, it just fires me up.

“—She’s been gone all day. I-I haven’t seen her since you left this morning. We both know she’d tell someone where she went.”

My panic travels and begins to set in. I tend to over think situations. So maybe she’s fine. Maybe Buck didn’t check the bedroom. I run up the stairs and burst open the bedroom door. The bed is unmade. Her dresser is open and the contents are everywhere. The bathroom looks to be in the same condition. 

“Buck,” I shout. “Have you been here the whole day?”

“No, man. I just got here about half an hour ago.”

“You fucking idiot!” Maya could be anywhere by now. Okay, Dallas, calm down. I stand there for a minute, thinking of all the places Maya could be. She couldn’t be at work; it’s her day off. She might have went to find me. It’s getting late and my girl being out later than this hour won’t end well.

I run outside. “Maya!” I shout. In response, I hear a blood-curdling scream. I dash in the direction of the shriek without even thinking. My legs seem to move on their own. I’m shouting her name repeatedly in hopes that she will yell back.

And that’s when it hits me….Maya’s been kidnapped.

I try to slow my breathing once I stop running. I begin to pace the sidewalk instead. Stupid me. Being out all day. Maya deserves better. If I go to the cops, they won’t believe me, so that’s my very last option. Tim. Tim and his gang will help. I mean, we’re cool. They’ll track the assholes down and—

“Dally?” Man, you’re gonna make a ditch in the sidewalk pacing back and forth like that.” He stops his Ford next to me on the street. 

“It’s Maya.” I suddenly feel dizzy and breathless.

Darry asks, “You wanna come to the house?” Without answering him, I walk around the truck and hop in. Darry’s a nice guy and everything, but being around him is kind of awkward. he’s working all the time while I’m out causing trouble. I wish I was more like Darry. During the week, he’s an all-work-no-play type of guy. But on the weekends, he lets his wild side come out.

“Here we are,” he says, interrupting my thoughts. We get out and I hurry to the door. Without knocking, I open the front door and look around. Pony looks absolutely terrified…I must have scared the kid. Steve and Sodapop are playing poker. Two-bit’s coming from the kitchen. But I don’t see Maya, or Johnny for that matter.

“Where’s my girlfriend?” I ask, my voice sounding scratchy in my own ears.

“Whatcha mean?” Steve asks.

I sigh, trying to keep myself under control. “Maya, my girlfriend. The girl I take here all the time and kiss on your couch, just to make Pony uncomfortable. Has wavy, dirty blonde hair, which she always wears in a ponytail and she has the prettiest light hazel eyes. Li’l shorty with tons of freckles and glasses.”

“Ooooh that girlfriend,” Soda says and Two-bit laughs.

“She’s been missing all day, according to Buck.”

Pony asks, “What do you mean by missing?”

“Idiot, it means he don’t know where she is,” Steve states.

“I heard a scream when I called for her. I-I don’t know what to do.”

Darry leads me to the couch. “Sit. I’ll get you a glass of water and we’ll talk it out.”

“No,” I back away from his touch, my back hitting the door in the process. “I-I need to look for her. She could be hurt or bleeding out—” I put my hand on the knob but Johnny pushes the door shut.

“What the—” Maya comes out of nowhere and pecks me on the cheek quickly. I turn and wrap her in my arms. Her ponytail sways as I rock us side to side. I hide my face in her neck, and plant tiny kisses there, to cover any tears that threaten to spill.

“Hey, you’re okay,” Maya says, taking me to the couch and rubbing my back soothingly.

“Yeah,” my voice croaks.

“You were scared?” I nod and kiss her nose. “I told you I was coming here. Darry needed help cleaning and stuff. I told you that last night.”

“Baby, you know better than to tell me things when I’m trying to sleep.”

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Hola I'm back! This time I may request something a bit dirty ;) bts reaction to their gf "teasing" them but ending up running away. I hope you get what I mean..

😂I do thank you for the request 😊❤

BTS-Reaction dirty to you “teasing” him but ending up running away smirking .