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“It’s not like I missed you or anything.” (also requested by @anon ❤)

It’s more than an hour after Magnus first stepped out of the portal before Alec has the presence of mind to ask him about his trip. He’s a little embarrassed to be honest, how desperate he’d been as soon as he caught sight of his boyfriend walking into the command center of the institute. But Magnus had suddenly shown up a day early and Alec could swear he had somehow grown even more beautiful in the two weeks he’d been gone.

He couldn’t help himself.

“Well,” Magnus says in response to his question, stretching out languidly on Alec’s sheets like a satisfied cat. “If that’s the welcome home I get, I may need to take international jobs more often.”

Alec knows he’s teasing, but he still hears himself make an embarrassing sound of protest as he snuggles further into Magnus’s chest. It’s not quite as comfortable as it would be at the loft, but there’s something about having Magnus here at the institute that’s oddly gratifying even just from its inherent defiance.

“Do whatever you want,” he replies, aiming for a nonchalance that he knows he’s missing by a mile. He’s too distracted by the soothing thrum of Magnus’s heart beating underneath him. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.”

“Clearly,” Magnus agrees facetiously, running a gentle hand up Alec’s bicep, his smile easily evident in his voice. Alec huffs.

“Maybe I missed you a little,” he murmurs. Magnus tugs him up for another kiss and Alec goes easily. He hasn’t felt this relaxed in weeks. Not since the last time he was in Magnus’s arms.

“Okay,” Alec says when they part, “A lot. I missed you a lot.”

Magnus smiles, pressing a gentle kiss to Alec’s cheek that makes him lean into the touch even though there’s barely space between them.

“Well, I’m home now,” Magnus says.

“Not quite home yet,” Alec reminds him, voice tinged with a slight apology. “I definitely remember you telling me that these sheets are at least several hundred thread counts lower than the ones you have at home.”

Magnus’s smile goes soft. He reaches out and places his hand over Alec’s heart.

“This is my home,” he repeats, and Alec feels his heart beat quicken under Magnus’s palm.

“By the angel, I missed you,” Alec breathes out in a rush, pulling Magnus to him and stealing another kiss, the languid movement of their bodies offset by the still pounding beat of his heart.

Alec doesn’t make it to his patrol shift that evening, but he doesn’t spare it more than a passing thought. He’ll take whatever punishment is coming to him gladly if it means even a few more moments with Magnus, tucked away from the rest of the world, finally together again.

Finally home.

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By The Willow Shade

TITLE: By The Willow Shade


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a witch (on Earth) and accidentally summoning Loki. He gets angry and confused, but ends up actually liking your company and teaches you more magic.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I would like to apologise in advance for this chapter; except I’m evil and not actually sorry. It’s the thought that counts, right?


    Willow shifted self-consciously after she noticed everyone was staring at her, crossing her arms at her chest defensively when she heard a few sniggers. She hadn’t meant for that little outburst; she just couldn’t understand how anyone could think a girl like her could actually pose a threat to anything, even with what she’d learned from Loki. She wasn’t even that good, really. At least, so she thought. And now because of her big mouth everyone was staring at her and laughing.

    But then, what had she expected?

    “If that is the case, then we have little to discuss,” Odin replied after a moment, “I am, however, curious as to what bargains you have struck with Loki.”

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I met a couple Australians this weekend and they introduced me to what is possibly the greatest phrase in the English language. Apparently, a common response to a wide variety of questions is “I’m not here to fuck spiders”. It means “I’m already doing that” or “Obviously, yeah”. So like, example usage:At the bar with a friend. Friend: do you want to get a beer? Me: well, I’m not here to fuck spiders.

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

so it seems like there are four specific types of ghosts: humanoids, intelligent beasts, monsters, and regular fauna.

humanoids are probably younger ghosts, still holding onto their previous identity. their forms more or less match their living personalities and their desires and methods are very specific.

intelligent beasts, such as wulf and the residents of the far frozen, are probably native born to the ghost zone. maybe real world creatures that got stuck in the ghost zone and evolved to adapt to their new environment.

monsters are old ghosts - beings that forgot their previous life and can only remember the existence they currently have. their forms have morphed or decayed to match what qualities they value or how they view themselves. their level of intelligence and awareness varies but most of them only hold vague yet strong obsessions (eg; the observers).

the fauna do not possess sentience and often resemble animals from the real world. most likely the ghosts of animals that suffered particularly violent or painful deaths.

On Disguises

i totally realized something today

in the snicket universe, disguises always work, no matter how ridiculous. this is central to the plot, and it’s how nobody recognizes madame lulu, how the baudelaires can pretend to be a two-headed person and a wolf baby, or how klaus and sunny convince esme, all the henchmen and an entire operating theatre that they are nurses. the baudelaires, in turn, are tricked by the bald man, fernald and esme with basically no effort - the bald man just puts on a bad fake wig, fernald wears some fake hands (or, in one case, just really long sleeves) and esme literally just wears a motorcycle helmet. in tua, someone even successfully disguises themselves as a cow. but the children are never fooled by olaf’s disguises - even though they are usually more elaborate than everyone else’s.

in a way, it is partly down to lemony’s explanation in the vile village - the way you’d know that a stranger wasn’t your uncle - because they’re so familiar with him and so scared of him, they are simply more atuned to him. but also, i think there’s another layer to it.

in TPP, they put themselves in front of the harpoon gun he’s pointing at dewey denouement. this is undoubtedly brave, but really - they know he isn’t going to fire. because they know him. and they have realized, as the reader does during that scene in TPP, that olaf is always wearing a disguise, even when he is isn’t dressed up. he is 95% bravado and 5% bitterness, and ironically they know that better than everyone around them. they can see right through him, no matter what disguise he wears, or even if he doesn’t wear one at all.