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You have very little room for characterisation. Keep this in mind when creating you babies. Try to make their voices as distinct as possible to still create well-rounded characters.


You should keep your cast as small as possible. Very few or no side characters makes expanding on the mains easier. 


Keep your world simple or well known. A recurring world, like horrible government lead corruptly has been done to death. Use this, or any other overdone world, as a basis for your own. BUT don’t just copy a pre-existing world. Add a few elements to make it your own. 

Otherwise, 2016 earth is bad enough for a dystopian or horror story!


Subplots only add length in the case of short stories. If you want to add something similar, make it practically resolved at the start of the story.

E.g, have two characters kiss at the start of the story.

This will add stakes, without too much extra length.


Exposition is unnecessary. If there is a story type where you need to start in the middle of the action, it’s a short story (or flash fiction). This includes a romantic scene like kissing or first date in a romantic story. Start at (one of the most) interesting moments.


Your choice of words needs to be strong. Of course this also applies to regular, longer stories, but it is also immensely important in short stories, because the reader has no time to get invested in the story and characters. Short stories can be read in one, often short, sitting. 


Add emotion, lots of it. Make your story as memorable as possible, because no one, besides you or possibly an editor, will spend long in your world and with your characters. They need to be as strong as possible. If you can make your reader cry or laugh out loud, bonus points. Strong emotions will add memorability (is that even a word?). This also gets people talking about your story and you as an author.

FINAL TIP: (for now, ask if you have any questions)

Short stories need planning. How much depends on you as the author and the story, but have a plan. Excess scenes stand out. A lot. They will distract from the important content. Readers dislike excess scenes.

Short stories are also amazing to practice planning and storytelling. Use this to your advantage.

That was it for today

Ask if you have any unanswered questions, I’d love to answer them and help you.

3rd gym+ horror movie hcs
  • Tsukishima: likes psychological horror movies. especially mind-fucks that catapult him into an existential crisis for the next few days. watches with an unbreakable poker-face. nothing fazes him. leaves the room at the first inconsistency and comes back grumbling five minutes later. the one who (usually) ends up holding kuroo's hand throughout the movie.
  • Kuroo: most jump-scares send him flying off the couch or into somebody's lap. always passionately rooting for the "final girl". the one who holds his hand over his eyes and peeks through his fingers. wants to eat popcorn but worries he'll choke. lately he's developed "jump-scare" senses so when he feels like one is coming, he covers his mouth.
  • Bokuto: eats everyone's popcorn. gets attached to the character who dies first. doesn't understand why a maniac would want to kill everyone with a chainsaw when there are more practical weapons. falls asleep during the climax of the movie. says that horror movies are perfect background noise for napping. only scared of good ghost horror movies. the one who leaves the lights in the hallway and the bathroom on.
  • Akaashi: loves horror movies of any kind, especially old-school slashers. guesses who will die and in which order ten minutes into the movie. snickers when people die. usually roots for the bad guy if they're well written. during intense, moments, he narrates the protagonist's thoughts in a deadpan - but funny - manner. the one who turns the lights off after bokuto.

References to 70-80’s movies in Stranger Things by Ulysse Thevenon