the three coolers

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i’d like to thank the khux medals for giving us new official art of the girls

the transparents came out the perfect size for making icons, so i figured i’d do just that. this p much wraps up all the transparents i was planning to do involving the kh ladies, but i’m surprised just how many notes i got on all of them!! since i got such a positive response, i’ll definitely post the edits i make more often! ^^

as always: all the artwork used comes from official kingdom hearts artwork (except the flower crowns and the deal with it shades), feedback on how i did is very much appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you want to use these!

the transparents by themselves under the cut

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out of curiosity, what are your top three Ness episodes throughout the show? (preferably pre-S3) I'm planning on having a mini rewatch in this last countdown to the finale!

Only three? Damn. Injured, Cooler and Virgins, I guess!

High Septon: Mrs. Baratheon, how much exactly do you drink? 

Cersei: “I’ll have a glass an a half of wine at lunch. Then nothing like an ice cold zima while the sun’s setting, zinfandel spritzers while I’m cooking dinner for the girls, red not white. Several gin and tonics with my evening meal which takes me straight into dessert and some delicious cherry wine! Then I’ll curl up with the latest issue of O Magazine an a half a bottle of scotch. Then a quick shot of whiskey before bed so my dreams are peculiar and nice. Come morning I can hardly get out of bed with a spicy bloody mary can you blame me senor? I like the bite cha cha! Then a couple of wine coolers, two three in the mid morning for energy,zappo! and what do you know we’re back at lunch time and it means wine time in my BOOK!”

HIgh Septon: Dear Gods…

-A Feast for Crows


secret prints for the old fictional world design squad shhhhhhh

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"can I kiss you?" w/ michael if you're still doing those. X

“Can I kiss you?”  – Send me a prompt + a boy!

Flames licking up towards the sky, your attention is focused on the massive bonfire taking place in front of you. The vibrant reds and oranges, the cackling of the the wood,  swirling of smoke into the air, embers floating back to earth–you find it utterly captivating from where you sit on your towel, surrounded by friends and nursing your third beer of the night. 

The beer in your hand isn’t anywhere near as cold as it used to be. You swallow the last of it with a grimace, climbing to your feet and heading towards the magnitudes of coolers to grab another one. 

“Oh! Grab me another one, [Y/N]?” is called from behind you, familiar voice of your best friend filtering over. You turn to shoot her a thumbs up and end up stumbling, your back colliding with something solid. 

“Walking backwards doesn’t seem like the best idea on a crowded beach.” The voice is amused, your cheeks flushing when you turn. You’re faced with a random guy, a friend of a friend of a friend, you muse in the back of your mind. 

You chuckle halfheartedly, eager to get your drink. You don’t particularly like the way he’s ogling at you, eyes lingering at the curves of your chest and the bare skin of your legs instead of your face. “No, probably not.” You shrug, “Excuse me, I was just going to grab another drink.” 

“Me too! I’ll join you.” You hesitate, trying to figure out a way out of this. He seems hell-bent on having your attention.

An arm is tossed over your shoulder and is pulling you into the side of the owner. “Thanks for keeping my girl company, mate. Hopefully she didn’t notice how late I am.” The voice is laced with an Australian accent, it’s owner sporting a wrist full of bracelets and a head of fading teal hair. 

Macho-man raises a brow, eyes narrowing and flicking between the two of you. “Right…you’re with him?” 

Quickly, your lace your fingers with the hand that dangles off your shoulder and nod, “Almost a year now.” Blue-haired boy smiles down at you and winks. It totally looks like you two are a couple and Macho-man storms off with a huff. 

“Oh god, thank you so much.” The words leave your mouth as soon as his arm leaves your shoulders and you move forward to grab three beers from the cooler, handing him one.

He smiles, nose crinkling and shocking you at how beautiful it looks on his face. “You looked panicked. He looked like a douche. I figured you could use some help.” He laughs, taking the cold bottle from you. “I’m Michael.” 

“[Y/N].” You introduce yourself with a smile, twisting the top off the bottle and taking a sip. “Uh, my friends and I are sitting over there?” You’re not sure why you’re offering up the information. 

Michael’s nodding, sipping from his bottle and then motioning with his head in the opposite direction. “My friends are over that way…but would you rather go for a walk?” He clears his throat, looking nervous, “With me?” 

A small smile stretches across your face and you nod. “Yeah, let me just take this over to my friend real quick.” You know your friends have been watching you by the grins on their faces, hollering when you tell them you’re going to go walk along the beach with this guy and leaving you even more red than the sunburn on your cheeks. 

It’s quiet when you and Michael first start out, neither of you knowing the other and having no idea what to say. It’s by accident that your phone rings, the instrumental version of the Pokemon theme song hitting the air. Michael’s laughing then, a tinkling laugh with his head thrown back and nose scrunched. You’re embarrassed, fumbling with your phone to shut it off but then he’s pulling out his phone and showing you he has it set to the same exact thing. 

It’s easily been a hour or two or three–you’ve lost track of time, party a faint backdrop in the distance. You’re sitting down now, toes digging into the cool, wet sand. 

Michael’s laughing as you finish your story, “I’m not kidding! My eighty-seven year old, bed bound grandmother sat up with all the strength in the world, snatched the phone out of my aunt’s hand and then starting cursing my dad out over the phone!”

“Just because he didn’t go with you guys?” Michael laughs, eyes trained on your face. 

“Just because he didn’t come with us!” You’re giggling now, the memory drawn up in your mind. 

Michael’s looking at you with a small smile, the green of his eyes barely distinguishable in the dim light. It doesn’t matter though, the softness of his expression has you stopping mid-laugh and meeting his gaze. His Adam’s apple bobs, once, twice, three times before he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

Your lips part but no words leave, instead just nodding your head in consent. He raises one hand to cup the side of your jaw, thumb brushing over the curve of your cheek. Michael’s other hand tangles with yours and then he’s pulling you forward and slotting his mouth against yours. 

It’s fast but it’s soft, his chapped lips pressing against yours with a determined pressure. Michael’s got the slightest bit of scruff that brushes against the soft skin of your face. You like it, you decide. You like it a lot. You like him a lot. 

He’s pulling away now but you’ve also decided you’re not done kissing him and drag him back to you, whispering “You can keep kissing me.” against his lips, the upward curve of his against yours assuring you there isn’t anything else he’d rather be doing. 

  • Doctor: Mr. Kizakura, how much exactly do you drink?
  • Koichi Kizakura: Well, not much. I mean, I'll have a glass and a half of wine at lunch. Then, nothing like an ice cold zima when the sun's setting. Zinfandel spritzers while I'm cooking dinner. Red, not white. Several gin and tonics with my evening meal, which take me straight into dessert and some delicious cherry wine. Then I'll curl up with the latest issue of O Magazine and half a bottle of scotch.
  • Koichi Kizakura: Then, a quick shot of whiskey before bed so my dreams are peculiar and nice. Come morning, I can hardly get out of bed without a spicy Bloody Mary—Can you blame me, señor, I like the bite, cha cha! Then a couple of wine coolers, two, three, in the mid-morning for energy, zappo! And what do you know we're back at lunch, and it means wine time in my book.
Stilinski Family Beach Vacation

Packing in the Stilinski family is an absolute nightmare.

The Sheriff asks Claudia where his sunglasses are three times while four year old Stiles spends one moment desperately trying to cram every single one of his toys into a suitcase and the next trying to fit his best friend Scott in the suitcase too.

Claudia thinks he must really like that Scott McCall since he’s willing to sacrifice most of his toys to try to fit Scott in the case.

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Getting Ready!

Yesterday we picked up another $900 worth of fencing supplies. I thought we’d be driving the truck home doing wheelies from the weight! Combined with what we already had, the majority of our fencing materials are on the hill waiting for us.

My friend brought over the components for sawdust toilets. We have two bathrooms in the house, but we will have three outdoor private sawdust toilets because my friend is an expert in composting and rather than use the environmentally unfriendly chemical porta potty she will love it if we use her sawdust toilets. After use she will take them home to her farm and compost the contents. Better for the earth, and something I think is worth trying out.

The sawdust toilet stalls will also have pump sinks in them, so you can wash your hands as well. It’s pretty ingenious; two buckets stacked on top of each other. The bottom bucket is filled with water and has a pump mechanism. The top is for the grey water. You step on the little pumper, water comes up the tube, you wash your hands, and that water goes in the top bucket. We then throw that grey water on the gardens!

I know it all sounds a little weird and rustic, but I am a person with a pretty severe lifelong creepy toilet phobia and this whole thing is super growing on me. I’m going to set it up, and I’m going to try it just like any of you who are willing to do it. This may be a thing I permanently incorporate into my farm as she has done at hers. If the whole thing freaks you out, you can use the house bathrooms. But I promise you privacy outside, and believe me if I can use them, anyone can. 

I hated the idea of a chemical porta potty, and I feel this is a good compromise. If you have any worries about the toilets, or any questions, let me know. They can handle any human emission - everything. Including toilet paper and the empty rolls and even blood or heaven forbid, if someone throws up. 

We also borrowed three big water cooler thermos thingies. We’ll have them scattered around so you don’t have to walk a long way to use a toilet or wash your hands or get a drink. I’m pretty excited to try this lower impact on the environment stuff, while keeping it comfortable for all of us.