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Trap Trap Trap - Rick Ross ft. Young Thug & Wale

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Can I have a Jhope boyfriend fluff/angst please!! ^~^

J-Hope BAD BOY AU: Angst & Fluff 
Prompt: “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you” & “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?”

I stalked down the flight of stairs, my eyes glaring at all i passed as I basically sprinted down the hallway and into the class room I knew Hoseok and his friend were in.

“You bastard!” I scream, throwing a piece of gunk off my dripping head in the direction of Hoseok who was lounging on the couch. It barely missed him and leapt off the couch and spun around to ind the culprit who dared to throw something at him. When his eyes landed on my figure he burst into laughter along with his friend who had began taking pictures of me. I was a mess. Covered in food-colored who knows what after I opened my locker to an explosion obviously planted by Hoseok and his thugs.

I approached him, my eyes seething and raised my hand to slap him but he caught it mid air. 

“Let go of me.” I say through gritted teeth,

“Why would i when you might slap me?” He says smirking at my hand and tightening his grip around my wrist. I raise my knee and give him one right where it hurts and he topples o er with a grown. Immediately his friends stand up and tower over me but he mumbles “Leave her,” As get up off the floor.

“Leave us,” He says brushing them off and they all glare at me on their way to the door. once they’ve left and it’s just Hoseok and I in the room together, my anger fades and fear kicks in. I’ve never been alone with him before. 

He get up and sits back on the couch and pats the seat next to him. I scoff. 

“That’s funny. You humiliate em and then you want to play the nice guy?”

“I was just being courteous. Wow. You really are feisty.” He smirks.

“Shut up, Hoseok.”

Hoseok dramatically puts up his hands in defeat. “I don’t know why you’re so mad at me. I have nothing to do with your new.. look.”

“Yeah right!” I say, taking off my sweater to wipe the stuff off of me. 

“I swear.” Hoseok crosses his heart, never taking his eyes off of me. 

“Then who did this then? Who would possibly have it out for me other than you?”

“And why do you think i have it out for you? Because you rejected me because if that’s it don’t flatter yourself, Y/N, it wasn’t that much of a blow.” He says with a tight smile that I just want to smack off of his face.

“Oh really? That’s great because I was afraid you that my rejecting you helped you realize that you’re a complete ass and destroyed your self-esteem.”

Hoseok leaps up off the couch and towers over me. “You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.” He says coldly, his eyes piercing down on me, the amusement completely vanished.

I stand my ground though and say, “Not until I get an apology.”

We stare each other down for a what feel like forever, the both of us refusing to back down or break our gaze. Eventually Hoseok is the first to look away from my eyes but his travel down and look me up a couple of times, causing the heat to wish to my cheeks. He’s closer now, his nose is barely brushing my own and he whispers, “Do you want to kiss as bad as I do?” 

I try not melt, looking into his brown eyes but eventually I can’t take the tension and I let him kiss me. 

This kiss is far from sweet, its angry and rough and leaves me breathless. When he pulls away, he stay just close enough that when he talks, I feel his upper lip move against mine. “I swear it wasn’t me, but I’ll find out who did it and I’ll make them pay.”

And then he kisses me again and this time its so sweet, I can’t remember why I rejected him in the first place.


HELLO! Thanks for reading :):) Anyone else stressed with school cuz same. It gets better though, I have faith in all of us WHOOP. 


Hey thug, what’s your name? I’m about to tentacle your dick!
Hey hey hey! I’m gonna get you in some tent porn!
Let me get that name real quick so I know how to credit you
in my tentacle porn I’m about to make with you!
Hey, you heard me! I didn’t stutter!
You froze me, Brocephus, I hated it!

have some different taakos. it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.



Biggie Smalls... my problematic favorite

Let me tell you that I love Biggie Smalls as a rapper. He has shown that you can be successful even if you’re “black and ugly as ever” and yet he stays “Coogi down to the socks”. He was skilled with a flow that sounded good (he’s someone I look up to flow wise), can keep up with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and can tell a story in rhyme. He has a love for life, living large, pokes fun at himself from time to time. This is all cool. 

But, let’s not forget that he’s got a complex history with the women in his life, but we can sum it up by saying that he mentally messed up Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans, and Charli Baltimore and that each of them took a while to recover, if at all. 

It’s easy to talk about how he lyrically inspires and the throwback goodness. However, let’s also talk about what he could have done better so we don’t mess up women like he did. All three of them deserves better than that.

Okay, but. Mick *tried* to do the right thing. His best friend and partner of 30 years comes back from the dead and he still went back with the team, at first. Then after Stein calls him a thug and the rest of the team (with the exception of Ray) continues treating him like an idiot and like he’s evil, he realizes there’s no point in being the good guy when they’ll ALWAYS look at him like he’s a criminal, like he’s evil. They’ll never trust him, regardless of how many times he’s saved their lives. They acted like he was always going to hurt them or kill them, when in reality, he never really did. They acted like he was a monster, when all he wanted was to be better. He wanted to stay with the team, he wanted to feel like he was a part of the team, he wanted to belong with them.

He went back to Leonard, because there’s no point in being the good guy when he’ll never been seen as anything other than a criminal.

He went back to Leonard, because he feels like that’s the only place he truly belongs. He knows Leonard cares about him, and he cares about Len. They took care of each other for years, watched each other’s backs and trusted each other. Which is something Mick could never have with the team, no matter how hard he tried. This kills me and as much as I love my team, they got what they had coming, and I’m glad to have my crime babies back together.

The most serious conversation I had with my mom happened last night.  

Mom: why are you so upset?

Me: I’m really pissed off with people who write the chapters of criminal minds

Mom: Why?

Me: for the simple fact that they do not want reid to be happy.

Mom: I do not understand you.

Me: They make reid suffer a lot. He suffered from bullying at his school, his father left him and his mother when he was a child, his mother suffers from a mental illness and is hospitalized in a clinic, his potential girlfriend was murdered in front of him and now he was charged with murder and he’s in jail and some prison thugs want to hit him. IT’S ENOUGH. ENOUGH


Because the casting of Finn Jones annoyed me so much re: Iron Fist and how it looked like he barely practiced for the role, I decided to go raid youtube for liveaction Kenshin fight scenes where Takeru Sato practiced his ass off so he could do his own stunts and fight scenes. 

This is the first epic fight scene with Kenshin vs a gang of thugs.

And this is Takeru Sato learning kendo and the fight choreography and you can see him go faster and faster until his in believable Kenshin Himura speed:

Sid x Leo says “No to Art Theft”
Commissioned by: @lustfullyleocrawford

Meant to be a slightly humorous and slightly serious commission piece to spread awareness on art theft. Not meant to ruffle any feathers, but mainly to educate that it is wrong.

Yes, reposting art without credits/permission disrespects the artists whose artwork that you claim to love. I have warned before that I will slap on an ugly-looking watermark if it were to happen to me again. I’m tired of hearing about my art being posted without credit (I don’t mind so much permission, but please a credit in the very least). This is also to protect the people who paid for the artwork to be made. So from now on, you will be seeing me post the commissions with smaller size and a watermark. Please, reblog is okay, reposting without credit/permission is not. Have a good day! :)

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Omg I love love LOVE The scars. Do you have back stories on them? How did Viktor get shot? And twice for that matter? What about the cuts on his arm? What about all the cuts on Yuuri? Some look more ragged than others (animal attack? Or a serrated knife?) Plz I love this AU and you I need more

Thanks thanks OuO
Happy you like the scars, they give me life XD
Uhhhh, I don’t have much of an idea about stories behind them tho ^^;;
Making something up off the top of my head, I’m thinking with Victor the ones on his arms come from a knife fight with some thugs encroaching on his territory. He guarded his face with his arm from one attack. The bullet wounds probably come from a time when, cornered on the docks or something, Victor was shot by JJ. Thankfully Victor’s men weren’t too far behind, and he was able to be treated.
Most of Yuri’s cuts come from various encounters with local criminals, just an occupational hazard really! O3O
I’d say the uneven looking one on his shoulder comes from a serrated knife tho, yeah :D

Thanks for your interest in this AU X3

Ian LovES Mickey

i have just reblogged a few items that have reminded me i wanted to talk about this. 

Ian loves Mickey

-For Ian it was love at first fuck. That much is clear. Ian went to visit Mickey in juvie because he cared about him. Told him he missed him for the same reason. Ian waited for Mickey and went with Mandy to get him from juvie because he loved the lovable thug that was Mickey Milkovich. Talked to Linda so Mickey could get hired @ the K&G so they could spend more time together (assumption, but likely)

-After 3x6 Ian went to check on Mickey to ensure he was doing alright. He left Chicago because he was heartbroken. (at this point he had admitted he did indeed love Mickey) When he came back he only stayed because Mickey agreed if he did, they would be together. (suck my dick whenever i want meant more than just that)

During the bar fight he defended Mickey from Terry. Thus protecting the boy he loved. In 5x11 he says it indirectly “shit talking bitch slapping piece of southside trash i fell for” (skip to season 7) Ian dropped everything (including his current bf) the moment Mickey showed back up. Nothing and no one else existed to him at that time. He was ready to leave with the man he loves. The man whose thoughts he couldn’t shake. The man who thrills him like no other.

Ian emptied his bank account for Mickey. Said those three words at the border. Waited, stayed in place until he was sure Mickey made it. The relief on his face….oh God. How can anyone even doubt Ian’s love after that?? 

I am sleepy, i proly forgot some things, but i just needed to rant this out. Ian loves Mickey just as much as Mickey loves him. Mickey deserves to be with Ian and vice versa. Like, i don’t even get people who think Ian doesn’t love Mickey. like, get the hell away from me. we obviously haven’t been watching the same show. #Shazyout

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Hiyoko looks for gifts for Mahiru

Presumed context: It’s the culture festival and Hiyoko goes looking for gifts to give Mahiru.

Hiyoko Saionji: Hmm… There’s nothing decent in this food cart.

Mondo Oowada: …Hey.

Hiyoko Saionji: Don’t wanna give Koizumi-onee any half-assed food… But I also want away from Hanamura’s booth.

Sigh, I’m too out of options… Isn’t this waaaay too shabby for the Kibougamine Academy’s Culture Festival?

Mondo Oowada: Hey, are ya deaf, you brat! Ya sayin’ you don’t wanna eat the yakisoba I made!?

Hiyoko Saionji: …Huuuuuh? Are you talking about me?

If any anachronic minor-league thug approaches me, an upstanding member of society… I’ll fill a report, ok?

Mondo Oowada: I’M MAJOR-LEAGUE, DAMNIT! The cops fucking fear my rampage, got it!

Besides… No one would take your goddamn side on this one!

Hiyoko Saionji: W-… N-no way…

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The idiot who is only good for reckless driving yelled at meeee!

Mondo Oowada: W-what the hell!? Don’t cry…

… Wait, you just called me “ only good for reckless driving ”!? That was fucking uncalled for!

Hiyoko Saionji: He yelled at me agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Noticing the angry shouting and the weeping, Usami reprimanded both parties for the fight…