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Gwain tries to consol Galahad becuase he thinks tristian is raping him, gwain does not realise that galahad and tristian are in a relationship

They are several minutes into the conversation when Galahad at last realize the drive of its thrust. He nearly spits the drink Gawain has pressed into his hands back into Gawain’s face. His amusement fades quickly when he realizes Gawain is in earnest, and not pulling Galahad’s chain.

“It’s not your fault,” Gawain tells him, trying to pass him another drink across the table that he has cornered Galahad at.

“Gawain,” Galahad interjects, carefully withholding his laughter,  "brother, think better of me. If I did not want his advances, I promise you-“

He pauses to look Gawain in the eyes earnestly, "I would <i>discourage</i> them,”

Certainly, Galahad thinks, he would not so often tantalize Tristan until he was ravenous for it.