the three feathers

Vax’ildan, Champion of the Raven Queen, Conqueror of the Cinder King, Reaper of the Living, the Death Walker, and wielder of the Whisper of shadows and fate, 

God of Shadows, the Night Raven 
his symbol is three crossed daggers with feathers for hilts; silver is woven through his hair to give the dead fare for the river to his Mistress. His sister is the Dawn Magpie, who guides him across the sky to the East. In his Hearts of Hearts, there is color and life, and his Lover is the Lily Tiger, giver of Life and Protector of Freewill. 

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British Presentation Sword, first quarter of the 19th century

Osborn & Gunby Prince of Wales sword has a slightly curved 32-¾" blade with double wide fullers and clip-point. Upper portion of blade with fire-blued finish, the left side profusely decorated with gold-inlaid images of warriors, crown, eagle, maidens and floral motifs. Right side with Poseidon, eagle, crown, centaur and floral details. Stirrup hilt with rouletted languets, twist gold-inlaid grip. Dark red transparent cabochons. Steel gold-inlaid scabbard with sculpted gold-finished mounts, the top with four vertical rows of circles with floral drape below. The central mount with poly-chromed oval containing three-feather Prince of Wales emblem with Latin motto that reads: ‘He adds honour to the Ancestral Honour’. Two rope pattern ring mounts. Reverse side of scabbard engraved with legend: Osborn / and / Gunby / Sword Cutlers / To His Majesty / & His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales / Birmingham / Pall Mall / London. Surrounded by engraved wreath. Drag with ornate gold-inlaid floral patterns, the obverse deeply engraved. Blade and scabbard with wear and losses to finish. Minor dents present.

Show us the blade, for the love of Evolution!

pokedexxy 16, fav steel

I really love skarmory in concept, but then its wings are just so dumb. Like how can it even get airborne with three long silly feathers sticking out of its shoulders? and like you cant even blame it on the rule of cool because its not. So I tried to make it look a little more bird-y, and I’m pretty fond of the result! pretty happy with everything about this really…

A Court of Mist and Fury  (high-res)

happy half naked high lords objectification Thursday!

Rhys - i default to PoC as characters, so Obviously Illyrians Must Be Asian. (ref: Godfrey Gao, Taiwanese) and cue Dramatic And Swishy Fashion to dissimulate your daily warrior training B)

It’s a fine feathered Fossil Friday! 

Sinornithosaurus millenii is one of several dinosaur fossils studied by Museum paleontologists that show evidence of feathers, adding to our understanding of how birds are related to dinosaurs.
Sinornithosaurus apparently had three types of feathers: simple hairlike filaments, downy tufts (like those on modern birds), and modern feathers along the edges of its limbs. It lived 130 million years ago in the region that is now China, and was about 3 feet long.

Meet more dinosaurs in the Museum’s Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.  

Daily Monster 342: Simurgh

Region of origin: Iran

The simurgh is an ancient, benevolent creature who has been reborn along with the earth several time and is said to possess the knowledge of one who has lived for thousands of years. She often appeared in stories to help kings and heroes, teaching them valuable lessons or skills (in one story introducing the cesarean section to humanity) or offering them three feathers which the human could use to call on her and overcome obstacles or adversaries. In most of these stories the simurgh holds a particular enmity against dragons and serpents. She represents purity and fertility, and roosts in Geokerena, the Tree of Life, whose leaves could be used to heal any disease and the source of all other plant life in the world, which the simurgh distributed as she flew from the tree.


Genetics cause frizzled feathers to grow out and curl away from the body instead of growing flat and smooth following the body contour. The Frizzle is recognised as a distinct breed in a number of European countries and Australia. In the United States frizzled chickens are not considered a breed, and at shows are judged by the standards of the breed they belong to. These are beautiful and unusual birds and come in many breeds, varieties and species.

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