the thorston twins

So I’m doing research on twins for a college essay, and I found out that in some cultures twins are considered to be signs of the Devil. Now all I can think about is Tuffnut and Ruffnut going to a place with a culture like that, and of course, they’d have to learn all about the religion and who the Devil is to really understand why people are afraid of them. But then they’d totally go with it, and start going around saying stuff like “Hail Satan” or “I’ll send the Devil after you”, and maybe acting like they’re possessed. I now need this in my life.

@ashleybenlove This sounds like something you’d be interested in.

Dragon hunters questioning Ruffnut

Hunter: Where do you live?

Ruffnut: With my brother.

Hunter: Where does your brother live?

Ruffnut: With me.

Hunter: Where do you both live?

Ruffnut: Together.

Hunter: Where is your house?

Ruffnut: Next to my neighbor’s house?

Hunter: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Ruffnut: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.

Hunter: Tell me.

Ruffnut: Next to my house.

Astrid: That was quite a successful shopping trip.

Hiccup: *freaking out* We accidentally left the twins at the market place!

Astrid: As I said. Successful.

I freaking loved the new season! (I watched it two times in a row one time in english and one time in german with my best Friend and Heathers german name is just horrible) And finally we got to see more of the twins, especially Ruffnut and I just had to draw her because she is perfect.Hope you like it! 😄