the thranduil shirt

Thranduil: moderation..

Thorin: That elf is weird. Someone find the dwarf with the red shirt. Thranduil is acting stranger than usual.

Thranduil: I heard that, Thorin. Just for that, I’m going to torture longer than originally planned. Tell that creature that insists on telling me to sit here that I would like a word with him.

Kíli: How long have they been at it today?

Fíli: What time did we have breakfast, Kíli?


Caffeinated and fabulous!!

That’s right! It’s the launch of my first T-shirt design! You too can have the swag of the Elven King as you sport this bad boy.

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Limited Quantities!

These shirts are all two-color screen prints made by me! Each shirt is a little different, in both inking and fit, so each one is unique! Available in women’s sizes S, M, L, and XL. EDIT : as of 4/26 there is only 1 left L. There’s still 2 M’s and XL’s left

Price is $15 USD + shipping ($5 for USPS 1st class, other option avail.)

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(NOTE: this post will be continually updated on my blog with current sizes available until they sell out )

ordering details are below:

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plumbuckyy  asked:

Bard and Thranduil are neighbours, have been for months now, and they kinda have a crush on each other. Maybe they see each other while doing the laundry some Sundays but usually they just share a few words you know, because the crush shuts off their brains. The thing is that they get stuck in the elevator one late afternoon, and they have to spend the night there. Bonus points (what points?) if it’s cold and, well, cuddling for heat happens. By the way, do you prefer AUs or canon verse stuff?

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anonymous asked:

Imagine a modern AU in which Bard desperately needs extra cash FAST and someone points out that hey there's an ad looking for new models and the pay is INSANE and Bard really doesn't think he has a chance but he really has like zero other options and

~ I feel like therewas probably a second part to this prompt, but unfortunately if that is indeed the case then it never made it to my askbox :S So i have just kind of rolled with what I got, I hope you like it anyway :)

God this was a bad idea. It was in fact possibly the worst idea Bard had ever had – which was seriously saying something because he had once decided it would be a great idea to let his friends take him out before his archery championship and had turned up the next day completely hung-over (well he thought he was hung-over, in reality he was actually still drunk from the night before) and had almost shot the spectators.

It was okay though because he didn’t actually shoot anyone and when he went back the next year (because for some reason they hadn’t banned him) he completely wiped the floor with everyone.

And this was possibly more stupid than that, well, there was slightly less risk to bodily injury, but far more risk of utter humiliation.

Well, uni was where you were supposed to do stupid shit anyway right?

Christ he was going to get laughed out of the room.

But needs must, and Bard really, really needed the money.

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