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Aka collab fic of love and justice! First two paragraphs by me, the rest by these amazing people:

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Mabel snuck through the museum of the Mystery Shack, stepping lightly as she could. Since Grunkle Stan had passed ownership of the Shack to Soos, the former handyman had installed a number of motion-detecting decorations–laughing skeletons and singing fish–in the museum. Said that it added “three whole new sensory experiences to the tour–sound, movement, and laughing!” At the moment though, it was important she not set any of them off. She didn’t want Grunkle Stan or Ford to hear. She didn’t want Soos to catch her. And most importantly, she couldn’t let Dipper know that she was creeping up behind him.

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Okay, if a redemption arc IS inevitable in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, then I would be utterly thrilled if it happened to Captain Phasma instead of Kylo Ren.


1.  We don’t know a lot about Phasma’s backstory, but it seems logical that she was raised and indoctrinated in the same nonsense that Hux was.  Which is already a backstory I find significantly more sympathetic and compelling than Kylo Ren’s privileged son-of-a-Senator ass turning to the dark at age 23.  Obviously Finn shows that it’s really not an excuse, but it is something.

2.  Phasma was a high ranking officer of the First Order, but she has less direct culpability in at least some of the atrocities of the First Order.  She wasn’t part of the command meetings.  She was absolutely involved in the massacre on Jakku and the abuse of the Stormtroopers, which would need to be addressed, but she was not involved in any of the command decisions that led to the Hosnian genocide.

3.  We’ve never seen her face, so we don’t know what emotional reaction she’s had to anything that’s happened.  There would be room for the movies to establish that she feels horrified or guilty about what’s been done.

4.  She did capitulate and lower the shields a lot earlier than expected.  Now it could just be that she’s a coward.  But there is room for alternate interpretations.  If the writers wanted to, they could establish that she was actually very unhappy with the use of the Starkiller and took the opportunity that Finn gave her to weaken it for them.

5.  Phasma doesn’t really have one big dramatic large scale evil deed to her name in the same way that the others had.  What she ordered on Jakku was monstrous, but it doesn’t quite have the same effect as Hux’s speech and pressing the button to destroy five planets.  She didn’t murder her father as he begged her to come home.  Really, any misdeed you can lay at Phasma’s feet can also be laid at Kylo’s feet (he gave the Jakku order first, and he was involved in the institutional mistreatment of Stormtroopers), and certainly there was some question about his ability to redeem himself before he finally made it clear that he was rejecting Anakin’s final choice.

6.  She has an emotional tie to one of the lead characters.  Finn hates her, for good reason.  There would be a lot of interesting potential for conflict if she were to change sides.

7.  It would be legitimately surprising.  Any time anyone raises the “It’s Star Wars, there HAS to be a redemption!” it’s for Kylo.  The logic seems to be because Kylo is Anakin’s grandson and he worships Vader (VADER.  NOT ANAKIN), and because he looked conflicted.

But redemption is not a birthright.  Even if we ignore the way Kylo repeatedly fought against the light and specifically, deliberately rejected every chance for redemption he’d been offered, why on Earth would the movies want to tell Anakin’s story again, but this time with none of Anakin’s actually sympathetic qualities.

Almost no one talks about the possibility of a redemption arc for any of the other characters.  (And I’d agree, Hux is pretty much out unless the movies introduce something REALLY mitigating really quickly.)  No one talks about Phasma at all.

8.  It would justify her presence in the movie.  Phasma thus far has been basically a female Boba Fett.  She looks cool but accomplishes nothing of value.  What’s the point?

But if Phasma were the one to change sides, then her presence in this movie would actually be justified.  

So yeah, for those reasons, IF we get a redemption arc, I hope it goes to Phasma instead.

Not in the least because I know of quite a few really annoying Kylo apologists who would absolutely hate this idea.  :-P

The Dark Star. Robert W. Chambers. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1917. First edition. Original dust jacket; art by W. D. Stevens.

World War One themed novel of intrigue and espionage. “Thrilling story of adventure based upon the work of the German and Turkish secret service and their attempts to recover the lost plans of the fortifications of Gallipoli.”

writerproblem193 replied to your post “The explosive aesthetic of Sabine Wren”

Thank you so much for this! You manage to pull such a cohesive narrative and references from things that hadn’t even occurred to me. You wrote it all in a very easy way to understand too, even for someone with very, very little knowledge of fashion. The real-world historical comparisons were fascinating, it’s so cool to see how real world stuff plays into fiction in such subtle ways. Your analyses of costumes really puts a lot more enjoyment and nuance into SW for me.

Oh, thank you so much! 

I’m really glad that it’s easy to follow and makes sense - technically, but also generally because I tend to lose my thread of thought/argument and get over-focused on particular points. I’m also really glad that historical elements make sense and are interesting - they always feel like natural reference points, but I always feel self-indulgent when including them, and like I probably don’t explain or support them enough.

Thank you for reading and for the feedback!

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You would rather take PAID acting gigs away from POC just because you don't like the way rogue one ends?? This movie is set to CHANGE people's lives, advance careers. They have been thrilled and charmed to work on the Star Wars series (which ensures a lifetime of paid convention appearances at the least). How dare you suggest NOT giving roles to them just to feed your ideals.

Look. I’m happy that this movie is going to change the lives of the PoC involved. I am ecstatic about that because I fell in love with them and am at this moment go through their filming careers and planning to watch probably everything they’ve ever been in.

That being said please stop acting like this issue is so black and white when it’s not. Like how do you not see the problem with PoC seeing themselves in movies only to DIE? How do you not understand that’s a problem? 

Like I said I would have preferred they not kill them to begin with and just had them somewhere else and fuck they could have made a fucking cameo in another star wars movie that hasn’t been filmed yet. They are more than capable of aging people up in case that’s an argument someone is gonna make using make up.

Take Many Moore in This Is Us:

They could have done that shit.

@starwarsfandomh8speopleofcolor put it nicely:

There’s a certain freedom that filmmakers feel when they know they’re going to kill a character and that freedom is that they apparently feel free to cast PoC.  When filmmakers think of surviving characters they’re nearly all white men. Anakin/Darth Vader got 6 films, Luke will probably be in 6 and they were the leading characters. Because that bullshit reason that the characters had to die because they’re not in A New Hope is just that bullshit.  

I view this much like no representation is better than bad representation and it’s not a good thing for people to see themselves on film only to fucking die or be tortured or something.

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Palpatine was so HAPPY during his whole fight with Maul and Savage. He looks absolutely thrilled to be fighting. When I mentioned this to my sister, she was like “well this is the first time he has gotten to fight in this whole show, of course he is happy”. I suppose when you are a secret evil mastermind you have to delegate or arrange most things.

  • Neptune signs relate to the imagination, dreams, and your sixth sense.
  • Neptune in Aries: Subconsciously idealizes battle and war. Enjoys thrill and competition. Wants to be a hero, maybe even a villain.
  • Neptune in Taurus: Makes their subconscious realistic, doesn’t like spiritual matters. Prefers the real and provable.
  • Neptune in Gemini: Possess great curiosity and fascination with the metaphysical, rather than religious.
  • Neptune in Cancer: Tend to be patriotic and have great pride in their country.
  • Neptune in Leo: Has difficulty identifying with adults, relates to children.
  • Neptune in Virgo: Spiritual, has high health standards.
  • Neptune in Libra: Versatile, cannot settle on one idea.
  • Neptune in Scorpio: Drawn to sex and drugs.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius: Err on the side of danger.
  • Neptune in Capricorn: Masters of discipline and fine arts.
  • Neptune in Aquarius: Dreams about freedom and independence.
  • Neptune in Pisces: Self sacrificing and transcendental.
  • To calculate your Neptune sign, click the link and follow the instructions. http: //

Am I the only one not surprised by John? I mean he’s attracted to danger, and as good as it is, playing ‘happy families’ is just too boring to him. As a veteran he’s still chasing the thrill of war and settling down with a family is practically the opposite of that. I wonder who can keep him on his toes, or save him.. hmm..

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  1. Young the Giant- Something to Believe in
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  5. Melanie Martinez - Pacify Her 
  6. Wintersleep - Amerika 
  7. Glitch Docta - War Chief
  8. Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
  9. Borgore - Daddy i hate myself okay
  10. French Montana - Lockjaw Ft. Kodak Black 

        “uh… kid, yo alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. “ Not a ghost no, just a man that stood tall higher than 200cm, he shrunk down to watch the other eye to eye level, of course he thought being immortal was against the rules, where was the thrill of war left then? Ah but you see, he might be catching on him being intimidated by his loud manner of speaking.

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