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what i dont understand is how all my friend’s crushes like them back??? like am i the only person who has liked guys without them liking me back and for it to simply just work out?? or am i like missing something? because to be honest all of my mates are like oh yeah i really like this guy hes super cute i love his dimples and he plays bass or whatever and then like a week later they are like !!!! good news!!! jake likes me back and then another week !!! me and luke kissed and then another week me and andy had sex!!! and im like ???? where the fuck is my boy to reciprocate?? if i like a guy its like i will like him and thats it no move is made and i dont understand it i really really really must be seriously missing something. really weird 


Love and Space Dust.

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Poems from my anthology, Love and Space Dust. The full book is out now and available as:

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Anonymous asked:

I don’t have the time or energy to write as often as I like. But, I have time and energy to imagine, and act out. For years I’ve been imagining scenes from the novel I’m writing, which usually end up tweaked as the writing progresses. Some imaginings are scrapped. Some are pure gold. While naturally the first draft isn’t finished until the last word is typed, do these brain-drafts count as sort of… scene drafts? If I had to tell someone how many drafts I’ve written, do years of thought count?

Years of thought definitely counts for something, but they don’t count as writing, unfortunately. It would be dishonest to count them as actual drafts. Still, it is a different sort of progress, so take pride in that. When you do go to finish the first draft, it’s going to be a lot more ironed out than the average first draft would be. And, it’s possible that will save you work in the long run. Whereas most stories would need to go through a few more drafts/revisions and some polishing, you may not have to do as much of that before you have your final draft. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Just a little notice that after today, ‘Daily Hiatus Pick-Me-Up’ will be changing to ‘Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up’. I’ll keep using the same tag I’ve been using for the series, and will continue with the count (I thought about restarting at 1, but was like ‘nah, that’s dumb’). It was always really a daily Killian pick me up anyways (99% of it was Killian or Captain Swan), so it’s not like it’s changing all that much. Just the name of it since hiatus is officially over. LoL

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CATTRO FLUFF: me 'making' breakfast in bed for my boys,, granted it's me bringing up a package of pop tarts for everyone but it's the thought that counts. We all just cuddle in silence and eat poptarts, messing with each other's hair and playing footsies. Every so often a small 'I love you' can be heard from one of us and a small little chorus of 'me too' is the response. The fireplace in our bedroom ((Pyro insisted)) is roaring with various figures made by Pyro. All is well,, everything is good


I’m almost through Season One of Clone Wars, and I have some thoughts:

  • I thought the body count in Tron: Uprising was high. This is worse. Jeesh. I kinda expected them to “Get away with death” via the droids everywhere, but the Clones fall just as many.
  • I already know what happens at the end of this series to the Clones and I’m still getting attached. Darn it.
  • Cody & Rex are cool.
  • I like the stupid Clone Army way more than I should. And I adore that all the squads love their Jedi Generals.
  • (Why am I doing this to myself? I KNOW HOW IT ENDS.)
  • I totally forgot Anakin & Padmé were already secretly married when this series started/takes place. Anakin made an offhand comment in episode 22 about them being husband and wife and I went “RIGHT!” Because while I remembered they got married in secret, I forgot when it happened. 
  • Coincidentally, this makes all their non-subtle flirting in the earlier episodes like 10x funnier in hindsight.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi flirts with everything that moves. Maybe not literally but that’s the vibe I get from him.
  • I miss Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Ashoka & Anakin have a really great dynamic.
  • I forgot how much I liked Anakin Skywalker. I mean, right now I like his grandson more (*sobs over Ren*), but still. Anakin. <3
number of individual swear words in every fob album

take this to your grave: 2

from under the cork tree: 0

infinity on high: 3

folie a deux: 5

save rock and roll: 10

american beauty american psycho: 1


↳ Kaneki Ken & Yamori + Finger Cracking 

for thejacketslut


Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.