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recently i got really into mob psycho 100 and i love designing gemsonas for things, so i drew gemsonas for a few of the mp100 characters, and i also drew a few fusions for them. im pretty happy w how they turned out. anyway here’s:

Serizawa: Andradite. represents “self-empowerment, strength, and safety”

Reigen: Pyrite/fool’s gold. didn’t look up the meaning but c'mon… it suits him… he probably claims to be gold

Mob: Blue Chalcedony. “subtle and mystic;” “promotes brotherhood and good will;” helps one to “hold back.” Cracked blue chalcedony = ???%

Teru: Heliodore. “radiates warmth;” represents “self-confidence, strength, and power.” “brings stability”

Ritsu: Dumortierite. “promotes mental discipline,” “used to open the third eye chakra”

Shou: Spessartite. “willingness to help others, strengthening of the heart.” “encourages one to take actions toward their goals”

Gem meanings all taken from either or please dont tag as any ships.

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Rev, have you heard of the Where's The Fair Use movement? Because TeamFourStar (the makers of DBZ Abridged), had their ENTIRE CHANNEL taken down without warning earlier today. #WTFU

#WTFU is a critical issue to me. For those of you that don’t know what anon is referring to please go watch this video he explains it better than I can.

I try not get into the back end stuff of YouTube because most of it is boring stuff but this is something that has been going on for a while and it effects us at Vinesauce as well. Some of my most popular videos are copyright claimed by illegitimate companies but because they don’t actually have to verify they own it these companies get away with it.

Videos of mine that have been claimed illegally include:
Some Frozen flash games
GTA Vice city
All Nintendo content
Shoppe Keep
Ride to Hell Retribution
The hearthstone match against hootey.
And many many more.

Frozen flash games do use copyrighted music from time to time so those could me legit but the other are interesting. Let me break it down.

GTA: The radio in GTA is part of the game and should be considered fair use but YouTube is to limp dicked to actually back up creators on this. This is why the music was off most of the stream.

Nintendo: Nintendo is extremely backward in its methods and actively attacks content creators illegally. This is why there is so little Nintendo content on my channel. Every Nintendo video on my channel could get claimed at best and at worst could create a strike to shut down the channel.

Shoppe keep: this is an interesting example of how YouTube is broken. Companies claiming to represent the creators claimed the videos this is after the devs said they encourage lets plays and streams. Some how a company that was not a representative of the developers uploaded the music from the game to YouTube and claimed it as their own meaning anyone who lets plays it gets the video monetized for a third party. My claim against this to YouTube was automatically denied because no human was ever involved in verifying it. This is the developers official condemnation and attempts to work with YouTube on the problem . Regardless this shows how the system is broken.

Ride to Hell: this claim is actually still on my channel despite the fact that it is one of my most popular videos I make no money from it. The claim is from deep silver and claims the music (which appears no where else other than the game and it’s official soundtrack) is worthy of all the money the entire video makes even if I use YouTubes own censoring method (this is the thing that makes the audio sound like its run through a dish washer). This is likely done as a means to make some money from the game (which is widely known as a colossal failure) and silence people who criticize it. This is the kind of crap that destroys channels.

Hearthstone match against hootey: this video is claimed by a DJ who used part of moonlight sonata in his song so he could claim any video that uses the ROYALTY FREE SONG. Keep in mind that the amount of the video that has this song playing is less that 5 minutes but the video itself is an hour long. Let me repeat some asshole claims a song from a dead composer and therefore gets to claim 1 hour of content of mine despite the fact that the portion of the video that it plays is less than 5 minutes. YouTube still believes this claim is legitimate.

Take these examples as proof that YouTubes current system is actively helping corrupt companies censor content and as does not check if the claims are legitimate.

I love that people are getting so see this stuff and how much traction the movement is getting. I’m not sure what it will take to change things but being pissed off is a good first step.

So what would happen if things changed? I would start getting more money and would have to spend less time from my day fighting illegal claims. With more time and money I could stream more often, possible make it a full time job (which is a dream for me though I will probably still need close to 100k subscribers) and finally marry Tilde (because I might have enough money to support her).

So yeah I’m fucking livid. This system actively punished people who do things legally and supports those who do it illegally. I don’t imagine things will change until there is a big enough outcry or a class action lawsuit.

Sorry for the long post but this is important to me. I wrote this whole damn thing out on mobile.

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