the thrusters

(Lance voice)

I’m running errands with Coran
(Runnin’) I’m running errands with Coran
(Runnin’) I’m running errands with Coran 
(Runnin’) With who?
With who?

I roll up to the pod while I’m rapping to the beat, 
I’m so hardcore that I take the front seat. 
I ride shotgun like a nice paladin, 
Yo, what up girl? 

Allura: Lance, where have you been? 

Thrusters on blast, 
lots of gas in the tank. 
Where we going first Coran? 

Coran: To a planet called Lih’zank!

At the bazaar, haggling prices was sweet. 
Coran before you go, 
don’t forget your receipt!

We back in the pod, 
travel by a solar flare

Coran: Next stop is finding pirates! 

Lance: Fighting?

Coran: Nope! Just looking for their lair. 

Coran hides the pod and he takes his time
‘Cuz he’s mad conscientious,
and makes sure we’re out of sight!

I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) With who?
With who?

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How much of a daily threat is "Space junk"?

Good question, as this is a serious issue and one which we must monitor constantly in order to avoid harmful impacts on the International Space Station with objects in space.  For example, the US Space Command in Colorado is monitoring all objects bigger than a few inches in order to assess any potential impact with the Space Station.  We categorize the chance of impact and if there is a high probability, we will actually use thrusters to slightly change the position of the Space Station to avoid the impact.  If it is something that we are unable to avoid, we will have the astronauts shelter in place in their spacecrafts and in case of a catastrophic impact, they will return to Earth.

Flash Fiction Time:

I checked the satellite status a final time, only hearing the sound of my breathing.  The system stabilized when I attached the new power cell.  Everything was in the green.  Power…online.  Sensors…online.  Transmitter…online.  I made a final check before attaching the access panel.  I checked my watch, three hour space walk.  Right on schedule.  A quick burst of my thruster pushed me away from the satellite. 

Johnson, we’re getting some odd readings down here, how’s things look on your end?” said someone from Mission Control back in Houston.  Odd, the transmission sounded different.  A higher pitch perhaps.  I kept watch on the satellite, drifting slowly away. 

I glanced down at the earth, expecting to see a serene, beautiful white and blue sphere.  My heart seemed to pause for a moment.  The sight was, I didn’t know how to explain it.  A black hole?  Did CERN finally create something that spiraled out of control?  The spiraling hole ate away at the planet. 

“Houston…Oh shit.”  Not a transmission that was full of wisdom or profound thought, but it was the most fitting, given the circumstance.  Was it the final words of our civilization? 

I only received a garbled response.  I grimaced, wanting to rub my temples as the shrill pierced my ears.  Whatever was going on, I had a ringside seat.  This was one hell of a sight, whatever was going on. 

I started humming David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” as the world came to an end. 

Armored Lady Monday

its my 3rd fav alolan pokemon! Tsareena!

its been a while since i did a gijinka armor so i decided to do one again :D

i wanted to make it very obvious that this was an armor designed to kick stuff, made the bottom all glowy n shit for it, she uses the thrusters in her waist “puffs” to reach high speeds and do some sick kicks 


#lunges #pullsups #thrusters #barbellrow #kettlebellswings #boxjumps #circuittraining #untamedfitness 💪🏽 (at Untamed Training)

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ME1 Mako Headcanons
  • shepard: only permitted to drive on flat terrain due to habitual use of thrusters while reaching apexes of hills. further allowances are made while engaging thresher maws because to quote wrex, "only shepard is that crazy".
  • kaidan: granted nickname "roadtrip" by garrus after being the designated driver in mountainous areas due to his tendency to find paths around versus straight up. otherwise on hand to repair whatever breaks after shepard rolls them off another cliff.
  • ashley: permanently and unanimously banned from driving after asking the party if they ever thought about god while piloting too close to magma on therum.
  • garrus: handles the main gun. known to pout and pull his shots to the right on purpose while on foot if not allowed to handle the main gun.
  • wrex: relegated to the rear seats after intentionally bumping around the cabin too much while making comments about tomkahs having "a much smoother ride".
  • liara: has been requested thirty-seven times by squadmates not to argue with the mako vi when it is detailing local planetary history.
  • tali: hops out "just to flag a mineral deposit". spends the next fifteen minutes blasting an ambushing colossus with a shotgun while clinging to the roof.

     Take the fastest and highest flying jet of the day, then strap a rocket engine to it. Most trainer aircraft are meant to be docile and forgiving. The NF-104A surely was not. It was a space trainer, meant to zoom climb to the edge of the atmosphere using mixed power, simultaneously burning its jet and rocket engines. Once at an altitude of more than 120,000 ft, it gave future Air Force astronauts an opportunity to emulate a spacecraft, using reaction control system thrusters in a near-vacuum environment.

     Even today, it remains a simple fact: it’s easy to get yourself in trouble in a rocket plane. The first NF’s rocket engine exploded in flight. Chuck Yeager nearly met his end during the loss of NF ship three. NF-104A 56-0760 was the second of three ever built (pictured above). She remains the only surviving example from the program, mounted proudly in front of the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base. Her reaction control system was loaned to Darryl Greenamyer and installed on his F-104 which was lost on a civilian altitude record setting attempt. Thus, even the surviving NF had some of her parts destroyed in a crash. Thankfully, in all said incidences, no human being was lost.

     The aircraft stands as a reminder to all who walk through the doors of the USAF Test Pilot School of the glorious trials, tribulations and sacrifices of all who have trod before them. These adventures epitomize the golden age of flight test and the pioneering spirit that flies over the High Desert of California.

Finally, she allows herself to be led. Out of the hatch. Down the corridor. Into the Boop and into the black. Thrusters burning bright, hurling them into the gleaming blue. Her eyes shining with the light of it. Beneath, between, beyond.

Along the endless circle.

Down the ceaseless spiral.

And waiting for her on the other side?

Just like he promised.

A whole sky of different stars.

Can we talk about how Rey and Poe would be best friends?

~Rey casually mentions repairing one of the thrusters on the Falcon and Poe perking up

~Rey telling Poe about how she found a crashed ship on Jakku and repaired it


~Rey explaining how she could almost build a ship at this point through reverse engineering

~Poe completely losing it when he finds out Rey is a self taught pilot

~Poe tearing up at the thought of how much more great a pilot she’d be if she had formal training 

~Poe offering to teach her Republic navy techniques and air combat maneuvers

~Rey and Poe gushing over how great it feels to be up in the air

~Rey talking about a quirky way to repair the control board when she couldn’t find a particular tool in the desert

~Poe mentioning an old way of making your oil last as long as possible mixing accelerants found on Yavin 4 that his mother showed him

~Rey and poe getting so deep into their conversation about flying that they forget Finn is next to them

~Rey and Poe bursting into laughter when Finn pipes up “I know how to shoot the turrets?”

~Rey and Poe being best friends

~ Blue Planet: The Crash | Part 1 ~

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Imagine Prompt: here

Pairing: Spock x Reader

Words: 2239

Warnings: graphic description of an injury, reader is hurt/in pain, chaos

Beta’d: by @starshiphufflebadger. Thank you so much for taking some time and turning my fic into something readable! And for giving me, even if you don’t know that, enough ideas to keep this story going!

A/N: This is my contribution to the Winter Blues Challenge! This was supposed to be a one shot. I had already written it out, but I couldn’t quite finish it and then watched ‘The Impossible’ to inspire me. Bad idea… now it turned into a series, but I don’t know how many parts there are going to be. 

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Life is either a big adventure or nothing

Mayday! Mayday! Shuttle 14 to Enterprise! Can you hear us? Please respond! We lost one of our thrusters! We’re crashing! Beam us up!” The voice of Ensign Chekov, your pilot for this mission, echoed through the open compartment door that divided the cockpit and the rest of the shuttle. His voice was frantic, his accent thick and hard to understand, and almost inaudible over the loud alarm.

The shuttle shuddered one more time, and in addition to the blaring alarm, the constant beeping and whirring of different machines from the cockpit reached your ears. “Ë-moë! Enterprise! Please respond! We’re going to lose our second thruster too!”

With a sudden jump and a thud following immediately after, similar to a car running over a obstacle in the road, the shuttle suddenly veered to the right - the side where the thruster had stopped working - and started to plunge down. Overhead compartments broke open under the weight of the contents inside that were thrown against them, the shuttle now flying perpendicular to the ground rather than horizontally, due to the left thruster still working.

With a sigh, as you had been used to these kinds of situations for a long time working on the Enterprise, you opened your seatbelt, ignoring the blaring alarm and flashing signs that you should stay in your seat and moved towards the back of the shuttle, crawling directly on the right wall, as you had been seated near the right thruster that was now facing the ground.

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Confession:  I hear the poor Mako get so much flak over its handling, but after finally getting ME1 and getting to a part with the Mako I have to say I love it. It reminds me of a weeble wobble in that no matter how many mountains I drive up or drop off it never falls down aka turns over. Also I love the thrusters because they feed my need for bouncing across the world like a demented jackrabbit that Shepard can’t because they can’t jump.

To Lennon, [Paul] was “cute, and didn’t he know it,” a born performer who was also a “thruster” and an “operator” behind the scenes.
—  Christopher Sandford, Paul McCartney, 2005


A distant cousin of the Ghaskrago, these guys have evolved to have metal carapaces that allow them to maintain their body temperature.

These guys are able to release explosive gases from their bodies and using their mouths as a flint, light their bodies on fire.

They’re also INCREDIBLY intelligent. From watching humans use their thruster packs, they’ve learned to imitate this action by releasing gases from certain areas of their bodies and igniting them to propel themselves via explosions

So I wanted to create a hyper mobile creature, since I thought from a mechanical standpoint that would be an interesting fight. Thruster packs allow hunters to be super mobile, so what if there was a creature that could match that mobility?