the three feathers

No Sooner Met

Summary: Royal AU. Princess Elizabeth of France is forced to marry the future King of England, Forsythe Jones the Third to stop a war between their between their two countries but their first meeting does not go as planned. Based on this post.

Words: 2,668

Warnings: A brief sexual situation. 

A/N: I was heavily inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. I know some people, @jandjsalmon , have been asking for this fic and I thought I’d take a shot at it. I hope some of you like it. I’ve never written anything like this so if might suck. 

This isn’t even remotely accurate historically and a few of these lines are Shakespeare’s not mine. 

I also edited myself so there are probably mistakes.

“I do not wish to marry him mother!” Princess Elizabeth of France wailed as her plump lady in waiting, Jonet, laced her into her dress. “I do not love him!”

She was the eldest daughter of Henry Cooper, the ruling King of France. To quiet rising tensions between the French and the English she was set to marry the next King of England, Forsythe Phillip George Edward Jones the Third. Elizabeth knew little of him but what she did know she didn’t like. Promiscuous, entitled, egotistical.

“That is not what this is about, Elizabeth.” Queen Alice of France, scolded as she helped pin up her daughters flowing blonde hair. “Our kingdoms are on the verge of war, children of French and English blood will stop that war.”

“I want to marry Duke Archibald! He is of noble birth, he would make a fine husband!” Tears ran down her face and Jonet blotted them with a handkerchief.

“For a Countess possibly, but not for a Princess and future Queen!” Alice roared, pulling on her daughters hair. “You will meet Prince Forsythe, you will be pleasant, you will be ladylike, you will be of the nobility you were born into. You will entertain him at the masquerade tonight, you will be married and you will provide him with heirs.”

Elizabeth stood looking at herself in the mirror. The light lavender dress fashioned for this night was beautiful and different from any dress she had ever worn. The type of ball they were having required costumes so something a little less formal would not be frowned upon. The material was lighter and allowed her to move more freely than the heavier satin dresses she was used to wearing. White lace outlined the bust, sleeves and hem. She looked beautiful, glowing even, as her mother came up behind her.

“Don’t you want me to be happy?” Elizabeth asked.

Alice sighed. “My beautiful girl, happiness is something that people like us cannot afford. We live in this luxury and our penance is to make sure we keep our people alive. This marriage will do that.” Alice accepted an ornate gold tiara from Jonet and placed it on her daughters head. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” She planted a kiss on Elizabeth’s cheek and when her mother had left the room, the Princess began to sob.

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Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales illustrated by Felicitas Kuhn

The Brave Little Tailor, Mother Holle, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin, The Golden Bird, Little Red Riding Hood, Jorinde and Joringel, The Farmer and the Devil, The Three Feathers

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Hey there! I just wanted to ask if you maybe know what wind chimes are used for and what their purpose is? I mean in magickal terms.. hope you have a lovely day )o(

Hey back! Sorry this took so long, I didn’t see it!

Wind chimes are good for multiple things within witchcraft. Including:

  • Cleansing: Open a window after cleaning your space, hang a wind chime out of the window, and let the wind and the sounds from the chime give your space fresh and clean energy.
  • Harnessing Energy: You can also use wind chimes to harness the wind’s energy when doing spells. This is particularly effective when doing weather magick or for spoonie witches who already have a very limited amount of energy to begin with.
  • Wind Chime Spells: There’s also heaps of wind chime specific spells out there! Here’s a few to get you started!

Wind Chime Spell for Home Blessing
Spell by Ellen Dugan from the book “Elements of Witchcraft”.  
Say this prayer as you hang your wind chimes outside after you have blessed them and empowered them with your intentions for home protection and good luck:
“Magickal wind chimes, now be for me a charm for good luck and prosperity. As the chimes ring out, a spell they’ll weave, all dread and negativity now must leave! By the power of the sylphs and faeries, as I do will it, so now it shall be.”

Wind Chime Spell for Bringing Good News to Your Door
From “Magical Spells For Your Home” by Ann-Marie Gallagher.  

For this spell, you will bless your Wind Chimes at your altar, calling upon Athena - Goddess of Communication and then hang them outside your front door.  

You will need three feathers, some yellow ribbon, lavender oil and a yellow candle.

Put some lavender scented essential oil in an oil burner with some water, light a yellow candle and say:
“Athena, Goddess of Communication, Empower and bless my spell to bring good news to my door,with the swiftness of a bird in flight, Good fortune to ensure.”

Using one length of ribbon, tie the first feather securely to any thread of the wind chime and say:
“Happy news, find your way to my home, begin today!”

Tie the second feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say:
“Bright music, sacred sound. Evil here is never found.”

Tie the third feather to another thread of the chime with ribbon and say:
“Lucky Breeze, happy din. Summon light to flow within.”

Hang your wind chime over your front door or on your front porch near the door where breeze or wind will frequently stir it to action.

Air Blessing Protection Wind Chimes
Found at Pebble’s Spiritual Cave, as well as different variations on the spell using the same prayer on a couple other websites as well.  

Find, make, or buy a new set of wind chimes. Before you hang them up, charge them and empower them with protection using the following spell. Place the chimes on your altar and see them in their still and motionless state. Wave your hand or wand over them, visualizing bright white light flowing into the chimes until they are glowing with power.  Say:

“Wind Chimes, Spell Rhymes, Spell Chimes, Wind Rhymes, Air Primes, Spell Chimes, Nine times Nine”

Hold them up in front of you and blow on them or sway them to activate the ringing and activate the spell. Hang them outside and visualize the sounds reflecting the white light around them, driving away negativity and attracting positive energy.

Hope this was useful!


Behind A Mask

A/N: Only a day late, but oh well, it’s the thought that counts?? Oh well, hopefully you’ll feel the love in this @consulting-dragon-slayer! Happy belated birthday, and part two should be up soon, hopefully lol!!

Lucy had no desire of finding a suitor, and yet when a mysterious stranger steals her attention at a ball Lucy learns that some masks reveal a pleasant surprise. 

Masquerade AU

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Word Count:  5926

Rating: M (no nsfw in this part)

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Lucy twirled around the grand ballroom, face kept in a pleasant smile, not too large but not too small, not too fake as to offend the man whose arm she was hovering her fingers over but not too real so that it touched her honey eyes. The classical music ended, and she curtsied to the man as he bowed to her, his name in the back of her mind but not important enough to truly remember.

This wasn’t her ball after all.

Feigning faintness, Lucy scurried away from the man as quickly as polite society would allow, hollow promises of another dance tumbling from her lips before she brought up a delicate grey lace fan and covering half her face. She walked daintily but purposefully towards a group of two other girls by the refreshments, sparkling champagne glasses in each girl’s hand. Both girls had silver white hair, an ethereal reflection of pale gold shining from the hundreds of candles hung from grand crystal chandeliers and along the walls of the room. Despite it being well past sun down the large room was well lit, yet another symbol of the status held by the people in attendance.

Lucy brushed off several more requests for dances, coming to a rest beside the shorter of the two and releasing a heavy sigh. The two girls giggled as Lucy put away her fan, gracefully allowing the material to return to it’s flattened state and twirling the fan in between her fingers, satin gloves making it more difficult to control.

“My, my,” the taller girl tittered, peeking at Lucy over the top of her glass as she took a sip, “looks like our Lucy has stolen the attention of the party,”. Blue eyes fluttered heavily coated lashes at Lucy, small smile enhanced with a deep red lip gloss, the rest of her makeup simple but impecable. A black mask with purple and silver swirls covered a slim portion of her face, silver tie disappearing into her curls. Her silver hair, while longer than other girl’s, was pulled up in a large pile of ringlets, twirling strands falling around her face and at the nape of her neck, her bangs pulled back into the collection of hair on top of her head. Her dress was a deep purple, satin bodice decorated with silvery white embroidery, an ode to the tresses on her head. It fell out from her waist in a waterfall of gathered material, same plum colour constant all the way through, with only minor decorations of jewels and delicate stitching. The shoulderless dress enhanced her already noticeable curves, bust spilling a little from the tight confines of the corset. It was honestly one of her more modest outfits, but then again it wasn’t her ball either.

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A scenario where Revali and his hylian s/o has a kid? Like a hybrid of the two? How would that look like?

[A/N: Alright, I went overboard and this kept me up til like 3 am last night, I was thinking of this in a semi-realistic manner. It was difficult for a bit because the persona I used to pair Revali with is basically an empty slate. I adorn them in clothes if I do draw them so I don’t have specific features to write, and others can incorporate themselves in it. But I figured to write this I used the persona I nicknamed, Yeurni, for reference. I am sorry it’s a lengthy read, but it’s just how I see this hybrid happening. Considered this an AU of Flock Together. You can thank Admin Quincy for the goblin nickname above in the picture. Admin Quincy loves them regardless. ] 

When Revali and you decided that it was time to start a family the probability of having a child was extremely low. Neither you nor Revali knew how you could conceive given the difference in species and more. Thus you two sought out many shamans, healers and all turned up with nothing. You were beginning to think that perhaps adopting would suffice, but deep down you and Revali wanted to have an actual child together. At least, in hopes to see what your genes could create. However, the research was turning up empty and hard as you tried not to; you were beginning to lose hope.

It wasn’t until one day King Rhoam came to you with an offer.. He heard of your plights, and given that Revali was making his way to be Champion, he would one day want the Rito to protect his future child.  In turn for Revali’s service, King Rhoam wanted to present the two of you with a gift, and the gift was at a chance of an actual child. Even though Revali made his concerns and was highly skeptical, he eventually conceded for this last chance. King Rhoam took you to his castle and there introduced you to Marin, a kooky scientist and shaman. Marin was ecstatic with the opportunity and when her child, Purah, ran to her side, was more than happy to go the extra mile.

Marin, for a few days straight, took hair follicles, feathers, DNA, and what have you; all the while teaching her daughter science and magical properties. It was amazing to say the least as you watch Marin be a wonderful, if not weird, mother. You hope that if a child came from this you could be as good as parent as she was.

As the days went by you and Revali were talking about what your child would possibly look like. Each of you thought they would be a perfect combination of you two, and strongly hoped that there wasn’t any scorn between your hybrid of a child. However, Revali had some days where he would scare himself, and talk himself into thinking that their child would be a freak of nature. He would tell you his fears at night, and would cry at the prospect of the child possibly dying from the mix genetics. As hard as it was, you tried to stay strong for the two of you while waiting for the results.

The day finally came when a tired Marin, and her daughter, Purah, came out from their lab. Within Marin’s hand was a large soft egg encased within a sapphire orb. “We did it!” Marin, exclaimed and handed you the delicate egg. It took every ounce of strength not to burst into tears and Revali was completely overwhelmed, he had to go outside for a bit.  

Marin knelt beside you and placed her hand on your shoulder, “Now, I was able to combine you two the best of my ability, but this is also magic infused. I used particles from an ancient relic that was said to be once touched by Hylia. I do not know how this will fair, but I can guarantee you have a child in there.” She smiled sweetly while you tried to find the words to thank her, but she knew from your look alone what you wanted to say. “Congratulations.” Was all she said.

In your shared home the egg was placed on a pillow, the sapphire orb around it glowing brightly. It was hard to believe, but you and Revali were going to be parents. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you would spend hours staring at the incubating egg. Revali would often scold you, “Darling, penetrating the egg with your stare is not going to have them hatch faster.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe they can feel it.”

He only shook his head and laughed under his breath, “Yes, instill our child with peer pressure already. I am sure that will work wonders in our favor.”


Several months had pass and your precious egg hadn’t hatch, but it certainly was enlarging. The sapphire orb around it was beginning to diminish, and it was just an indescribable feeling knowing your child would soon be born. The only issue is that neither of you had decided upon a name, and the days until your baby would hatched were closing in. Revali picked up the egg and gently caressed it all the while murmuring sweet nothings to it. You smiled from your spot at the fire, preparing dinner.

Revali was pacing around the home mindlessly telling the baby stories of his feats and, of course, how you two met. It was in the midst of his sentence when he suddenly paused and let out a sound of eureka. “Skali!” He exclaimed and you only looked at him puzzled. He whirled around and gestured to the egg, “How does Skali sound?”

You blinked in question, “What does it mean?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“….And you want to name our child that because?”

“….It sounds nice.”

So, Skali it was for a very simplistic reason, if not a tad odd.

And the eve of morning, you and Revali noticed that the blue orb was gone. For a moment panic arose between both of you, fearing the worse had happened. However, before Revali could grabbed Skali to take them to Marin, the egg began to wiggle about. Revali made incoherent sounds in excitement and you were frantically pacing the room.

“Is it happening?!” You yelled.

“Possibly?!” He squawked.

With great anticipation you two watched Skali break through the shell. Little by little the baby exposed itself and broke free; remaining shell clung to them as the peeped. A cry clogged your throat as you gently picked your baby up. They were completely featherless, but you could tell that Skali would later developed them. Your baby girl was a sight to see with a top beak and normal bottom lip. Her skin was tough, bumpy and a deep mocha. She did not have a tail stub, and Revali figured she would not develop tail feathers. She was odd looking, but to you she was the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on.

The first few years was a struggle learning how to take care of a child of mix breeds, but eventually you learned what made her tick. Also, the wonderful Marin and her daughter were there to help.

Her feathers were sporadic, mostly lining her under arms and her ring finger and pinky were merged together and covered in feathers. Her facial feathers collected under her chin, and three large, powder blue feathers adorned her head. She was lanky with long arms, a small torso, and an odd mixture of human feet and bird claws.

Skali wore hoods and cloaks to cover herself, not at all comfortable with her appearance since she was the only one in existence. Although Revali and you loved her to the end of the Earth and back, you could not protect her from the prejudice you both had feared. You two did the best you could to make sure she was well loved even if the world didn’t see the beauty you saw in her.

Revali did his best to be the best father he could be for her, and taught her all she knew about archery and fighting. Her flight skills were nonexistent given her torso and wings were too small to carry her, but she had the ability to glide short distances. Skali did her best to please her father in all sorts of fighting techniques, and had become formidable with throwing knives. Her long arm were perfect in projecting small weapons.  

Skali didn’t make many friends as she was too shy and nervous around other children. However, she did find solace in King’s Rhoam’s daughter, Zelda, who was just a few years younger than her. They became close friends and spent a lot of time together. Zelda protected Skali from the other children and encouraged her. It warmed yours and Revali’s heart seeing Skali breaking out of her bubble. Zelda gave Skali the confidence she had trouble seeing in herself and you knew those two would be best friends for life.

But it was not easy for Skali growing up despite all the support she had. As she was reaching early adulthood it became abundantly clear that she could not bare children. It was hard to hear at first, but she came to understand she could still become a mother by adopting.

Which brings us to the crisis of Revali and you having a hybrid for a child. Skali struggled silently for years accepting what she is. It was also difficult understanding the limitations and issues that she would not have if she was a full-blooded species. She never wanted to trouble anyone and embarrassed by her odd speech impediment, Skali choose to not speak. It was concerning as parents, but you two did not want to force her. You had to come to your own conclusion she was fighting a war within herself, but it was hard to choose whether or not to interfere.

This would, in her teenage years when she was experiencing growth spurts, caused her to lash out.  And with her having to deal with some prejudice at the same time made her withdraw into herself. Eventually, now in currently being nineteen, she had learned to find peace within herself and to love what she is. She knows she is a product of love even though people have whispered her parents were playing Goddesses, she felt blessed to be given the opportunity to experience life.

Because I hadn’t done any calculations for Jacob yet, here you go. Extra smol Jacob weighs less than a dime and extra tol Jacob weighs six times as much as a blue whale.

Sleep - pt 4

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“Which one do you like?” Jimin asked, as you both stood in front of a tiny wall of dream catchers.

Each on was adorned with feathers, some white and others colored. There were so many on this tiny wall that it was impossible to choose.

“How did you choose yours?” You asked Jimin.

He smiled, “I didn’t. Someone gave it to me, remember?”

You recalled that he told you this already, embarrassment flushing onto your cheeks. Your memory had gotten worse over time and apparently the forgetfulness was caused by stress.

Jimin suddenly held your hand and pulled you backwards a bit so that he could step grab a dream catcher.

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Wings (Pt. 3) - M

For it was he who dared lay with a mortal, be cast down from the heavens and forever marked as a sinner

Originally posted by taehvnqs

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Words: 3.8K

Genre: Fantasy, AU, 18+ (for cursing and future smut)

Part: One, Two, Three

A/N:  FINALLY!! Okay I need to apologise for how long this took lol I’m a disgrace. I promise I won’t  take as long for the next chapter. I originally had a different plan for this, but thankfully that changed and I managed to finish it, otherwise it would’ve been another 5 months before I published :))) anyway ENJOY~

Recap: He held out his hand and showed me a huge white feather.

“A bird feather. Did you see what it was? It must have been huge,” Jimin said.

I shook my head at him, not saying what I was thinking.

“Well to be honest a pink elephant could’ve walked through here in the last hour and I wouldn’t have noticed.”

I could only imagine the questions I’d get if I said that. Jimin just shrugged his shoulders and pocketed the feather.

The three of us then began our trek back to the campsite. I couldn’t keep the smile from creeping onto my face as we walked. I was still on a high from what had just happened, and I couldn’t wait to how thing would go later tonight.

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British Presentation Sword, first quarter of the 19th century

Osborn & Gunby Prince of Wales sword has a slightly curved 32-¾" blade with double wide fullers and clip-point. Upper portion of blade with fire-blued finish, the left side profusely decorated with gold-inlaid images of warriors, crown, eagle, maidens and floral motifs. Right side with Poseidon, eagle, crown, centaur and floral details. Stirrup hilt with rouletted languets, twist gold-inlaid grip. Dark red transparent cabochons. Steel gold-inlaid scabbard with sculpted gold-finished mounts, the top with four vertical rows of circles with floral drape below. The central mount with poly-chromed oval containing three-feather Prince of Wales emblem with Latin motto that reads: ‘He adds honour to the Ancestral Honour’. Two rope pattern ring mounts. Reverse side of scabbard engraved with legend: Osborn / and / Gunby / Sword Cutlers / To His Majesty / & His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales / Birmingham / Pall Mall / London. Surrounded by engraved wreath. Drag with ornate gold-inlaid floral patterns, the obverse deeply engraved. Blade and scabbard with wear and losses to finish. Minor dents present.

Show us the blade, for the love of Evolution!

Waking up without Tikki and with a small little blue bird-like thing snoozing away on Marinette’s pillow was definitely warranted screaming.

At least in Marinette’s opinion.

“A-aw no, please, d-don’t scream,” the little blue thing cooed, its lip trembling. “Y-you’ll make me…” it burst into tears, very glittery tears.

“Wh-who are you?!” Marinette tried to project as much patience into her voice as possible but it was hard when she didn’t have any.

It kept bawling, desperately wiping away tears. “P-Plume. M-My name is Plume.”

Marinette chewed her lip, fear for Tikki making her heart race in her chest. “Are you a kwami, Plume?”

Plume brightened, wiping away stray tears as she fought to smile. “Yes! I’m your kwami!”

“Y-you, but, I didn’t, but what’s- where’s the miraculous?” And Tikki, where’s my Tikki.

Plume’s eyes dropped. “Check your hair and your ears, Ladybug.” her voice was solemn.

Marinette hesitantly lifted a hand to her hair, finding the short dark hair elegantly pinned back with a peacock pin rather than in its usual pigtails. Her fingers at her ear, she noticed no earrings that marked her as Ladybug.

“I-I, when? H-How? Tikki?” Marinette could feel the prickle of tears.

Plume sighed, floating over to perch on her shoulder. “Tikki had some business to attend to, Miss Marinette. I promise, she didn’t at all want to leave. She put the miraculous in your hair as you slept. She gives you her love.”

“W-Will she be back?” Her TIkki, her Tikki was gone.

Plume’s smile was bright and radiant. “Oh yes! Soon, very soon! I am her stand-in! Plume, at your service. When you say ‘transform me’, you become Aviaire!”

Marinette was still wrapping her head around the fact that Tikki was gone. She had left, with no goodbye, no warning.

“Oh, Miss Marinette,” Plume gently brushed aside the tears that slid down Marinette’s cheek. “Tikki will be back very soon.”

Marinette sniffled. “Th-Thank you Plume. Now,” Marinette wiped the rest of her tears with the heel of her hand before putting on a bright smile. “Tell me all about Aviaire.”

Plume, Marinette noticed, was very… emotional. When she was happy, she seemed like her whole world was full of bright sunshine. When she was upset, the world seemed dark and dreary with no sunlight to break through the heavy clouds.

Plume was very pretty too. Marinette loved the deep blue color of her and her feathers were so lovely with their dots of red. The red dot in the center of Plume’s forehead reminded Marinette of the Hindi wedding fashion she had studied for her designs.

“So, urr that’s pretty much it. I don’t think I forgot anything.” Plume’s smile was beautiful. “That’s never happened before.”

Marinette smiled. “I know how you feel.”

“Are you feeling better, Miss Marinette?” Plume asked, with affection in her eyes.

“Just Marinette is fine. Yes, yes, I’m better.” As great as I could be without my kwami.

“Marinette! You’ll be late!” Marinette’s mother called.


Marinette didn’t even make it to school when she heard the screams.

“Already?” Marinette groaned. “Well, Plume, are you ready?”

Plume floated out of Marinette’s bag. “Absolutely!”

“Tikki, transform me!” Marinette called.

Plume stared at her, a little sheepish.

“Oh,” Marinette blushed. “Sorry, Plume, transform me!”

The transformation was different from Ladybug’s. Blue, rather than red, sparks covered her, leaving a suit in their wake. The suit itself was a work of art. Not as practical as her Ladybug suit but what could she expect from a peacock miraculous?

Two fans like rows of peacock feathers were attached to her hips. Marinette was cloaked, the clasp over her collarbone. The cloak fell behind her, designed like a peacock’s tail feathers. The suit itself slid from a deep blue at her shoulders to a light, sky blue at her hips where it ended in a skirt. Marinette could appreciate a good skirt but fighting in one could definitely prove to be a challenge. Her legs were clad in black, the same material as the part of the suit that covered her chest and torso. Three feathers shot out from the middle of Marinette’s blue mask.

Sure, it was very pretty, but she would have to test its practicality.

As she ran for the akuma, the cloak billowed around her. Marinette could almost swear it was making her faster.

The akuma, it seemed, was putting the city of Paris to sleep. They glided down the streets leisurely in a beautiful dress like the night sky, emitting a perfume into the air. People in the vicinity immediately dropped, not dead, but asleep. The akuma hummed quietly, a lullaby-like tune.

“Hey! Your singing is awful!” Marinette- no, Aviaire yelled, trying to catch their attention.

The akuma turned slowly to her. “Ha, Ladybug, you are no match for… who are you?”

Aviaire rolled her eyes. “None of your business.”

“Well, whoever you are, I am Dreary Dream, and I shall take yours, Ladybug’s, and Chat Noir’s miraculouses!” Dreary Dream laughed, soothing voice gone. “Now come here, little birdy.”

Aviaire laughed. “In your dreams.”

She held her breath as she flipped over the akuma, searching and scanning for the akuma’s object.

“Who are you?!” Aviaire sighed. That was definitely Chat’s voice. How was she going to explain this.

Aviaire turned to see Chat who was standing very defensively, claws out, a near snarl on his face. “Territorial, are you, kitty?”

“No offense, but the last time we had a new ‘hero’ they turned out to be an akuma that nearly took my Lady’s miraculous.” Chat growled. “It’s not happening again.”

“Lucky for you, your Lady isn’t going to turn up-”

“Cease your banter!” Dreary Dream rolled their eyes. “Give me your miraculouses!”

Chat rolled his eyes before launching himself at the akuma, quickly bringing them to the ground. “Hard to fight in a dress, isn’t it? I was definitely better than you at it, though.” Chat grinned.

“Check the earrings!” Aviaire called.

She could see Chat grimace, reaching for the earrings that seemed to emit the perfume.

“Chat, look out!”

Chat dropped aside, very much asleep.

“That stupid kitten.” Aviaire muttered, fans wielded.

She held the fan up to her nose, waving it to ward off the perfume and headed over to the akuma who was struggling under Chat’s dead weight.

“Not today, Hawk Moth,” Aviaire smiled, breaking the earring in half and letting the akuma out. “Plume!” Aviaire buried her face in her hands. “You didn’t tell me how to cure!”

Aviaire caught the butterfly in her hands, already feeling its evil seep into her skin. “Um, uh, miraculous ladybug? Uh… miraculous paon? Miraculous peacock? Dammit, Plume- whoa.”

Aviaire’s words broke off as a light glowed between her gloves. The blue light faded away and she spared a peek at the little butterfly in her hands. It was white, pure and free of evil.

Aviaire sighed, letting the butterfly go. “Now how do I…”

Just hold your cloak in both hands and give a lil shake! Plume had said. Aviaire held up her cloak in both hands, and shook from side to side.

Sparkles flowed from the cloak, turning into white feathers as they swept up by the wind. The people began lifting their heads, eyes still full of sleepiness. The damage Dreary Dream had caused erased.

“Did you… just cleanse the akuma? Where is… where is my Lady?” Chat’s voice was quiet, still cold.

“Chat,” Aviaire sighed. “Look, I didn’t use my power and neither did you. Let’s meet at the Eiffel Tower in five? I’ll explain everything.”

“What if you kill me and take my miraculous?” Chat raised an eyebrow.

Aviaire rolled her eyes. “When has Hawkmoth ever sent out two akumas at once? He can only have one champion. I thought you would have more observation skills than that, kitty.”

“Don’t call me that.” his voice was venom. “I’ll meet you there but don’t expect me to trust you.”

lmao when did i write this peacock mari holy shit

Buzzkill (Update)

Chapter 3: The Painted Burden

Me: ends chlonath week with a Buzzkill chapter >:Dc 

Some moments of introspection and discovery for Le Paon during one of his first outings. A test of new powers soon becomes a test of will.

(ao3 link)

Le Paon flew across the city for what must have been the third time that week, remaining hidden in the darkness and shadows. New to this life of magic and superpowers, he wavered on each step, still unsure of how to move and unable to completely trust the powers of the Peacock Miraculous. Behind him, the wide tail of his suit flared, manipulating gravity and giving him a brief feeling of flight before he settled onto the next rooftop. His three-piece suit, while at first glance did not seem to be the most appropriate attire for such midnight ventures, was actually quite flexible to his needs. Its shades of deep purple, indigo, and pink clashed against his bright orange-red hair. But in the evening gloom, the sky empty of the moon, everything was muted and dimed, a faded dusky blue in the shadow that aided him in blending into his surroundings as he adjusted to these new powers.

He wavered, coming to a stop at the roof’s edge. Looking down at the streets beneath him, he tried to remind himself that everything was fine—that was a lie. If he, for whatever reason, unexpectedly fell, he knew he wouldn’t be harmed. That theory had been tested more than enough on his first outing as Le Paon. The power of the Miraculous would protect him. And even then, he was Le Paon, and he wouldn’t have to worry about it once he had mastered the power of flight. He would be fine.

At least that’s what he kept telling himself.

The burden of the Miraculous pinned to his cravat weighed heavily upon him. Ever since he had been in possession of the Peacock Miraculous, Nathanael had found that it also came with a strange and unfamiliar sensitivity to the emotions of those around him. Initially, it had been a subtle hum in the back of his mind throughout the day. Sometimes the noise would vanish completely and other times it would grind and pulse irritatingly. But mainly it flared when surrounded by large groups of people. Hawkmoth had explained to him it would continue to grow with each passing day. And even more so this ability increased tenfold while transformed.

He was just starting becoming accustomed to it, being able to decipher what those around him were feeling. What started off mostly as flashes and sounds, that usually left him with a headache, were now being translated into bursts of happiness, shocks of rage, and clouds of sadness.

And now, while he flew through the brisk night he felt it, a myriad of feelings echoing around each corner. The sticky miasma of emotions filled the air, haunting him.

All around him he was bombarded with foreign feelings that were not his own. A flash against his temple signalled someone’s nearby annoyance; a heavy cloud fogged his senses with sleepiness as citizens slept; and a pleasant hum echoed in the back of his throat—if he listened close enough would he be able to hear a song being sung into the night?

He carried on, leaving these thoughts behind him as he further explored the city from his new vantage point. The faster he moved, perhaps the less he would feel.

However that did not seem to be the case. As he ran, he indeed felt them, more and more insights overwhelming his senses. And just as suddenly they burst into flame. His stomach dropped as he stumbled backwards, steadying himself against a nearby wall. Impatience and anger suddenly pricked his skin, and a sluggish, tired, ooze sunk into him at varying intervals, signalling those who were overworked and those already asleep. A cold chill ran through him, and he tasted fear on random people passing by on the streets down below.

It left him feeling nauseous and with a shortness of breath that had nothing to do with his midnight run across the rooftops of Paris. He tried to move forward, to get himself away from the commotion engulfing him, but his body seemed to reject the idea. Instead he tripped. He fell.

Unable to catch himself, he slammed into the rooftop, landing on his hands and knees. He breathed heavily as he tried to remember Hawkmoth’s words, “Let these feeling pass through you.” The mantra wasn’t helpful; he could feel the emotions clashing along his skin, breaking him out into a cold sweat. Sadness and confusion overwhelmed him. Eyes watering, he felt everything too much. It was an itch that was driving him insane. And all of it seemed to come to rest in his throat, drowning him…

“D-detransform me!” he coughed out.

In a flash of blue his costume melted away, leaving Nathanael unmagical and ordinary. Almost immediately he could feel the air rushing back into his lungs. He heaved violently, his body desperate to breathe.

But it wasn’t so easy, detransformed he still felt the lingering claws of emotions stuck to his bones, clinging to him for purchase. Even worse, as he tried to focus, it became apparently clear that the thoughts of panic and anxiety had been his own. Now that his head was a less disturbed, he could recognize his own feelings more clearly. And he didn’t like it.

Beside him on the roof, a small creature collapsed by his hand. Her large pink eyes stared out blankly in front of her. She shuddered violently and wrapped her little body up with her tail, cloaking her as she shifted herself into a little ball of blue. The pink dot on her forehead shrunk until it was almost indiscernible. She lay there still, catatonic.

Her bright pink irises seemed dulled in the evening light, even though they contrasted greatly against the deep blue sclera of her eyes. When Nathanael had first seen her, he had thought she was some sort of demon, her neon eyes flashing at him in the darkness…

And now he saw the same pink-red tinge to his once turquoise blue eyes in every reflection when transformed as Le Paon. He hated it.

Nathanael watched her as he caught his breath. She looked shell-shocked. He blankly wondered if he should say something…had she too been affected? Beneath her tail, her limbs seemed to twitch uncontrollably, making Nathanael immediately feel guilty.

Just as he opened his mouth to apologize, the little creature’s eyes watered, glazing over her demonic eyes with a clear sheen. Her tears soon poured forth, streams of liquid that sparkled and evaporated into glittered mists.

Nathanael had seen her cry many times already, but he was still left in awe as he watched the shimmering twinkle of her tears. He moved, wanting to reach out and offer a hand to comfort her, but he stopped unsure of what to do.

“Are… are you all right?” he tried with a deep whisper that didn’t seem to grab her attention.

Her eyes continued to stare forward, the three little feathers on the back of her head swaying in the wind. In the dark evening her tears lit up the shadows. And the bright scintillation of her tears felt inconsistent to the dour mood surrounding them.

Nathanael tried focusing on her. He was still unsure of how, but he assumed he would be unable have some control, to see if he could get a read on what it was she was feeling.

There was nothing.

“I—I’m sorry,” he continued, clearing his throat.

Her eyes flickered up towards him. She blinked, sending another outpouring of tears down into the air, silver stars glinting and fading into the night, as she looked at him.

Frowning slightly, Nathanael huffed another deep breath, before continuing, “I think that’s the worst it’s ever been… Does it affect you too?”

A single, final tear fell from her eye; she continued staring at Nathanael with the same blank expression.

But Nathanael held her gaze, waiting patiently for a reply. In return, Duusu slowly seemed to respond, her head moved slowly in a weak nod. He could feel a sudden wave of sadness cresting out from her being and it left him feeling lonely and unwanted. The sheen in her eyes increased once more.

Tentatively, Nathanael reached out with his hand, bringing it close, but not quite touching her. Her eyes watched staring between his nearing hand and back to meet his eyes.

After what felt like a few long stretched minutes, she shifted.

Ever so slightly, she shuffled the last few millimeters towards Nathanael’s open palm. Shocked, he was overcome with nervousness, but deep down he felt warmth. It started in his palm and moving slowly up his arm to where it bloomed ever so slightly in his chest. Duusu, in return, closed her eyes, as she softly nuzzled his hand. The pink dot on her forehead grew in synchronicity to the pulsing in Nathanael’s chest, calming him as he sat up. He kept Duusu delicately in his hands and rested himself, seated with his back against the building.

He could feel Duusu dozing in his hand; her own hands began absently roaming through her tail feathers. A simple calm blanketed over them and Nathanael finally felt a bit more whole. He breathed in the night, a cool crisp breeze, and looked up towards the sky. He couldn’t help but notice the colours of the darkening twilight reflected the little creature in his hand. Deep blues, purples, and pinks hazed against the horizon. He tried to memorize his view, already sketching out and painting the colours into his mind.

Together they rested their minds, focusing on this new feeling of friendship? camaraderie? of something—perhaps a silent acceptance of their fate? Whatever it was, it was something that kept Nathanael warm despite the cold wind rustling through his hair and her feathers.

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