the thrill of insanity

i asked her what types of people she was interested in then she stared at me dead serious and said, “i like a person who has been around, who’s been pushed too far, I’m highly interested in a person who had to grow up before their age..i know what you’re thinking I’m describing a fucked up person but whats the fun in sharing your mind with a sane person when you can have the thrill, joy, adventure, misery, and the pleasure of sharing it with an insane one”
in that moment i was certain she was the only one for me.
—  hers psychotically, Maa

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How is sex with a girl?

sensational, breathtaking, mind blowing, majestic, wondrous, pleasant, astonishing, formidable, impressive, amazing, awesome, brilliant, enjoyable, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, pleasing, intense, remarkable, superb, tremendous, dynamite, unbelievable, unimaginable, exotic, insane, electrifying, hair-raising, thrilling, heartbeat rising,…
I can’t find better words to describe it but all these words don’t even come close to how it actually feels.

“Well, my mom was thrilled. She’s been campaigning for about three years for that to happen. I did give her a little spoiler. She did come out to visit the set in Atlanta and I said, “I think you’re going to be happy in the back eight.” And she went, “No!” And I said, “Don’t you tell a soul!” She had to sign a non-disclosure, my mother. But it was amazing. I was a lot busier in the episode prior, and Danai had a couple of days off and she said, “Have you read it yet?” And she got kind of weird around me. In the makeup trailer, she was kind of giggly and quiet and wouldn’t make eye contact with me and I would ask, “What is wrong with you?” She said, “Have you read it yet?” I said, “I’ve started, but I’m busy, I’m trying to save Alexandria. What do you want from me?"And then she was on set and I finished and she said, "Read it now!” So I read it and I screamed and I ran into her trailer like, “Why didn’t you tell me?! This is insane!” But I was thrilled. I was absolutely stunned by it.“ - Andrew Lincoln on Rick & Michonne big scene ❤

Off Limits - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,377

Summary: Sam tells Dean that the reader is off limits. Dean’s never been one to follow the rules…

Part 1

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Sam grumbles loudly slamming his beer down onto the bar.

Dean doesn’t say a word in response, instead he just flashes his million dollar smile before downing the rest of his drink.

“I will literally kick your ass, man.” Sam narrows his eyes towards his older brother, throwing him off.

“Whoa. You’re really worried aren’t you?”  

“No, Dean. I’m just fucking bored. I figured this would fill my day.” Sam snaps feeling aggravated.

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Coincidences | Dan and Phil Play: HIGHER OR LOWER
  • Phil: Oh my gosh, Dan is so annoying with coincidences. I'm like it's a message from the universe and Dan is like no, it's just a thing that has happened and if it wasn't coincidence you wouldn't have noticed.
  • Dan: But Phil is like it's such an amazing coincidence -
  • Phil: It is!
  • Dan: - therefore it must be very special and I'm like no, the universe is very big and random and if something interesting happens then it's just a coincidence and that's interesting.
  • Phil: There's a guy called Sam. I don't know him that well. He's a surfer. I've met him three times at three different airports. Like just randomly. One in Orlando, one in London and one somewhere like Spain.
  • Dan: And I say that's just very random and-
  • Phil: But...
  • Dan: - it's just funny and cool that something so random can happen.
  • Phil: I think it's destiny. I think me and Sam need to team up
  • Dan: See you don't need bullshit to get you excited about the universe. Can you not just be thrilled by statistical improbabilities?
  • Phil: No, it's insane though.
  • Dan: The idea that you and this guy would both end up at an airport several times over several years -
  • Phil: It's insane.
  • Dan: - is a very small number and that's what's thrilling about... physics.
  • Phil: If I see him one more time at an airport, I'm going to go on some kind of mission.

In what was surely the most thrilling and insane day in the history of the Oregon Department of Transportation,

thanks Jezebel now I’m going to spend the next hour or so wondering if a hell of a lot of eels are actually weirder than an exploding whale

@shadesofmauve your thoughts on this incredibly important question?

You’re Mine (M)


REQUEST: You’re mine (Jimin x Male Reader request) - Can you do a Scenario of Jimin seeing his boyfriend dancing sexy in the club and a random guys grinds on him making Jiminy jealous and take his boyfriend to bathroom and ‘claim ’ him?

WARNINGS: boyxboy, public sex, jealousy, orgasm denial, blowjob, (just one) toy(?), dom!Jimin, sub!Reader, singular mention (not encouraging) rape

AUTHOR’S NOTE: so this is the first scenario i’ve written, let alone a boyxboy one. this is also my third time writing it because my laptop crashed, and the second time I feel like I didn’t fully get into the public sex scene. also, my scenarios don’t usually make it to 1k, but i am working on making my scenarios longer. to the anon that requested this, and everyone else, i hope you guys like it! ~Admin Rhiann

Originally posted by webbugiman

Jimin walked through the doors to the nightclub, the smell of sweaty people and alcohol filled his nostrils. He looked around for you; you said you’d be home two hours ago, and you never did come home. He was worried sick! Jimin knew you were a submissive person who was far too kind, and that meant that anyone in this club could’ve easily taken you and raped you.

He walked through the crowd of people, the music getting louder and drowning his ears. Jimin soon found himself surrounded by people grinding on each other, but one figure in particular stood out; you. You were bent over, and another male figure was found grinding on you, his hands getting lower and lower. The closer Jimin got, the more sexual and intense the grinding got (if possible).

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Images from “68 Kill” (Trailer here)

“Trailer-dwelling, sewage-pumping Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) may not lead the most glamorous life, but he’s got one thing going for him: he’s head over heels infatuated with his girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord). He’s more than willing to overlook her wild streak—the fact that she’s hooking up with their landlord; her rather extreme mood swings —so when she proposes a plot to steal $68,000, he goes along with the plan. But when what was supposed to be a simple heist turns into an off-the-rails, blood-spattered crime spree, Chip learns the hard way just how deranged the love of his life really is. The new film from Troma alum Trent Haaga blends wicked comedy with pure pulp thrills for a no-holds-barred blast of insanity.“

The Guardian of Right to Pass Judgement on Evil - Part Two

“Game Start”

Following on from Part One, this post is primarily going to look at some of the main aspects of Yami’s personality that start to come to the fore. I’m also going to (hopefully) further prove my point that Yami’s early shadow games aren’t a consequence of him being insane and getting a thrill from torturing people, but rather the result of him being very self-righteous and far too ruthless.

The next two chapters also serve mainly to give us hints on Yami’s origins and also help to solidify certain areas of his personality – namely, his incredible self-confidence and some of his unique skill set.

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His Mistake

* Thayne × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: I kinda want to see My Mistake (His Mistake) from Thayne’s perspective now. The moment he realizes he screwed up would be hilarious. “Huh. Jon and Y/N…why do I have a problem with this.” And then the. “Oh. Oh no she’s cute. Oh no I fucked up.”

A/N: so I literally took those quotes word for word cause they were hilarious. And I cut the very ending because it’d be a lot of the same. And I cut the bonus scene cause it wasn’t really much of the story, just something I wanted to write at the time. But here this is. This was actually pretty fun to have the reader not be the main character. But please enjoy!

Word Count: 2,435


Thayne ate the last of the cookie he found amongst the snacks backstage as he waited for rehearsal to start. He ended up in a conversation with Lin and Pippa until Tommy Kail called everyone to places. He walked over to his spot, next to you.

He didn’t know you too well. You were nice, sure. He just didn’t know much else. But he did notice you roll your eyes at something. “You ok Y/N?” He decided to ask. He was talkative and any excuse to start talking was a good one.

“Oh yeah, just Jon being a dork.” You told him with a smile and pink cheeks.

Thayne smiled back at you. “The usual then?” He asked you jokingly. It had the desired effect as you began laughing.

“Definitely usual.” You fell silent as the music started. Thayne also fell silent so he could concentrate. He carried his box on stage so he could sing his song. He could’ve sworn he heard snickering as he started arguing with Lin.

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Legends + Christmas

Ok, so this was inspired by a post where someone said, “Imagine a Legends of Tomorrow Christmas episode”, and it spiralled down from there.

  • There’s a very clear divide in the team between those who are absolutely ecstatic and go all out for Christmas (Jax, Ray, Kendra and, surprisingly enough, Stein, though he celebrates Hanukkah rather than Christmas, but still helps the others with their Christmas plans), and those who couldn’t care less and wish the others would leave them alone (Sara, Mick, Len, Carter and Rip).
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax set about adorning the ship in every piece of Christmas-related piece of décor they can get their hands on. They even hijack the ship and make a special stop at Walmart and some sketchy-looking Christmas tree place, just so that they can get the tinsel, a pack of baubles and the tree. They also stock up on baking ingredients, which Rip pulls a face at. (The last time the Legends tried to make cookies, it ended up with black smoke pouring out of the oven, and Snart using his gun to extinguish the oven. And the fridge. And the dining table. It was a pretty big fire. Rip banned them from baking unsupervised after that).
  • Mick, while not entirely on board with the whole Christmas celebration thing, helps Jax to pick out the best, biggest tree, and he and Len subtly intimidate the tree guy into giving them a discount on the incredibly over-priced tree. Cue Len, Rip and Mick struggling to move the tree while Kendra tries to make up her mind where it would look best. (“Kendra, just make up your mind, already. This thing is heavy.” “It has to look perfect, Rip. A little bit more to the left.”)
  • Kendra, Ray, Jax and Stein all making their own home-made ornaments, and getting the others to join in. Mick just tosses them a spare lighter with a picture of Santa on it that he ‘liberated’ from Walmart; Sara draws a white bird on a black bauble and passes it to them with a wink; Rip just hands them a random piece of tat off his desk and declares the whole thing pointless; Carter carves a little wooden symbol from a piece of pine wood, but won’t tell anyone what it means; Len actually goes all out for it and makes a little snowman with a pirate’s hat on it; Jax makes a little snow dog because he remembers watching ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ with his mum a few days before the accident, and he thinks it’s cute (so does the rest of the team when they see a cute little white terrier with sock ears); Ray makes high-tech mini devices with moving, Christmas-themed holographics (Rip is angry when he learns where Ray got the extra parts from. Hint: Futuristic phone); Kendra makes little angels and it brings back memories of Christmas with Carter and Aldus; Stein decides to get Carter’s help carving a Jewish star as his decoration, and makes Rip stop off and buy menorah when they next land somewhere that isn’t a desolate futuristic city ruled by maniacs and motorcycle gangs.
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax getting very excited each day when they get to open their advent calendar doors, and then Ray and Jax getting very sick after gorging themselves on the entire calendar because they just couldn’t wait, and asking for new ones, which the others say no to because, “you threw up on Mick’s shoes, guys. He’ll probably shoot you both if you get another calendar.”
  • Stein being the only one allowed to bake because 1) he’s the only person who won’t poison the rest of them with his cooking (Ray can’t cook to save his life. He lives on microwave dinners for a reason), 2) his food is actually edible and not burnt to a crisp like Mick’s were that one time, and 3) he’s actually sensible when he’s in the kitchen and doesn’t forget that something is in the oven and then set fire to the entire kitchen. He also happens to bake the best latkes and Sufganiyah ever.
  • While half of the team isn’t really into Christmas, they all agree to do Secret Santa (though Mick and Len do so grudgingly). Ray gets Sara, Sara gets Len, Len gets Jax, Jax gets Mick, Mick gets Kendra, Kendra gets Rip, Rip gets Carter, and Carter gets Ray.
  • Tinsel + pine needles + bare feet = not so fun times for the Legends. (Mick wants to burn the tree down. Carter threatens to use his axe on it. Rip threatens to airlock it. Ray points out that Rip doesn’t have an airlock which leads to him being slapped upside the head. Everyone forgets about destroying the tree when they see Jax’s sad face).
  • Christmas day, while incredibly insane, is also incredibly fun. Everyone is thrilled with their presents, Christmas lunch is edible and actually rather nice, and they end up watching cheesy Christmas movies together in the lounge. It’s a very enjoyable day overall.

TL;DR – A Christmas day special would be awesome, and I need it to happen, even if it’s a one-off special or another season or something, it would just be incredible.

Edit: I’m so sorry. I forgot that Stein was Jewish, it’s been a while since I’ve watched the Flash episodes with Stein in, and it completely slipped my mind, so I’ve edited this with Stein in mind.

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Honestly I'd much rather hear the ten page rant on Riddler than small talk

OK so you know how new 52 is trying to be all that and changing a lot of things that should just be left alone? What if they stopped that and started bringing back characters that should have never left to begin with. Starting with the lovely Query and Echo

Oh gosh look at these baes. Adding Query and Echo back into Riddler’s life would add a whole new set of possibilities to Riddler’s character that couldn’t be there before. 

1. Better possible arcs

A problem I see a lot when it comes to Riddler in the new 52 is that he doesn’t really do much? Grant it, I don’t count his involvement in the secret six (that was pathetic), but he’s usually just a side character or an one issue type of guy, hanging out in Arkham or away from Gotham. Which makes a lot of sense because this adaption shows him to be less of a common thief and more in it for the challenge. However that doesn’t mean he should be shoved off to the side. If he were to have henchgirls some fun arcs of him could include (but are not limited to):

  • Query and Echo becoming unsatisfied with Riddler’s leadership and they make a bet on who could be the better mastermind.
  • The gang are jailed, Riddler goes back to Arkham, the girls to Blackgate. It doesn’t take long before they all break free. However, Riddler doesn’t know they’re free and they don’t know he’s free. So they each try breaking into the other’s prisons to get them out.
  • While Riddler’s locked up the girls work for other rogues (lookin’ at Two Face) OR a variation on this, Riddler sells out his girls to other rogues so they can be spies for him.
  • Riddler’s been kidnapped and it’s up to Query, Echo and Batman to save him.
  • Really cute domestic plots, like a day in their hideout. You can see they all hate mornings, have different jobs, do different things. Ed goes to meet up with other rogues and Query and Echo are making kissy faces at them.

2. Better character development

I’ll be the first to say I love Riddler’s new ‘ruthless af’ thing and how he always seems to hold himself very proper and up right, minus a few outbursts. I think it  keeps him from sliding into the older comics days when he was taken for more of a cry baby. That being said, it feels weird only seeing a few sides of his character. A lot of his positions in stories don’t require him to go any further. However, add in two adorable, maybe a tad annoying henchgirls and now you get to see him grow like:

  • Learning how to deal when things don’t go his way, because the girls aren’t perfect but if he gets on to them too hard, they’ll leave his sorry buns.
  • Making meaningful connections. I realize that their relationship isn’t much to begin with pre- New52 but who cares? New comics means new relationships. The writers could make it where they become more intertwine in each other’s lives.
  • Possible reform arc. I do love Ed’s reformed arcs and I’d love to see Query and Echo play a part in it. Maybe trying to cure his OCD so that they can do crimes without leaving riddles but it backfires because now he’s a PI.

3. Better relationships

One thing I love about the old comics is the relationship between rogues. Now we don’t get it that much in the newer ones. They kind of just expect us to believe there’s all this history. But for Riddler and the girls, there’s a great chance to make some real strong bonds on the pages:

  • Query and Echo aren’t [legally] insane, they only work with Ed for the thrills and because he’s a pretty cool guy. They don’t have a niche which means they can go to different big baddies, work for them, get paid, and move on. SO MANY BONDS COULD BE MADE
  • Riddler getting slightly jealous of his girls working for other people while he’s away or locked up, so next time he see’s another rogue, he throws a lot of shade their way because he’s a fetching child
  • When the girls are working for Ed, they do small things like remind him to eat. 
  • They shower him with faux love and affection but he’ll take it anyways because he needs that in his life
  • They start off purely professional in their relationship but as time goes on it blooms into a friendship
  • Possible poly babies but idk if I trust DC to do that right so it’s a meh for now.

4. Better backstory

Fetching love Query and Echo’s backstory, don’t get me wrong. But it could be better! THEY COULD BE BETTER! Harley went from henchgirl to her own anti-hero(?), so why can’t they?

  • Instead of common street thugs, make them hire hitmen like Zasz in Gotham. Give them the skills needed to have a fighting chance against Batman and his kids.
  • Have a flash back to when Ed was setting up Zero Year and he came in contact with them for a brief ten to fifteen minutes. Maybe paying them to do some jobs for him [with all the work he did he’d need all the help he could get]. 
  • He doesn’t think of anything of it back then but then fast forward and they’re holding him at gun point for screwing up their lives during Zero Year. 
  • But he promises to make it up for them. Give them a job that would keep make them rich and give a thrill worth chasing.
  • So they agree and it’s everything he says it would be. And he actually likes having people around to do all the dirty work he rather not. So a bond is made.

Obviously this is not ten pages long and not even half the things I could talk about Riddler but I don’t have time or energy to write that much and I doubt anyone would want to read it all. 

20 Great Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen – August 2014 Edition by Max Molinaro

Back with the second edition in a monthly ongoing series of posts listing some of the great horror films that you may not have seen.

For July’s edition click here!

  • Possession (1981) I can honestly say there is nothing else like Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession. Starring Sam Neill as Mark and Isabelle Adjani as Anna, Possession is first and foremost about a dissolving marriage. Anna is done with the relationship and Mark tries to salvage it, but revelation after revelation puts more and more strain on their hopes of living happily ever after. As the film progresses it becomes increasingly surreal and disturbing. Mark is livid and lashes out against just about everyone after Anna leaves him, clearly losing his grip. As bad as Mark is becoming, it is nowhere close to the horrors that Anna is facing. Blood drips her mouth and she frequently disappears into a mysterious apartment building. What she is doing in this apartment is something no one can predict and it is deeply troubling. Neill is amazing, but Adjani is the stand out performance in the film. It is an exceptionally physical performance and you can tell that Adjani is giving it her all. One scene where she has some kind of attack that causes her to flail around the ground is extraordinary and the ending of the sequence is truly disgusting. Possession is really an incredible film with many interpretations and some of the most unforgettable images ever put to on screen.   

  • The House of the Devil – The film that put Ti West on the map, The House of the devil is a brilliant throwback to low-budget 80s horror. Shot to look like it was done with grainy film stock used in the early 80s, the film gets the tone and look of the time perfectly. A college student takes a baby-sitting job, but finds out the job is more than she bargained for when the house’s owners turn out to be members of a satanic cult. It’s a slow burn that racks up the tension to a big climax. The film features the great character actor Tom Noonan who excels at playing both a kindly and creepy older gentleman. The House of the Devil is the first great film from one of horror’s best young minds.   

  • Cheap Thrills – What would you do for five bucks? Ten? A hundred? Ten thousands? Would you say something that’ll get you slapped in the face? Would you vandalize a neighbor’s house? Cut of a finger? Those are the questions that the characters played by Pat Healy (The Innkeepers) and Ethan Embry (Can’t Hardly Wait) have to answer when they meet David Koechner (Anchorman) and his wife Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers) at a bar one night. The film is darkly funny and equally twisted. Pat Healy gives a layered performance as man that’s always gotten the short end of the stick and never done anything about it, but may finally step up under some insane circumstances. Cheap Thrills by E.L. Katz is a mean little piece of fascinating thrills that leaving you asking “what would I do?”. 

  • The Werewolf – A stranger comes into town on a dark night, lost and confused. He runs afoul with an angry drunk and the wino winds up dead. It looks like an animal attack, but no one knows what kind of animal and where the stranger went of too. It sounds fairly generic, especially with such a simple title, but this 1956 B—movie is better than you’d think. Great makeup effects plus a 50s sci-fi twist on the classic werewolf myth and better character work than most genre films of the period, the film is a cheesy fun way to spend 79 minutes.

  • Monkey Shines – From master of horror George A. Romero, Monkey Shines Alan Mann played by Jason Beghe (Chicago Fire), who is rendered quadriplegic after a tragic accident. A friend of his, a scientist, gives Alan an unusually intelligent capuchin monkey to help him out. The monkey isn’t just unusually intelligent, but hyper intelligent due to medical experimentation. The monkey, Ella, quickly becomes attached to Alan and overly protective of him. Due to the experiments, they unknowingly become linked telepathically linked and Ella acts on the angry feelings that Alan never would act on in a million years. Alan eventually becomes a prisoner in his own home and is helpless due to his condition. His inability to move is a simple, yet highly effective way to create a ton of suspense throughout the film. 

  • The Dentist – From director Brian Yuzna (Society) and producer Stuart Gordon (director of Re-Animator and From Beyond) The Dentist is about exactly what you think it is. Corbin Bernsen plays a dentist who is pushed too far by his cheating wife and stressed filled job. He takes matters into his own hands and begins torturing and murdering anyone that his the misfortune of finding themselves in his chair. You know how you get especially squeamish with little things like nails being pulled or stepping on tacks? This whole movie is little things like that involving teeth and the mouth. It’s gross and it’s under the skin like any of the best Yuzna/Gordon productions.  

  • Lake Mungo – A 2008 Australian horror mockumentary tells the story of the drowning of the 16 year old Alice Palmer and how her parents and brother deal with the events after her death. The film is highly atmospheric and a great slow burn. There are elements of a mystery as to why Alice is appearing in home videos after her death and what she was actually like in life as opposed to the face she put on for her family. More creepy and intriguing than outright scary, Lake Mungo should be a film that sticks with you for a while. It is also pretty interesting if you’re a fan of Twin Peaks and you start seeing that the entire film plays out like an homage to the classic series.

  • The Tunnel – An Australian found-footage film that follows a small investigative news team looking to learn the truth behind a possible government cover-up regarding a recent water shortage. They enter the sewer system under Sydney, but soon they see an emaciated looking figure lurking in the shadows. They lose their sense of direction in the labyrinth and realize that something is stalking them. The Tunnel is pretty damn terrifying. It’s claustrophobic, tightly scripted, and tense from beginning to end.     

  • Eden Lake – One of several British horror films on this list today is 2008’s Eden Lake. The film stars Kelly Reilly as Jenny and Michael Fassbender (one of this generation’s greatest actors) and Steve, a young couple on a romantic getaway at a remote lake. Everything seems perfect until they have a run-in with some punk teenagers. Steve confronts them, but then decides that him and Jenny should just move further down the beach. The confrontation eventually escalates and turns dangerous as the teens chase down the couple with deadly intent. More brutal and disturbing than the initial setup might suggest, Eden Lake is a relentless thriller.     

  • In the Mouth of Madness – The last good film John Carpenter made before he lost his mojo, 1994’s In the Mouth of Madness feels a little bit Stephen King-like in a few parts and a lot like H.P. Lovecraft just about everywhere else. As the title might imply, the film is about the nature of insanity and has a bit of commentary on the nature of horror storytelling. Starring Sam Neill (second time he’s been mentioned on this list) as John Trent, a fraud investigator looking for a horror novelist’s, Sutter Cane, final transcript. Cane’s recent novel has been a massive success, but there have been reports that it has been driving some readers mad. Trent travels to the town that inspired Cane, but soon begins seeing horrible visions and the line between real and nightmares quickly becomes blurred. 

  • Psycho II – Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a classic, a masterpiece, and one of the most influential horror films ever made, so a sequel may seem like a crime against the art form. Surprisingly though, Richard Franklin’s 1983 Psycho II is not the horrid mess that many sequels to classics like The Exorcist II and Jaws 3 are. After 22 years in an institution, Norman Bates is released and returns to the infamous Bates Motel. He tries to lead a normal life and shed his “Mother” persona, but bodies begin to pile up and Norman starts to feel a little mad. Of course it’s not nearly as good as the original (despite what Quentin Tarantino thinks. He actually prefers the second one), but this sequel is an entertaining twist filled psychological thriller. Anthony Perkins returns to the role of Norman and he’s just always great. 

  • Inside – From directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, this 2007 French film is one of the most relentless and grisly horror films ever made. Weeks after being involved in near fatal car accident and losing her husband, a young pregnant woman, Sarah, answers the door the door to a strange woman late at night. The woman begins harassing Sarah and is quickly escalates. It becomes clear that this woman only wants one thing: Sarah’s baby… Sarah is brutalized and fights to survive as anyone else who enters her home as a potential savior meets a gruesome fate at the hands of the deadly home invader. Dark, bloody, and non-stop, Inside is one of France’s best modern horror films.

  • Dog Soldiers – More British horror from The Descent director Neil Marshall in the form of Dog Soldiers. Essentially it is a low-budget Predator with the alien hunter swapped out for a family of werewolves. While on a training exercise, a squad of British Army soldiers is left out in the middle of the woods and is forced to duke it out with the pack of monsters. Gory, fun, and really well directed, Dog Soldiers is a blast. Many of you reading this have also seen the director’s work in the Game of Thrones episodes “Blackwater” and “The Watchers on the Wall”.

  • Excision – Starring 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord and directed by Richard Bates, Excision is a powerful and disturbing high school horror film. The film follows Pauline (McCord), a mentally disturbed high schooler, with hopes of becoming a surgeon. There are several expertly shot dream sequences, soaked in blood and featuring confrontations with Pauline and her ideal self. Outside the dream, Pauline is extremely creepy as she emotionally scars everyone around. She very flippantly decides that she wants to lose her virginity and propositions a guy that’s tormented her in school. They meet at motel and what happens is sure to gross a majority of viewers out. After that Pauline becomes more aggressive in her acts and eventually does something that no one will forget…     

  • The Lovely Molly – I watched the film on Netflix on a whim a while back, not knowing anything about it at all. That was a good call on my part because Lovely Molly is a super creepy ultra low-budget horror film. It’s incredibly subtle in the ways it attempts to frighten you and you’ll be uneasy for more of the film than not. Just watch, knowing that if you’re paying attention, it will pay off. Directed by Eduardo Sánchez, the mastermind behind The Blair Witch Project. 

  • Deadgirl – Do not watch this on a date. I repeat. Do not watch this on a date. It won’t go over well. Or maybe give it shot, you may have an interesting night depending on whom you’re with. This 2008 high school horror film is gross and miserable. One day two boys, high school seniors who can only ever hope of finding a girlfriend, discover a naked woman chained up in a basement. They soon learn that this strange mute girl is not just a tortured woman, but that she is in fact a zombie. This is where the film gets really heavy and after deciding that neither of them can do it, they convince a jock to rape the so-called “Deadgirl” and it’s all down hill from there. The only way I could accurately describe the film is pure melancholy.  

  • The Tenant – The third film in Roman Polanski’s thematic “Apartment Trilogy” following Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant is a paranoia fueled psychological horror film. Polanski himself plays a quiet, average man who moves in to an apartment after the previous tenant attempted to kill herself by jumping out the window. The landlord and the other renters begin to complain and chastise our protagonist for being too disruptive, when he is actually being anything but. The horror takes place in his mind as all these different outside forces start to come down on him and he begins to break. This one can only be described as mind-bending and features an unforgettable third act.    

  • Berberian Sound Studio – British and psychological horror seem to be the unintentional theme of this edition with Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio starring Toby Jones. Jones plays a British foley artist, Gilderoy, who comes to Italy thinking he’s going to help with sound work on a film about horses. He arrives and soon learns that the film he is to work on is a giallo film. Gilderoy is new to horror films, so he is already out of his element being in this foreign country. Much like The Tenant’s protagonist, Gilderoy is an average and quiet man, who is needlessly thought of as greedy and rude by his Italian collaborators. All he asks is that he be reimbursed for his plane tickets, like he was told he would, but everyone gives him the runaround. From there Berberian Sound Studio becomes crazier and crazier as Gilderoy slowly becomes as insane and dark as the film he is working on.

  • Maniac – This 2012 remake of the 1980 film of the same name directed by Franck Khalfoun and stars The Lord of the Ring’s Elijah Wood as the film’s titular psycho. Shot almost entirely from the killer’s point-of-view, Wood’s character, Frank, is a shy and awkward man with a dark secret and even darker desires. His dimly lit home is filled with female mannequins. Frank murders women, scalps them (while most are still alive), then takes the top of their heads to place on his mannequins in order to give them personalities. Maniac’s violence is brutal, uncomfortable to watch more often than not, and horrifying to say the least. Wood is perfect as the awkward, yet menacing murderer, and by the end you may just feel like a maniac yourself.   

  • The Children – Similar in premise to Who Can Kill a Child (which I mentioned in last month’s edition), The Children is yet another 2008 British horror gem about two families staying at a secluded home to celebrate the New Year. Everything seems normal at first, with some typical familial drama, but the young children begin to act very strange. They soon become sadistic and violent, which leads their parents to struggle with the fact that they either have to kill their own children or be brutally murdered by them.