the threshister wedding

Snowdown Showdown Celebration - The Wedding of Thresh, The Chain Warden and Summoner Jennifer Fairchild

Starting from the very entrance of the Institute of War, the walls of the hallway leading directly to the largest and grandest chamber the institution had to offer were decorated grandiosely, with silver tinsels and hanging crystal ornaments depicting snow flakes and flying mockingbirds. On the stone floor, there were snowy-white rose petals making a trail, indubitably leading the curious, whether invited or not, to the center of the Institute - the Heart, where the largest Nexus Crystal was situated.

As one would draw closer, the atmosphere grew colder, far colder than one would have believed it to be possible indoors - but once one would see the room, they could understand why.

A forest of ice seemed to have appeared from the ground up, all around the mentioned Nexus Crystal - the vibrant-blue light it cast seemed to amplify through the icy tree’s crystal-clear trunks, making for a bedazzling show of aquatic-hued lights.

White-cushioned chairs seemed to form alongside a aisle that led from the entrance to the front, where a make-shift altar was build, a podium with a spokesperson’s pedestal.

Should the cold become a bit too unbearable for the guests, there were tables set up against the walls, with warm drinks and sweets, with brandy-filled chocolate bonbons to help ignore the cold … with consideration, of course.

Everyone who found themselves at the Institute were wholeheartedly invited to bear witness to such an event, under the notice to dress up warmly, if possible, as well as behave as it is proper conduit …

Unless they would want to face the Senior Steward’s and soon-to-be-married couple’s wrath.

The scene, the atmosphere - it was all set, meticulously planned and overseen … save for one small detail, however.

Where is the bride and groom?