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Do you think Senketsu would make a cool Little witch academia out fit ? Like his face on the hat like the sorting hat from Harry Potter?

YUP! Senketsu can be a great LWA outfit!! ALSO the funniest one!! XD

MAYBE he can fly by his own. Like…
“boring event, BYE BYE RYUKOOO!”


I will be honest. I sketched a lot of hats when I read this. I did one that I liked the most, so I will post it here too

The hat is inspired in Lilith’s one, from Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito (my very first yuri ; w ;) the dress in Senketsu Seijin and, obviously her expression in Junketsu!Ryuko XD.

I wanted her to look like a villian in LWA ( her outfit use the blood to generate magic (afterall is senketsu), not necessary her own, but others). she ended looking more like a MMORPG character….. -crying blood-

Here's an au for you

Instead of killing people in his house, Sangwoo kills people in his flower shop which he owns because who the fuck will notice that a bunch of dead bodies are kept inside the basement downstairs, you’re more worried about your flower delivery.

A Killing Stalking Flower Shop AU!

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do u have any tips on finding a good url mines shit and im not creative

sometimes when i’m bored i just look up urls and if they aren’t taken i save them. a lot of the ones i saved are puns or inside jokes like dabgo, dabinof, dansrecedinghairline….

Also if lesbians are so boring why do het men, bi men and bi women all cry ****discrimination**** when a lesbian won’t sleep with them? If lesbians are so boring why do y'all write stories about men raping us/converting us and think it’s sexy? One of y'all even explicitly said there’s nothing hotter than a lesbian and some dickhead getting together on one of these book reviews lmao. If lesbians are so oppressive and boring why do y'all write lengthy posts about how to force ourselves to ease into fucking a male? Who is creating games depicting the rape of lesbian characters? If lesbians are so boring why do transwomen write about not wanting other transwomen but “cis” women? If lesbians legit harmed you, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near us, you wouldn’t even THINK about sex or dating if we were a danger to you and who the fuck wants to date and fuck supposedly boring people? If y'all hate that the fact that people are only attracted to one genitalia why do y'all continuously stan for dick? Why is dick the common denominator in being unquestioned, in having to be everyone’s preference in order for there to be ethical purity? Why is dick allowed to be forced onto any and every woman and justified by men and women alike onto unwilling women/forever unavailable women aka lesbians? Why is pussy apparently so reductive and embarrassing to like and yet y'all seek and go after females specifically? When y'all watch lesbian porn that y'all love so much (that isn’t fetish Hentai) you’re seeking vulva-vulva sexual content correct? What’s up with that contradiction?

How are lesbians oppressive when y'all are the ones who think being denied a date and sex is equivalent to being discriminated against in a job as if sex is a life necessity? Who are the oppressive ones in reality? Who are the actual boring ones wasting their time writing stories about turning lesbians and invading lesbian spaces and calling themselves lesbians when they’re not? HMMMM.

Like y'all are fucking embarrassing and full of fucking projections and not so hidden motives, you suck actually.

You know you need a new hobby when you have the day off and all you can think of doing is sleeping or going to watch the same Broadway play for the forth time in a month. Maybe today is gonna be the day that I learn how to cook something other than instant noodles - or I’m just going to potentially mess up my whole apartment and blame my friends for it because there’s no one here to keep me company and stop me from trying to do stuff I have no idea how to do.

“i need a new hobby or something to do.” aster complained, mostly to themself but somewhat to the person across the table. “i can’t hack into anything. you know what i did for fun, hacking. you know what isn’t here, internet. i think purgatory is secretly hell in disguise. it comes along, makes you think you’re in an in between place, but then BAM!” they slammed their hand on the table. “everything is gone, you’re bored to death. i’m dead and i want to die again.”

Constance Bonacieux...

…Will never again not look like Beauty and the Beast’s Belle to me. I don’t know when that particular connection was made, but they register as very similar to me.

Initially it was a visual thing, I think? They both have that reddish tint in their hair, and some facial similarities (at least, to me)

But, thinking about it further….they actually are a match in other ways. Belle sings about being bored with her life, about wanting “so much more than they’ve got planned” and Constance’s entire storyline is basically just that. She’s not in a terrible situation, but is underwhelmed with her life. Her marriage, her role in society…they’re a far cry from what she wants and the majority of her story is about gaining the courage to make her own way.

I don’t see d’Artagnan as the Beast character, really, though. I mean, kiiiiinda, I guess? If we replace The Curse with the death of his father and draw comparison with his S1E1 “ill manners”…and a lot of his character growth (breaking the curse, theoretically speaking) does revolve around Constance. One example is how he goes from “I don’t need a woman to protect me” to trusting and relying on her as an equal.

You know who would be a better Beast, though?

Olivier ‘Athos’ de la Fere.

I hear the screeching of breaks and a resounding “whaaaaat

Hear me out.

I don’t mean this in a shipping sense, although obviously if we’re talking AU, hey, maybe you do ship Constance/Athos and that’s fine! But from a canon, drawing-of-comparison standpoint with no romance involved, and with a little headcanon thrown in, Athos is perfect for The Beast.

“The Curse” is his brother’s death- more than that, it’s Milady’s betrayal (however you feel about that) and it’s grief and guilt and all that pain Athos carries with him. You could even say it’s his implied alcoholism and lack of interest in his own life following Thomas’ death.

Now, it’s generally accepted that d’Artagnan is the one who came charging in and saved Athos’ heart, and I don’t disagree. D’Artagnan became a younger brother to Athos and, arguably, almost a son. (According to book!Athos There are only 15 years between them, but honestly it’s enough to throw some paternal shades into their dynamic. Friend, brother, mentor…) And there is no denying d’Artagnan was ultimately great for Athos in a different way from Porthos and Aramis. But,

Athos had already become a Musketeer before d’Artagnan showed up.

Here’s a man who, even in S1E1, is so ready to accept a death he doesn’t deserve. He offers no complaint post-sentencing when most, I feel, would pitch a fit at the prospect of such a dishonorable end, especially being innocent. And he regularly drinks his sorrows.

So, aside from perhaps thinking it a convenient way to eventually die, why would this grief-stricken man sign on as a musketeer to begin with? Maybe because it’s as good a way to get through a day as any, but there’s a snippet where headcanon comes in:

In S1E1, Constance shows no sign of knowing Aramis or Porthos, and they both act like it’s a first meeting when she arrives in the Garrison. But she not only knows Athos, she tells d’Artagnan that Athos is her friend.

By that time, Athos is already close friends with Aramis and Porthos, so for Constance to know one but not the other two, she and Athos would have to be friends well outside his life as a Musketeer.

Enter Headcanon, and getting back to the Beauty and the Beast comparison.

This is purely speculation but, what if Constance is the one who got Athos to try for the Musketeers in the first place?

What if Athos came to Paris, drifting from tavern to tavern in the throes of heartbreak and grief, throwing his life away one bottle at a time (the Beast, in the depths of hopelessness, resigned to his fate.)

And then, by some chance or the hand of God, Constance Bonacieux crossed his path. And at that time she’d be engaged or newly married, settled into a dull pattern of life that she knows isn’t what she wants, but…she’s never really known different, outside of books. Where reality is concerned, she’s left to assume this is really all life has for her, and so while she isn’t happy, she’s not miserable. And anyway,

Going by the Beauty and the Beast analogy; Athos’ curse - he’s in such despair, wasting his life trying to drink the pain away. He’s distrustful, in a sense, of women in general, or tries to be. As far as he’s concerned, life has come to a halt. (Plus we could go as far as to consider Milady as The Enchantress, and compare Athos’ Nobility and post-Thomas’-death rejection thereof to the Beast’s royal status and post-curse ruination of the castle…torn portraits are present in both cases)

And then Constance Bonacieux finds herself in this man’s life, and she’s having none of it. (in addition, headcanon: for their first meting, Athos passes out at Constance’s feet, drunk. Call-forward to meeting d’Artagnan?) She almost forcibly befriends him, and he comes to accept her friendship.

Think of the Beauty and the Beast scene after Beast fights off the Wolves, where Belle and Beast argue as she tends his wounds.

That becomes the exact picture I imagine for Constance and Athos. Instead of falling in True Love, though, they build a friendship, and Athos, while not fully whole again, starts to regain his life, joins the Musketeers. This puts him in place for later development when d’Artagnan arrives.

Constance, meanwhile, becomes more sure of herself. Not quite ready yet to question society’s notions of her role in life, but beginning to realize she wants more. Consequently, after wrangling Athos at his worst, she is far less likely to take nonsense from anyone.

This got long and fell apart a bit toward the end, but TL;DR: Constance is totally Belle and Athos makes for a really good Beast and you know what? It might even be a fun AU with the original storyline rearranged a little bit.


Sojung’s identity on King of Masked Singer being revealed leaves everyone in shock and tears

“I think the pain and the ordeal you went through made you stronger. When I was singing about personal experiences on stage, I cried a lot, but you didn’t do that. And the fact that the panel thought you to be in your forties or fifties just shows how much your singing got to us. Please continue to sing great songs.” [x]

Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

But what we should do is when they sing Good Girls, instead of saying "She's a good girl, She's daddy's favorite" we should say "She's a good girl, She's Ashton's favorite". I don't know if this was already said or thought of but idk I think this needs to be done more. :)

I’m bored, so I’m hopping on @fuckmybiaslist’s questions tag (hope that’s okay!)

1: Are you named after someone? First name, no. But I did get my middle name from a great aunt.

2: When is the last time you cried? A couple days ago while watching Bridge to Terabithia.

3: Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes, when I can actually slow down enough that the letters come out nice. (Though now that I think about it, I don’t really hate my usual messy, loopy scrawl, it’s just hard to read, which gets annoying.)

4: What is your favorite lunch meat? Shaved smoked ham.

5: Do you have kids? I do not! (Nor do I want them…)

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Maybe? I’m such an anxiety-ridden, awkward mess that making friends is hard, so I don’t really know.

7: Do you use sarcasm? All the time. (Probably too much, tbh)  

8: Do you still have your tonsils? Nope. Four awful bouts of strep throat took care of that.

9: Would you bungee jump? Nooo.

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Mini Wheats.

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Only if I have to. Most of my laces are tied loose enough that I can slip them on and off without untying.

12: Do you think you’re a strong person? No, not particularly.  

13: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip.

14: What is the first thing you notice about people? Clothes or hair, usually.

15: Red or pink? Red.

16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? The amount of body hair I have.

17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Blue jeans and navy night sky-patterned socks.

18: What was the last thing you ate? Homemade vanilla marshmallow.

19: What are you listening to right now? BTS - 2nd Grade.

20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black.

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? A lady at my doctor’s office.

23: Favorite sport to watch? Gymnastics.

24: Hair color? Dark violet with teal/indigo underneath.

25: Eye color? Blue/green

26: Do you wear contacts? No.  

27: Favorite food to eat? Ice cream, chocolate.

28: Scary movies or comedy? Definitely comedy. (I can’t handle scary movies.)

29: Last movie you watched? Finding Dory, I think.  

30: What color of shirt are you wearing? Blue/teal/white/black flannel.

31: Summer or winter? Spring.

32: Hugs or kisses? Hugs.

33: What book are you currently reading? A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K Hamilton and A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi.  

34: Who do you miss right now? My dad.

35: What is on your mouse pad? Don’t have a mouse pad.

36: What is the last TV program you watched? New Girl.  

37: What is the best sound? The Big Hit logo chime, a bunch of people singing/fanchanting along with their faves, the hum of a coffee shop or bookstore, the page of a book turning…

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Neither?

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled? Ireland.  

40: Do you have a special talent? Managing to do a lot and nothing at the same time.  

41: Where were you born? Michigan.

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