the third panel though a

Hobi: Ahh coming, coming! ~

Hobi: Ah hey Chim Chim, what’s up?

Hobi: Eh handsome guy you say? Coming my wa–

Hobi: — ?

Both: !!!!!!!!!

Hobi: !!! HOLY SHIT – hey dude I gotta go – CALL YOU BACK LATER!!!!!!! *abruptly hangs up*




Team Bandersnatch:
#1: Akashi Seijuurou: Setter (and Captain, of course)
#2: Midorima Shintarou: Pinch Server/Middle Blocker
#3: Murasakibara Atsushi: Middle Blocker
#4: Kise Ryouta: Libero
#5: Aomine Daiki: Wing Spiker
#6: Kagami Taiga: Middle Blocker
#7: Kuroko Tetsuya: Wing Spiker/Backup Setter

Okay, so this has been a long time in the making, so all of the headcanons and explanations will be under the cut. WARNING: THIS IS A REALLY, REALLY LONG POST.

Feel free to send me messages if you want to talk about this!

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Finally finished the fan-made Hasbin Hotel comic! Enjoy ^w^

Really difficulty trying to copy Vivziepop‘s art style. Her art is like the exact opposite of mine, stretchy, squishy, colorful (I didn’t even try on that last one), but this was lots of fun! And the more and more I had to look at her character reference sheets the more I appreciated the overwhelming amount of detail in each their designs. 

(Except for Vaggie. Vaggie is frustrating as all hell for me to draw! She’s so twiggy  just one pen-stroke can make or break her whole figure and her asymmetrical-Kim-Possible/Shego-bird-wing hair is super tricky, I still can’t figure out what side her bow is supposed to be one, and lastly I had to resort to making her eye-patch stitch thingy double as some sort of Hannah Barbera eye just to make sure she was conveying enough emotion in that third to last panel. That said I do LOVE her design though ^w^)

Overall this was loads of fun to do and these characters were lot’s of fun to play with. Thanks to Vivziepop for making such a cool bunch of characters for me to draw fan art of. Can’t wait to see Hasbin Hotel whenever it comes out! ^w^

PS: I doubt what few people are following my tumblr don’t already know who @vivziepop is at this point, but if you don’t GO LOOK AT HER WORK! IT’S AMAZING! XD