the tiger that came to tea


what with all the changes happening at the library where I work, we’ve had to stop using Peters Books as a children’s book supplier - my colleague is going there tomorrow for the very last time after having been going for years, so she asked me to make a cake themed around the children’s book ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ to say goodbye

it’s stripy on the inside too!

(shoutout to for sending me that tiger in record time)

Day 19 & day 20.. feeling quite lovely!

Still riding my tiger blood high, giddy about enrolling in school, & absolutely LOVING the warm weather and gorgeous sunsets! Also, it doesn’t hurt that day 19 and 20, are a friYAY and Saturday!!!

Anyways, I did find myself dragging Friday afternoon. I attribute this to some work stressors. My body has always been incredibly sensitive to external factors and psychosomatic symptoms are quite common for me. In order to listen to my body, I left work a little early, came home for some relaxation and zen tea, and was back to my normal self within an hour.

I’ve spent the last couple of days having serious salad and raw veggie cravings. I thought this was interesting as for the last 3 weeks I’ve been craving cooked veggies much more. I attribute this to either my body getting more used to the whole30 lifestyle or possibly the warm weather. I love making salads because I can really put my creativity lens to work and create an explosion of colors, flavors, textures, and spices.

My recommendations for keeping your salads exciting are–

1. Prepare seasonal salads. Your body will crave it more during that season plus everything will be super fresh.

2. Vary your greens, but find your favorite go to green (mine is kale and arugula)

3. The more color the better

4. Your mind thinks visually, if you make it pretty you’ll feel more satisfied (I mean cmon tell me your don’t want a taste of that salad decorated with edible flowers)

5. Dont forget about fats (healthy oils, avo, or even nuts are great satiating ingredients for salads to keep you full for hours)

6. And definitely don’t forgot about fruit or a sweet like element (beets). It elevates your flavor and happiness

7. Always have a homemade dressing on hand so you have no excuses (I like a combo of ACV, mustard grain, garlic, Tabasco, and a combo of spices) – when I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll use a dash of truffle oil

8. Make double than you’ll eat in one sitting for leftovers or seconds

Lastly, remember eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, lack of social life, or a drag! My husband and I had an amazing date night that was completely whole30 compliant. Think outside of the box, be creative with your outings. We decided to go to the drive in movies. The best part about it all, we got to bring all of our own food to date night which was so much more delicious than anything we could have bought at that snack bar.

xxoo – Amy
Tiger's Memoir Chapter 19: Conversation over Tea, a kung fu panda fanfic | FanFiction
Po was held as a war captive, a ransom for peace.However, after a miraculous coincidence, he was freed and returned home to China.Unbeknownst to him, six months prior to his return, Tigress embarked on a solo mission and had never returned since. She left a trail of memoir that she sent to Jade Palace. They met again, not as friends, but as enemies.

A snippet of Chapter 20:

“You came here to…to take me… home. Right?” Tigress affirmed.

“Y-yes… yes I did,” Po rubbed the back of his head edgily. He wasn’t sure how to feel. Sure, he should be relieved, delighted even, that Tigress had prompted the idea without him persuading her to do so.

His mind raced ahead of himself, imagining the rapturous hilarity when the Five and Shifu reunited with Tigress. A vivid recollection of those happy moments that he had been desperately tried to forget, replayed in his mind. He didn’t have to stare at her empty seat in the kitchen. He didn’t have to meditate under the Sacred Peach Tree alone. He didn’t have to stare at the Seven Swinging Club of Instant Oblivion without feeling the moisture stung his eyes. A gush of overwhelming sense of melancholy plagued him, but Po discreetly wiped the water that formed on the corner of his eyes. He should be happy, he said to himself.

However, a selfless part of him just wanted to make sure Tigress had considered her decision wisely.“But….only if you wished to,” he immediately appended. “I won’t force you to go back to China if you don’t want to. You have a life here, Tigress. Your family and your home.”

Tigress was thoughtful for a moment, evaluating the ramification of her action. Yes, she had a new family here, and she owed them a great deal. But, how about her adopted Father who had dedicated his entire lifetime saving her from being a monster? (Ok, it was Po’s tendency to overdramatize things, but Tigress was sure there are certain element of truth in that).

“I want to meet my family… that I left. I wanted to get to know them,” she countered.

“Yeah… s-sure. But how would you explain this to the Zhangs?”

Pool Party Birthday || F2F || Wes and Sarah || Nov. 10th

Sarah had just got to Wesley’s house, Micah and the boys were playing in the pool so she went to go change after making herself a tall Long Beach Iced Tea to drink.  It was great to be able to see her friend and celebrate his birthday.  Once she was changed she came back out in a Detroit Tigers shirt covering her red bikini as she watched the boys and Wesley playing.  All she could do was smile cause she could see how happy they all were.  “Can we keep them this small and happy?”


The Tiger Who Came To Tea
Auntie Dew
The Tiger Who Came To Tea

AUNTIE DEW READS: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Hi kidz! We’ve got a very special new feature! A really good pal of mine’s offered to read you all some bedtime stories:

‘Hey there, little ones. My name is Auntie Dew, and I’m going to be assisting Mod Azzy in bringing you some gentle stories you may have heard when you were even littler than you are now. I’ll be reading a few things every now and then (depending on just how well this is received!) and they’ll always be safe, happy stories that don’t end poorly. So settle down with your favorite plushie, and relax for ‘Auntie Dew Reads’.’ - Dew

I hope everybody likes it! This story is one of my faves!

Taken from @lcylines

  • name: Nara
  • nickname: Pico
  • zodiac sign: Leo
  • height:  5′1
  • orientation: panromantic, asexual
  • ethnicity: Korean/Portugese
  • favorite fruit: strawberries
  • favorite season: Autumn
  • favorite book: Cirque Du Freak
  • favorite flower: Buttercups or Tiger Lilies
  • favorite scent: rain
  • favorite color: gray
  • favorite animals: bats bats bats bats
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea for sure
  • average sleep hours: lol what sleep?
  • cat or dog person: cat although… im allergic to them OTL
  • favorite fictional character: ;^; dont make me choose…
  • number of blankets I sleep with: one
  • dream trip: …iii dont know? maybe Portugal cause… I’ve never been there but I always go to Korea.
  • blog created: uhhhh… it’s been here for a while but i only recently got started on it cause my love for LoZ came back due to BOTW
  • number of followers: 23 (imma smol)

im tired (but ive schoolwork to do) so i wont be tagging anyone, just do it if ya feel like it.