the third one omg

Haechan’s fashion level: suit up + cap, cause I’m the boss today 😂😂


taehyung: *didnt stop crying as they thanked everyone for the pizza*

yoongi: *points to the strongest person in the room* “i could take anyone INCLUDING you”

jin: “i’m going to get some coffee” *passes out under a table and wakes up an hour later*

jimin: “im not drunk ok” *falls down a flight of stairs* “seriously. im not drunk.”

namjoon: *to the pizza guy in the shop* “did you know elephants have elbows. how great.”

hoseok: *screaming about everything*

jungkook: *accidentally locks himself in the bathroom and doesnt know how to get out*

5$ says that Bitty’s added presence doesn’t stop Shitty from crawling into Jack’s bed when given the chance

ii-love-roman-reigns  asked:

Omg ii juss thought of a third one So Roman and reader where having shower sex and Naomi catches them and thinks it hot so then Jimmy finds Naomi masturbating and he thinks it's hot as well and then Roman sees both of them and asks them if they wanna join him and reader


30 days Saint Seiya ladies challenge 

Day 02 - Favorite lady saint

Aaah I’m one day late!!! omg! I’ll post third day later!!! >A<

I guess it’s kinda obvious for those who know me but it’s Xiaoling, from Saintia Sho!! I know she have so little screentime but look at her she’s practically a sunshine!! I love her so much already and I hope to see her fighting more in the next battles!!!