the thorston twins

Astrid: That was quite a successful shopping trip.

Hiccup: *freaking out* We accidentally left the twins at the market place!

Astrid: As I said. Successful.

Dragon hunters questioning Ruffnut

Hunter: Where do you live?

Ruffnut: With my brother.

Hunter: Where does your brother live?

Ruffnut: With me.

Hunter: Where do you both live?

Ruffnut: Together.

Hunter: Where is your house?

Ruffnut: Next to my neighbor’s house?

Hunter: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Ruffnut: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.

Hunter: Tell me.

Ruffnut: Next to my house.


Astrid leaps off of Stormfly, runs up Belch’s spindly neck, and PLUCKS the black sheep from the Twins’ hands. “Gotcha!” She tumbles through the air onto Stormfly, sticking a perfect landing, black sheep in hand.


Hiccup: I’ve prepared a safety briefing for you to entirely ignore.

Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Which we will.

[Ruffnut and Tuffnut walk to their hut and find a box outside the door]

Ruffnut: It’s from mom.

Tuffnut: What is it?

Ruffnut: *picks up the box* It’s heavy. Must be her hopes and dreams for us.