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Having a Kid with Seth Rollins Would Include...

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👶 Seth would be the best Dad ever 

👶 As soon as the baby is born he falls into place naturally 

👶 He loves telling your baby that he loves them 

👶 Forehead kisses all the time 

👶 Seth doesn’t want to put your baby down, he doesn’t want to miss a moment with your baby. 

👶 Seth falling asleep with your baby on his chest all the time

👶 Seth buying your child matching outfits 

👶 Seth tries to get WWE to make a baby’s line so he can see your child wearing his shirt. 

👶 Seth freaking out whenever your child does something new 

👶 Seth learns how to play video games while he’s holding the baby 

👶 Seth spoiling the baby so much 

👶 When Seth goes back on the road he always video chats you both. He misses you and the baby so badly. 

👶 Surprising Seth by flying out to wherever he is. 

👶 Seth showing off the baby whenever he gets the opportunity 

👶 Seth wanting to know if anything happens during the day he has no problem in flying back home. 

👶 Recording all of the sweet things your baby does 

👶 You sending Seth pictures daily whenever he’s away. 

👶 Seth being a great father

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SNOW// okay but every time someone approaches me for a
thread/plot like let me take care of Jon/ protect him i’m just—

bless your soul.
keep this child safe and happy forever.

bc honestly Jon spends 99,99% of his time taking care of everyone and he is absolutely committed to it and has no regrets but not rarely it’s at expense of his own physical and/ or psychological well being. and 99,99% of the time he’s hiding his emotions and pretending to be completely fine so that he won’t worry the ones he’s protecting and i just. yes. 

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Ok so the first time their child ever she's jds ghost she is pissed off at veronica and she 'runs away' (she had full intentions coming back) but she's sitting on her old elementary school swing, smoking a cigrette and he walks up and sits next to her and she looks at him confused and he's like "Holy shit can you see me?????"

Yo it would be weird bc he would be her age but to him she’s like, still a little kid bc he’s been watching her grow up and he doesn’t really have a concept of how old he is since he’s a ghost so when he realizes that he looks as old as she does it’s so trippy. And she’s like “who tf are you” and he can’t very well say he’s her dad so he’s like “um actually I’m?? A friend of your mom” and she’s like “well my mom is terrible” and he’s like “hey don’t say that she really loves you” and he has to resist the urge to say “and so do I” 😭😭😭

I honestly can’t imagine Sasuke coming home and seamlessly morphing into an Overprotective & Controlling Dad™ who questions his daughter’s choices in clothing or career or romance or anything, really. I think if there’s anything Sasuke’s managed to internalize over the years, it’s this:

I imagine Sasuke as the sort of dad who unobtrusively lurks around waiting for Sarada to approach him first, because his selfish desire to spend time with his only child “has nothing to do with” said child. (I imagine this eventually results in Sakura punching him through a wall. There went house number… ? Who knows.)

cat got your tongue?

I had this silly idea over here and wanted to make a comic out of it, but I’m too lazy, so I wrote it out as a messy drabble instead.

“Open your eyes, little guy. There ya’ go. Meet your makers, Bendy!”

The bewildered studio employees looked on with mouths agape. Their boss Joey Drew stood up from kneeling on the floor and turned around, beaming from ear to ear, holding his cartoon devil mascot in his arms like a proud father showing off his newborn child. This time it wasn’t a cardboard standup or ink on celluloid – Bendy the Dancing Demon had been literally brought to life before their eyes.

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Listen carefully,
To the way children run,
And how their tiny feet
Drag across the floor,
Watch with intensity,
The way children smile,
With the quirkiness
And softness of a flower,
Stay and focus,
On how they play,
With hands reaching above
And hearts in their place,
Oh, listen to the sound
Of pureness and
Learn it’s patters by heart,
So that the next time
You watch a child being killed,
You can ask,
Where did all the angels go?

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Oh my gosh I love your blog! And I was going through your blog and had to agree that isn't it funny that liking whump is such a hush hush thing? Only my two friends from back home know it and I'd always call them the "good parts" in the movie

ahh, thank you so much, anon! :D i’m so glad! 

and haha, it’s so true. it really is a hush hush thing, at least, in real life! on here, pshhh. we’re shameless, but i don’t think a single person i know in real life knows that i like “whump” - or even what it is. it’s just kind of hard to explain, obviously - and none of us want to sound crazy, despite that fact that we are - so it’s easier to keep it to ourselves. hah. ;) 

but yessss, i remember rewinding the “good parts” many times, especially as a child, when watching with my siblings or family, and always making up some excuse for doing so. ;) lol. (well, they are the good parts! just sayin’.)

whump is definitely becoming a more widely recognized thing, however (the number of whump blogs popping up on here on a daily basis are astounding!) and hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s simply another “thing”. 

“oh, you like whump?” will, perhaps, someday, be as casual as the question “oh, you eat strawberries for breakfast?” i mean, c’mon. a girl can dream. ;)

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That boy can be such a messy sarcastic irritating problem child at times, but damn if I don't love that goofy ass of his. Literally & figuratively 😂😂😜😙😙 shutting up now. #ValenTeam for life



                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about more than your own safety.
                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about the greater good!

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