the three sovereigns

This was a shield the Police used at the Bataclan that allowed them to engage the terrorists and stop them from killing more innocent people.


Next time you think to criticize a Police Officer who is wearing Kevlar, or carrying a rifle, or riding in an armored truck, realize that this is what you are complaining about …


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*Romanced* DAI companions react to the Inquisitor's death? Extra angsty, if you please.

I am feeling Super Angsty tonight! So here you go, anon!

Solas: No! It was not supposed to happen this way! She was supposed to be safe! He left to keep her safe. And instead she died for her own stubbornness. She should never have chased him. He should never have encouraged her. He should never have let himself get attached in the first place! And now she’s gone… She was the only one who could touch his heart in this world of walking shadows. She was more vibrant even than the elves of Arlathan. And just like them, she’s only a memory.

Blackwall: She deserved better, so much better. She deserved better than him. She deserved better than her fate. She deserved to be happy. She didn’t deserve the stress and responsibility that the Anchor had saddled her with. She can’t be gone! She’ll wake up. She’s not really gone. She can’t be…

Cullen, as told by Cole: “He holds her cooling body, rocks her against his chest. Wrong, impossible. Stop. Wake up. Breathe. Hot tears stain her face. Mine. Hers? She was meant for great things. Now she’s nothing. No! Never nothing. She’s still the woman I love, who taught me to have strength when nothing is left. She’ll never stop being that.” Cullen, it wasn’t your fault. She loved you, too.

Iron Bull: In the Qun, kadan is a term reserved for one who cannot be lived without, who shares space in the chest with the heart. My kadan was even more than that. My kadan taught me what love could be, something I never thought I’d know. Wake up, kadan! Don’t leave me after all of this. Come on, Boss. I still owe you a drink, remember? Katoh… Katoh…

Josephine, as told by Cole: “Hot tears that won’t stop. I can’t see their body. I can’t bear to see them like that. They can’t be cold and stiff and still and gone. Each time someone opens my door, I expect them. Look up and always think it’s going to be them, smile in place, kiss waiting. Sitting before the fire, missing their touch. Cold sheets, cold bones, without them here to warm me.” This isn’t what they wanted. You know that. They wanted you to be happy no matter what.

Dorian: Damn you, amatus, no! You come back to me! Damn it, you come back! You still owe me three sovereigns… And I… I love you, amatus! Don’t go… Please don’t go! I’d rather submit to my father’s fucking blood ritual than let this be true! Just come back to me! Oh, amatus, don’t go…

Sera: Honeytongue? Wake up. Wake up! You have to wake up! No… no sleepin’, not now! Come on, this isn’t funny! Joke’s over, now just wake up! Inky? NO! No, no, no, no, NO! Don’t you leave me, not now! I’ll make you so many cookies if you just wake up! Come on, wifey! You’re not allowed to die!

Cassandra: This cannot be the Maker’s plan! He was too good, too pious, for this to be His plan. I refuse to accept it! After everything, after all of this, he can’t just be gone! Is this the Maker’s only blessing? Is death the only answer? I still love him. How can this be what I’m meant for? I love him…

Dear Little One

The last chapter of my Dragon Age Cullen-centric freeform-style experiment. It follows up on this (NSFW) chapter.

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Dear Little One,

It seems odd to write a letter to you when you’re barely a swell in your mother’s stomach, but the world is an uncertain place. If the worst should happen, we wish you to know your parents. Your mother is also writing letters to you, though she refuses to allow me to read them.

We do not yet have a name for you. There’s no way to know if you’ll be a boy or a girl, of course, and we’ve barely begun to discuss what name you might be given once you’re with us. Your Aunt Mia has made her suggestions known. I won’t repeat your mother’s reply to her suggestions, but suffice to say I believe she has her own preferences. For now, I shall just call you “Little One.”

You came as a surprise to us, but not an unwelcome one. There was a time I would have considered being a father as being beyond my reach, but life rarely takes us in the directions we expect. I never could have dreamed that one day I would one day love and later marry such a rare woman as your mother, much less be a part of a family.

Whatever happens, know that you are loved and you are wanted. Your mother and I very much look forward to meeting you when you arrive.

–Your father

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        The Three Sovereigns, as stated in Sima Qian’s “Records of the Grand Historian”

                                            HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN | FU XI

                                            EARTHLY SOVEREIGN |  NÜWA

                                            HUMAN SOVEREIGN | SHENNONG

I truly hate it when people say, “How can you like Zevran more than Leliana? He’s a remorseless assassin who likes to kill people for fun.”

a) SO DID LELIANA. If you play the DAO DLC “Leliana’s Song,” you see her ruining people’s lives, and killing or getting them killed for fun. She treats it like a fun game until Marjolaine does it to her

b) What do you think a bard is? An assassin and spy all in one, while an assassin is only that: an assassin. At least Zevran is honest about what he does; he doesn’t wrap it up in euphemisms and excuses the way Leliana does.

c) And this is most important: Zevran didn’t choose to become an assassin, while Leliana did choose to become a bard. 

Zevran was bought for three sovereigns at the age of seven and “raised to know nothing but murder,” was put through “endurance training” (read: TORTURE) from hell for many years until adulthood, and had to adapt or die. And the Crows do NOT accept resignation or failure. If he quits, he gets killed. He had no choice but to adapt and learn to like aspects of his job (like he says in the game) as a coping mechanism and survival strategy.

No one FORCED Leliana to become a bard. She entered the Orlesian courts as a young adult (18 at least), and fell in love with the glamour, excitement, and adventure. She acts like she kind of “fell into” the bard games, but Marjolaine reveals (and Leliana later admits in her personal quest), that she actually enjoyed the games, the intrigues, the thrill of the hunt, the seduction, and the sweet release of the kill. 

And unlike Josephine, who also fell for the bard glamour but became so horrified the first time she had to kill someone that she quit on the spot, learning that being a bard sometimes means killing someone wasn’t a deal-breaker for Leliana. She kept doing it knowing she was sometimes called upon to seduce and kill people, because she thought it was so fun and exciting that she thought it was an acceptable price to pay for the fun she was having–again, until Marjolaine did it to her. Then suddenly she realized how bad the Game is for destroying people’s lives, even though she can be persuaded to keep doing it anyway in DAO and DAI.

So, yeah, I like Zevran better. Zevran might be pretty cavalier about killing, but at least he’s honest about it. 


Brave local and Federal Law Enforcement officers secure the road to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center currently under siege by radical extremists in Oregon.

Kingship in early Ireland cannot be decoupled from religious and spiritual functions. It was understood, at its root, as a contract with the Otherworld. The king represented the combined and balanced aspects of the whole society, encompassing its three functions or estates (martial, priestly, and productive). Standing beyond and embodying all three functions, the sovereign mediated between them and the Otherworldly forces through which prosperity was believed to be obtained.
—  “Sovereignty and Sacral Kingship”, excerpt from The Book of the Great Queen by Morpheus Ravenna
China: Historical Overview

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5000 years of history that honestly, never really gets boring

I would also like to point out my knowledge doesn’t go very far after The Three Kingdoms and it is noticeable in my writing. I also wrote this while incredibly sick. Any errors please point them out.

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2 Truths, 1 Lie: Kaleo

Here are some more factoids about Kaleo from The Savior’s Champion:

#1 Of all the men in the tournament, Kaleo is one of the top three fan favorites.

#2 Of all the men in the tournament, Kaleo is one of the top three favored by the Sovereign.

#3 Of all the men in the tournament, Kaleo is considered one of the top three most handsome.

Find the lie.

inquisitor as a companion: banter

Cole’s reflection on their thoughts: “She smiles, but it’s… strained. Stained. Stretched too tight for strangers. So much stone, but I can see the sky. She’s small, slight, but bigger on the inside, bursting like the blue box. Too loud. I can’t hear more. Sorry.”

If her relationship with the Inquisitor is unfriendly, all Cole offers is “She doesn’t like you.”

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Across the Waking Sea: Chapter Three

Find Chapter Two here

Chapter Three is rated M/E. Not sorry.

Summary: Six months after the defeat of Corypheus, Inquisitor Trevelyan and her lover, Commander Rutherford, sail to Ostwick to attend her sister’s wedding. It doesn’t take long, of course, for problems to arise. The most pressing problem, however, is who wants Evelyn Trevelyan dead?  

“Chapter Three”

Tossing and turning in her bed, Evelyn sighed heavily. Her shoulder was sore from the packed earth floor of the blacksmith’s, and she was sure a bruise would bloom on her knee where it had knocked into the doorframe as she rolled herself over Marie. “Knew I needed to repair that stone…shouldn’t have gone with the cheapest offer,” the smith had muttered, crawling out from beneath both Trevelyan sisters and disappearing into the back to fetch the sword.

Panting, Marie had gaped at the massive stone, shattered now, but each piece easily weighed twenty pounds of more. An accident, Evelyn thought, but one that was too close for comfort. They had agreed not to mention it to their mother; she was nervous enough already with Tatiana’s upcoming nuptials.

Fortunately, dinner hadn’t been quite the ordeal Evelyn had anticipated, as her mother seated Cullen to Evelyn’s right, perhaps in apology for her comments at tea. While her lover’s proximity meant that the conversation was more pleasant than expected, with Cullen, Evelyn and Marie discussing Chantry politics, theology, and the Inquisition, the closeness of Cullen’s body, his sweet but spicy cologne, and his hand creeping from her knee up and between her thighs, with teasingly light touches…well, he had driven her to distraction. She managed to keep herself in check, as Emilie provided a welcome distraction, wanting a story read to her in between dessert and coffee, and she held Antony for a while to give Cossette a brief respite.  Unfortunately, as soon as Evelyn’s father and the Teryn signaled the end of the meal by toasting to the engagement of their children and retiring to the library for brandy, Jean appeared to escort Evelyn and Tatiana back to their rooms. She’d managed only a quick kiss to the corner of Cullen’s mouth before being swept out of the hall.

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