the threebroomsticks

Harry in the library doing his homework (for once), when Draco is just about to leave he notices that Harry seems stressed out “Alright there potter?” Harry sees who it is and quickly looks away but looks back very briefly and catches Draco’s eye Draco seems to be genuinely worried about Harry. “No” Harry says quietly. “I’m not in a relationship with you”. Draco looks taken aback, but quickly regains his cool, “I guess I could fit you into my schedule somewhere potter, Three Broomsticks on Friday?”

So, I still can’t believe it. I got to 2k ♥
I could go on and on about how happy this makes me, but I will spare you all that cheesiness and just say a very very big thank you to all of you for being awesome, and making me feel so comfortable and happy when online! I wouldn’t have gotten to 2k without you guys!

I know when some people see follow forever’s they can feel lonely; but don’t you worry.
Let’s become mutuals and you can get on my next follow forever ♥. 

Don’t forget you’re beautiful, perfect and wonderful just the way you are, never give up and have a very very wonderful day, year, and forever !!

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I reached a small follower milestone recently and so will be doing an art giveaway.

1. Must be following greendragon-threebroomsticks​ or goldenflowerglorfindel
2. You can like/reblog as many times as you want, but only one will count.
3. Side blogs don’t count (unless this is reblogged on the sideblog only)

There will be three winners who will respectively receive:
1. A full body drawing of a character of their choice. 
2. A bust of a character of their choice.
3. A chibi of a character of their choice.

All drawings will be in colour.

~Yay for cool blogs~

2014 has come and gone, but I’ve met a bunch of wonderful people on here. I am very grateful for those of you that I have befriended and gotten close to. Ya’ll are the best. Keep doing you, guys.

All of these blogs are 10/10 and the bloggers 12/10 so you should follow them!

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So, I just hit 600 followers. Thank you so much for sticking around and I hope you enjoy my blog and interpretation of the silly Sindarin king who went and got himself killed! What a dork.

I figured it was a good time to do one of these, to show my appreciation to those wonderful people who I follow. Many of these are mutuals, though some aren’t. That’s irrelevant though. You guys are awesome either way \o/

(If you have more than one blog, I’ve put down the one that I associate most with you. Because I’m lazy *shrugs*)

The High Ranking Bunnies of the Bunny Army. 

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The Fabulous Bunny Army.

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The Bunnies I’m Too Shy To Talk To But I Love Anyway.

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That’s a lot of bunbuns.