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so we had a special day where @confusinglyamusingly - who is literally a professional filmmaker, btw, if you ever need to hire one - very patiently taught me and @sixohsixoheightfourtwo some very basic editing so that we could realise our fanvid dreams. my dream was, obviously, to make this charles/erik vid to ‘the man who sold the world’

Grimoire Challenge - Week 3


Monday: Altars

  • Does your practice incorporate the use of altars?
  • Are altars imperative to have for casting?
  • What are pros and cons of altars?
  • Do you prefer casting at your altar or is your place of magick not set or permanent?
  • What entity (if any) is your altar dedicated to?
  • What objects do you keep permanently on your altar? What purpose or personal meaning does it have?
  • Do you change your altar to correspond with the sabbats? 
  • Draw and label a diagram of your altar. Include an explanation of their meaning to you.

Tuesday: Sigils

  • Are sigils something you use through out your practice?
  • Choose your three favorite sigils. Include their meanings as well as any personal interpretations. Why are they your favorites? What is the most common place that you add sigils too? 
  • Research and write down the steps to take in order to create a sigil. Use these steps to create your own sigil.

Wednesday: Local Fauna

  • Create a list of your local animals.
  • For each profile be sure to include the following: Any lore, superstitions, their meanings to you, their magickal and spiritual meanings, and ways they can be incorporated into your craft.

Thursday: Seven Planes of Existence

  • What are the planes of existence?
  • How can they be incorporated into your craft?
  • Do they seem believable to you?
  • Draw and label the seven planes of existence. 

Friday: Lightning

  • Is lightning a form of energy you incorporate into your craft?
  • How could you incorporate lightning into your practice?
  • Create correspondences for lightning. 
  • Plan and write a spell that incorporates lightning. 

Saturday: Quote Interpretation

  • Choose a quote that speaks to you on a spiritual level and expresses your path. 
  • Do a deep meditation with the quote in mind.
  • Write down all the thoughts and visions you have about the quote. Go into as much detail as possible.

Sunday: Amethyst

  • Sketch a picture of Amethyst.
  • Create it’s correspondence that includes its magickal and healing properties.
  • Is amethyst a crystal you use lots in your practice?
  • Include any amethyst lore or superstitions.
  • What effects does amethyst have on your emotions? 

Moonlight Grimoire Challenge 

[Venice, Italy]

Striding along the quiet Venetian canal bank, Sherlock heard a sound. Text alert. Not a ringtone he was familiar with, but originating from his trouser pocket where he’d kept his phone.

He reached for his pocket. A phone. Not his. With a new message displayed on the screen.

“Dr Watson was asking where you were. I answered his text for you – Bed. Busy. Text me next week.

His eyes widened in horror, then something else, his breath catching as he recalled bumping into someone earlier that afternoon. An American tourist (judging by the map and the brand of her bag) whose face he didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of before being carried forward by the flow of the crowd.

The ringtone sounded again. Notes from his own violin music, he now realised.

“Joking. Flattered that you’ve kept all my old text messages.”

The next text contained a single line of Latin, “Sicut cervus anhelat ad fontes aquarum".

As the hart panteth after the water brooks. A specific version of a translation of Psalm 42, verse 1. The motto of Hertford College, University of Oxford, as he recognised from his undergraduate days.

The Bridge of Sighs. She wanted his company under that landmark structure, of the same iconic name common to both cities.

Sherlock Holmes never believed in legends. And, as he knew full well, neither did she. But as the gondola slowly glided towards the bridge, cast in a golden orange glow by the setting sun, he turned to the American tourist beside him, tucked a strand of stray blonde hair behind her ear, and pressed his lips to hers.

In the distance, the bells of St Mark’s Campanile tolled.

Future scene in Could’ve, Didn’t, which I really should’ve made into a long one shot instead but.. Takes place many years (and 2-3 more locations) after my previous post featuring them in Karachi and Montenegro.

*The landmark Bridge of Sighs at Oxford, linking together two main quadrangles of Hertford College, is named after its counterpart in Venice, despite having little architectural resemblance.

*There’s a Venetian legend, about lovers kissing on a gondola at sunset under the bridge, as the bells of St Mark’s Campanile toll.

My name is Reigen Arataka. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Mob and our equipment tech Dimple. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.
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‘Sangwoo has had the same nightmare for the past three years, and he’s grown use to it. It’s only when Bum intercepts that it begins to become a problem.’

Rating: Mature
Ship: Sangbum
Contains: sexual content, pining, sprinkles of fluff and angst, brief hinting of parental abuse
POV: Sangwoo

Please enjoy, and feel free to give feedback in the comments! 💖

roseverdict  asked:

Allayall shippers gotta COOL IT! I wanna see him kissu le Gear too but bugging him is probly just gonna make him nervous. Or get on his nerves. Or unnerve him. Or all three. *uses bouncer powers to separate Thisthis and the askers for a bit*

“You guys are so weird with your assumptions…” 

So last night I had my very first experience with homophobic slurs. I was walking home at 4am with my friends (a lesbian couple) they were holding hands and some drunk guys passed by and started screaming very very homophobic and rude slurs. Ranging from “you know they used to stone gays to death” to chanting “Trump”. And the three of us just continued on, called a friend to stay on the phone with us while we walked. And I know that it wasn’t directed at me directly but it still hurt me and scared me. For being publicly affectionate with previous girlfriends I’ve never ever experienced such vile words from anyone.

Stormwater Trump Binding Spell

Step One: Collect storm water - preferably on a moon phase you associate with binding, balance or hexing your oppressors (I personally love last quarter for this) even better do the spell while it’s still stormy outside if possible

Step Two: Draw a sigil of the phrase “Trump Administration” Feel free to use mine as inspiration lol

Step Three: On the back write “I bind you from harming ________ (list which groups you are protecting depending on if you’d rather try to get everyone in one go or do one group at a time to get more bang for your buck as it were)

Step Four: (optional) Incorporation inspirational quotes and songs – for instance I used the song “Stand Up” by Flowbots and the Activist Burnout incantation written by @cobwebsandmagic

Heres a Shou headcannon: Since he’s probably been around the world a few times, I like to imagine he uses alot of slang no one in Salt city understands. He’d probably try to teach it to the other three, only Teru would actually use any though.



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