the third one is adorable


One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here. 


Max’s expression towards Kim has a 98% chance of being shippy.

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur


He hates seeing him go, but he loves watching him leave.


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behold, the three faces of tiger: sleepy, sexy, and doofus

technically speaking, these are three separate individuals (the wiki claims the third, who watches the armwrestling and then gets noogied by francine, has the hilariously mundane surname “jackson”).
but i like to imagine that each one, in their own way, is fangmeyer

fangmeyer is eternal 

fangmeyer is endless

dating yoongi would include:

[gender neutral] ☼

∙ yoongi slipping his hand into yours a lot

∙ less pda bc shy! yoongi


∙ having subtle ways of showing his love for you 

∙ yoongi blushing whenever you smile at him 

∙ “I honestly hate that you’re so adorable” 

∙ him hating that you are sad; it would make him upset :(

∙ looking after you when you are sick 

∙ yoongi pretending not to know you in public bc he’s a dork

∙ constant teasing back and forth between you both 

∙ yoongi being extremely encouraging and supportive 

∙ “I hate you” “I love you too, idiot” 

∙ long naps, snuggled up in his bed, his arms wrapped around you securely

∙ confiding secrets in each other 

∙ listening to his new tracks whilst he waits for your opinion 

∙ both of you adoring kumamon !!! 

∙ sharing clothes: sweaters, t-shirts, button-ups

∙ cosy dates with blankets + cuddles 

∙ dorky snapchats and texts 

∙ yoongi not being a fan of skinship unless its with you 

∙ dom! yoongi 

∙ promise rings !! 

∙ back hugs and piggy backs 

∙ tol or smol, yoongi loves to show you off 

∙ video game wars 

∙ hoseok referring to you as “soulmates” 

∙ jealous! yoongi 

∙ 3am Mcdonalds runs in your pjs 

∙ cuddles where he’d nuzzle his head into your neck 

∙ stealing each others phones just to take a million selcas 

∙ needy! yoongi

 ∙ pet names !! 

∙ soft, longing kisses 

∙ seeing who can cuss the most in one sitting 

∙ jungkook third wheeling 

∙ yoongi would make an adorable boyfriend !!! 

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Unpopular opinion but you want to know what bothers me about ToG? I walked into the series and fell in love with a story about an assassin trying to gain redemption. She was blood thirsty, and morally gray, spoiled and driven. But then S*M got bored with this amazing world and her normal, real, unlikely lovable and human characters, and decided that since it was SELLING she had to keep working on it but changed it into a NEW story with NEW characters that just happen to have the same name and appearance of the ones I actually adore. Post third book is no longer ToG it’s some AU.


The first one has two artists fyi. Yeah, the reason I made the first edit was because of a Human AU Lapidot fan fiction I was writing and that song fit the book SO well I had to make an edit for it!

The second one was made because the photo fit the song so I edited it and whabammo! That was made!

The third one was because the photo was adorable as all hell so I matched it up with a song
If anyone can guess the songs, bonus points for you! (Obvious Hint: 2 are the same song)


I cry about rings sometimes.

Story time about why theres Stiles spam in my queue xD

@writing-obrien was like hey Bon! and I was all like nope you can’t catch me with your Dylan trash and then Dylan went:

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And I basically followed her straight to the trash and burried myself in two fics and possibly a third smuty one… because all I can think about is Dylan / Stiles / how adorable Thomas is!

So thank you for the Dy;an obesssion? :D