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Tony becomes really good friends with Bucky even tho he's wary of the rest of the team. The hang out and talk about things and have a good understanding with eachother they're also very tactile since both of them are pretty touch starved. Steve starts getting jealous and lashing out at Tony when Bucky isn't around and Tony keeps it a secret. Steve complains to the team the Tony is trying to take Bucky and they take Steves side and all start being mean. Bucky is so fed up with everyone's shit.

A+ Anon. You know me well!

“C’mon man, sparkles? Really?”

Tony hid a smile behind his mug. “Twilight is very important when it comes to understanding today’s youth,” he said with as straight a face as possible. “There are lots of teen girls who want to be Bella.”

Bucky stared at him. He looked back at the screen just in time to see Edward crawling into Bella’s room to watch her sleep. Then he looked back at Tony with a horrified expression. Tony couldn’t hold it back any longer. He cracked up.

“Asshole. Now I know you’re shitting me,” Bucky said, nudging him in the ribs. He was smiling though, mouth twitching up at the corner.

“I was actually being serious,” Tony said, still laughing, especially when Bucky’s face became even more horrified.

“Why are you like this?” Bucky said to the screen in complete despair.

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I have strong feelings about this musical but let me tell you one thing even tho no one will probably read this…

Evans ´´mission´´ to feel confident at that day was: Get another kid to sign your cast!

Now, he asked both of his only friends and ,ok,  Alana was not saying ´´No.´´ , she just walked off. But Jared asked, why Evan wants him so sign his cast, and…didn´t sign it too.

And that pretty much was it for Evan cuz, why the hell would he ask any other person?  The only two he alredy knew just…didn´t want to, so why would a stranger want to? (Likely he wouldn´t even be able to ask any strangers anyways..)

So, but Connor ok…

Yes, Connor was a dick by pushing him in the beginning(even tho we all know he has serious issues) , but srsly, why was he in the computer room thingy in the first place?
Maybe coincidence, sure. 
But, what if Connor maybe was there to apologize?

I mean, he didn´t had to ask what happened with Evans arm. He didn´t had to ask if he could sign the cast. He didn´t had to speak with Evan in a calm or any way at all!  Heck, he didn´t even had to take Evans letter from the printer to bring it to him! He just did. Because he wanted to.

And you know…I think for that short moment, Connor was maybe waving back at Evan. And thats something not even his Friends at that moment did.


EXO’s Reaction to You Wanting Rougher Sex

A/N: SO I changed this one a little b/c i’m pretty sure all the boys would already be naturally dominate, instead i made it into you wanting it rougher ehuehuehue


Xiumin’s arousal would be obvious when you told him that you wanted rougher sex. His eyebrows would raise slightly, a mischievous look flashing in his eyes. “Sure, long as you think you could handle it,” he’d say in a soft, warning voice, making your insides flutter with excitement.


When you told Chen your request, he’d go quiet for a minute. “You sure?” he’d ask, and when you nodded he’d just smirk. Though you were seriously sore in the morning, that night was one of the best so far.


Baek knew where you were going before you finished your sentence, and you could see him slowly getting turned on the more you spoke. He’d readily agree, eyeing you up and down like a meal, making you shiver with anticipation for the night to come.


Chanyeol wouldn’t have a big reaction when you suggested rougher sex, and you thought he just wasn’t taking you seriously. You almost thought he had forgotten when night came, however he quickly showed you just how rough he could be.


“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you. Tell me if I hurt you,” Lay would say when you asked him. You’d reassure him that you’d be fine. It wasn’t until you teased him and forced him to become rougher that he finally let out his true side.


Already a bit rough, D.O would be secretly surprised that you wanted to go further. He’d readily agree, but do everything he could to make sure you were comfortable. Nonetheless, you had several hickeys to hide in the morning.


Always overflowing with care and concern for you, Suho would be hesitant to go harder in bed. It wasn’t until you practically begged him that he agreed–the idea of being rough with you secretly arousing him more than he cared to admit.


More of a smooth, sensual lover, being rough would be somewhat foreign to Kai. When you explained what you meant, all with a red face, he’d smirk and nod. After that night, it took what seemed like a week to regain feeling in your legs.


Even more rough and dominant than D.O, Sehun would be seriously turned on when you asked for rougher. “You sure about this though? I don’t think you’ve thought this through,” he’s say cockily. You’d insist you could handle it, however that night you realized just how much you had underestimated him in the best way.

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Now the real question is.. how does Juju feel about Jade 🤔🤔😏🔥

She’s pretty fond of her actually. That one time Juju wandered out the house and found herself assed out on the beach and Jaide rescued her… great moments in trash history.

Wes was distraught because he looked everywhere for her and it really did seem like it was pretty much the end. But Jaide came through in the clutch and saved her. He was so overwhelmed that he sucked Jaide’s face off with a kiss. 

Since then Juju and Jaide have a mutual friendship and understanding which is rare because Juju doesn’t really care for any of Wes’ female “friends”.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaked before dawn on April 22nd, as our planet plowed through dust from the tail of long-period comet Thatcher. Seen from the high, dark, and dry Atacama desert a waning crescent Moon and brilliant Venus join Lyrid meteor streaks in this composited view. Captured over 5 hours on the night of April 21/22, the meteors stream away from the shower’s radiant, a point not very far on the sky from Vega, alpha star of the constellation Lyra.

In the foreground are domes of the Las Campanas Observatory housing (left to right) the 2.5 meter du Pont Telescope and the 1.3 meter Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) telescope.

Image Credit & Copyright: Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN)

okay so I just looked through all of the match-ups, and I can honestly say that every single person that sent in a picture including the last one!! are SO PERFECT!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY why are all of my followers so good looking???? maybe it’s a tumblr thing. u should all be very proud of your faces for being so pretty

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I can never listen to I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd the same anymore. When it starts all I will ever think about is Yousef dancing and his embarrassed face when he sees Sana. It feels so innocent and cute and all those feelings come back when I listen to the song