the third picture is such an epic fail

isak&even | electric feel


a photo of jonas flipping over a ramp.


a photo of jonas riding down a slope at maximum speed.


a photo of jonas crashed on the floor, clear frustration upon his face for not getting the move right, yet again.

the early stages of sunset had began to bleed watercolor into the sky. soft pinks blended with vibrant oranges as the sun wished it’s goodbye for the day. the brisk cold hitting at full force, wishing everyone to scurry inside for a peaceful night. it was nights like tonight, isak wished he had a hot green tea latte at his side, something that warmed him from the inside out and yet, kept him awake and alive to capture marvelous pictures for his best-friend’s skating career via social media. jonas’ pleads for pictures had become a lot more frequent thanks to a new rival competition (or so jonas believed so).

a new third year that had transferred to nissen just within these past couple of days. one that, isak found himself unable to keep his eyes off of quite frequently. one that, became the topic of school because classmates of nissen were always desperate to talk of something new. this new transfer just so happened to be a skater as well and he had a growing ‘fandom’. thanks to this new guy, for being such a great skater, and jonas who tended to be very competitive, isak sat with numbed fingers through wool gloves, bright pink cheeks and nose as he captured shots of jonas’ moves.

despite his internal complaint, isak really did love taking pictures of his best friend doing what he loved. it was a win-win for the two and they both had a mass following. sunsets were his favorite time to capture photos. to get pictures of jonas’ darkened visage against the color-changing sky. it was at least another hour before the night would swallow whole the bright sky.

aka, at least another hour before isak could go get a coffee at KB and head home to his warm, soft bed.

he was perched upon the side of the ramp, letting his legs dangle along the walls of the pit, as he watched his friends skate together, get frustrated when they couldn’t get a move right; or capture mahdi and magnus in a fit of laughter when jonas managed to slip off his board and land at the bottom of the ramp.

isak managed to grab some great pictures of jonas’ moves against the sunset glow, but also- managed to capture some even greater pictures of jonas’ falls and fails. he had an epic collection of those. isak often looked at them when he were sad. they managed to instantly do the trick. after another ten minutes of snap after snap, isak took note of some skaters that were heading in through the farthest entrance, and despite all going on isak found himself involuntarily praying that the new third year would be among them.

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