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Haechan’s fashion level: suit up + cap, cause I’m the boss today 😂😂

Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue ❤️

A/N: Here it is you guys! The Epilogue! *cries historically* I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve stuck with this story! It’s my first series and y'all are hella awesome for all the positivity!! 😭❤ Please excuse any misspelling! And most of all, enjoy! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fluff. 

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taehyung: *didnt stop crying as they thanked everyone for the pizza*

yoongi: *points to the strongest person in the room* “i could take anyone INCLUDING you”

jin: “i’m going to get some coffee” *passes out under a table and wakes up an hour later*

jimin: “im not drunk ok” *falls down a flight of stairs* “seriously. im not drunk.”

namjoon: *to the pizza guy in the shop* “did you know elephants have elbows. how great.”

hoseok: *screaming about everything*

jungkook: *accidentally locks himself in the bathroom and doesnt know how to get out*

Dog Protection- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so I think it’s cute! But I can’t tell anymore! My sleep schedule’s all messed up and my depression’s hit a new low so I don’t even know anymore. Would you tell a chickie if my stories start sucking? Anyway… enjoy!


Warning: cursing, angry dogs

Anon Request: HI! I love your imagines! Can you please write a Tyler Seguin imagine where y/n is pregnant and she’s chilling on the bed with Cash and Marshall and when Tyler gets home he tries to cuddle with y/n but the dogs don’t let him. Can it be super cute and fluffy? Thanks!

And (since they’re the same prompt): I don’t know how you do it, but you are amazing. More than one daily update and they’re good, not decent, good. You have an extraordinary talent. I think I need a little puppy love in my life right now, so if you could, could you write a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is pregnant and Marshall and Cash are so protective of the bump that they won’t let him near her?


              You laid on the bed, propped up with pillows as you watched TV, waiting for Tyler to get home.

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i mean,, i tried to be as cute as hanbin..🤔

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scenes to rewatch (2/?)

This is the scene that made me fall head-over-heels in love with Regina!! It’s a moment of truth for her not because Henry forces an ultimatum (which I know a lot of people take it as)- he has no power in this moment, it’s all Regina. Regina makes the decision here to let Henry go, to change herself instead of forcing others to change to accommodate her, and it’s her first selfless step toward redemption.

It’s also the first time both we and Henry are really allowed to see Regina without ambiguity, because until now she’s been distant onscreen, driven by vengeance first and her feelings- even her love- have taken a backseat to power struggles in the audience’s eyes. This is Regina making a conscious choice to change her priorities to Henry’s desires over her own. (It’s debatable whether or not that’s healthy, but it’s definitely a first step to something that’s better actualized in 2.22 and in the missing year, when Henry isn’t around to be good for.)

Also David/Regina!! I’m p sad that there was no development in their relationship after this interaction and the several that followed in 2a, because they were Regina at her most vulnerable and there really should have been followup. But lol this is OUAT, I don’t count my blessings here~

Also this outfit/hair/makeup combo is A+, super muted and gentle, and Regina is so soft here that it’s a great preview to how she’s become now. :)