the tiger that came to tea

Fools: a Mark fic

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Chapter 4

“You don’t even know me.”

“You don’t know me either.”

“No, but I want to.”

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1. Name: Quitin Perry

2. Nickname(s): Q, QP

3. Height: 5’ 6.5"

4. Orientation: straight

5. Nationality: black

6. Favorite Fruit: pineapples

7. Favorite Season: winter

8. Favorite Flower: all of them, I actually love flowers

9. Favorite scent: bakery scented candles

10. Favorite Color: royal blue or midnight blue

11. Favorite Animal: tigers

12. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: TEA! ☕

13. Average hours of sleep: 6

14. Cat or Dog person: catdog (one fine day with a woof and a purr 😂)

15. Favorite Fictional Character: that’s difficult… 1st character that came to mind was Black Dynamite 🤣

16. Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

17. Dream Trip: Outer Space (seriously) 🌎🌠🌙

18. Blog created: 2012

19. Number of followers: 2300+

20. Random Fact: I still watch cartoons and eat cereal while wrapped in my blanket

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Name: Danielle.

Nicknames: Dani, gracinha (bf calls me that, means cutie), and others.

Height: 5′93′’, 181 cm. I’m tall af.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Nationality: I was born in Slovenia but came to Brazil very early. I guess I’m both.

Favorite fruit: Watermelon and plums at tops.

Favorite season: Winter.

Favorite book: All by Tolkien. Can’t choose one. 

Favorite flower: Jade Vine. 

Favorite scent: Ocean, recently cut grass, wood, the smell of the house after baking gingerbreads, rain…

Favorite Color: Teal.

Favorite Animal: Tiger. 

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa? Coffee.

Average sleep hours: 6-8 hours.

Cat or dog person? Love both but I have two goofy dogs that make me choose “dog”.

Favorite fictional character: Mr. Darcy.

Number of blankets you sleep with? Normally one. 

Dream trip: I wanna go everywhere but I think somewhere like Buthan.

Blog created: September of 2017

Number of followers: 752 (Yes, more than 100 in a week, LOVE you)

Random fact: Butterflies terrifies me. 

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The Tiger Who Came To Tea
Auntie Dew
The Tiger Who Came To Tea

AUNTIE DEW READS: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Hi kidz! We’ve got a very special new feature! A really good pal of mine’s offered to read you all some bedtime stories:

‘Hey there, little ones. My name is Auntie Dew, and I’m going to be assisting Mod Azzy in bringing you some gentle stories you may have heard when you were even littler than you are now. I’ll be reading a few things every now and then (depending on just how well this is received!) and they’ll always be safe, happy stories that don’t end poorly. So settle down with your favorite plushie, and relax for ‘Auntie Dew Reads’.’ - Dew

I hope everybody likes it! This story is one of my faves!

Watching the sun set Hanzo sipped his tea trying to relax after the day he had. Well, it wouldn’t have been so bad had a particular cowboy not tried to argue with him the while damn day.

Probably the worse of it happened at the grocery store. Wheat or white, Colby jack or Swiss cheese, egg noodles or spaghetti noodles, even over what laundry detergent they should get.

“What do you mean your cloths itch now?”

“Exactly what I mean. They fuckin’ itch.” McCree practically growled at him, chewing on a tooth pick.

“We’ve been using the same brand for months! Why now?!”

“They just do, okay!”

Hanzo just rolled his eyes and leaned back into his chair. The damn man didn’t even do laundry or make the majority of their meals! Damn, picky, cowboy wannabe. However, this hadn’t been the first time McCree had been particularly argumentative. It had been happening about once a month, normally around a full moon, too.

Stopping his tea drinking Hanzo’s mind began to wonder. Could McCree be some type of Were? He, himself, was a Kitsune after all, granted one of the last of his kind, but still it wasn’t like he hadn’t spent time around other individuals that were Weres or some other type of mythical monster. His childhood bodyguards had been Weres, even though they transformed into tigers they still acted testy and moody around full moons. When it came to Weres there was just some behavior that was just universal regardless of the type. Sadly, along with certain behavior, prejudice was universal towards them as well. However, in the five months that Hanzo had hired McCree for his protection against Hunters he hadn’t once seen the American shift into any kind of animal form.

Hanzo shook his head. This was ridiculous. McCree wasn’t a Were. Just a temperamental brat…with very nice assets…and an award winning smile…with great humor.

Shaking himself again Hanzo groaned, setting his tea down and opting to flop down on his bed and forget about the day. A few minutes passed and Hanzo felt sleep creeping upon him. A loud thump from down the stairs made him sit up. A few seconds passed before another thump was heard followed by a light moan.

Picking up his bow Hanzo slipped out of his room to investigate. It was probably just McCree acting or doing something stupid, but better safe than sorry.

Creeping down the stairs Hanzo peered through the railing making sure to remain in the growing shadows. Down below in the living room it was dark, but slow glowing moonlight washed in dimly lighting the room. Hanzo noticed one of the curtains had been ripped off its hinges and had somehow grown a rather large lump…that was moving.

Hanzo swallowed hard wanting and not wanting to know what it was that was moving and snorting under the curtain. Forcing himself down the stairs he quietly walked up to the lump and pulled the curtain back. Jumping back with a yelp as a brown blob bolted out from under and into the corner Hanzo fell back smacking his head against the wall. Okay it more of hobbled and skidded into the corner, but regardless of that it was till surprising to the ninja.

Rubbing his head gingerly Hanzo focused in on the blob that slowly took the form of a wolf in his eyes. Jumping a little Hanzo couldn’t help that there was something off about it. As it cowered in the corner, never taking its golden brown eyes off him, Hanzo scanned its body several times before realizing the poor thing had a missing front leg. Tapping against something hard Hanzo pulled back the curtain to find an arm. More specifically McCree’s bionic arm. Putting the pieces together Hanzo frowned looking over the shivering mass whit its tail tucked between their legs.

“Jesse? Jesse, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.”

McCree whined and whimpered as he hobbled over to him, keeping his body low to the ground, ears bent back, but tail wagging happily. Hanzo held out his hand for the wolf to smell, however, McCree barreled into him. He nuzzled up under Hanzo’s chin giving light licks while his tail thumped loudly against the floor.

They sat like that for a few minutes before McCree got up and tugged on Hanzo’s pant leg leading him to the kitchen door which he pawed at. Chuckling Hanzo opened the door for the wolf and followed him outside. McCree scampered off near a tree that marked the beginning of the forest before returning back, dropping a stick at Hanzo’s feet. Rolling his eyes, he picked it up and tossed it smiling to himself as he watched McCree trying his best to run after it.

Hanzo tossed the stick back a few more time before deciding on a better way to play the Were.

“I’ll be right back.” Hanzo told McCree as he dropped the stick down.

McCree sat there, panting to himself as he sniffed the air and listened to everything else around him. A white fox with black specks running from head to tail slipped out from the house trotting up to him. Sniffing the small thing McCree recognized Hanzo’s sent. Bouncing up and all around him McCree hoped this meant that Hanzo would keep playing with him.

Distracted by his jumping McCree didn’t notice Hanzo trotting away with the stick. Chasing after the fox McCree came close to grabbing the stick back, but either lost his balance and fell or Hanzo was simply took quick and turned just as McCree closed his mouth.

Their play lasted for a few hours before both wondered into the woods together for the remainder of the night.


Sunlight sprinkled in through the tree leaves, it’s sudden light glinting into his eyes awoke Hanzo. Sitting up while rubbing his eyes and giving a yawn he recalled the events of last night.

Transforming into his fox form to play fetch with McCree was surprisingly fun. Once they got bored of that he had let the wolf lead him through the undergrowth of the forest taking him to his favorite spots. A cool flowing waterfall they swam around in, a field with the softest grass Hanzo had ever felt in his life, and a few patches of sweet smelling flowers. Rubbing his cheek, he scraped off dried blood from a squirrel McCree had caught, surprising the Kitsune that he three legged wolf could still hunt.

Hanzo smiled at the memories. Feeling his cheeks heat up as he recalled laying down for the night joined by McCree’s larger and warmer body. Now that he thought of it, it was probably one his best nights of rest that he had gotten in a long while.

However, his blissfulness only lasted a moment before noticing that he was as naked as the day he was born. And if he was naked then that meant his sleeping partner was too.

“I like it when your hair’s down.” McCree’s gravely, sleep laden voice sounded behind him as a hand combed through his hair.

Hanzo jumped up, spun around, noted McCree’s nudity, and turned his back towards him.

McCree sat up with a puzzle look on his face, “What’s your problem?”

“You are naked.” Hanzo said curtly, keeping his eyes away from the Were…no matter how appeasing he was to the eyes.

McCree snorted as he got up shaking leaves and dirt off himself, “Like you have any room to talk, your royal highness.” He shuffled through the bushes making his way back to the house. Glancing over his shoulder he took in the Kitsune’s form and smirked, “You coming along or what?”

Hanzo simply nodded trying to still hide himself, but failing.

“Oh and by the way, nice dick.” McCree flashed him a smile and a wink making Hanzo blush red all over while shooting him a murderous glare.


Tossing and stretching in his bed McCree made himself comfortable in his sheets and pillows. The day had been long with Hanzo awkwardly avoiding him the entire time. He snorted to himself, it was like the guy had never seen another naked man before.

Shrugging it off McCree drifted into sleep before getting pulled out of it as he felt a weight shift behind him on the bed. Tentatively a warm, smaller body curled around his and a head nuzzled the back of his neck.

Sniffing the air he instantly recognized Hanzo’s sent. An arm wrapped around him which he covered with his own.

“Didn’t hear ya come in.”

“Hush…I’m just cold.”


starscriptmage  asked:

Zutara and 8, please! Have a great day, I love your writing!!!

Fresh picked flowers || Not Accepting

“Coming, coming!” Katara called, hurriedly pulling her dress down over her head and tossing her loose hair over her shoulder. She padded across her apartment, brow furrowing as the polite knocking came again. With a huff she pulled the door open, but shrieked when it revealed Zuko smiling sheepishly at her in his royal robes, a fresh bunch of tiger lilies in his hand. “Zuko! Katara cried, immediately throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss.

“K- Katara-” Zuko muttered, smiling as he tried to pull away from her, “You’re going to crush the flowers!”

Katara took a step back, glancing guiltily at the flowers which were indeed crushed. “I’m sorry,” she said, tucking a piece of Zuko’s long hair behind his ear, “I’m just happy to see you again.”

A pink flush came into Zuko’s cheeks for a moment. “Me too- I came right from the meeting.” He leaned in and softly met her lips again. Katara pulled away and looked up at him with a grin, but Zuko’s eyes wandered behind her and a frown pulled at his face as he looked into her apartment, where her dining room table sat empty.

“What?” Katara asked, untangling herself from the arm Zuko had around her waist to follow his gaze into her rooms.

“Did you get the flowers I sent you? I’m sure I gave the florist the right address….”

Katara chuckled, leading him into the room and closing the door. “The tiger lilies? Every day this week? Enough to fill my entire apartment?”

Zuko flashed a grin. “So you did get them?” Katara nodded, but a hurt look came into Zuko’s face. “Did you throw them out?”

“No!” Katara pursed her lips. “They were covering this whole room- it was ridiculous, really- and I had my neighbor, Jun, over for tea. She used to live across the hall with her husband, but he passed away last year.” Katara frowned. “Apparently he used to pick tiger lilies for her every day on the way back from the market. She seemed upset at first, but she said every time she sees these flowers she feels like he’s with her again.” Katara smiled as Zuko squeezed her hand. “It was so sweet, so… I gave her all of them.” She grabbed his other hand, raising her eyebrows imploringly. “I’m sorry I didn’t keep your gift, it’s just-”

A smile slowly spread over Zuko’s face. “That,” he said definitively, resting his forehead against Katara’s, “Was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” 

When Katara opened her door the next morning, she was greeted by a bouquet of familiar orange lilies. As she stooped to pick them up, another spot of orange caught her eye: sitting in front of Jun’s door was a vase of tiger lilies.

Pool Party Birthday || F2F || Wes and Sarah || Nov. 10th

Sarah had just got to Wesley’s house, Micah and the boys were playing in the pool so she went to go change after making herself a tall Long Beach Iced Tea to drink.  It was great to be able to see her friend and celebrate his birthday.  Once she was changed she came back out in a Detroit Tigers shirt covering her red bikini as she watched the boys and Wesley playing.  All she could do was smile cause she could see how happy they all were.  “Can we keep them this small and happy?”