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This Naruto rewatch has been particularly enriching \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////

10 Things I Hate About You - One

You rolled your eyes at the prom poster decorated on the school pillar. The annual mating call is back, you thought. You despised prom – it was just a call for drunken idiots and popular people reminding everyone of their status. You had to take a date, god forbid if you didn’t. You’d live it down your whole life. As you approached the pillar your arm instinctively stretched out and ripped the poster off, tossing it in the trash bin near the school entrance. You heard a distant ‘hey!’, but you ignored it as you walked into the school, heading toward your locker to grab your copy of The Sun Also Rises for your literature class.

“Hey, pussycat,” you didn’t bother to turn around. You’d be able to pick-out that incredibly annoying, unwanted voice anywhere. Jason Bomming. He’d been a pain in your ass since the beginning of high school and had been completely relentless to you since. He was the one person who knew which buttons to continuously push. “Choosing to ignore me today? Aw, kitten, you wound me.” You slammed your locker and turned quickly, shoving him out of your way. You had caught him by surprise and he stumbled back, almost landing on his ass.

“Choosing the usual amount of annoying today? Disappointing, really.” Your voice oozed of sarcasm as you stepped away from him and heading to your class, passing up a student who looked lost, someone you had never seen before. Must be new.

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What I love most about The Goldberg Variations is when Richie’s mom hands Mulder the wrench. Dana Scully, all around badass with med school loans, knows perfectly well how to fix that sink. But, for her own amusement, she’s like Yes, by all means, give the wrench to my white-bread boyfriend who hires people to do anything more complex than changing a light bulb while my three-siblinged Navy brat ass grew up thinking only millionaires paid people to cut the grass.

Joker x deaf!Reader Part?

A/N: Ok so since I really want to share some of the future parts I’ve written, I’m just gonna post them out of order and give a description of where they are at in the timeline at the top (they’re in bold). I don’t know if I’ll continue writing this but this makes it easier to just post the different parts I’ve already written  that are in the past and in the future without having to explain why I threw that in there.

Y/N and J have already found out she’s pregnant with triplets. J did not want them at all at first and told her she could stay if they were her responsibility. He’s slowly coming around, but he’ll keep having those mood swings where he wants them one minute and not the next.

“Have you seen Frost?”  J threw something at Y/N when she didn’t answer. Y/N looked up from her book to find J with a towel hanging dangerously low off of his hips. He was oblivious to her gawking at him, his eyes darting around his house in search of his henchman.

“Oh my god, J.” She breathily moaned and dropped her book. He gave her a confused look as she came closer and eventually tackled him to the ground. She had to lean over her belly to find his lips. His eyebrows went up when her hand desperately tried to yank the towel off.

“Baby, I have to work.” He tried to get out in between kisses but she was relentless. He noticed her sex drive has kicked up lately, and he loved teasing her. Verbally and physically.

Placing both hands on the side of her head, he pushed her face back from his.

“I have to work.” Her brows furrowed and she pouted.

“That’s never stopped us before.” No, but it’s stopped you. She gave a defeated sigh and sat back on his lap, having no clue how much he really wanted her. He caressed her sides when he saw her tearing up.

“Okay. I’m sorry. I understand.” She made a move to get up but he held her in place.

“Aw, baby, c’mere.” He pulled her to his chest as she sobbed, not understanding her raging hormones.

“Am I fat?” She mumbled into his chest. He laughed, and she hit him on the chest. “S’not funny.”

“Oh, baby, you’re beautiful.”  She sat up and sniffed. Her hand timidly went to the towel and gave it a tug.

“Please?” He gave her his biggest smile and shook his head, causing her to collapse into his chest sobbing once more. He patted her on the back, trying to soothe her.

“You can’t have everything you want, baby. But I’ll tell you what” He grabbed her chin and made her focus on his lips. “You be a good girl today and we’ll do whatever you want when we get home.” Her eyes lit up, and soon she had a smile to match his


Y/N continued to stare at J the whole meeting. She never once took her eyes off of him, imagining what he would do to her once they got home.

“You’re having a baby, man. That’s great.” The younger business man stated, trying to get on J’s good side. He looked at Y/N, who was transfixed with J.

“She, uh, she really loves you.” J stared the younger man down.

“She’s deaf.”

“Oh! Oh man, I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what? Is there something wrong with being deaf?”

“No! No, no, not at all-”

“Are you saying she’s not perfect?”

“No, sir, she’s amazing, I just meant that’s unfortunate-”

“So you’re saying you want her? Because she’s perfect?”

“No, man, she’s all yours. I just meant-” J’s breathing was heavy, and Y/N rubbed little circles on his arm to try and calm him. He got up, and Y/N grabbed his arm, always the one to stop him from killing someone. He turned to her with a glare so cold it made her let go.

“What did I tell you?” She seemed to deflate and put her head down in an attempt to cover her tears. He turned back to the man.

“I’m gonna let you live, because I’ve upset my girl enough already. If you mention her, talk to her, look at her, even think about her, I’ll kill you.” The man gave a shaky nod. Y/N relaxed when she looked up to find the man not dead.


She ignored J all the way home, and he loved it when she was angry. When they parked, he jumped out of the car and practically pulled her out. She took her time getting to the door, and he was ready to tear her clothes off right there.

“Baby, hurry up!”


Y/N sighed with content as she laid against J’s chest.

“You’ve been a little sex-a-thon lately, not that I’m complaining.” J turns her head up to look at him. She’s been keeping him going so much that he can’t wait for these kids to pop out. He wouldn’t tell her that he loved how loud she was, even though anyone could hear them in the house, because he knew she would stop.

“I love you.”  She looked up to see if he would say it back. He pressed his lips to her head in response, and she was a little disappointed.

“We should think about names.” Y/N trailed her hand down his chest, going lower and lower until he rolled his eyes and grabbed it. “Jesus, doll, give me a minute.”

She pouted, and climbed on top of him. He rested an arm on his forehead as he took in the view. Her belly was pressed against his, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of something else.

“Your breasts are bigger.” She rolled her eyes.

“Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“Round 2.” J groaned and rolled his eyes. “Please?” She pouted and kissed his cheeks.

“Hmmmm, no.”

“But J! You promised.”

“Did I?” His eyes became fixated with her chest once more, blocking out everything she said.


“Not yet.”



“Fine. I’ll go find Frosty then.” They both knew she was teasing, but J grabbed her anyway and pulled her down on the bed, making her back bounce on the mattress.

“Now if you’re done with your little show, we should think about names.” Her hand went down again. He rolled his eyes and reached into his nightstand, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and cuffing her hands to the headboard.


“Maybe that’ll get your attention, you pervert. Eyes front.” He tapped her chin and her eyes met his lips, pouting about her condition.

“Please, daddy?”

“Oh, no. Don’t you ‘daddy’ me.”

“Please, daddy? Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?” J groaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“No, stop that.”


“I’ll spank you.” J warned, trying to fend off her verbal groping. “I will spank that ass raw.”

“Oh, please, daddy. I deserve it.” She moaned and giggled as he rolled his eyes, climbing on top of her.


Y/N smirked against J’s chest, while he angrily pouted above her.

“So…. round three?”

She squealed as he smacked her butt. J sighed, looking at how big her stomach was.

‘Three kids. Damn.” Y/N noticed him saying something and nudged him. “We’re gonna have three brats running around.”

“That’s not that bad. At least it’s not four or eight.”

“Yeah, I looked up what was the most kids had at one time. Eight.”

“Damn.” J said, thinking about it. “I’d kill you.” He meant it, or at least he hoped he did. It bothered him that he sounded so unconvincing. “God, I hate you.”


“Nothing. Round three.” He relented, needing to get his mind off of the kids.

ilovelemonysnicket  asked:

Is the hypnosis technique described in The Miserable Mill used or referenced in any other ASOUE book? Is it possible that other characters were only acting under hypnosis?

Hello, @ilovelemonysnicket!

This has been brought up as a possibility over the years. Indeed, there is canonical evidence that Georgina had been performing hypnosis for a long time. She started her practice in Paltryville a long time ago, during Lemony’s childhood.

“There aren’t any optometrists left in town,” Moxie told me. “The closest eye doctor is way over in Paltryville, but she doesn’t have a very good reputation.”
[File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, Pinched Creature]

That also makes her supposedly older than Lemony’s generation. So yes, anything’s possible. Why hasn’t Olaf’s side of the Schism put her talents to use more often, you ask?

Well, we first have to remember that book!Georgina does not perform hypnosis on such a large scale as netflix!Georgina. Sir taking advantage oh her brainwashign as a means of social control is a show-only invention. Perhaps she wishes to keep a very low profile and not to give away her most powerful asset unless it’s absolutely necessary. That would at least explain why she set shop in Paltryville, which no one ever visits.

I would also argue that Orwell’s help does not come cheap. Unlike Olaf’s other henchmen and allies, she actually expects a large payment: half of the Baudelaire fortune, no less.

“Please, Dr. Orwell!” Violet cried. “Don’t force my brother to do this terrible thing!”
“It is a terrible thing, I know,” Dr. Orwell said. “But it’s a terrible thing that the Baudelaire fortune goes to you three brats, instead of to me and Shirley. We’re going to split the money fifty-fifty.”
“After expenses, Georgina,” Shirley reminded her.
“After expenses, of course,” Dr. Orwell said.

[The Miserable Mill, Chapter Twelve]

Gee, from the looks of it, it seems that Olaf had actually paid her to hypnotize Klaus (hence his “after expenses” comment). We have no indication that Olaf gives anything to his henchmen or intends to split the Baudelaire fortune with them, mostly they just expect him to keep them around as an entourage when he acquires a more lavish lifestyle. Hell, even Esme makes no indication that she stroke a fifty-fifty deal with Olaf on the matter, and that’s one of the few people he considers as an equal. He must have been pretty desperate to enlist Orwell in his crew.

Given her minimal involvement with Olaf’s allies, I’m not even sure she belongs to their side of the Schism. With her irreplaceable talents, she can probably afford to occupy a more neutral position (like Olivia). She’s kind of a very expensive mercenary. So no, I doubt that she ever hypnotized anyone just because of V.F.D-related politics. The sad truth that Georgina is just too powerful to get involved in the plot too much. That’s one of the reasons Daniel Handler killed her off, the Baudelaire orphans wouldn’t have stood a chance with an hypnotist at Olaf’s service for the remaining nine books.

Yeah, I’m a Georgina Orwell fan, what gave me away?

Across The Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

 Loki groaned as he started to wake, cursing himself for sleeping awkwardly. He then went to move his left shoulder only for it to feel as though it was trapped under something. Looking over, he frowned for a moment before he realised there was another being in the bed with him, in the darkness, it took a moment to remember what happened the night before, falling asleep slowly next to Ariella as she pleaded with him to stay.


“I am here,” he pulled her closer to him. “I am here, Ari.”

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BTS reaction to their crush being older than they thought

 requested by anon


“In ten years you will still look young isn’t that amazing!”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook


“I knew I’m not some kind of pervert!”



“Age is just a number. Love will  overcome all obstacles.”

*trying to be smart but in reality he’s just happy that you’re legal*



*pets your head*

“Hahaha, sure you are! You know I live with three brats together, you can’t fool me.”

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“Well, that changes everything.”



“How is that possible? You are so tiny and cute!”



“So you are … my Noona?”


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Prompt/Request: Kakashi’s Troubles

Anonymous said:

After the 3rd time Kakashi has to fire team 7 from Anbu, he drags himself through the door with his sleepy eyes drooping longer than usual. Manako greets him with a quirked eyebrow and he sighs, “extra paperwork. Long story.” Manako snorts, “What did your old team do this time? Those three are about as subtle as the last Icha Icha movie when they get toget her. Serriously, how did they even get into Anbu?” Kakashi’s cheeks redden over his mask, “well…" 

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Happy Birthday @fire-lark ! I worte you a little something-something hope you lke it and have a great day!

There were a lot of things that Marco was expecting when Pops hired three young men for the summer to help out around the ranch. They were Graps’  grandkids, so even though he’s never met them in person,  he was sure they were just as crazy as the old man was. 

He’s never even seen a picture of them. Garp wasn’t the kind of man to carry them on his person and there was nothing in this world that would make Marco venture into his home. Who knows if he would ever make it out? 

That old man had more than a few loose screws. 

When the Whitebeard family learned of the three young helpers’ bloodline, they had groaned and whined about finding someone else, who wasn’t batshit insane,  but Pops had put his foot down. 

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More out-of-season fan art!  Another of these three little stop-motion brats.  I attempted to keep them at least sort-of on-model, which is difficult for me.  But overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, and it was fun to do.
From the events and apparent group dynamics in the film, I imagine that Lock and Shock frequently butt heads over the proper course of action, with Barrel more-often-than-not trapped in the middle without much of an opinion.  I would love to have seen/heard the conversation that led to them kidnapping the Easter Bunny instead of Santa Claus, since apparently Shock was correct about the proper door, but somehow they went with Lock’s wrong idea instead.  Nice going, Lock.
Copic marker and Prismacolor pencil on  9x11″ smooth Bristol board.

A Match Made In Heaven

Imagine dating Gabriel and when he dies, your brothers learn of his existence once again…but not telling you

Warnings: language, mentions of death

Word count: 1,415


   “They call me Gabriel,” those were the very first words he spoke to you, and when you heard them you were instantly hooked.

  Both of your brothers really didn’t like the fact that you and the archangel had a thing going on, neither did Cas, Crowley, Bobby-you know…let’s just say that everybody who knew you personally, wasn’t a fan.

   “You two mutton heads broke the world and you want me to save your ass!” this was his response to your brothers practically begging him to help. “I mean Y/N and I have broken a bed before but that was fixable!” your eyes grew wide while your cheeks turned red.

   “Excuse me?” oh shit, here we go. Dean had this God awful look on his face as he spoke. “You two did what?” you closed your eyes, wishing and praying that Gabe had not just said that.

   “Uh-yeah…funny story actually. He uh-decided a pillow fight would be a good idea and ended up breaking the bed trying to get away from each other,” neither of them looked like they believed you, even though it was the truth. “What? Did you two really think we broke a bed while having sex?”

   “I was hoping you hadn’t had sex period, but guess I don’t have to worry about that now,” a relieved look showed on Sam’s face.

   “Hey now, never said that wasn’t happening,” of course Gabe had to go and clarify. You face palmed at his words.

   “Okay! End of discussion! I’m leaving!” then it dawned on you, you couldn’t leave.

   “Good Luck with that sweetheart,” now you were just pure irritated, you adored Gabe but his sarcasm would piss you off some days. Today just happened to be one of those few days.

   “Well just go down there and talk to your pagan God friends and get them to let us leave since you’re so special,” Dean was trying his best to keep everything at a friendly level but not doing that great of a job.

   “If you three Win-Brats would stay put and try not to go all captain save a hoe, maybe I could,” he mainly looked at you, knowing you feared for his safety and would probably lead the ‘Scooby Gang’ as he said, down to help him. He walked over to you. “Don’t try and do anything stupid for once please,”

   “I’ll try my best. Just try not to piss them off too badlt and get yourself killed?” the two of you kissed, getting a puking sound from both of your brothers, who you only flipped off. Before you could open your eyes to look at Gabe he was gone.

   *Skip forward in time a little bit*

   Gabe had ended up inside the fake motel with Lucifer, which couldn’t end well. One of them wasn’t going to walk out of there. Sam and Dean had you on child lock in the back seat to stop you from getting out and running into the building to help him. But you couldn’t take it anymore.

   “I’m really sorry D,” it was probably best that you apologize ahead of time for what you were about to do.

   “For what?” without another word, you broke the back window, glass cutting your skin as you reached through and opened the door .“Dammit!”

   Quickly, you ran to the doors, that somehow managed to open up. You didn’t even question it. When the boys reached the doors, they were once again unable to be opened, or broken.

   “Come on Y/N! Don’t do this!” Dean had his hands on the glass doors, he looked as though he was on the verge of tears. Sam just look terrified for you.

   “You know I have to,” you placed your hand where his was, but on your side of the glass. “I love you guys,” honestly, you didn’t expect to walk back out of there.

   It seemed like forever for you to find your way to where Gabe and Lucifer were, trying to get passed all the blood and dead bodies around you. When you finally got to them, it was too late. Lucifer had an angel blade in his hand, stabbing it into Gabe.

  “No!” your safety wasn’t even a concern for you. Without a thought Lucifer set his brother down, leaving the blade sticking out of his vessel. He just looked at you, while a small tear leaving his eye. “Don’t leave me Gabe. I’ll kick your ass if you leave me here alone,” uncontrollable tears fell from your eyes as you held your weakened boyfriend in your arms.

   “Such a big threat coming from such a tiny human,” his smile was weak like his words.

   “Even death can’t stop you from being a sarcastic asshole,” you tried your best to laugh at him, his breathing became harder and harder. “It’s keeping you alive, isn’t it,” your hand was holding the blade, wanting to pull it out. But his hand was placed on top of yours, stopping you.

   “No, you can’t. My wings will be burned into your skin,” he had a point. “I need you to leave Y/N,”

   “No, that bullshit! I’m not leaving without you. You’re going to be okay. I-I’m going to find a way to help you,” as you spoke you began to shake, the thought of losing him was tearing you apart. Except it wasn’t a thought anymore, it was actually happening.

   Turning around, Lucifer was long gone. But your brothers were running into the room…pausing when they saw you holding Gabriel in your arms which were covered in his blood.

   “You want me to help you? Get her out of here, promise me you’ll keep her safe from anything and everything. I don’t want her near me when it happens,” Dean walked towards you while Gabe motioned for him to come closer.

   “No…no Dean don’t, please don’t take me away from him,” you could barley talk, but your brother made no effort to stop. Instead he picked you up while you screamed for him to stop as he walked away from Gabriel.

   A bright light took over the room, and he was gone…

   *years later*

  Gabe had been dead for years now, while his memory wasn’t like a fresh wound, it hurt almost everyday to think about him. As usual, you and your brothers had finished up a hunt and were packing up the items in the motel room to head back to the bunker. You were outside, setting your bags in the car. When you returned to the room, you stood outside, hearing your brothers mention Gabriel you stood there unnoticed and listened.

   “Did you try calling to see if he picked up?” Sam was asking Dean about somebody. It couldn’t be Gabe…could it?

   “I tried but he hasn’t answered. He’s not exactly happy with us,” Dean set your jacket on the bed all folded up nice and neat.

   “Yeah I know, ever since we told Gabe he couldn’t come near Y/N and put up those wardings,” that’s when you decided you’d had enough.

   “What the hell do you guys mean?” you busted through the doors, tears streaming down your face…filled with rage. Neither of them answered. “Is Gabriel alive?”

   “Y/N, you have to understand. We didn’t tell you for a reason,” Sam was trying to talk to you in his calm voice.

   “I don’t give a damn about your reasons! How long has he been back?” you stayed standing by the door, knowing you would more than likely harm them if you got too close.

   “A year,” Dean’s face showed no emotions as he spoke.

   “A fucking year? Who the hell are you guys to tell him he can’t see me? Or not tell me that he’s alive?” your right hand was balled up.

  “We’re your brothers, we love and care about you,” Sam didn’t even bother saying anything, so Dean just spoke.

   “Yeah well you can love and care about from a distance,” walking over to the bed, you grabbed your jacket. “loose my number while you’re at it. Family wouldn’t do this to each other,” all you saw was two broken hearted brothers from the corner of your eye as you slammed the door shut and left.

   You would always love them, but they had crossed a line that shouldn’t have even been drawn…and you didn’t know if you could ever truly forgive them for what they’d done.

The Nanny Ch. 1

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Choi Seung Hyun wants to hire a Nanny for his beloved nephew. Will you be the one?

Warnings: None for this chapter, perhaps later

Author’s Note: This is it, my first Big Bang scenario. It will be multi-chaptered, hopefully updated at least once a week. I’m very new to this fandom, so please be kind! <3  (For the time being, I do not take requests.)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Chapter 2

You sat in the waiting room, trying not to fidget from nerves.

“Mr. Wilson? Ms. _________ here to see you as requested.” the secretary said into the intercom.

“Send her in.” your boss’s voice squawked back.

You rose from your seat, grabbing your “Mary Poppins” bag from the floor as you went. It had been a gag gift from your sister at your graduation. And even though it was meant for fun, you found it to be quite useful & seldom went anywhere without it now.

You took a deep breath to steady yourself as you pushed the door open to your boss’s office. As you entered, he looked up from the paperwork on his desk.

“Ah, ________. Shut the door, please?”

You winced. As much as you liked your boss, that had the potential to be a very bad sign.

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