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What I love most about The Goldberg Variations is when Richie’s mom hands Mulder the wrench. Dana Scully, all around badass with med school loans, knows perfectly well how to fix that sink. But, for her own amusement, she’s like Yes, by all means, give the wrench to my white-bread boyfriend who hires people to do anything more complex than changing a light bulb while my three-siblinged Navy brat ass grew up thinking only millionaires paid people to cut the grass.

I found this lovely comment on Fanfiction.Net that perfectly shows why I hate Dumbledore bashing to my core and it makes me want to go and break into a pumpkin patch so I can smash all the pumpkins with a bat, as many of my friends to as well.

“Dumbledore bashing has a long history, ever since people realized that A) shit goes wrong from time to time and that B) Dumbledore seems to be fucking omniscient and omnipotent, and therefore that C) it’s really fucking easy to connect the lines in such a way that Dumbledore is responsible. Like, childishly easy.

Sometimes, it works - from a plot perspective, anyway. Honestly, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that maybe Dumbledore should have set up protections three brats couldn’t get past, or been able to solve a mystery faster than them, or ascertain Sirius’s innocence in some way that let him catch Pettigrew, or discover Moody.

But that was never the main problem with Dumbledore bashing, anyway. No, the problem comes from the fact that it discards all the beautiful characterization Rowling does with him.

Dumbledore’s the kind of person who lives his whole life atoning for mistakes he made as a rash youth because none of the people he hurt are there anymore to forgive him. He recognizes the dangers in promoting ideologies over people, as revealed to him quite clearly when he lost his sister to his dreams, and found that she had taken up residence in his nightmares instead.

Because of his past, Dumbledore, though not an “inherently” good person like Harry appears to be at times, intentionally secludes himself from the world of power and politics in an effort to distance himself from corruption itself. Instead, he intentionally goes against the grain of the Greater Good and instead focuses on the greater good - not the ideology, but the attitude. He changes hearts and minds, inspires young children, and tries to improve people, not places.

Sometimes, he fails. Riddle turned out a bit of a monster, despite (and perhaps because of) Dumbledore’s disapproval of his actions.

Other times, though, he succeeds. Harry, after all, though from a very similar background, becomes a Savior and defeats Riddle.

This is why the character Rowling wrote does not mesh well with most bashed interpretations; after all, what could he possibly want beyond the wellbeing of his students and the welfare of his country?

Power? No, he refused the position of Minister of Magic multiple times.

Wealth? He handled the fucking Philosopher’s Stone in the first book; I’m sure if he needed riches he’d have them.

Fame? I’m pretty sure Grindelwald earned that for him in spades.

Women? Not only is he way too old for his libido to be anything more than a shriveled ghost of its past self, but he’s also kind of gay.

In short, Dumbledore simply isn’t the kind of person to do the shit he so easily could have done. He’s not the kind of guy to cheat death and fuck everybody else over so he can have his fame and glory. No, he’s the kind of guy who deliberately lets his wand get blasted out of his hand so he can cast a spell to save a beloved pupil’s life and then spends his last remaining breaths begging for death at the hands of Snape so he can save the very wayward student who just disarmed him from the guilt and psychological damage of murder.

Yeah, maybe those actions are fueled by guilt and not true altruism. Maybe Dumbledore was a Dark Lord in the making whose path was simply shunted a bit to the Light by grief and pain. Maybe he really never was even half the man Harry was.

But in the end, it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

(Also, probably not a good sign when your supposedly simpler interpretation has Dumbledore pursuing a goal that could have been easily accomplished with a Polyjuice potion, a couple strands of Lucius’s hair, and an AK to the noggin.)

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oh crap Kat. That adorable interaction between Sasuke, Naruto, and Gaara has left me reeling with OT3 feels. And I loved Mei being all blushy over Roushi~ Heck yes! I loved this chapter! I was giggling the whole time and kicking my feet in excitement! :D :D :D

xD Yay! The three brats are totally adorable, and Mei is unexpectedly cute. Glad you liked it!

BTS reaction to their crush being older than they thought

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“In ten years you will still look young isn’t that amazing!”

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“I knew I’m not some kind of pervert!”



“Age is just a number. Love will  overcome all obstacles.”

*trying to be smart but in reality he’s just happy that you’re legal*



*pets your head*

“Hahaha, sure you are! You know I live with three brats together, you can’t fool me.”

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“Well, that changes everything.”



“How is that possible? You are so tiny and cute!”



“So you are … my Noona?”


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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress? Three, I guess. Street Brat, Hornets Nest, and my OW which is technically unfinished because I’ve yet to begin.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction? Haha. Who, me?

3) Do you prefer real paper books or ebooks? Paper. I hate reading ebooks, but if kindle has a sale of an expensive book not in any library, I suck it up. I hate ebooks but they’re cheap and sometimes I need a particular book asap and a library/online orders take too long.

4) When did you start writing? When I started being able to. I always wrote stories. In grade three I went to Sri Lanka for a couple months and my teacher knew the only way he could get me to do any form of learning was by giving me a blank exercise book and telling me to just write as much as I could. I was lucky to have a lot of very encouraging teachers.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with? Fanfic obviously not included, no, not really. I would love for someone to read my original stuff, but I am nervous and don’t want someone to do it out of a sense of obligation because I asked. I recently made a sideblog here to post snippets. No one really reads it there, but it makes me feel like someone is and the idea is nice.

6) Where is your favourite place to write? There is this utterly shit cafe at my local shopping centre that for some reason just gets the muse flowing. It is terrible. It’s a hole. But goddamnit, it works.

7) Favourite childhood book? The only book coming to mind is Glint by Ann Coburn. That book just made a hell of an impression on me. I couldn’t even tell you why.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication? Both would be nice. Wishful thinking. 

9) Pen and paper or computer? Computer. Sometimes if an incredibly witty snippet of dialogue comes to me in bed I have a pen and notepad on my nightstand ready to go, but they are by no means interchangeable. 

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes? Nah. Seems like a neat idea, but other classes are killing me enough as is.

11) What inspires you to write? I have stories in me that I think are pretty neat and other people would like if they had the chance to hear them. Then they’d think I was pretty neat and like me. Typed out loud that sounds sad. I am sad.

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Hello there, good sir. Just stopping by to tell you how much I love you. Bless you who always take care of those three brats if I may say so 😁 Here a dose of ebony to give you strenght to go through the rest of the day ☕ PS: your smile make my day brighter than ever. Have a good day, Mr. Ignis

Specs, why does everyone keep giving you coffee?

that’s my job

Frat Brat. -Part Three. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Part One.

Part Two. 

“What type of pizza would you like?” Oli asked you, his fingers gripping the Pizzeria menu, his eyes scanning the range of pizzas.

“I’m really not that picky, I’ll take anything..Just no pineapple..” You laughed, spreading out your notes from the football match across Oli’s coffee table.

“Not picky, huh? Okay, how about I get a pizza with cabbage, beans, peas and carrots?” He suggested, your face scrunching up at his words as you looked to him confused, seeing a playful smile on his lips while he shrugged innocently.

“You said you weren’t picky..” He trailed off, your eyes rolling merrily.

“You are such a joker! If that’s the way you wanna play, ask for extra sardines on top.” You teased, nudging Oli’s shoulder gently, giggling as he nudged you back.

“How about we get half cheese and half pepperoni, yeah?” He chuckled as you laughed softly.

“Perfect.” You grinned, watching him tap the number into the phone to ring up the pizzeria.

It was now Saturday evening. A different Saturday evening in your opinion, as you were in a different environment. Tonight, instead of having your head in a book reading the romance novels you adored, you were actually sat in Oli White’s house. You and Oli shared a couple of classes together. You’re both in English, Math and History as well as working for the schools newspaper too. The two of you never seemed to talk much. Of course, you would both acknowledge one another in class, smiling at one another from time to time or even just handing papers to one another in newspaper room but it was very rare you both sat down and talked since Oli has always been rather shy. Now, sitting down beside him, you can see him for who he truly is, a very sweet and lovely down to earth guy.

“Okay, the pizza is ordered and I’ve got drinks in the fridge and I even got us some cookies from the bakery that we can enjoy after the pizza.” Oli smiled, his body scooting closer to yours as he glanced down to all of your notes about the match and chuckled.

“You sure did take a lot of notes, I usually just write short little reminders for myself.” He spoke, his hand now grasping your notebook, his brown orbs scanning the pages of notes.

“Well, since it’s my first article that I’ll be writing about the match, I just wanted to make sure I had all of the right notes and things..” You smiled sheepishly, your lips changing a rosy colour at his words.

“Anything you write is great, I mean you always write great book reviews so I’m sure whatever you write in your article will be pretty amazing!” Oli grinned, his eyes peeking over to yours softly before he shyly turned his eyes back to your notes. Slowly you could feel a small but curious grin stretch across your lip.

“You read my book reviews?” You questioned, tilting your head to the side, watching Oli’s eyes widen while his cheeks slowly began to shade a crimson colour.

“Well, I..Yeah..I mean, I wouldn’t read the books but the way you review them is pretty cool, you never really have a bad word to say about any book you read..” He stammered, his fingers fiddling with one another as he glanced at you in a sheepish manor. You could feel your heart melting at his words.

“Well Oli, it is an honor to have you read my book reviews and it really means a lot to me that you actually do read them..Hey, have you figured out what book you want to review?” You asked, smiling timidly as you wrapped your arms around yourself.

“Well, since I’m not the type to finish a book within a weekend, I thought, hey? Why not watch the movie? So, I bought us Gone Girl!” He grinned cheesily, his hand whipping out the DVD making you bubble up with laughter.

“Oli, that’s cheating!” You giggled, shaking your head at the dvd he held proudly.

“Hey! Ms. James doesn’t have to know!” He chuckled, sticking his tongue out at you before he placed the DVD away.

“But I’ll know..and you’ll know..and I might just blow your little secret..” You teased, watching Oli throw a hand over his heart.

“Traitor!” He gasped, nudging his shoulder with yours making you laugh before you nudged his side.

“I’m going to make sure you read that book though, it is quite a thriller..” You giggled, grabbing your notes about the match hearing Oli promise that he might read it before you hear him mumble some words.

“I see you got a quote from Mr. Popularity..” Oli trailed off, his eyes looking over to yours with a proud smile coating his lips.

You shook your head at his words, your eyes rolling at the thought of Mr. Popularity himself.

“I made it up. Mr. Popualrity was acting like a d*ck as per usual.” You scoffed, closing your notebook and sitting it down on the wooden coffee table.

“Why? What did he say?” Oli questioned, a cautious tone in his voice.

You sighed ever so slightly, your body slumping against the leather sofa while your arms folded over your chest in annoyance at the thought of Joe.

“He said that he knew I wanted to get ‘laid’ by him on Friday night and that I was 'jealous’ that I wasn’t. What a bonehead, seriously, it was the biggest load of bullsh*t I ever heard come right out of his mouth.” You sneered and noticed the scowl that now overtook Oli’s facial features.

“He actually said that? What an ass!” Oli grumbled, his own eyes mirroring your actions as he rolled them.

“I know, right? He thinks he’s God’s gift to women because he can get any girl he wants into bed. It’s pathetic!” You huffed. “He thinks he has every girl wrapped right around his finger.” You continued, your body boiling with anger at the thought of Joe and the way he treats girls around the university.

“I don’t understand why he treats girls like a piece of meat. I’ve never seen him in a serious relationship. I don’t know what girls see in him but they obviously see something. I mean, what’s so great about Joe Sugg anyways? He’s never in school, he’s always trying to get into some girls pants and he’s a cocky little brat who gets everything he wants.” Oli ranted, his body tensing as you nodded along with every word he spoke, agreeing with everything he said.

“He’s such bonehead, that’s exactly why I slapped him when he told me that I wanted to get laid by him.” You smirked, watching the way Olis’ eyes widened at your words before he exploded with laughter.

“You slapped him!? Please tell me you have a video!” He cackled, his hand slapping against his knee as you felt a smile overtake your lips.

“I wish I did! He deserved it anyways, he’s such a moron!” You giggled, tears of laughter now threatening to fall from your eyes as a knock came from the door.

“That must be the pizza, oh Y/N I wish I was there to see that.” He chuckled, his feet guiding him to the door.

“I wish you were too, maybe you could have recorded it!” You smiled, packing away your notes knowing you might as well just relax now and write the article tomorrow instead, not wanting to ruin the happy atmosphere with dreary homework.

You smiled seeing Oli holding the large pizza box, setting it down on the coffee table before he jogged into the kitchen to grab two drinks. You thanked him as he placed a coca cola in your hand and sat down beside you. Guzzling from his drink, you watched as he sat back against the sofa, his hand reaching for a slice of pizza.

“I think your the only girl that hadn’t fallen under his spell, tell me Y/N, why is that?” Oli asked you, his eyebrows raising in curiosity, his facial features showing  genuine interest.

You felt a small smile on your lips while a sigh escaped your lips.

“To be honest Oli, I don’t want to be with a guy who will f*ck other girls while he’s seeing me. I don’t want to be with a guy who is pretty much always undressing you win his eyes. I just want to be with a nice guy..a guy who would never cheat on me or use and abuse me..or treat me like a piece of meat..Joe is just a frat brat who think he’s the best thing since sliced bread because he can get a girl into bed with him by winking at her..He just uses girls to do his work for him and so he can get pleasure, he’s just not the guy for me and he never will be..” You explained, sipping on your drink feeling a sigh pass your lips once again at the thought of Joe, thinking about how he nearly made you fall under his spell by wooing you with his snapback and his smooth words.

You took up a slice of pizza, biting into the cheesy goodness and noticed Oli smiling at you. You tilted your head curiously at him, the slice of pizza still pressed between your lips.

“You’re not like other girls, are you?” He asked, his voice quiet but soft.

You could feel your cheeks blush immediately at his words, a shy smile now plastering your lips. Your heart rate increased ever so slightly while your stomach fluttered with butterflies.

“Why’s that? What makes me different?” You asked, laughing slightly at his words, scrunching your face up as you did so.

“You’re the only girl that has fallen into Joe Suggs trap.”


“So, I’ll see you after school, yeah?” Oli grinned, his body leaning against the locker beside yours.

“You’ll definitely see me. I’ll wait by your car and we can head off to get some well deserved coffee.” You laughed, grabbing your books for your afternoon classes, tucking them into your chest.

“Great, I’ll see you at three.” Oli beamed, waving goodbye as he walked backwards smiling at you.

The bell rang drilled loudly, signalling it was time for class. You smiled to yourself and your thoughts about Oli. It’s been a week since you were hanging out with Oli at his house. After eating your pizza and conversing about what a twit Joe is, you both watched Gone Girl together, making fun of the characters and talking about how crazy the wife was before Oli walked you home, leaving a kiss to your cheek. Ever since that night, you’ve both been texting and hanging out a lot more. It’s been pretty amazing getting to spend more time with Oli and hanging out with him.

As you turned the corner quickly, you were suddenly pushed to the ground, your books flying to your feet and spiralling across the hallway.

“Hey!” You gasped, an 'oomph’ leaving your lips as you felt the thud hit you. Advertise your eyes up to the figure who knocked you down, you felt your eyes roll automatically.

“Aren’t you going to apologise?” You asked, your hands gathering your books.

“Why would I apologise? I’d bang into you anyway, babe.” Joe smirked cockily, his tongue darting out to sweep across his lips.

You scoffed loudly at his words, your hand picking up your last book before you stood to your feet.

“Ass.” You mumbled, brushing by him in a rush knowing you were going to be late for class if you didn’t hurry.

“I wouldn’t go calling me names, babe. Haven’t you heard the great news?” Joe called out, your body tensing at his words, a chill running down your spine. Slowly you turned on your heels in annoyance. You narrowed your eyes at him, noticing the leather jacket covering his body, the collar popped up while the snapback on his head sat the wrong way around as per usual.

“What great news? You’re certainly not great news.” You sighed, your shoulders slumping at the sight of him.

“Oh, so Ms. Know it all doesn’t know?” Joe asked, a shocked tone in his voice while he cocked an eyebrow. You rolled your eyes at his words.

“I’m not listening to your bullsh*t.” You snapped, turning on your heels to walk to class.

Suddenly your breath hitched as a hand gripped your wrist and spun you around, pushing you up against the lockers instantly. You looked up into Joe’s piercing blue eyes feeling his chest press against yours while his eyes studied yours, his body keeping  you pressed against the lockers while his other free hand rested on your hip.

“You’re so feisty babe, so damn sexy.” He whispered huskily, his words greys hung over your lips making your heart race rapidly against your chest. “I can’t wait to start our study sessions.” Joe grinned cockily, his eyes glancing down at your chest making you scoff before your eyes widened in relation at his words.

“What exactly do yo mean by, 'study session’?” You asked, looking up to Joe’s eyes confused before you watched as a cocky expression overtook his face before he smiled sweetly.

“Oh, didn’t Mr. Lawrence tell you? You’re my new tutor, sweetheart.”


Hello lovelies! Here is Frat Brat part three! I really enjoyed writing this, it was so much fun and I am so super excited for this series!

Did you enjoy this part? Would anyone like a part four? Please let me know in the comments and tell me what you think because it means so much to me and it really means the world to me!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and messages about this series because it means the world to me and I really appreciate every single one of you beautiful humans and I love you all so much!

I’m so sorry for the long wait, I’ve been really busy with College but I’m finally finished! I finished my exams and assignments so that means I get to update more frequently and I’m so super excited to update more often! Only if you’d like me to of course!

Would anyone like part four? Please do not be afraid to comment your thoughts/feedback down below! I don’t bite!

I hope all of you had a lovely Friday!

I love you all so much.
All of my love xxx

Barnes, Barton, and Nine Brats

Ok, so the eternal de-aging trope. Let’s try de-aged Avengers today. Did I post this already? I feel like I’ve talked about this but oh well.

It’s a fight. It’s got magic and bullets and robots and everything at once. It’s why everybody’s there. Even Barnes, although he shouldn’t be anywhere near civilization right now, but Steve’s convincing when he wants to be.

It’s one of those convergence moments when everyone is on the ground except for him and Barton, and they watch a cloud of multicolored smoke poof over everyone in the streets. He and Barton end up watching it dissipate, only to leave behind… children. All of the Avengers plus a few police officers. Tiny things screaming their heads off.

Only… they’re not really kids. They’re their grownup selves in small bodies and Barnes is not happy for having to carry three of the brats, Steve and Tony tucked under his arms, Sam on his shoulders. Barton bounces Natasha on his hip until she threatens gruesome murder. Vision is harder to catch, since he can still fly, but Barton somehow convinces him to float quietly around them. James doesn’t need no know the details. What he’d like to know is why an android of all things would be shaped like a child. It makes no sense. Rhodey demands Clint’s shoulders and tries to high five Sam, but they can’t really reach other. James shifts closer to Barton with a roll of his eyes. Thor’s the tallest kid there, so he walks between James and Barton theorizing about the origin of the magic, dragging Mjolnir behind him. Wanda and Pietro are really refusing to let go of each other, so Barton scoops them up on his free arm, holds them close to his chest while Natasha pats their heads and tells them something too low for James to hear over the chaos. Of course, that’s when Steve and Tony start fighting each other.

By the time they reach the Tower, they’re already exhausted.

Strangely, all the kids fall asleep not half an hour later. They wake up just kids, without prior memories of their lives and that’s when the fun really starts, because James and Barton are the only ones left to look after the gaggle, while everyone else scrambles for a cure, Pepper and Jane at the front lines. They’ve even managed to track Banner down to help, even if only through online communication.

And now they’ve got nine kids when neither is equipped to even deal with children.

What are they going to do? They did the things! 


This story is now finished and waiting to be posted as part of the WinterHawk Big Bang event!

Visual Story Track 13

sometimes I look at the old drama CDs and think “ah, why didn’t we talking about this more?”

Nagisa: Hey, hey, everyone, let’s buy ice cream at the convenience store on the way home!

Makoto: Aaah~ That’s a good idea!

Nagisa: We swum a lot today so I’m pretty hungry…

Rin: Then ice cream is bad, isn’t it Nagisa?

Nagisa: Eeeh?! Rin-chan, do you hate ice cream?!

Rin: I don’t hate it! …But anyway, that’s not the point. I’m just saying ice cream won’t fill your stomach.

Nagisa: It’s okay! Because ice cream is delicious! Besides, it’s hot so it’s killing two birds with one stone, right?

Rin: Ugh, I don’t get you but whatever. Do what you want.

Nagisa: Haru-chan and Rei-chan are coming, right? Mako-chan and Rin-chan said they’re coming too!

Rin: Hey! I never said I’m going!

Nagisa: Eh? But you said you don’t hate ice cream, right?

Rin: That’s- I told you I’m not going!

Makoto: Maa, maa, since you’re here already, come with us Rin.

Rin: …seriously… guess I don’t have a choice.

Makoto: (laughs)
Street Brat: Chapter 39 | Archive of Our Own
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“He’s not happy.” He heard Mike say. His shadow thankfully shielded him from the sun’s glare. Eren laughed.

“How could you tell?”

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for the poly!dmmd au, has the baby met the 3 brats? if so, how well do they get along?

Hi (/-\) omg thanks I love this ❤️

The brats have already grown (kinda) but they still like to hang out every now and then at the shop.

Aoba didn’t want to take the baby to work for the same reason. But baby left school early and Aoba was the only one available.

While baby is exploring the shop, they suddenly are met by a pair of wondering eyes before them, then a second pair of eyes, then a third?

“A… Child?” One says, blinking “in the shop?” Another asks, motioning his brother, “is it baldy’s” the girl asks. The baby motions the kids’ movements with their head

“No way Mio, that guy’s too old!”

“Then, does that mean—”

“Hey now” Aoba interrupts, picking the child up “I said no running off while daddy’s attending calls” he says, sitting them on the counter.

The three kid’s have their mouths wide open “haaah??” “No way!”

The child’s already back on their feet and running after Haga-san’s allmate, the kids await an explanation, Nao is following the child around and examining every movement, then Haga-san enters

“Aah~ you kids are here… And?? My, is this your child, Aoba-kun?” He asks

“Ah, yes” Aoba answers, proudly

Kio and Mio follow after their brother, who’s watching as the child almost effortlessly climbs up the shelf

“Anyway I have a work for you” Haga-san says

Aoba looks over to his child, and the three brats trying to climb the shelf after them. While he doesn’t entirely want to leave them alone with the kids, he also knows he doesn’t want Yoshie-san (or her cakes) anywhere near his child’s cheeks, just the thought of it makes him shudder.

“Okay, I’m going out— hey, you three”

“We won’t do anything weird!”

“We’ll take care of your child”

“You bet on it~”

When Aoba came back, the three brats were laying on the floor, exhausted, the child was back on the counter, sucking on a lollipop, and Haga-san was nowhere to be seen.

«I suppose it went well??»

Even so, Aoba avoids leaving them alone like that often.

It was the scent of smoke on the wind, thick in the air and hanging overhead, that jolted Vanitas awake from the half doze he’d been slipping into as the three brats had done.. whatever they did when they were here, nearby. Something was burning, and it was close enough to reach them –

“Ven! Roxas, Vanitas! Come here!” It wasn’t a request, though whether they’d obey was debatable. They still had their little rebellious streaks, especially the latter two – he hoped that they’d come without question just once though.

They needed to go, immediately. Casting a look around and flicking his ears angrily, he tried to figure which way the burning was coming from – there. That was the source, and the direction they needed to go away from.


Pastel Tea

I actually wrote this a while ago, but I just realized that I never shared it with you guys. 

Anyways, have some Pastel Eren, angry Levi, and best boss ever Erwin.


Normally these things happen on a rainy night, or a sunny afternoon, but this time it was an overcast morning.

We begin with Levi, slowly slogging his way through the morning shift at the tea café where he worked. Enter a flurry of pastel ruffles and big turquoise eyes as a young man in a skirt dashed through the front door.

Levi’s eyes widened as the young man, clearly frightened, darted around the counter to crouch at the ravenette’s feet. However, before Levi could begin to berate the brat, three big guys who looked like they popped steroids like candy dashed through the front door.

“You. Tea guy. Did you see a brunette fairy in girly clothes run b - OWWWCCHH!!!!!!!”

Levi smirked as he watched the giant bully hop around, covered from head to toe in still-steaming chocolate chai. “Whoops.”

One of the other assholes launched the usual tirade about how he had the worst customer service and where was his manager and they were gonna get him fired and yadda yadda yadda. He’d heard it all before.

Levi’s smirk only grew as his giant manager, Erwin, walked out from the back, still wearing his rainbow sweater from the protest he had attended just that morning. “I happen to be the manager of this establishment. Is there a problem, gentlemen?”

With sneers of disgust and muttered vows of revenge, the three idiots withdrew. Even they knew not to tangle with Erwin when he was wearing what Hanji liked to call his ‘commanding officer’ expression. As they left, the brunette poked his head over the counter and flipped them off, drawing a chuckle from Erwin. “And who do we have here? Were they chasing you?”

The boy nodded. “Thank you for not telling them I was here. I really appreciate it.”

Levi’s face left smirk territory and became a straight-up leer. “So, are you gonna keep crouching at my feet? Not that I mind…”

The boy shot to his feet and scrambled around the counter, blushing. “N…. No sir!”

Erwin chuckled again. “So what’s your name, kid?”

“Eren. And thanks again.” Eren bowed to the two older men, still blushing.

Levi’s eyebrow shot up as Eren’s skirt rode up and probably revealed more than Eren intended when he got dressed that morning. “Hmm, not bad.” Eren blushed again before dashing out the door.

Erwin sent Levi a knowing look before returning to the back, where Mike was probably waiting for him since Erwin had no notion of basic professionalism or hygiene and ugh, Levi did NOT want to picture Erwin and his boyfriend doing anything like that because NO.

Levi sighed. Well, at least he had the memory of a certain bright-eyed brat to keep him company.


Written as a present for foxicology.