the three gossips

LISTEN bitty and holster are like the dynamic duo for being dramatic and petty. Sometimes holster will dramatically slam bitty’s door open and fling himself practically into bitty’s lap and be like “you’ll never GUESS what I just heard William Poindexter say” and bitty will literally shove his textbook and homework off the bed and gasp and be like “TELL ME”. And then they literally just spend three hours bitching and gossiping

shoes off, goggles off (bodhi rook )

“He wasn’t just a body to you; it was him or nobody. You barely trusted people, let alone men into your life, and Bodhi had proven himself to be the exception. You couldn’t sleep anymore without him beside you. When he had off-planet trips it felt like gravity was off-center knowing he wasn’t in close proximity. When he was beside you it felt easier to exist. He was all soft, and you were rough edges. You had spent so long convinced that you had helped pull him out of his depression, that you hadn’t considered that maybe his love for you was just a dam, blocking off the flood of unsettling sadness inside of him. You needed him, and maybe he no longer cared if it was you–he just needed someone.”

You’ve been dating for over four years, and sometimes doubts leak through. 

(i.e be prepared for that hot triple threat of fluff/angst/smut)

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Little Vixen (Cheryl x Reader)

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could write something where the reader (female reader) is a river vixen and has a crush on Cheryl and somehow tricks her into thinking she needs help learning some moves for cheerleading just so she can spend more time with her? Maybe some fluff and/or smut? It’s totally up to you, though. Thanks. :)

A/N: I changed it a bit but hopefully you still like it!! I used “Touch” by Little Mix in this! xxx


Little Vixen (Cheryl x Reader)

You joined the Vixens for one reason. Cheryl Blossom in a short skirt.

Everyone knew the fiery redhead had your attention. And Boy, did she have your attention.

You were known for flirting with everyone and loved to make out with anyone willingly.

But no one came close to Cheryl and her cherry stained lips. God, You wanted to take a bite of her.

“(Y/n)?” fingers snap your mildly inappropriate thoughts away.

You turn and see Veronica Lodge grinning at you. “Staring at her isn’t going to help anything.” Her smug voice making you sigh. You were pretty hopeless.

“I just need to get her alone but that’s impossible.” You groan as Betty joins the conversation.

“Just ask her to help you out with some moves. God knows you don’t actually pay attention during practice.” Betty shrugs.

“I can’t just do that. Plus she’d probably make Tina or Ginger help me.” Veronica rolls her eyes and calls the redhead over.

“What are you three hens gossiping about?” She places her perfectly manicured hands on her hips.

“About how (Y/n) needs to work on her moves. Betty and I think you should help her instead of us as you are so much better.” Veronica links arms with you and gives you a wink.

Cheryl stares at you for a moment before nodding. “Alright. We can stay after practice is finished.” She flips her hair and walks off.

You let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding.

“Now you just have to pull your sexy moves on her. Show her that you’re a little Vixen.” V gives you a smirk and walks off with Betty.

Show her that you’re a little Vixen.

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Three words. Eight Letters. Say it and I’m yours.
—  Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass
Hopelessly Romantic

Can you maybe make an imagine about Draco proposing to the reader?

i decided this might be good today? even though its trash i’m sorry

Un-poetic?’ She nodded, fiercely, while digging into her carton of Indian cuisine. ‘I don’t quite understand.’ His girlfriend huffed, sipping from her mug a decent iced tea, then began to explain. ‘Last girl’s night-’
He began to fidget at the phrase. Girl’s Night. It was every man’s nightmare. The three would gossip and giggle, discussing every praise and problem in their relationships. However, he had to treat those two friends almost better than Y/n, because if her best friends didn’t like him, soon, she wouldn’t either. 
‘-Daphne mentioned that Theo took her to the muggle planetarium, and spelled out marry me in the night’s sky.’ After his lack of response, she continued. ‘Blaise and Pansy are a sight for sore eyes. I mean, he got actual reindeer, a cherry red sled, and enchanted the lot to fly around Paris, then proposed on Christmas Eve!’ Draco shrugged, licking curry from his lip. ‘We could apparate to Paris if you want?’ She stood up, scoffing, jutting her hip in frustration. ‘How can you be so…so….un-romantic?’ He quirked a brow, slightly smirking at her adorable anger. It was like a baby bunny yelling at him while twitching its nose and fluffing its tail. ‘I’m not un-romantic.’ She rushed by him, slapping the back of his head. ‘You might not be romantic, but you are most certainly hopeless.’ He chuckled as she slammed the door.
When a woman wants to take things further in a relationship, she will make it known to her partner. Some women are subtle. Some. However, his Y/n was about as subtle as a centaur. At one point, she charmed his shower into flooding him with heart-shaped bubbles. Relentless, that woman. However, on a particular guy’s night, Draco Malfoy decided to take matters into his own wand.
‘Why doesn’t he just apparate to New York? Isn’t Alaska in America, as well?’ Theo tossed a popcorn kernel at the blonde, quieting him down while the muggle actors poured their hearts on the screen. Blaise chuckled, turning in his seat to whisper. ‘They’re average, Malfoy. They can’t travel as quickly.’ He snorted, sipping his Chateau Lafite. A few seconds passed of sappy dialogue until another question popped into his head. ‘Why don’t they just use some amortentia? They’ll smell each other and realize they’re in love.’ ‘Draco-’ ‘I’m just saying that-’ Theo stormed into the kitchen, angrily pulling out a bag of trail mix. ‘I invite you into my home. I let you use my muggle telly. And, what do I get? I’ll tell you what I get; I get two idiots who can’t figure out why Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds belong together! Can’t you understand? Its about the bloody romance! Its not romantic if he just poofed after her! He sat on an endless flight, ran from the airport-’ ‘What’s an-’ ‘-to their building, and opened up to her in front of all their coworkers! Its spontaneous, its riviting, its-’ ‘-muggle trash.’ Theo turned a hard glare on Blaise, while the latter snorted into his glass of brandy. ‘You want to impress your maiden? Go magic. Make it rain amortentia, buy her a unicorn, maybe have the Minister set up something. Point is, use what you already know.’ ‘That’s preposterous, that’s-’ 
Draco honestly couldn’t know what those two blabbered on about for the next sixty two minutes. After all, he knew exactly what he was going to do.
The radio halted, Y/n’s soapy head of hair flipped, ungracefully, a tad of shampoo spilling into her eye. As if on cue, her hair flattened against her head, dried, primped, and perfect. Almost like she was under a curse, a long, silver gown floated onto her form, zipping up itself with ease. Her feet mechanically hoisted themselves into stilettos too high for her own good. With a flash, she flew down the steps of their flat, tripping until she flung open the door. ‘Theo? Blaise? What’s going on, what-’
She had to stifle a laugh, groan, and squeal as Draco Malfoy, the bad boy of Hogwarts, strode up to their doorstep dawning a muggle prince costume. He wore a tacky, golden crown, while petting his rental horse, with a complementary horn-headband. Y/n couldn’t believe the sight. With confidence, he hopped off the stallion, landing on his knee while bestowing a pure, red rose. Theo grinned, flicking his wand towards the clouds while Blaise enchanted an awning to form over the bride. A storm cloud swirled, successfully soaking Malfoy from head to toe. ‘Y/n, I’m not very romantic. I spent fifteen hours watching disgusting films, and the rest of my weekend listening to these two idiots talk about Love Actually.’ She rolled her eyes. ‘But, I did it. I sat through the talking, and fluffy nonsense all for you. I’d do anything for you.’ She began to notice his eyes forming their own raindrops, blending into the shower above. ‘Will you do me the honour of being my queen, my partner, my lover, my friend, and will you be, above all, my wife?’ She swallowed down the lump in her throat, throwing caution and comfort to the wind. ‘Yes, you hopeless romantic. A million times yes.’ She ran from Zabini’s protection charm, into the murky storm ahead. All spells broken, she crashed into Draco’s arms as thunder crashed across the sky. It was completely, and utterly unconventional, and downright wrong all together. However, in reality, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

This broke my heart I was sobbing! 😢😫