the third nail


The Patil Family 

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for the lovely @thelogicaltwin

A year older than he ever got to be.


Accessories galore!!…

 The first pic is Nails looking pissed sporting his optional “Sneer” face plate and his optional fingerless glove hand sculpt!

  I finally got around to finishing and painting a pair, I’m also going to do a scaled down print of these that will work with Steve/Vince, Nails hands are a bit larger than Steves but will work with him.

  The third pic is Nails again, except this time instead of looking like hes about to pummel someone in a cage fight he looks like he needs a hug, haha.

  The fourth pic is of Spades (plain hatband) hat that will be included in his presale doll and kit release.

  The fifth pic is of Spades 75% finished boot sculpt, I still need to add detailing to the top of the boot shaft. These boots will be resin and cast in two parts and jointed at the ankle. To put them on him his foot needs to be unhooked then the boots shaft slid over the lower leg then the foot replaced with the “boot foot” sculpt.. It sound complicated but the feet and hands on all my dolls are easily changeable.

 The sixth pic is Spades finished gloved hand sculpt, its jointed at wrist and goes on similar to his boot sculpt.

  For those who missed my last big post or simply didn’t read down far enough my third “Share contest“ has begun!.  I do these every so often and they are always fun (especially the dart throwing part) To enter the contest all you have to do is share one of my posts (simple huh?) The more posts you share the more chances you have of winning :-) The prize will be one of my unfinished doll kits of your choosing! Steve, Vince, Nails or Mira and if you can wait till the end of March you could also choose a Spade kit!! :-D

  Basically the rules are pretty simple, you must watch my page, you cant post any condescending tags along with the share, you have to share the complete post, only one share per post will be counted, and the contest will run from now until the end in early February 2016.