the thor war


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From Mighty Thor #700, “The Blood of the Norns” (part 1)

Art by Walter Simonson, Russell Dauterman, Daniel Acuña, James Harren, Becky Cloonan, Das Pastoras, Chris Burnham, Andrew MacLean, Jill Thompson, Michael Del Mundo, Oliver Coipel, Dave Stewart and Ive Svorcina

Written by Jason Aaron

How I think Avengers 3 plays out

(Based on the leaked trailer from D23 that we’re all still waiting on officially, so spoilers in the form of speculation taken from that)

I think it’ll be a fairly straightforward movie. One thing for certain is this has to be the MCU’S longest movie. I have faith they can handle using dozens of characters from 18 preceding movies but in order to do that, we need to be in that theatre for probably 3 hours.

The start is probably going to be Thanos. A monologue about courting death and what drew him to collecting the stones, maybe reflection on his involvement in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. A tease of the MCU’s version of the Black Order, the group of Thanos’ children Nebula and Gamora had once been a part of. I’ll refer to them as such for convenience but I know that they won’t be called that in the movie.

Act one is going to have three battles. The first is a skirmish, a small, probably short fight between Vision and Scarlet witch and two members of the Black Order (don’t remember which ones based on the set photos). They’re probably meeting in secret, being on two separate sides on the already fractured Avengers. Vision is going to lose his mind stone and maybe even get captured, but will survive the loss.

News of the attack on Vision is going to bring Tony Stark to arms. We know Rdj films with Dr. Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner, so while I’m not sure what exactly gets him to the Sactum Sanctorum, it might have something to do with a connection between Banner and Strange that may or may not happen in Thor: Ragnarok. Or maybe it’s Strange that reaches out to Stark first, knowing he himself has an infinity stone. Regardless, we get these four together in New York at the time of our second attack. I’m hoping Spiderman makes an appearance here as well, considering its where he lives. (Pissed off that apparently the Defenders are just going to let this all happen without showing up, but I get it, legal stuff. Head-canon that they’re all on vacation together). Time Stone gets taken this time around.

By this time, Wakanda knows what’s coming. Unless Ragnarok surprises us with a Soul Stone, it’s looking more and more likely that we see the stone coming from the Black Panther movie. Chris Evans and Scarlet Johanssen have been spotted on a Wakanda-like set, so it’s clear T'Challa calls in for reinforcements, even goes as far as defrosting Bucky. We see the last member of the Black Order coming after the Soul Stone here, and he somehow surpasses the entirety Wakandan force plus Cap and Widow and Bucky to take it with him.

Punctuating these three battles will be Thor being discovered and accompanied by the Guardians of the Galaxy. People have theorized that Hela plays some role in Thanos’ plan, which would give him some insight into Thanos by the end of Ragnarok. Picked up by the Guardians, he tells them of the urgency about getting to the Infinity Stones and they go to Zandar where they know one is being held. We don’t see the actual battle, but we see the destruction left by Thanos as he takes the Power Stone. Later Thor and the Guardians show up at yet another site of destruction on Knowhere, where the big bad has found and taken the Reality Stone from the Collector. We feel Thanos’ presence in these scenes through the sheer destruction he leaves but we don’t see him in action until the last act.

As for the Space Stone, we see Loki just straight up giving it to Thanos. In such a jam-packed movie, I can see the writers just seeing this as an easy check off the list, but it could very well be a trick of Loki’s. Regardless, we see all six stones captured in the first act whether by Thanos or by his children.

Act two will be shorter. On earth we have the fallout from the Black Order’s invasion, as well as the reunion of the two factions of Avengers. They realize that whoever came and shocked them by taking the Infinity Stones, they’re taking them somewhere. I can see Shuri, Stark, Banner, and Strange brainstorming and coming up with a way to block the Black Order from leaving Earth to buy them time to take the stones back.

Thor and the Guardians (awesome band name) meanwhile realize the only other stone they know about is Thor’s pal Vision on Earth, and decide that’s where they need to go next.

And of course, Act 3. The Milano shows up on Earth, greeted by The Avengers with Thor to introduce them and there’s not really much time to catch up because with his children unable to leave Earth, Thanos comes to collect those last three. Madness ensues, of course. Basically the airport battle on crack. I’m assuming since there is an Avengers 4 whose title is still a mystery, Thanos wins. He gets his set, fills his gauntlet. And does something big.

What does he do? With all six, the possibilities are endless. Secret Invasion, Secret Wars, Contest of Champions, whatever they do I’m sure it’ll be magnificent.

Of course I’m willing to accept this could all be 100% wrong but I wanted to get my brainstorming down. If anyone’s got other ideas I’d love to hear them. Can’t wait for May, it’s gonna be so damn epic.