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Talks Machina Highlights - Episode 109

Covering for @eponymous-rose​ because she has just moved and has one chair in her apartment, and also her ceiling is apparently making it rain inside. Also, I’m still riding the high of seeing this show live, so let’s get this going! 

  • Tonight’s guests: Liam, Taliesin, and Marisha! Late start; Brian blames Spectrum. I blame Sam.
  • Regular Critical Role this week; Sam’s oneshot is next week! Tonight’s After Dark will be a rebroadcast of the panel from GenCon. 
  • Everyone is a little stunned at how much they packed into last weekend. Marisha is amazed that they’ve gone from 250 people to 2500 people in the audience, especially considering the number of volunteers and staff they need to run a show like this. Brian is very surprised it had so few hitches in the production. 
  • Marisha helped Brian piece together his outfit (it was Ashley’s shirt and pants from New York that Ashley made him get).
  • No one knew what Sam would be wearing until fifteen minutes before showtime. He originally used a Chessex dice box, but Liam “didn’t feel it would read in the back row” so he used a larger, hollow box. 
  • A fan offered Brian ten thousand dollars for that box after the show. Yikes.
  • The art book has been in planning for a year; the first official meeting was at the last ComicCon. Liam’s favorite piece is a group portrait that has not been seen before. Taliesin loves that there are bits of “ephemera” scattered throughout the book.
  • Neither Liam nor Taliesin anticipated how much work the book would be. No release date yet.
  • Liam had no plan to make sure the potion went to Sam. He just wanted a lighthearted moment, and hadn’t planned to use it until the Raven Queen’s trammel almost broke the episode before. 
  • Keyleth suspected foul play on the love potion because she knows Vax well enough by now, but wasn’t worried because she likes lighthearted trickster Vax.
  • Brian was hoping Scanlan would see a mirror first. Taliesin hoped for Keyleth or Grog. Marisha hoped for Vax. 
  • The Gif of the Week is Matt tearing up his notes. It’s still hilarious.
  • Liam feels like the whole night was a scene from 300, including the chant of Vax’ildan. It was overwhelming in a good way.
  • Liam thinks some of Sam’s song/speech schtick was prepared before the show, but Taliesin and Marisha think he was adlibbing some of it as he went. Everyone marvels at his ability to improv so quickly.
  • Taliesin thinks Vex would have taken a finger or two if Scanlan hadn’t backed off. 
  • Marisha thinks Keyleth has come to the acceptance that death is likely, even though she’s hopeful they will survive. 
  • Marisha was slightly concerned that Scanlan would be angry at the prank and leave again. 
  • Liam doesn’t intend the pranks to be as good as they are, he just trusts Sam Riegel. “I just had to hold the football for Riegel and let him kick it.”
  • If Scanlan had seen Vex first, Percy would have been amused at first and then quickly annoyed. Taliesin also notes that Percy doesn’t know there was a love potion involved and is vain enough to think it was genuine.
  • There will be a Talks Machina next week even though a lot of people will be at Burning Man; it just “won’t be a traditional Talks.” 
  • Brian was excited to emcee the live show even though he had to stall a few minutes at the beginning because the merch line was so long. He felt like he had a contact high from how many Critters were excited to see him and the crew, the crowd singing All-Star before the show, and everyone just being generally enthusiastic. 
  • The guy who owns the theater said they have had rock concerts that were less exciting; he apparently thought something had happened after the first cheer and came out to check that everything was okay.
  • Keyleth is okay plummeting to her death these days. 
  • Taliesin, Marisha, and Liam all feel they will be battling Vecna on top of the titan. They don’t think it will stop until he’s defeated. 
  • Liam was certain he was going unconscious when Matt said he didn’t have the dice for the damage. Vax’s HP dipped to the 30s. 
  • Brian sat next to Andrew from CritRoleStats during the show. Hi, Andrew! He does the math in his head for the HP tracking and Brian kept interrupting him by accident. 
  • Percy is very much looking forward to killing Delilah again. “She’s the gift that keeps on giving.” He also says something about keeping her in a dungeon and killing her every week. Marisha: “Geez louise, that’s dark!”
  • Keyleth thinks it’s better for her to be down a high-level spell slot than for Scanlan to be, since he has so many high level Hail Marys. 
  • Brian marvels again at how intense the crowd was. The pre-show panel helped amp them up as well. 
  • Favorite GenCon moments for everyone! Brian: watching the live show in the audience and going to the Logic show. Brian got to lose at MarioKart on that stage as well. He came in 7th out of 8, and six of the other competitors were bots. Liam loved Bobby pulling Hannah Banana onstage to rap. I’m missing a lot of these references, so apologies if any of this is misspelled! The guy behind Brian’s empty seat apparently cheered very hard for him, even though he lost. Brian also loved Travis’s face when they walked out onto the football field on Sunday. Taliesin loved photobombing Critters. 
  • During the standing ovation, Marisha felt “pure, distilled, emotional ecstasy.” Liam was very humbled by the love for something they created around Marisha’s dining room table. Taliesin can’t find words for it. Brian felt like it was a wall of love. 
  • Right before he came out to do the initial announcements, Brian gave Matt a hug and unexpectedly started crying, so he had to compose himself before starting the show. At the end of the show, he looked over and saw Matt had tears in his eyes as well.
  • Liam loves that events from the game feel like real memories, and that what they do matters so much to so many people. 

After Dark: aka That Pre-Show Panel From the Con

  • Everyone is nervous about the show except Travis, who’s stoked. Everyone had a strategy session beforehand, except the rules of the game kept getting in the way. Matt: “Antimagic field does not work against spells cast by deities, sorry!”
  • Marisha and Laura love the game because of the roleplaying elements. Marisha notes there’s still a problem with D&D being perceived as a boy’s game. Liam runs a game for five small girls who love it because it’s not treated as a game for girls; “get ‘em while they’re as young as possible.” 
  • Any two NPCs in a cage match: Marisha picks Kevdak and Groon. Laura picks Trish the Dish and Kima. Matt: “Now we’re just me at home playing with my action figures, and I’m okay with that.” 
  • Marisha notes that Critical Role builds every week, which is different than the pre-produced final product from Dread. She loves Dread’s team-building aspect for the puzzles and atmosphere. Matt: “It felt weirdly magical.”
  • Taliesin and Marisha are very proud of Dread; there will be more to come.
  • An audience member asks about favorite one-liners: “Your secret is safe with my indifference.” “Life needs things to live.” “Where’s Larkin?”
  • They talk about how weird it is to have their game so big. They’re constantly amazed by the fan productions of love. 
  • Matt works hard on the balance between grandiose successes, failures, and heroism, and the importance of grounding the adventure in realism. Liam loves that it runs the gamut from an argument over a pair of shoes to a beloved city crumbling around them. 
  • Matt never imagined this world he made up would end up in a campaign guide. It was originally a generic fantasy land for his friends to play in, but the more life he put into it the more life his players put into it, and it was very daunting to try to capture all that collaboration into a book for other people to play in. He talks a bit about Joey, his co-writer, who helped him with the overwhelming load of work and created some ideas of his own.
  • If Laura could reroll one roll from the whole campaign, she describes a moment pre-show where she was trying to slide on her knees through a troll’s legs to shoot up, except she rolled a 1 and the troll stepped on her stomach. Travis would reroll the skull spike. “I wanted that one bad.” Taliesin feels bad rolls are character-building. Matt mentions the roll in the Sunken Tomb, and apparently Laura has never realized how much hinged on that one roll before this moment. Matt thinks of the roll Raishan failed against the Feeblemind. “Thanks, Keyleth!”
  • Travis prevented Laura from taking a gift earlier, but totally accepts a gift beer from an audience member. The same person brings up how good D&D is for blind and low-vision players since it’s theater of the mind, and as my residency was in low-vision rehabilitation, this means a lot to me. Matt also brings up Critical Role Transcripts as another great method of accessibility. They have over 60% of the whole show completely transcribed, which is over $50,000 in transcribing time. You can sign up to volunteer for five-minute slots at CRTranscript on Twitter. 
  • Matt talks about the importance of writing down details for NPCs you create on the fly and fleshing them out after the campaign if you think they might recur, because the players will remember every time if you don’t. 
  • Senokir was made up on the spot. Serious Alpha technical issues, so I’m sorry if I miss some stuff here. 
  • Matt does not believe in punishing players for being clever. He would rather throw away material and reuse it later. 
  • Sam is proud of the Washington Football Team inspiration and the library sequence with Laura. He liked the pressure of coming up with so many songs on the spot. 
  • Grog would take the Deck over the Alchemy Jug without a thought.
  • Travis will always choose character-based leveling for Grog over meta-gaming every time, especially if it makes Grog dumber. Sam looked up good spells for bards and the mansion was not one of them, but he took it because he loved the idea and hasn’t regretted it. Laura feels the same way about keeping Trinket through the Pathfinder transition. Taliesin never took Luck for the same reason; he feels the potential of the gun backfiring is the price he should pay. “I don’t want to undo my weaknesses.”
  • Liam’s choice of Fated is why Matt started thinking about him being fate-touched. 
  • More serious technical issues, sorry. Matt talks about the fact that all DMs will make mistakes and that it’s important to find creative solutions within the bounds of the world you’ve made. 
  • If Vex could reincarnate as anything, she’d pick “angel babyyyy!” Marisha would like to see Keyleth as a half-orc.
  • Laura is very disappointed Matt didn’t haggle the last time they went to the flea market together. 

You’re losing your edge, Mars, she told herself as Keith buckled in. You don’t have the luxury of acting like some love-struck teenager anymore.

- The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

Deal (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I’ve had writers block for awhile and I haven’t really had time to write but it’s the weekend (woop whoop) so I can write a lot and hopefully I can open my requests soon!
Warnings: season 12 storyline (DONT READ IF YOUR NOT CAUGHT UP)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader bails Spencer out of jail and he is eager to meet her in person and thank her
Request: ❌
Upcoming Imagine: Reader and Spencer have to share bed and he sleep cuddles
“Spencer Reid.”
“Spencer Reid? His bail was denied.” The judge said.
“I am the daughter of the Chief L/N I think some exceptions could be arranged.”
“I’m sorry there’s no way…”
“This man is innocent. I have a theory to prove it and if that is not enough then I will contact my father myself. Put him on trial for bail. I’ll even pay the whole fee. No state backup.” You argued with the judge.
She looked you in the eye and nodded.
“The theory? I’m going to need to talk to your father as well.”
You explained your theory and reasoning behind why Dr. Spencer Reid is innocent and she seemed to understand and agreed to talk to your father.
People might ask why are you so eager to get Spencer Reid out of that prison, and you would give them the answer.
He doesn’t belong there.
He is innocent.
And you have been studying him since 2007.
You’ve always been interested in the man with the IQ of a genius and eidetic memory.
Not only was his intelligence impressive, it was the level of intelligence at his age that was impressive as well.
He was your age and that always sprung more interest in him to you.
You’ve watched every press conference and attended to any of his speeches he very rarely gave.
Once you heard he was in prison, you knew there was a missing puzzle piece from the picture.
You spent sleepless nights dedicated to some way to get him out because you knew he wouldn’t last more than 6 months there.
You’ve actually met him after one of his speeches and found out how socially awkward he is.
Ok your leaving some trait out.
He’s attractive.
Sooo attractive.
Anyways, you knew he had to be bailed out and your willing to spend $5000 dollars on it.
You’ve already sacrificed so much for him.
And he doesn’t even know it.
Today was the trial.
When Spencer was dragged out of his cell and told there was a trail for bail, he was so happy yet so confused.
The bail was denied.
He almost thought it was a joke.
But when they took him to court he knew this was no joke.
He could be getting out of there.
He entered the court room and saw a y/h/c haired woman standing on the defendant side of the room.
She never turned around, leaving herself anonymous to him.
“Mr. Spencer Reid was imprisoned for the murder of Rosa Medina. You, Miss. L/N, promise to hold account of all bail fees for you plead him innocent.”
“Yes your honor.” You said looking back at Spencer.
He looked at you with disbelief.
You smiled shallowly at him before turning around again.
“Any objections?” The judge asked the half empty courtroom.
There were other men and woman in there, which you recognized as the rest of the BAU.
Everyone was silent.
“Without any objections, Spencer Reid will be bailed from prison. Tomorrow, April 6th, Mr. Reid will be removed from prison and in house arrest for 30 days. Case closed.” The judge said smacking the gavel on the table before everyone filed out.
You made sure you were first, trying to avoid any contact with anyone.
They will all ask the same question: why and how.
“Miss. L/N!” You heard behind you.
You stopped and turned around to see a young, tan man with black hair approach you.
“I don’t want to hold you here long but I just want to say thank you. On our teams and Reid’s behalf. He will be very thankful you did this. I don’t even know how you did it but… you did!” He said with a smile.
“Yeah I have connections and no problem. I think we all know he didn’t belong there.” You said with a smile.
“Well I’ll let you get going. Thanks again!” He said turning around.
You sped walked out of the court room and right when you met the doors, officers were escorting Spencer out.
He turned around and mouthed thank you to you.
You nodded and smiled.
You took notice of his restless eyes that were full of hope.
You instantly felt empathy for him, thinking of the sleepless nights he must of had in such a dark place.
You followed them out and headed separate ways.
You couldn’t help but feel his eyes on you as you walked back to your car.
You thought about visiting him.
You thought about calling the BAU and getting his address and leaving a card or something, but that would probably be too much.
As soon as the month went buy and you knew he would be out of house arrest made you happy.
He could get the help and rest he needs.
Just as you were thinking about him there was a knock on your apartment door.
You thought it was the pizza you ordered but when you opened the door, there definitely wasn’t a pizza man.
It was Spencer Reid.
His hair clean and face smooth and free of facial hair.
“Hi.” He said lost for words.
“Hey umm allow me to introduce myself. I’m Y/N L/N.” You said, keeping your hand at your side, remembering he isn’t fond of handshaking.
“I-I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I mean… I don’t even know you. I don’t know how you bailed me out and I don’t know why but… I would like to know. I would like to get to know you because to be honest… you saved my life and I owe you.” He said nervously.
You smiled and then saw the pizza guy awkwardly approach your door.
“Oh yeah uh hold on.” You said grabbing your wallet.
You approached the door with 20 dollars and paid the pizza man telling him to keep the change as you traded the food for cash.
He left and you and Spencer were back at square one.
“Do you want to come inside? I have this pizza that I could use some help eating.” You said presenting your neat and clean apartment, glad you tidied up earlier.
“Yeah I would love that.” He said coming in.
You shut the door and set the pizza down on your counter.
“I hope you like pepperoni.” You said with a small laugh.
“Who doesn’t?” He said standing on the other side of the counter.
You gave him a slice of pizza and sat down next to him on a stool.
There was a silence between the two of you, but not an awkward one.
You watched him eat, until his attention was drawn to you, making you stop and blush.
“Are you okay?” You asked softly.
“Yeah… are you?” He asked confused.
“Yeah but… I mean mentally. Physically too.” You asked again.
“I-I think so. Aside from nightmares I’m okay.” He said his brown eyes seeping into your soul.
“Physically?” You asked again.
You’ve noticed how he walked in and he’s in pain.
He looked forward and swallowed furrowing his brows.
“Headaches and minor bruising but I’m okay.” He said assuringly. “How did you bail me out?” He asked changing the subject.
“I have resources and connections. My father is the Chief of the state police.” You said taking a bite of pizza.
“How did you know I was arrested?” He asked, curiosity lacing his words.
This could be embarrassing.
“I um… I’ve always been interested in you I guess. Ever since 2007, I’ve been studying you. God that sounds creepy…”
“No no it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.” He said with a smile.
“So yeah. Your intelligence at this age just really drew me in and I was eager to know more about you so I made sure to attend or watch any press conferences and I even went to one of your seminars about criminal behavior.” You said heat rising to your cheeks.
“Yeah! I remember meeting you! I knew you looked familiar.” He said, his voice raising a few octaves in remembrance. “You were like my only normal fan.” He added making you giggle to yourself.
“So I take it you already know me pretty well but I still like have no clue who you are.” He said laughing, setting butterflies free in your stomach.
“Well I actually was interested in criminal behavior and am planning to study it in college soon.” You said taking another bite of pizza.
“Really? That five thousand dollars could have paid for text books and about half of tuition.” He said.
“Yeah but you have so much going for you and you didn’t deserve to be in there.” You said drawing your attention to your toes.
“Again, I can’t thank you enough for that.” He said.
You watched as his hand inched a little closer to yours.
He was hesitant so you made the move yourself.
You grabbed his hand and stroked the top with your thumb.
“You don’t need to thank me.” You said looking into his eyes.
“I do but I don’t know how.” He said as his eyes wandered back and forth.
“Spencer, you really don’t. I did this because it was my choice. I wanted you out of there. I needed you out of there.” You said bringing his attention back to you.
“Why?” He asked, his voice breaking.
“Because… I knew you wouldn’t survive in there.” You said.
He looked at you, asking for more of an answer. “There’s more to it than that.” He whispered.
“I-I don’t know. I knew you were innocent and I knew that the only person who could really do something was me so I acted upon it and… now we are here.” You explained quickly.
He smiled and stood up to take his plate to the sink but you quickly stood up and took it from him, doing it for him.
You carefully watched as he sat down, slightly wincing.
“What hurts?” You asked.
“Everything.” He said rubbing his eyes.
“Why don’t we sit on the couch.” You said putting an arm around his back.
You helped him walk to the couch, seeing how much pain he has been holding back.
“What did they do to you?” You asked sitting next to him.
“Nothing. I’m just sore.” He said pushing away the subject.
“No they hurt you.” You said sounding a little more concerned than what you intended.
There was a brief silence before it was interrupted by his soft voice.
“They uh… they beat me. A group of them.” He said quietly.
“How many times?” You asked just taking notice of the bruised bump underneath his bangs.
“8 times out of my whole visit.” He said as you carefully pushed his hair back.
You watched as goosebumps rose on his skin.
“My stomach is the worst.” He said, instantly regretting what he just said.
“Here let me get you a heating pad.” You said standing up but being interrupted by his hand on your wrist.
“I’m okay I don’t need it.” He said with an uneasy smile.
“Let me take care of you.” You whispered faintly.
His face softened and was full of happiness.
He slowly let go of your wrist and you retrieved your heating pad.
“What’s your favorite tea?” You asked plugging it in.
“I’m okay I don’t need…” he stopped when you looked at him with a hand on your hip.
“I-I like chamomile.” He said with a smile.
You walked into the kitchen and started to boil some water.
While you waited you sat next to Spencer.
You saw his lips part and then close again.
You knew he was going to thank you again but he already knew your answer.
“Did you get enough to eat?” You asked quietly.
“Yeah. Yeah thank you for dinner. I haven’t had pizza in awhile.” He said slightly sitting up.
Again you noticed his stiffness and the slight furrow of his brow as he shifted in pain.
“You poor thing.” You said brushing hair out of his eyes.
You didn’t think his eyes could get any softer but they somehow did.
He was comfortable and relieved.
You leaned a little closer and he didn’t stop you so you took that as an okay.
Your lips barely brushed against each other before you heard the screech of your tea kettle, making you jump in your seat.
Spencer smiled as you blushed and got up to finish making his tea.
You brought it out to the living room and set it on the table.
“It’s going to be a little hot.” You said sitting next to him again.
He took the heating pad off of his stomach and sat up holding the cup in his hand.
“Careful.” You said setting your hands over his as he was about to take a sip.
“I said it’s going to be hot.” You said again.
“I was just seeing how hot it was.” He said as you awkwardly took your hands away.
He took a little sip and set the cup down.
“You can stay here if you want. It’s getting a little late and I know how hard it is to get a cab.” You said with a smile.
“Okay thank you.” He said.
He looked at you, hesitantly but then he wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug.
You were surprised at first but then you happily hugged back.
“Thank you so much.” He said into your shoulder.
“Yeah. It gets lonely here sometimes. It’s nice to have you.” You said pulling away slowly.
Before you pulled away, he kept you inches away from his face.
You held your hands on each side of his face and slowly took his lips in yours.
He pulled your body closer to his as he deepened the kiss.
Then out of the blue he pulled away quickly.
“I’m so sorry that was inappropriate…”
He started to say but you interrupted him.
“Don’t be sorry. For one I kissed you and for two I wanted you to kiss me back.” You said shyly as your faces remained inches apart.
“Okay… glad to know I wasn’t the only one.” He said with a small giggle.
“I’ll let you sleep in my bed. I’ll take the couch.” You said pulling away from his grasp.
“No no I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s very comfortable I won’t mind.” He said with a smile.
“Spencer please sleep in my bed.” You said crossing your arms.
“Instead of arguing, let’s come to an agreement that we sleep in the same bed. Deal?” He asked standing up and taking your hand.

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“I think there’s plenty of potential for more “adult” VM storylines, especially with the stuff in the books. The furthest those get from being “noir” in the usual sense is in how smoothly Wallace’s and Logan’s professional lives play out. I wouldn’t say no to some teacher and/or military responsibilities clashing with the general crap that happens in Neptune around Veronica. Only so many fistfights you can get into for justice / your lady love before the Navy brass notices!”


Because she knew he wouldn’t mention this afterward; she knew he wouldn’t take it as a sign that she was losing her nerve or was in too deep. There weren’t many people in this world who would let you be vulnerable and still believe you were strong.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

I will be your: hands, eyes, heart

chapter 1 - next

word count - 4.5k

thank you to chloe for beta editing

read it on ao3


Adam had told himself at the beginning of term that he would regret his late-night classes.

Between study groups, classes, and his two jobs – his three jobs, if he counted the unofficial one – Adam was living off spare change and sheer willpower only a few weeks into the semester.

He hadn’t planned for things to be this way. Adam Parrish’s way was well thought out, analyzed from every angle, viciously scrutinized to ensure there were no flaws in it’s structure.

He’d always planned to go to college, even when circumstances forced him into a low grade high school. But he didn’t need to rely on his school’s prestige when he made better grades than any other student. The colleges he wanted so badly to attend would see that he had worked for this, that he was worthy. Adam would pay half of the tuition, and they would graciously pour the rest into his waiting palms.

But then his mother found his pay stub from one of his jobs during his freshman year at Aglionby, and Adam’s father tightened the leash around his neck to choking.

Adam had valiantly kept his grades up, but he’d made less and less money as his father sabotaged his carefully constructed work connections and, in the summer before Adam’s sophomore year, began stealing from him. Having less money meant Adam hadn’t had enough for Aglionby’s tuition. He’d been forced to attend the nearby public school, Mountain View High, from sophomore year onwards.

He still managed to get a scholarship at one of his choice schools - the University of Virginia - but the numbers in his bank account were not what he’d originally planned for. His scholarship covered much of his classes and on-campus housing, along with an included meal plan, but to keep it next year Adam needed near perfect grades. He needed books. And he needed some fourteen thousand dollars to fill in the gap the scholarship left.

The meager sum Adam had saved during high school despite his father wasn’t enough. Staying late after most of his classes to act as the teacher’s assistant and in turn earn free hours wasn’t enough. Skipping parties and dinner to check his homework and check it again wasn’t enough. Working as an apprentice and step-in artist at the local tattoo parlor wasn’t enough.

So Adam made a third job for himself that paid well and didn’t take up any more of his time.

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Trouble With The Tickets

Trouble With The Tickets

By Hypnofur

“Fuck!” I shouted in the middle of the plane. In retrospect, I hope no little kids heard me. I couldn’t help it though, my frustration had just reached a boiling point. I didn’t want to be on this business trip in the first place. Then, the flight was awful with turbulence nearly all the way. I hate turbulence, I can barely handle flying as it is. Not to mention the creepy guy next to me was checking me out the whole time. Worst of all, I had to leave my husband alone on his birthday. But at least he could see his beloved Seattle Seahawks play live in our home stadium of Baltimore; or so I thought. The god damned Monday Night Football tickets had cost a pretty penny, however, in a moment of shear frustration and mental anguish, I realized that the tickets, for the game that night, were in my bag which was tucked nice and cozy in the overhead bin. In my haste to pack I had forgotten to put them on the table.

My mind raced through every possible way of getting the tickets to him. But it was only hours to the game and I was half way across the country. I called my husband. It would be his big “four-oh” birthday the next day. It was bad enough he had to spend it without me, but now I had even messed up the big present. All he had to show for my effort were a pair of two thousand dollar book marks, and he would not even get them until I came back, after his birthday. I guess I would not be making “wife of the year” anytime soon.

I called him from O’Hare. “I’m so sorry.” I told him. But he was cool about it, saying he did not want to mess me up before my meeting, and what was done was done. This is why I loved him. He was so calm and steady. My rock.

“Besides it’s freezing out.” Tim said, putting a good face on everything. I promised to make it up to him, but how? Wait until Seattle was back in Baltimore? It had been like 8 years or more since that happened. Get my money back from the local ticket scalpers? It wasn’t like they had a 90 day return policy.

I went to what ultimately (big surprise) proved to be a totally unnecessary business meeting that I could have handled, no correct that, the college intern who brings the coffee cart around the building could have handled through a phone call, or probably even a text. My mind was a swirl of frustration, self-loathing, and desperation as I entered the hotel. I was lost in my thoughts about how to make it right to my husband. What could I give him from half way across the country? My mind ran down a list of gift services, but they all seemed to, well, suck. It would have been different if it was any other birthday, or if I was at home or something. If I was at home I could do something special for him like his big sex fantasy. The hypno stuff. Actually, could I do something about his stupid hypno-bullshit from here?

My husband had had this fantasy for years. At first he could not talk about it, he would sort of hint at it around the edges, but then one day it came out, he wanted to see me get hypnotized. Now, I’m an educated, powerful career woman, there is no way I could ever believe that some jack ass saying words about sleep could get me to do things that I didn’t intend on doing. I’m a ‘tell it like it is’, smart ass kind of girl. Hypnosis is a crock of shit, and it was hard for me to pretend otherwise. When I first heard about his little fetish, I made that quite clear. He got the message and never brought it up again. However, about a year ago, I stumbled onto his porn collection. Every wife dreams of finding that treasure trove. It was a bunch of stories, pics, and videos of women being hypnotized. Even though he hadn’t said anything about it in the last five years or so, it was clear it was still lighting his fire. The hypno crap was just what got him going, for whatever reason.

This past summer, we went out with one of my colleagues from the West Coast office who was in Baltimore visiting our office. His wife had never been to the East Coast, so he brought her along. Tim and I took them out to dinner one night in Glenwood, where we live. She was a cute, bubbly little thing. Younger than Tim and I. Tim is always a perfect gentleman and husband though, he never checked her out like a creep or anything. Told me I looked beautiful like ten times that night, etc.

However, when we were walking into the restaurant, there was a poster still up for a stage hypnotist that had performed there the week before. I of course noticed Tim checking it out intently. His eyes were drawn to it like a magnet. What was crazy to me was how Tim could control himself from checking out the pretty young woman we were dining with no problem, but his eyes kept darting back to that poster every five seconds. He was trying to do it discreetly, in the same way most husbands try to discreetly check out other women.

We were getting drinks at the bar while we were waiting for our table and Tina, the younger wife, noticed the poster as well. She mentioned that she had been hypnotized before, and it “was crazy”. I saw the color drain from Tim’s face as he tried to act normal. I laughed to myself a little bit, and tried not to get too jealous.

Well, a few drinks at the bar were followed by a few drinks at dinner. By desert, I was definitely drunk. Just for my own amusement, I asked Tina about the time she was hypnotized, knowing full well how it would affect Tim. He turned completely pale again, it was kind of funny.

“I always thought of hypnosis as bullshit” I started off. Not as classy, or as sensitive to Tim as I would have liked, but like I said, I was four margarita’s deep at that point. I also sometimes don’t say the nicest things, even when I am not drunk. It’s something I’m working on… slowly.

She said “I can assure you it is real. It was on a cruise. My cousins dared me to go up. I don’t remember much, but I do remember thinking that anything the hypnotist said was the best idea I had ever heard. It was like: pretend I’m a life guard and yell at an audience member for peeing in the pool? Of course I should do that, you’re a genius!” she said with a cute little laugh. She was so perky.

She was going to go on about it more, but then her husband asked if that was the cruise that every got the Norwalk virus on. She then expanded into that story. It would have been weird if I brought the conversation back to the hypnotist, even drunk me knew that.

That night when we got home, I was still pretty drunk. I could tell Tim was trying to play it off like it was no big deal. As usual, he was helping take care of me. After we both got into some PJ’s, he got me a glass of water with some Alka-seltzer in it.  It’s my secret trick to avoid a hang over.

In my inebriated state, I was feeling a little mischievous. I noticed Tim’s lite weight pajama pants, and I wanted to have a little fun. As he handed me my drink, I said to him, “Pretty crazy that Tina had been hypnotized before, huh? You must have liked that story.”

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t have liked being on a ship with a Norwalk virus break out” he deflected.

“Don’t change the subject” I pressed, “You can’t possibly expect me to believe you weren’t thinking about cute little Tina. With her toned arms and tight little ass up there on a stage, listening to the hypnotist, slumping over in her chair as she was deeply hypnotized” I said, laying it on thick. Yup, sure enough, I saw a tent pole starting to form in those pajama pants.

“You know I only think of you hon” he said weakly. Ha! He was crumbling. This was fun.

“I know babe, it’s ok. Shhhhh. I’m not mad. It was a sexy thought for me too. Didn’t she say that whatever the hypnotist said seemed like such a good idea? Do think he told her to do anything dirty?” I said as sexily as I could. Holy shit, the tent pole was now fully holding up the tent!

“Erica, I—-“ he stumbled.

I didn’t let him interrupt, “I bet he told her to meet him in his cabin some night during the cruise. Tim, it probably seemed like such a good idea to her. I bet he told her to bend over when she was in the cabin. That also probably seemed like such a good idea. I bet he felt up that tight little ass of hers.” I said. I had never talked like this before. It was kind of sexy, kind of fun. I knew I was playing with fire though, talking about some other chick with my husband.

Tim just looked at me, his cock hard as a rock, his face red. He was breathing so heavy and I thought his heart was going to beat out of his chest. I didn’t care if I was about to get burned by this fire, it was hot.

”I bet he told her to pull down her panties and finger herself a little bit, to get nice and wet for him. I bet she thought it was such a good idea Tim. I have a good idea Tim, why don’t you take out your cock and start stroking it. I want to see how hard you are.” I said. I was like a woman possessed. To my surprise, he actually did it. This hypno shit had quite an effect on him.

“mmmm stroke that dick for me, baby.” I coaxed. “Do you think he told her to beg for his cock? Do you think she thought that was a good idea too? Think she begged for his cock in that perky little voice of hers? Think she squealed when he stuck it in her? With that cute little haircut and that tight little ass. You can imagine that tight little ass on her. I bet you loved the thought of that little ass hypnotized. I bet you loved the thought of seeing her up on stage, totally hypnotized, thinking she was a lifeguard, doing whatever the hypnotist told her. That cute little body of hers totally hypnotized. I bet you’d think she was so hot hypnotized up there, wouldn’t you?” I asked him. I wasn’t playing with fire anymore, I had taken a flamethrower of jealousy and insecurity to a gas station.

“Yes, she would be so hot hypnotized” he agreed in a breathless pant, as he blew his load, I swear I thought his cum was going to hit the ceiling. I had never seen him so horny.

Horny over another woman!

It was all too much for me at that point. Insecurity, jealousy, and inebriation all mixed into one vile, bi-polarish mix. I yelled at him for jerking off to another woman and stormed out of the room. He tried to talk to me, but I just yelled at him more. It wasn’t a good look on my part. He eventually got mad at me for tricking him into the whole situation. That wasn’t unfair. We basically didn’t talk to each other for three days after that. I eventually apologized in a sarcastic kind of way. Tim being Tim let it go. He knows me, and even though I didn’t write some tearful poem, he knew my sarcastic comment meant I was sorry.

However, that was the last time we talked about any of his hypno stuff. I figured it was better if we just left all that alone. I knew he liked it, but I couldn’t get myself to go down that road anymore. With that said, that was all before this Football ticket fiasco and the 40th birthday fuck up. Desperate times require desperate measures. I had to do something hypno related. It was the only thing with enough kick to make this a memorable great birthday for my rock, for my partner, for my loving husband who I loved more than anything in the world.

I plugged my phone into the charger and sat on the bed in the hotel room. I searched Chicago to see if there was a stage show or something that night. It was a Monday night, so I didn’t have high hopes, and sure enough there was nothing. I did find a theater where a hypnotist was set to perform over the weekend, but that was like five days away, and my flight was late Tuesday night. Shit! That was it? I was feeling pretty hopeless at that point. Maybe I could cobble something together? Maybe take a pic outside the theater, maybe get somebody to take one of me coming off a stage or something? If I could get them to be “snapshotty” enough, maybe I could make it look like I actually went up on stage? It would have to do. Without much of a plan, I got freshened up and headed to the theater.

I eventually found the place. It was in a blah part of the city back out by O’Hare almost. A boring, regular looking theater in a boring regular part of the city. It was called the Regent theater or something forgettable. The theater was closed, but I could see some lights on inside. As I peered through the window, I also saw what looked to be a poster for the hypnosis stage show in the lobby. That would be a nice start to my fake news photo story. I started banging on the door.

Eventually, a hefty sort of guy came to the door. He had a buzz cut and a star wars related t-shirt on. That told me everything I needed to know about him. Standing on the other side of the glass door, he looked me up and down. I could tell he was quite interested to know why a hot woman was trying to get into this closed theater. Yes, I’m hot. I’m a down right smoke show for 38, but frankly I’m pretty damn good for any age. I might not be cute little 29 year old hypnotized Tina with the perky voice, but I’m fucking hot. I know it. Shit, I could pass for 30, and you know what, I am hotter than perky Tina.

Anyway, not surprisingly, I was able to charm my new chunky friend into letting me in. His name was Stan. I told him how my husband was really into hypnosis and that I wanted to take a picture in front of the poster. Sometimes the best story is the truth. Stan laughed and let me in. He was a nice guy. In fact, he even offered to take the picture for me. So there I was, standing in the theater in front of the poster of a hypnotist named Chicago HypnoJoe. Such a stupid fucking name. I was trying to decide whether to do the selfie duck lips, some sort of sultry look, or like a hands out in front of me zombie thing.

As I was going through this challenging decision in my head, another guy came out of the theater office. He was wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey, Tim’s team. I’ve always found it odd when grown men wear jerseys of sports players. I find it super dorky. He seemed friendly and harmless enough though. I didn’t love the idea of being in a strange place in a city that wasn’t mine, while no one knew where I was with two men I didn’t know. However, I had mace with me, and these too nerds didn’t strike me as the type to start any trouble. I could tell by the way they were nervously excited around me. It was like the popular girl just came and sat at their lunch table. (FYI, I was a popular girl in high school)

The smiling Seahawks jersey guy finally spoke. “Wow. A picture in front of the poster, I love it. Are you a fan of my show?”

“Are you Chicago Hypno Joe?” I asked. I guess it was obvious that he was, but whatever. God, that name sounded even dumber when said aloud.

“Well, yes, but when I am not on stage people just call me Joey.” He said with a smile as he extended his hand. He had a kind of weak hand shake. Maybe he didn’t shake my hand to hard because I’m a girl, who knows, always hard to tell… He didn’t seem too hypnotic either. Friendly and dorky, but not hypnotic and powerful. My guess was his show kind of sucked.

“Well, I’m not a fan, but my husband is. Well, not of you, but of… the genre” I said. Did that sound mean? I was so desperately trying not to be snarky. There was a good chance these guys could help me in some way.

“Ahh, so you are looking to take a picture in front of the poster. Tell him you went to the show, and got hypnotized. Maybe add in some details that he’d… find fun?” he said. My creepo-meter is very sensitive, and surprisingly, this guy did not say that in a creepy way, even though he was asking if I was taking a picture that was meant to give my hubby a boner.

“Yeah, actually. That’s it.” I admitted, but not sheepishly. I don’t embarrass easily.

“Ok, look, that’s ok. I’ve actually seen it before. It’s kind of a thing.”

“Holy shit. Really? I always thought my husband was the only weirdo who was into this nonsense!” I said, and immediately realized that was not a very sensitive sentence. Oops.

Joey was cool about it again. He gave a warm laugh. “I know, it is totally weird. Not that your guy is weird. You know what I mean. He’s not alone.”

“I will say, you and my husband Tim would get along great. He’s a huge Seahawks fan. In fact, I got him tickets to the game tonight. We live in Maryland.” I told him.

“Wow, he’s going to have a blast!” Joey said.

“Well, he would have, except I forgot to leave the tickets at the house. I accidently brought them with me.” I admitted.

“Ahh, so you are trying to make amends with the… fun… pics. There was no show tonight, so you’re going for the pic with the poster” he intuitively gathered, although again surprisingly not creepy, given the subject matter.

“Trying to make some lemonade, you know?” I said.

“Look. I’ll tell you what, are you still in Chicago in the morning? If you want, we could take some pics on the actual stage. We could even shoot a quick clip with the actual music from the show. I’ll even pull out a gold pocket watch, a favorite for fans or the genre. We can get some better pics. I’d say we could do it now, but… well I want to catch the Seahawks game.”

Meeting some strange guy to take sexy (albeit oddly sexy) pics of me to send to my husband sounds like a super bad idea when you say it in sentence form, but after sizing Joey and Stan up and deeming them quite dorky and harmless, I took him up on his offer. Besides, the Seahawks connection was the universe telling me this was all meant to be right? Most of all, I really fucked up this birthday thing, and some pics in front of a poster was unlikely to make it all ok. A quick video clip sent to his phone of me on a real hypno stage, with a pocket watch waving in front of my face? Now that just might work. Boy, he’d really hit the ceiling with his cum with that video. Plus, they’d be sent to him on his actual birthday, which was the next day.

I went back to the hotel, and I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I actually even got a good night’s sleep. I purposefully didn’t call or text Tim. I wanted it to seem like I was “out” in the evening. When I woke up the next morning, I checked my e-mail and the score of the Seahawks game. They had beaten the Ravens in overtime on a last minute field goal. It would have been an amazing game to go. Shit! Ok, I knew I had to really make this hypno photo shoot thing work really well now.

I got up and went to the fitness center. I ran and worked out. That always made me feel good inside and out. After that, I took a long shower, and did my make up really well. I didn’t have a sexy dress with me or anything, I only had business attire. I guess that would make more sense for the story anyway though, right? Wouldn’t I have gone out with clients directly from the meeting? Dinner would turn into drinks, maybe we stumbled into a comedy club?

The uber dropped me off at the Regent Theater, and I knocked on the door. Stan came up and unlocked it. Now he was in a Green Arrow T-shirt. Seriously dude? Do you ever want to get to second base with a girl? Broadcasting that you both A. Love superheroes and B. watch the CWB… Well, not a good look Stanley my boy.

Stanley lead me into the main theater where the stage was set up. It was all a pretty typical set up from what I’ve seen of this stuff. There were about twelve chairs set up on the stage. A spiral design was painted on the back wall. God, Tim would be having heart palpitations to even see me walking on this stage right now.

Joey came out to greet us. He had on a big #12 Seahawks sweatshirt, with an embroidered super bowl trophy from the year they won on the back. He also had on a Seahawks hat. The only men over age 11 who should dress like that are coaches of the actual team. God, we were quite the odd trio. Stan and Joey in their superhero and superfan gear, while I’m in a Ann Taylor business suit and a crystal fox fur coat. It was like the Big Bang Theory come to life.

Joey chatted with me a little bit about the game. He said what an incredible ending it was, and how it will go down as one of his top ten favorite Seahawks wins of all time. Blah blah blah. I was still sore about the ticket mess up, so I didn’t want to dwell on what a magical moment it was for the fans. Luckily, he soon got down to business, asking Stan to go to the control booth and put on the “usual induction lighting and music”

Stan went up in the booth and switched everything on. The lighting was just right, and I took note that it wouldn’t be too harsh for the volunteers on stage. The music was one of those starry, new age kind of tunes that didn’t seem to have a start or end to the song.

He invited me to sit in one of the chairs in the middle of the stage. He offered to take my coat and my phone, so I handed both to him, unlocking the phone first so it could be used for photos or video. Stan came back from the control room and Joey handed him my phone. He was going to be our photographer for the morning.

“So, before we begin, I often ask my subjects if there are any habits or phobias they’d like me to help them with?” Joey said.

“Well, I’m not really going to be hypnotized” I pointed out.

“Sure.” Joey said, not arguing. “But just in case?” he added. I could tell he thought he was really hot shit. Like, ‘oh, I’ve seen people try to resist Chicago Hypno Joe before. No one can, even though my name is so stupid.

However, this was not the time for me to be a sarcastic pain in the ass. I had to answer and be polite. This time tomorrow, I’d be back with Tim after he received his kick ass birthday gift. We’d fuck like crazy and he’d really forget about the stupid Seahawks and the top 10 best win ever that he missed. This was for Tim.

I had to indulge Joey for the time being. “Well, I hate flying, even though I have to do it a lot for work. Like right now, I wish I would just wake up when we get to our destination.” I said. It was the truth, and it sounded like the kind of thing Joey wanted to hear.

“Perfect, that’s perfect” he said, confirming my theory. “Ok Erica, let’s begin.” He said to me. Was there a change in the tone of his voice?

“Now Erica, I want you to get comfortable. Relax back in your chair and look steadily at the beautiful golden watch, as you listen only to the sound of my voice.” He said.

Yup, there was definitely a change in the tone of his voice. This was definitely his ‘show’ voice. It made more sense actually, this kind of voice could get people under. His regular one… not so much.

He definitely had good timing and cadence though, I’ll give him that. He was also a pro with the watch. He knew how to spin it so smoothly, working perfectly with the stage lighting to make sure the watch reflected the spotlight and flashed in just the right way. He had picked good music too, it worked well with the whole vibe.

“Nothing else matters…except the watch…and my voice. With each and every breath you take Erica, you will become more and more relaxed. More and more at ease. More and more in tune with the power of my voice. Let every muscle of your body be completely at rest. You must keep your attention focused on the watch. Look steadily at the watch and do not blink. Watch the way the light flashes off it” he said. The music, his voice, the watch and the flashing was all starting to get to me. I couldn’t really let myself be hypnotized, right? I tried biting my lip to stop from getting too comfortable, but it was hard not to relax, to get caught in the sound of his voice.

“Everything is beginning to feel comfortable now. It’s wonderful to relax and let everything else go. You have no cares. No concerns. None of the stresses of the last few days are with you now. There is just the desire to relax and listen to the sound of my voice A complete sense relaxation is washing over your body like a warm, soothing ocean wave. You are now completely warm and comfortable in your this space. Everything is very pleasant, warm and comfortable. There is no place you would rather be than right here, listening to my voice, watching the watch, falling into deep hypnosis for me……NOW!“ he said with a snap of his fingers.

Everything went dark as I fell into deep hypnosis for him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of United Airlines, we’d like to thank you for flying with us, and welcome to Baltimore” the voice on the speaker said.

I looked around me. I was on a plane. People were standing up and starting to get their bags out of the overhead bins. The flight was over. I looked out the window. Yup, it was BWI. Holy shit. I was “out” the whole flight! Lord Joseph actually hypnotized me! Wow. I felt great. So relaxed. I was home, I hadn’t stressed over the plane. I was ready to see Tim. This was great. Hypnosis was great. I actually loved it. I loved being hypnotized by Lord Joseph. Hell, maybe I’d take Tim to Chicago and let him see his whole fantasy live!

Where we live in Glenwood is really only about thirty five minutes from BWI. Granted, my flight back from Chicago had two connections (not that I remembered making either of them) so it was a little after midnight by the time that I was pulling in the garage. Hence, it was the day after Tim’s 40th birthday. But still, I felt like I was in good shape. He should have the video of me faking getting hypnotized, which turned into really getting hypnotized. Wait, was that video sent? Frankly, I wasn’t sure. Oddly, all the missing time and blank portion of my day didn’t make me anxious at all. I just felt refreshed, relaxed and happy.

That happy feeling definitely took a hit when I walked in the door to our home though. As I came in through the garage, I saw a light on in the kitchen. As I was taking off my boots, I called to Tim, but he didn’t answer. That was very odd. I didn’t even take off my coat, I just walked into the kitchen. There he was at the table with is head in his hands, a bottle of scotch in front of him. Tim wasn’t a drinker.  The stylish, but not bright enough decorative pendant light that I had picked for over the table was the only light in the room, casting a lot of shadows. I couldn’t see his face, but I could feel the weight of his emotions.

“Uh oh, thinking about Superbowl 49 again?” I quipped. Why did I always have to make stupid little jokes? I was worried about him.

“Why the fuck did you send that to me?” He said. Tim never swore. I swore. Tim never did. This wasn’t good.

Also, what did I send? I really had no clue. I would have thought it was the video of me getting hypnotized, but this certainly wasn’t the reaction I was expecting from that.

“I need some air” Tim huffed as he stormed out, stumbling on his way out. Oh my god, he was drunk. He left his phone on the table. I sat down and held it in my hand. I was afraid of what I was about to see. My hand trembled a bit, but I took a deep breath and entered in his passcode. I went to his text messages. There were three of them from me. All movie clips.

I pressed play on the first one. It was what I expected. There was me on the stage in the center chair, Lord Joseph in the chair next to me. Clearly filmed from where Stan had been standing. All seemed to be what I would have expected. I watched as Lord Joseph started expertly spinning that watch. I could hear the hypnotic music through Tim’s iphone speakers, as I could Lord Joseph’s majestic voice. I saw myself watching the watch in the video. The beautiful flashing of the wonderful watch. I saw the video version of myself bite my lip, trying not to slip into Lord Joseph’s hypnotic spell. Why had I resisted? All I wanted to do was watch the watch and listen to the sound of his voice. Relaxing. Feeling so …. Comfortable and relaxed…. Whoa. No! Can’t slip under again. Tim’s angry. Real life problems! Need to stay alert. I pressed stop on that video so that I could stay focused.

Ok. Phew. What was the next one? I opened it. Stan seemed to be standing in the same place to film. I however, was no longer sitting on my chair, I was now on Lord Joseph’s lap. My arms were around his neck. Ok, I could see how Tim wasn’t thrilled with this, especially considering how incredibly sexy Lord Joseph is.

“Tell me you are deeply hypnotized” he asked me in the video.

“I’m deeply hypnotized.” Video me responded. I was looking deep into his hypnotic eyes as I sat there on his lap.

“Tell me you love to be hypnotized.” He said. Video me repeated that I loved to be hypnotized. What was Tim’s problem with that? He should be loving this? I loved being hypnotized. Isn’t that what he wanted all along.

“Tell me you love to be hypnotized by me” he said.

“I love to be hypnotized by you” Video me responded. Well, of course I do. Lord Joseph is the world’s most powerful hypnotist, and I love to be hypnotized. This wasn’t hard to follow.

“Tell me you’ll always obey me” he said.

“I’ll always obey you” Video me answered. Again, he’s the worlds most powerful hypnotist. Lots of people must obey him. “Tell me I am the sexiest man you’ve ever known. I make you feel so sexy and submissive to my masculine hypnotic power.” He said. Video me repeated it all. Video Lord Joseph and Video me then went in for a long, passionate, French kiss.

Ok, I could see how Tim wasn’t supportive of that part.

God it was hot though. I couldn’t help but notice my pussy get a little wet as I watched us making out on that stage. Wait! No! Tim! Angry! Real life problems!

I stopped this video as well.

I was now pretty nervous about what I was going to see on the third video. Nervous about what was on it, what Tim saw, and how it would make me feel. My heart dropped when I hit play. The camera was still being held by Stan, Lord Joseph and I were still on the stage. However, I was naked, and he didn’t quite have pants on. I was on my knees in front of him, massaging his cock and balls with the fur of my crystal fox coat, which I held in my hands. Even though he was probably smaller than Tim, his dick just seemed so much more magnificient. I’m not sure what it was. I’ve never really been into cocks, I’m glad Tim has one, but it is not like I’ve ever lusted over it. But Lord Joseph’s… wow.

The Video me looked so focused on massaging him and stroking him with the fur. I looked so happy so content. So sexual. I felt my pussy moistening even more as I watched myself on Tim’s phone. It was then that Lord Joseph told me to suck his cock.

As I sat there at my dimly lit kitchen table, I actually gasped as I heard that. I had never, ever sucked a guy’s cock before. There was never even a chance. A girl like me didn’t have to. I was always in control of the relationship. Even with Tim, that was off the table.

Video Lord Joseph must have noticed how Video me was hesitating. He started describing how much I wanted to please him, how sexy it would be to suck his cock, how I was always to obey him, and how good it felt to serve him. How sexy it all was.

As I heard him describe all this on the video, I felt myself wanting so desperately to do it again. It was no surprise when I saw Video me hold his cock in the fur of my coat in my hands. I watched as Video me went closer to it, eventually licking his cock’s under side from the base to the tip and struggled to slide my full lips around the head and let it slide over my wet tongue. I knew with out a doubt that if he walked into this kitchen right now, I’d fall to my knees and do it again. Even if Tim was standing right there.

Video Lord Joseph’s cock was completely filling Video me’s mouth rubbing the inside of both of my cheeks as I slowly slid my hungry mouth up and down looking like I could feel each and every vein across my lips. I seemed to be becoming lost in lust as I began sucking for all I was worth and slobbering on this his dick like a slut. He pulled my hair so my head tilted back and I was looking up at him his hard dick still in my mouth. I looked so submissive, so under his control. It was so sexy.

There at the kitchen table, I held the phone in one hand as the other started playing with my pussy. As I watched Lord Joseph grip his dick with one hand while holding my hair with the other. He pulled out and I could see that I was breathing heavy, trying to catch my breath but also from the fact I seemed more turned on in that video than at any other point in my life. He started rubbing his cock all over my lips, tongue, and face then slapping my stuck out tongue. He started rubbing it across my puckered lips it full length reaching across my face. Video me loved it, I was desperate for him.

I could feel the pleasure building between my legs as I fingered myself in our kitchen. I watched Video me open my mouth and take as much of him in as possible. He held my head and began fucking his cock in and out of my mouth until I saw it release a huge thick load of cum into my mouth then again and again until it was too much for me to swallow and it squeezed out of the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin and dripped onto my breasts. He was growling and he continued to fill my mouth. He pulled out a bit, but was still cumming. He finished shooting his load on my face. Video me loved it, I looked so happy to receive his spunk on my face. I started licking up all I could. When I had gotten most of it from my face and breasts, I started cleaning his cock with my mouth. It was so loving, so.. worshipful. I looked like such a slave to Lord Joseph, and that turned me on so much! So fucking sexy!

“Aaaaaaghhh” I grunted as I brought myself to orgasm. I actually masturbated at my kitchen table, in the middle of the night, all alone.

At least I thought I was all alone. After catching my breath, I became aware of Tim’s presence behind me. He must have re-entered the kitchen as I was watching the video.

“How could you?” he asked unsteadily. I could see the pain and hurt in his red, glossy eyes.

“Sweetie, I am so sorry!” I said, tears filling up in mine.

“You’ve never sucked my dick” he said. Not how Tim usually spoke, I could tell his was pretty drunk.

“I know sweetie, I’m so sorry. I went to the hypnotist for your birthday, to give you a sexy surprise after the trouble with the tickets. I didn’t realize at the time that he was the most powerful hypnotist in the world. I went under for him. So, so deep under for him. It’s just, well, it felt so good to be hypnotized, and I really, really wanted to please him, to obey him. It was just all I could think about, I’m so sorry!” I confessed in a whirl.

He didn’t say anything. Oh god, was he going to say something? I couldn’t take the hurt in his eyes, so I looked away. Looked down actually. Looked down and saw a giant bulge in his pants. Oh my god, he was turned on?

Time to test the theory. “I’m so sorry babe, but sitting there on that stage, watching that watch. I went so deep for him, and I loved it. The sound of his voice was so hypnotic. I would have robbed a bank if he told me to.” I said, my voice changing from sad to sexy.

I saw Tim swallow hard. He wasn’t moving, just standing there, staring at me. I wondered if he was trying to fight how turned on he was. If so, he was losing. I saw a bead of sweat running from his brow, despite the fact that it was like 62 degrees in the kitchen. I still had my crystal fox on for god’s sake.

It was such a touch and go moment for our sex life, for our relationship, and for our marriage. I could feel my heart beating rapidly. Tim was about six feet away from me. Looking him straight in the eye, I slipped onto my knees. A crooked finger beckoned him to come closer. Would he do it?

Three slow, but unsteady, steps answered my question. Now on the floor, I was face height with his crotch. Sensing no resistance, I freed the familiar organ and it sprung free. My face was now about a foot away from it, which was actually the closest proximity I had ever been to another man’s dick. Now with the glaring exception of Lord Joseph’s of course.

I could tell Tim was wondering if I was going to suck his cock too. Frankly, I had no intention. The situation with Lord Joseph was… different. I was hypnotized, I always obey Lord Joseph, he’s…. well its different. However, Tim was my husband, and I loved him so much. I wanted to atone for the ticket debacle, and the quasi-adultery. I decided to try a little trick. I just started lightly tickling the underside of his shaft with the tip of my finger nail, ever so lightly. I could tell from a stifled groan that he enjoyed it.

“Did you ever think you’d see me hypnotized Tim?”

“n-no” he stammered.

“I didn’t either. I thought I was too strong willed. But I went so deep Tim. Deeply, deeply hyp-“ I didn’t need to finish the sentence. Tim started cumming right there and then. I dodged the spurts,I didn’t want any of his cum to hit me. His load landed on the kitchen table.

We stayed in those positions silent for a moment as the reality of what had happened washed over us. We didn’t say another word as Tim stumbled over to the kitchen chair I had just been in. He didn’t even pull up his pants, he just closed his eyes and passed out.

“Happy Birthday Babe” I whispered, as I started to come to terms with what just happened.

believerinfate  asked:

I finished Veronica mars and the movie 😭😭😭😭😭😭

sooooo? how much did you love it??

 and please, don’t be too sad! remember that there’s more VM post-movie! there are two books: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Mr Kiss and Tell, and there’s the heavily meta web series Play it Again, Dick!

And there’s a lovely bunch of marshmallows here on tumblr keeping the fandom alive!