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Shelter - Clay Jensen imagine

Summary: Hello can you do a platonic clay x reader were you and clay are best friends and you’ve been comforting him because of the tapes. You’re being strong for clay but inside you’re depressed because you and Hannah were best friends. One day you break down and clay is the one who comforts you. Thanks love and sorry for the long request.

Y/F/N: your father’s name
Y/M/N: your mother’s name

Warnings: I’ve decided to change things a little bit. Y/N is the one who received the copies of the tapes (instead of Tony) because she’s not in them. She ran over to Hannah’s as soon as she realized what was happening, but it was too late. Mention of suicide. Probably swearing.


“She’s not okay, (Y/F/N)! She’s barely eating and lost, give or take, 40 pounds on the last four months! Her grades dropped on every class! Even her friends stopped coming by. They used to be here all the damn time!” you heard your mom screaming the second you opened the front door. She was arguing with your father and, clearly, forgot you were coming home early in that particular day.

“That Jensen kid is always here. She’s not alone. Give her a break, (Y/M/N). Her best friend killed herself and SHE is the one who found the bloody body in a tub” your dad sounded extremely impatient.

“Yeah, but it happened four months ago. She’s not getting any better. Are we gonna let our child depress herself, slash her OWN wrists and bleed to death?”

That was it. You cleared your throat so they would notice your presence. Your mother’s eyes widened up. Your dad ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated.

“Hi, sweetie… we didn’t see you there”

“Clearly” you clenched your jaw. “Well, if you ask me, which nobody does, I’m doing just fine”


“Mom! The weight thing? It’s a diet. I’m on a damn diet. The grades? I’m sorry, I’m a slow learner. And people stopped coming over because I lost interest on most of my old friends. Is that enough explanation? Can you please stop worrying about me killing myself? I promise you I won’t”


“Can you come over to my place after school?” Clay asked. Just one quick look at his face told you he was having one of his bad days. There were dark purple bags under his eyes, his face was pale and his hair looked like a bird nest.

“Of course, young man” you smiled at him.

“Do you want a ride?” he offered. His mom insisted on driving him everywhere since… well, since Hannah’s tapes.

“Nah, thanks. I’ll bike. I can use some exercise” you joked.

Clay didn’t even realized you were faking everything. You didn’t need any exercise. You just didn’t want his mom to see the bad shape you were in. If she saw the wreck you were and decided you were a bad influence on Clay, that would be it. Without him, you had no one.

You split up as soon as the bell rang, since he had Econ and you, Chemistry.

“See ya” he said.

“See ya” you repeated.

The classes went by and, honestly, you completely ignored every word your teachers said. You doodled and sketched some pretty gloomy and twisty stuff. You ripped off that page from your notebook and threw it away. The last thing you needed was some stupid student seeing that and spreading the word you were the next… what did your mom say? The next one to slash their own wrists and bleed to death?

When it was finally over, you threw your backpack on your shoulder and biked all the way to the Jensen’s. He was already there and, thank goodness, his mom was nowhere to be seen.

“How was your morning?” you asked.

“Bad” he admitted. “I had nightmares last night. Didn’t got any sleep, so I was extra tired this morning”

“Nightmares?” you frowned while he led you upstairs. “That specific kind?”

He knew what you meant. Nightmares about her. At the dance, at Jessica Davis’, at the tub… you shook those images away. He didn’t know that, but you had that kind of nightmares too. Every god damn night.

“Yeah” Clay nodded.

“You told me they went away with your medication” you put aside your own problems to try helping him.

You both got inside his room and shut the door.

“Normally they do” he explained “but not last night”

You sat down and let him tell you everything, the same as every time he had a nightmare, a vision or even a thought about your dead best friend. It torn you apart, it was like rubbing salt on your open wounds. Every mention of her, every flash of memory you had, it hurt you like hell.

But Clay needed that. Sharing everything with you was all that kept him sane. That’s why, day after day, you let him go on and on about her smile, her hair, her laugh, her sadness, her tapes, her death.


“(Y/N)? You’re late for school honey” your mom gently pressed your shoulders. “If you get up now, shower and get dressed really fast, you can still eat breakfast and get on time for the second period”

You didn’t even open your eyes. You didn’t care. You couldn’t care less about school, breakfast, dressing up, showering, living.

Not getting a response, your mom sighed and decided to let you sleep.

A few hours later, another voice woke you up.

“Hey, school dropout” Clay called. “It’s 5 o'clock. Aren’t you hungry or even tired of sleeping?”

“Not really” you mumbled.

“Okay… I’m gonna help you catch up” he started. “You don’t have to get up or move a muscle. I can bring you food and we can talk. Actually, I can do all the talking if it serves you better. All you’ll have to do is listen. Or not. I won’t know if you’re listening or sleeping since your face is sunk on a pillow”


“I know, I know, I’m doing that thing where I say too many words in not enough time and it gets confusing and I’m doing it right now again” he took a long breath.

“Clay” you tried again.

“I’ve stopped. I promise. Now, about that food. I can get you an orange juice-”


“Okay, lemon juice. Switzerland-ish lemonade” he mispronounced everything, which would be adorable if you weren’t on the middle of a break down.

“Clay, will you please stop talking?” you screamed. He got scared and his mouth hung open. You felt the tears starting to run down your cheeks. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scream… I just wanted you to listen”

“O-okay, I’m sorry, I’m listening now” he held your hand. “What’s the matter?”

You finally got up, just enough to sit down and level your eyes with his. You were only on your pajamas, which didn’t do a good job hiding how much weight you lost. Normally you’d wear large coats and sweaters, sweatpants and stuff like that. That was the first time in all those months Clay saw you with a simple shirt on.

Also, you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup. Covering up the dark circles around you eyes and some blush to give your pale and dead skin a healthy appearance. Not in that morning. Again, it was the first time since before Hannah’s death that Clay saw your real face, clean and makeup free.

“Oh my god (Y/N)” he whispered. “I don’t- I don’t even know what to say”

“I don’t think I can hear you talking about her anymore… I just… I’m not ready” you cried. He hugged you really tight. “I think I’m the one who needs some help”

“It’s okay. We can figure it out” he promised.

“I miss her, Clay. I miss her so fucking much. Sometimes I can’t even breath. Everything just seems so pointless since she left us”

“I miss her too. But we have to believe she’s on a better place now. It was her choice and, since we couldn’t stop it, we just have to live with it and respect her for holding on for as long as she could”

You nodded.

“I just don’t know how to keep living. I wish we could go back”

“One day after the other. When we’re going through hell, we just gotta keep going”

“How? You’re just telling me pretty words and metaphors, Clay, but you’re not helping me figure out what I’m really supposed to do” you sobbed.

“How would you have helped her, if you had known how sad and broken she really was?” he asked.

You backed away a few inches. That was so uncalled for. That line of thinking was painful. Still, you felt the need to answer and put yourself through that misery.

“I-I don’t know. I guess I would have helped her find out things that made her happy, people who made her glad to be alive” you took a break. Your heart was falling apart while you thought of all the things you could have done for her, but didn’t. “I’d help her change the scenario, get professional help, and find joy in the little things. I would tell her that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

You stopped talking, but Clay knew you weren’t done.

“What else?”

“She lost herself. If I had known that, I would have helped her find herself again” you rubbed your puffy eyes.

“That’s your answer. Right there” he said, simply.


“You asked me how to keep on living. That’s how. Help yourself the way you wanted to help her. She’s gone, but you’re not. You need to stay alive. And when I say alive, I don’t mean your body. It doesn’t matter if your heart’s still beating if you’ve lost yourself. You have to find you, the real you, in the middle of all that pain” Clay explained himself.

You nodded. Deep down, you knew Hannah would agree with him. She would hate seeing you like that, following her steps, and she would do anything to drag you out of that situation.

Ironically, neither of you could help the other. You were too oblivious to help her then, and she was too dead to help you now.

However, as Hannah’s best friend, you had to overcome your sadness and fight like she would have wanted you to. After all, you owed her that much.

“How did you get so wise?” you playfully pushed Clay, and let out a soft and short laugh.

“I lost myself too, and I’m currently finding me again too”

When people treat Makeup Artists like what they do isn’t as impressive or hard as what a Hairstylist does…okay sweetie, is that your eyeliner or did you get attacked by a sharpie marker? Did you figure out what shape your face is before you threw that contour all over it? It must be right, since that’s what the Youtube Makeup Guru did, regardless of the fact that you don’t look a thing like her and that might possibly mean you require something different. I do hope you at least picked the right shade for your skin tone and didn’t just run to Sephora and pick out whichever one the Kardashians tweeted about most recently. And please, tell me more about how proud you are of your smoky eye that makes you look like a raccoon…I’m not just playing with pretty colors on someone’s face, here.
I may not be the greatest at finger waves and hair color formulations make my head spin. But give me a basic eyeshadow pallet and I can make you look like a completely different person. Hell, I could make you look like a completely different species.
But you’re right. It’s not hard. It’s not a skill. I might as well just be playing with crayons in a coloring book.

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How would the boys react if someone were trying to get their crush before them? ( I love your blog! all your stories on DA are amazing too! You're my Hero)

((thank you dear; i’m glad you like my dA fanfiction!)) (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

The 2Ps when they have a love rival

2P!America: “This bitch wants the same girl as me huh? HUH? WELL THEN WE’LL SEE WHO WINS AHAHAHA!” [not afraid to play dirty]

2P!China: “You like her too? Hmm… that’s too bad…” ;D [goes after her like a wolf / pays no mind to the rival and acts quite passive-aggressive around him]

2P!England: “Isn’t she so precious? Ah yes, you agree! She deserves to know how lovely she is! Why don’t you and I prepare her a gift…” ♥ [is oblivious at first, but once he realizes what’s actually going on, he either feels guilty if the other guy liked her first or grows progressively more protective of her and/ or suspicious of his rival]

2P!France: “Ah shit, you’re into her too? …Fuck. I mean, whatever. It’s not a big deal…” [He doesn’t want to have to try harder than he already is; he’d rather not get more emotionally invested than he already is. He’d rather give up before he feels the effects of heartbreak.]

2P!Russia: “I see. Well, you’d probably be more compatible with her than me…” [He’d acknowledge that he’s not the best person to fall in love with, and definitely analyze the other competitor for her affections before deciding if she’d be better off with him or not.]

2P!Italy: “Is that so? Heh, now let me tell you something… *ominously leans in, whispers* “I always win.” [Like he says, he plays this game to win. He refuses to let someone else get in his way.]

2P!Germany: “Ah shit bro, really? I didn’t know… well, fuck.” [Depending on his relationship with the other person, he’d decide whether or not to move on. If he barely knew the guy, then yeah, he’d totally still go after her.]

2P!Japan: “How unfortunate for you.” [He’s getting her by any means necessary, and he’s not going to allow some idiot to screw things up for him.]

2P!Canada: “Hey you… fuck off.” [He’s probably the most possessive and easily-jealous out of the 2Ps.]

2P!Romano: “Oh look, a little friendly competition.~ Watch out sweetie, I’M GONNA SNATCH YOUR BITCH.” [gets very two-faced and back-stabby if he needs to.]

2P!Austria: “How amusing.~ You understand your efforts are meaningless, yes? She is going to choose me and there is no doubt about that, m’dear!” [confident enough that he’s going to win her that he does nothing about the rival other than occasionally taunt him.]

2P!Prussia: “Oh… I’m so sorry… I-I had no idea…” [if he felt even the slightest bit of confidence that he could get her, all of it diminished by that one moment.]

Hello, baby. Part 10.

I just sit on the couch letting my heart fall into pieces as J walks away from me. I know I said I can’t expect what I put in, I know I said that I can handle his mood swings, I know what I fucking said. This is, different. This isn’t a mood swing. This isn’t him not giving back. It feels like him giving up. Giving up on, me? Or us? Another tear falls down my cheek and I’m quick to wipe it with my left hand.
The pain in my shoulder feels minimal compared to the pressure I feel on my chest, this could be from the pain medication.
‘What can I do? I’m weak. I’m broken. I’m useless. Hey dad, look im everything you always said I would be! Aren’t you fucking proud. I turned out just like mom. Maybe a little worse since you weren’t the clown fucking prince, but I’m sure you are looking up at me from hell with a grin on your face.’
More tears. I repress the memories like I normally do and wipe my face again. The medication has my body feeling heavy, I feel like I can barely lift my arms. Just a few seconds pass and I have to lay back down. My shoulder feels numb, but so does the rest of me. I fall asleep.
I wake up and I’m in our bed. Alone. I turn my head to look at the clock, I wince at the pain, it’s 4am. There is a pill and another glass of water by the bed, the moon shines just enough light so I can see my surroundings. Lucas is in the room, sleeping in a chair against the door. I make a slight grunting noise trying to get up and Lucas jumps up.

“No Kat, don’t do that. Let me help you.” He lets me push off him with my left hand and he picks me up a little so I can sit up. 

My mind feels foggy and my emotions are drained. I take another pill.

“How are you feeling?” He is sitting on Js side of the bed. 

I don’t answer. I’m just staring at the sheets where he used to be. My hand reaches over to them, they are cold and unbothered.
It feels as if someone is taking and ice pick to my chest. The pressure I feel runs through my ribs making it hard to breathe, my throat feels like it’s closing in, my head feels like a thousand nails have been hammered through my skull. I can’t speak, if I do I’ll lose the little bit of composer I have left. I lay back down on my left side facing away from his side of the bed. I close my eyes and a few tears escape my grip.
I feel Lucas leave the bed and hear him take his seat by the door again. I know his eyes are fixed on me.
I wake up and it’s almost 1 in the afternoon. I turn on my back and just stare at the ceiling. I want this to all be a dream. A really bad dream. I groan trying to get up and Lucas is still in the room, he rushes to my side again and sits me up.

“Are you hungry? Do you need anything?” He’s trying to make eye contact.

“A shower.” I manage to get out as I lean my head back against the headboard and close my eyes.

“Just, give me one minute Kat.” He goes to the door and moves his chair, he opens it up very little and calls for Jackie. I hear her footsteps come up the stairs.
I still have my head back and eyes closed. I don’t even acknowledge her.

“Yes, Lucas, is everything ok?” She sounds tired.

“She wants a shower. I know boss wouldn’t want me to handle that.” He leaves the room.

“Ok honey, I’m just going to help you up and out of those clothes and take the bandage off, I’ll sit on the other side of the door if you need me ok?”

I lift my head and open my eyes and give her a nod with a weak smile that fades quickly.
She comes over and puts her shoulder under my left arm and helps me swing my legs over the edge. I’m able to get up, we head into the bathroom and she undresses me like a child, I feel helpless. She take the bandage off and it hurts a lot less than I was expecting.

“I’ll be right outside the door dear, let me know if you need anything.” She heads out and I hear her get comfortable on the other side.
I’m able to turn the water on. I get in and let the hot water run over me. I sit under the hot water, I want to cry but nothing comes out. My chest aches to the core of my body, I don’t want to move, I don’t think I can move. Jackie knocks and opens the door a little and check on me. I’m sitting on the floor of the shower with my left arm resting on my knees that are pulled to my chest.

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“No, no, no sweetie. Don’t, it’s ok. It will be ok. Honey. Please.” Her voice sounds like it’s breaking. She gets in the shower fully clothed and picks me up with my left arm, she gets me out of the shower and wraps a towel around me. She sits me down on a chair in the bathroom as she gets some clothes for me. She comes back in with a short sleeve shirt and some sweat pants. ‘I know these aren’t from this closet.’ she helps me change and helps me back into bed. She wraps a towel around herself and heads toward the door.
“I’ll bring you something to eat in a few, do you need anything else dear?” She gives me a smile. I shake me head softly. She walks out and Lucas is right there to take his place again.
I’m starting at the sheets again, still cold. I wonder how long it’s been since he has even seen me. I don’t even know where he is. Where has he been sleeping. My mind goes back to what the guard says about the stripper, fucking knives in my chest. He is the Joker, I shouldn’t expect anything less. I do though, well i did.
Lucas breaks my train of thought, “How did you sleep? Feel better after the shower?” He still sitting in his chair.

“I’m, ok.” The words feel like razor blades as they escape my mouth.

“How’s the shoulder feel? Has the pain died down any?” I can’t tell if he’s actually wanting to know or trying to make small talk.

I rest my head back against the headboard and close my eyes again, “It’s better.” I let out a sigh.
Jackie comes in, her hair is still wet but she’s in dry clothes, and has some soup and a roll with a large glass of water. “Could you leave us alone for a quick minute Lucas?” She rest her hand on his shoulder. He nods and leaves.

“Kat, what’s, I need you to talk to me. I’m not giving you anymore pain pills till you do. I don’t want these to be an emotional crutch for you and you’re tough, so I’m not worried about the pain in your shoulder.” She sets the food next to me and sits on the bed.

“I, I don’t know. J, he hasn’t been here. Or I don’t know if he has.” My voice trails off, my throat gets tight again.

“Sweetie, I’m going to just be honest with what I do know because you deserve it ok. Mr. J hasn’t been here. Not since that night. He’s been at his club. I have no clue what he does there all day and night.” She pauses and gives the last piece of information, her voice is shaking when she speaks, “He asked that you be taken back to your place tomorrow. Honey, I know things were just going right, I’m so so sorry.” She wipes away her few tears.
I look at the sheets next to me, “Ok. Thanks. Can, can I just be alone. Just for a few minutes.” My voice is trembling.

“Absolutely sweetie.” She gives me a hug that i don’t return. She wipes a tear from my face, “You are so strong Kat, please don’t let him do this to you.” She leaves.

I’m left alone with the most tragic news I’ve ever received. I want so badly to go back in time, I want to go back to that morning. My eyes can’t hold back the tears anymore, I let them just continue to fall. My chest feels tight and the pain I feel is straight through to my bones. I start sobbing. My back starts to hurt and in return it shoots pain to my shoulder. I curl up on my right shoulder, the pain last for a second, there are much deeper things being felt. I reach my hand across to his side of the bed and grip the sheets.
Remembering us. Remembering him.
I scream at the pain from my chest. Lucas rushed in and stops, he closes the door quietly and sits in his chair. He doesn’t say anything. He lets me cry and I appreciate it.
I’m trying to find a full breath of air, the tears have stopped but it feels like they haven’t. I sit up and grab the glass of water with my left hand and throw it at the wall, the aim is off but it hits the wall and breaks. “Take me home now.” My voice is hoarse.

“Uh, I can’t.” He comes over to me and rubs my back, it feels good.

I rest my head on his shoulder, “Why?”

“It’s not, he said tomorrow.” His voice is low.

I know he doesn’t want to say his name, “Just let me out of this fucking place, please Lucas.”

He nods. “I’ll get you home.” He gets up and grabs a small bag but stuffs as much clothes as he can in it. Including some of the nice jewelry and dresses. He gets another bag and throws all the makeup in it. 

“That stuff was bought with my money!” I try to smile at him

He smiles back “Sorry!” He has both bags in one hand, he helps me up and he opens the door.
I take in everything from the house. The reflection off the floor, the extravagant decor, the rooms I still haven’t seen and never will. I walk out and walk down the stairs. Jackie is in the kitchen and runs over when she sees me.

“What is going on? Are you ok dear?”

“I’m doing him one last favor.” I go in and hug her with my left arm, “I’m going to miss you Jackie. So much!” I let her go.

“Kat, but you can’t, not, tomorrow. Wait!” She pauses again. She gives me a sad look and grabs my hand, “I told you, you are so strong. I’m going to miss you as well dear.” She gives me another hug and Lucas walks me out of the house. He sets my stuff in the back of the car and opens the door for me and puts the seatbelt on me as well. He gets in and we are off. I don’t look back. 

We pull up to my old place. Such a different lifestyle. Lucas opens my door and undoes the seatbelt, he helps me out of the Car, then grabs the bags. “You ok?” He stands next to me.

“Never been better.” I give him a small smile and start walking towards the door. He follows.
We get up to my room and I open the door, it’s not even locked. I walk in and everything is cleaned. The last time I came here everything had been thrown everywhere, “Who, what happened?”
“Some people came down and cleaned your place for you.” He says in a ‘you’re welcome’ tone.

“You didn’t, this? Why?” I laugh a little bit.

“It was a few of us guys, we know you wouldn’t be able to do it once you got back here. He’s a fucked up guy, but that doesn’t mean we all are.” He gives me a hug. “I’m, im sorry Kat. This isn’t, it’s not right.” He sighs, “Also, a physical therapist will be here tomorrow for your shoulder.”

“Can’t wait.” I sigh and give him a hug. “Thanks Lucas.” I let go and he walks out the door giving me one last look saying please be ok. I lock the door behind him.
I sit on my old bed with the scratchy sheets. I let out a sigh. I lay down on my back, I’m empty. I have nothing left in me, I can feel the pain set in again. This time all over my body.
‘Why J, why are you doing this to me. Why did I believe you, why did I fucking believe you, why am i surprised! Fucking pussy can’t even give me an explantation. I trusted you. Wanted you. Needed you. I fucking loved you. I just want an explanation.’
I turn on my left side. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried already and I know this won’t be my last. I know people can die from a broken heart and I feel that’s my fate. I don’t want to live, at least not right now.

it feels like months have gone by but it has only been a week. One week of absolute torture. My heart aches everyday; like someone just twisted it over and over again, I can’t even force myself to eat anymore; all my clothes are baggy, I thought I was stronger, I thought I would survive this. My shoulder feels better, the therapist comes everyday. She tries to make me laugh but I can’t. I don’t take the pain medication because feeling the pain lets me know I’m still alive. I’m not sure I want to be, but I am. 

I haven’t talked to anyone. I haven’t gone outside or even turned on the TV. The outside world doesn’t seem real. I feel like everything has stopped spinning.

A knock on my door pulls me out of it. I get out of bed, sluggishly. I walk to the front door and open it. It’s Lucas.

“Kat.” He looks me up and down and he’s looks sad once he realizes the state im in.

“Hi.” I leave the door open and walk back into my room and lay on the bed again. I can’t feel anything right now.

“Uh, I just wanted to check on you. Just to see, you should eat something.” He can’t even ask how i am doing. 

“Im not hungry, i’m fine.” Im curled up in my bed with my back facing him.

“Kat, be honest with me, please.” he is sitting next to the bed.

I turn over facing him, “I want to die. Is that what you want to hear? I can’t eat, I can’t fucking function. My heart is in pieces. I can’t do this anymore Lucas. I can’t live without him.” I can feel the tears running down my face.

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He wipes my face, “Have you watched the news?”

Im confused, what kind of question is that after I just spilled my heart out. “No.” I turn back around.

“He can’t, or at least he won’t survive without you either.” he sighs, “He is more reckless, he doesn’t even try to fight, he puts himself in the way of danger, I don’t think he wants to live. He hasn’t left the ouse for 3 days now. I don’t think you understand what is going on. I think you should come back to the house.”

“Why are you here?” My emotions are wrecked right now.

“Kat, just come with me. I’ll bring you home later, ok?”

I turn around and nod. I don’t know how healthy this decision can be. I’m not even over him and I’m going back to him. I can’t say no though. I need to see him. I want to see him. I don’t know what emotion is taking over right now, but i get up and pull my hair in a bun and change into a t-shirt and jeans. We leave.

The drive is silent. I keep trying to play scenarios in my head, they all end with me killing him. I feel like I am going to vomit when I see the house. 

“Take me home please Lucas, i can’t do this. i can’t. I don’t think I can survive it.” He has the car door open for me to get out.

“Kat, I promise you, you will be fine.” He reaches his hand out. I accept.

My heart is racing, what ifs are running through my head. Lucas opens the door and we walk in. Its quiet. My eyes well up with the sights, remembering everything. Lucas places his hand on my back, “You got this Kat.”

I nod. I look for Jackie but shes not in the kitchen. I walk over to the counter and open a drawer, I pull out a knife and carry it with me to the couch.

“Kat, really?” Lucas looks at me with his eyebrows raised.

“You don’t know what I have been through.” Is all I say as I sit. 

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I wait a few minutes.
 My heart sinks into my stomach as J flashes around the corner. 

His hair is perfectly done, his skin bright white. He looks upset. More upset than before. He is dressed like he is ready to go out. I think I am going to lose it and I want to run out the door.
I take the knife out and hold it next to me. I just wait for him to make eye contact. 
‘He doesn’t have to know that he killed me.’

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He hasn’t noticed me sitting on the couch, “Hello, baby.” I hope my voice sounds convincing. 

His glare is sharp, I can’t read him in the slightest, but he stops and stares.
I want to run at him and tell him i missed him and then stab him in the heart and scream fuck you.
I don’t.

“Cat got your tongue J?” I stand up, knife by my side. I am not trying to hide that he hurt me, or that I want to hurt him. Im trying to hide that he killed me.

Still nothing, i go for it.

“Too much of a pussy to give me a reason J? Just couldn’t man the fuck up and tell me why you didn’t want me? Just had everyone else deal with your trash? Just let everyone else deal with the fucked up things you do?” I start walking towards him. He isn’t saying anything and I feel powerful after saying what has been on my mind. “Come on J, don’t you miss playing with me?” I run the knifes blade against my jeans. Still nothing from him. 
I walk up to him, my face close to his and my eyes are locked on his. 
I put the tip of the knife at his chest, “Did it fucking kill you like it killed me J? Did your heart fucking break to its core? Did you lose sleep? Could you eat? Did you have a gun shot wound that would remind you every second of every damn day that you were alone? Did you fucking miss me J?” I press the tip in the knife in his skin, “Say something.”

“Yes.” His voice is low and gives me chills. I don’t let it phase me. I press the tip in more, a drop of blood runs down his chest. Im angry, so angry with him because i want to forgive him already.

“Yes what, asshole?” I’m not letting his go that easy, I can’t.

“It killed me.” He sounds like he is in pain. “What, what are you even doing here?”

“I had to see if it killed you as well, you look fine though. Perfectly fine. Must be nice.” I take the knife out of his skin. I go to walk away and he grabs my arm, i turn around and put the blade to his throat, “Don’t fucking touch me.” he lets go and lifts his hands.

“Go out with me tonight?” He still sounds like he is in pain, but I cant read him. “Please, Kat.” He moves closer to me and I hold out the knife, “I understand, let me explain. Please, just one night and I will never bother you again.“

I lower the knife.
I don’t know what kind of spell he has over me but I nod, “One night.”  

New Perspective: A Solangelo Fanfiction

Drew’s the best and also the worst, and also I haven’t written a lot of witty dialogue lately, I missed that. So you know I had to bring back some of the snap. Also all the lube available and Nico with a ponytail. Cause you know, those things should never be mutually exclusive in fanfiction ;) 

(this fic takes place after the events of Lover-Cares)


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“Nico, what the heck?” Austin said, looking rather startled. “Did you seriously just refer to yourself in the third person.”              

“It’s never too early for some good old fashion dissociation and self-hatred my guy,” Nico said with a probably terrifying half-smile half-baring of teeth he cheers his coffee and downed it. Noting Kayla and Austin’s genuinely unamused faces, he scoffed. “My comedic skills are lost on you people, I swear.”

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:-) Requests are open. Want more greaser!teen wolf? Just ask

*Stiles, Isaac, Scott, Liam

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I am going to kill you, Minato.

Game: Our Two Bedroom Story

Pairing: MC (reader insert) + Shusei Hayakawa

Genre: Comedy. Stupid

Rating: sfw, but has swearing

Summary: The Seasonelle gang are out for drinks. Minato decides to mess with Shusei for funsies.

A/N: This was a dumb little idea I had. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ve not written fan fiction properly in a long time, so I apologise if the prose is a little clunky.

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Every Time (Descendants Songfic Chapter 2.5)

Carlos sighed, hearing the door to his single dorm open gently. It’s bound to be Evie, again. A tentative knock means one of the Hero Kids is checking up on him. A frustrated slam means it’s Mal’s turn to visit. A gentle entrance, however, could only be Evie. He sat up, his bleary, red rimmed eyes unfocused as he waited for the blueberry princess to approach his bed. He winced when the light flicked on, his eyes finally focusing on something again, for the first time in at least twelve hours.

           “It’s another gift.” Evie announced, stepping over the various takeout containers and dirty clothes strewn around the room that Carlos never got around to picking up. “A bouquet, a box, and a letter. I shook the box. It sounds like it’s a necklace, this time.” Carlos sat up and observed the items in his best friend’s arms with a tired frown, taking in the black and white bouquet of roses, terribly wrapped gift box, and tear stained envelope.

           “Just, put them with the others, I guess.” He mumbled softly, his voice crackling from lack of use. He only ever talks to Evie, really. She’s the only one that can add just the right amount of pressure to make him open up.

           Evie sighed, placing the gifts down in Carlos’ closet. The small room was already bursting with months’ worth of wilted bouquets and letters and presents of all shapes and sizes. “You’re gonna have to acknowledge him at some point, C. He’s not gonna stop until you do. You know how stubborn he can be.”

           “Why can’t I just pretend he doesn’t exist anymore?” Carlos huffed, flopping back onto his thick sheets with a delicate pout marring his face.

           “Carlos.” Evie tutted, seating herself primly at the edge of her best friend’s bed. “You’ve been broken up for almost five months, and he’s been leaving things at your door every day since you moved out of his dorm. He isn’t gonna stop, and you’re running out of places to store these things.” She reasoned gently, reaching out to place a hand on the lump of boy in front of her.

           Carlos sighed deeply- God, he does so much sighing nowadays- and rolled over, facing Evie completely. “I can’t see him, E. You know that. It cuts me up just walking past him on my way to class. Can you imagine how bad it would be for me to have an actual conversation with him?”

           “I know, sweetie, but maybe it won’t be so terrible. It might give you the closure that you never got. You spent your last days together at each others’ throats. Maybe a calm, grown up conversation can help you be okay again.” She urged, rubbing soothing circles into Carlos’ hip.

           “I don’t know, E. I haven’t even been able to open one of his hundreds of letters. I have no idea how I’d survive hearing him say everything that’s written in them.” he admitted weakly, fiddling with the rumpled blanket in his lap.

           “Just… promise me you’ll at least think about it, okay?” Evie pleaded, “I think it’ll be good for both of you.”

           “Okay. I promise.” He swore, knowing that no matter what, he would probably end up putting off any sort of communication with Jay for as long as he could.

           “Okay. Now get up and get dressed, before you make us both late for class. Remedial Goodness is a very important subject, you know.” She teased, standing up and dusting herself off as she watched Carlos run around the room. Even as badly as he’s doing, he’s still an amazing student.

           Apparently, the world just really hates Carlos. First it sticks him with Cruella de Vil as a mother. As if that wasn’t enough, it gave him a boyfriend that cheated on him and broke his heart. Now, it let said boyfriend corner him in the back of the library between classes with a red envelope and a desperate gleam in his eyes. He literally just turned fifteen five days ago. What could he have possibly done to be treated so terribly?

           He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest as he fixed his ex-boyfriend with the most villainous glare he could muster up. “What do you want, Jayden? I made it exceedingly clear when I moved out that I never wanted you to talk to me again.” He growled, mentally jumping for joy because holy fuck his voice actually didn’t crack.

           “Please, Car. Just… take this. Hear me out.” Jay begged, his eyes wide and glistening as he pushed the envelope into Carlos’ hands. “Please. Just read this. After that, you’ll never have to deal with me again. I promise.” He swore, looking incredibly small, even as he towered over the shorter boy in front of him.

           Carlos gasped when he was pulled into a sudden, tight hug, but he didn’t have time to fight back before Jay pulled away. “I’m sorry, Carlos. For everything.” He whispered in a voice so heartbreakingly sincere that it twisted Carlos’ broken heart. Carlos didn’t even have it in him to fight back when Jay dropped a kiss to his cheek and ran out of the library.

           Carlos was pacing back and forth in his room, inwardly going over the pros and cons of reading the letter that he had left on his desk. On one hand, it could finally give him the strength to really end things with Jay and move on. On the other hand, it could just suck him back in and ruin any progress he’d made towards his independence from Jay.

           “Just open it already!” Mal snapped, tired of watching Carlos pace. She was tired of the whole situation, really. She feels awful about what happened between them, but it’s been months and it’s time for them to grow up, already.

           Evie huffed, elbowing Mal in the side. “Ignore her, C. You take as much time as you need.” She soothed, ignoring Mal’s wicked glare.

           Carlos took a deep breath, falling into his desk chair unceremoniously. “No, E. Mal is right. I just need to get this over with, already. I need to decide if I want to move on or give him another chance.” He sighed, pulling the letter into his lap. “But… could you give me some privacy? I wanna read it alone.” He mumbled quietly, his eyes glued to the bright red envelope.

           He didn’t hear what they said as they left, and maybe they didn’t say anything at all. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is this, right now. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth and braced himself for whatever he was about to expose himself to.

           He took a deep, calming inhale and opened the envelope, pulling the paper out and folding it. Seeing Jay’s sloppy, direct handwriting hand his heart in shambles.

           “Carlos… Please, God, if you’re reading this, don’t stop. I know you probably ignored all of my other letters, but I don’t blame you for that. You have every right to hate me, and I’m not writing this to get you to forgive me. I just want you to know how I really feel about you and about everything that I fucked up.

           I miss you. I miss you much, Carlos. I never knew something could hurt so much. Every time I see you or even think about you it feels like someone is physically ripping my heart out of my chest. It’s like this unbearable ache and it never goes away and I hate myself more every time I feel it because I know that it’s my entire fault.

           During the day, it’s not as bad. I try my hardest to ignore it, but that means ignoring anything that could remind me of it. I can’t pay attention in class because I know that you would be so proud of me if I did. I can’t steal anything because it reminds me of when I taught you how to steal, too. I can’t even see my best friends because I know that they know what happened and I’m so fucking ashamed of what I did to you that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look them in the eye again.

           It’s so much harder at night. I tried to move so that I wouldn’t be stuck in a half empty dorm that we used to share, but Ben told me that he couldn’t pull any strings because all of the single dorms are taken. Sometimes I think that he’s just punishing me for what I did, but I know he’s too nice to do that. I wouldn’t blame him, though. I make believe you’re there with me, on your side of the big bed we made with our separate mattresses. It’s the only way I can see anything clearly. It only works until I fall asleep, though. I see you in my dreams and in my nightmares. Your face haunts me, Carlos. Every night before I sleep, I pray that your face will go away, but I never mean it. I would rather live through a thousand nightmares with you than one happy dream without you.

           I used to fly so easily, with you by my side. Now I fall every time I try. You are my wings, Carlos. My brain. My other half. Without you with me, I feel so fucking small, and I can’t stand it. I’m not used to being weak. I’ve never been weak. I’ve never been so scared of anything. But you terrify me, Carlos. You scare the living hell out of me because I know you could crush my heart so easily and I know that there is no reason for you not to.

           I made it rain. I ruined everything. Please, God, please forgive me. You don’t have to love me or like me or even speak to me but please, please don’t hate me. I’m begging you.

           My weakness caused you pain but please don’t let that hold you back. I want you to be happy again, even if that means I can never see you. I just want you to be able to wake up and smile and love yourself like you used to love me. Please, please just do me that one last thing. I don’t want your life to be ruined because of me. Just be happy again, Carlos. Move on from me. I was never good enough for you. I’m nothing better than a villain. Only a true villain could hurt someone so beautiful. I belonged on the Isle.

           I’m so, so sorry, Carlos. If I could go back and undo it, I would. I would give up my life for you. You’re my soul mate and I will always regret breaking your heart. I want you to be able to continue living in Auradon without worrying about bumping into me whenever you leave your room. I talked to Ben about it, and I’m leaving Auradon tonight. I’m going back to the Isle, where I belong.

           I will always, always love you, Carlos. You will always have my heart, but this is goodbye. I wish you nothing but happiness.

                       -Jay     ”

           Carlos gasped, his grip on the paper loosening until it fluttered to the floor. “He can’t go back… Our parents would kill him!” he cried, deciding in that very moment what he wanted. He ran out of his room and into the halls of Auradon Prep, not caring that he was dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers and Jay’s oversized tourney jersey in the middle of December.

           He ran through the maze of hallways, the tears ripped out of him by the letter drying on his cheeks. He ran as fast as he could, bursting through the first school exit he could find. He darted through the snow-covered gardens, ignoring the piercing cold seeping in to his bare skin. His only thoughts were of Jay and stopping him before he really left. He isn’t ready to say goodbye.

           “Jay!” he cried, seeing a pitch-black limo pulling out of the long driveway in front of the school. “Jay, no!” he ran as fast as he could, his lungs and legs burning in protest.

           When he finally reached the driveway, however, the limo was long gone. He could see it driving down the road, and his heart plummeted to the floor. He fell to his knees in the thick snow, feeling more defeated than he did the night he broke up with Jay.

           “Jay…” he whispered, pulling his knees up and hugging them to his chest. “I’m so sorry.” He sobbed into his arms, his shoulders shaking from his cries and the cold combined.

           “C-Carlos?” a weak, hesitant voice spoke up. “Carlos? Oh my god, what are you doing here?” Jay gasped, realizing that his assumption was correct. He could recognize Carlos anywhere. He jogged forward, falling to his knees beside the shivering boy. He tugged off his thick jacket as quickly as he could, throwing it over his ex-boyfriend’s shaking shoulders. He took a second to blush at his tourney jersey swallowing up Carlos’ frame, but forced himself to focus on what was important.

           “Jay!?” Carlos cried, launching himself into Jay’s arms. He wrapped his own around Jay’s neck, pressing himself as close as he could to the thief. “Jay! I thought I missed you!” he choked, his grip on his ex tightening.

           “No, my ride isn’t coming for another ten minutes…” Jay mumbled, before he registered what Carlos’ presence implied. “Wait… you came for me?” he asked quietly, his voice laced with a fearful hope. What if Carlos had only come to tell him off? Then again, if that were true, he wouldn’t be crying into Jay’s neck right now.

           “Of course I did, you idiot!” Carlos shouted, pulling back to punch Jay in the arm. “Don’t you ever try to go back there again! That’s suicide! Our parents would murder you!” he reprimanded loudly, his eyes watery as they glared up at Jay.

           “I… I thought I deserved that, after what I did to you.” Jay admitted, his eyes downcast and filled with shame.

           “I don’t even care about that, right now I just… don’t ever, ever try to leave me again, Jay. I can’t live without you. I was fooling myself, thinking that I could.”

           “Does this mean you forgive me?” Jay asked quietly, tilting his head so that he could meet Carlos’ eyes.

           “I forgive you. Of course I do. I can’t work past what you did right away but I just… I know now that I can’t live my life if I’m not living it with you. I’m willing to work through anything, so long as we do it together.” He swore, reaching up to cup Jay’s cheek with a cold hand. “Will you please stay?”

           “Of course I will, Carlos. I would do anything for you.” Jay whispered, putting his hand over Carlos’ on his cheek.

           Carlos nodded once, sated by Jay’s promise, and leaned forward, pressing his lips against Jay’s once more.

           True love’s kiss can break any spell, and fix any problem.

Chat as Chat Can - chapter 6

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The long awaited dinner scene.

 Channeling her Ladybug confidence, Marinette led Adrien down from her room to the counter-top height kitchen table.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” her mother said, placing a covered crock on the table.  "Just in time.“  She looked at their entwined hands and grinned.  "Tom, you owe me a backrub,” she cheerfully called over her shoulder.

Her bear of a father crossed the small kitchen to slide a bread board with an herbed boule onto the table.  He made a point of gazing from their hands into Marinette and Adrien’s faces.  "Hand-holding isn’t confirmation, dear.  And that was your rule, if you recall.“

Adrien’s fingers tightened slightly, as if he’d known she needed a bit of reassurance. Her Kitty had always be intuitive about that sort of thing, though. "Confirmation of what?” he asked.

“Ugh.” Marinette drew him over to two chairs side-by-side, leaving him the left handed spot so they wouldn’t bump elbows.  "So what does Baba get if he wins?“ she asked, unprepared to see her father’s face go completely red.

"Sorry sweetie,” her mother said.  "That’s private.“

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anonymous asked:

i'm really ugly. is there still a chance that someone will find my face beautiful????? i'm so sad, i can't breathe.

Oh sweetheart, shh, it’s going to be okay. I get what you’re feeling, I honestly do, because I’ve been there. I know how awful it is. 

And you know what, I know how being told that line of “EVERYONE is beautiful!! Of course you’re beautiful!!” doesn’t do anything when you’re feeling like this. So I’m gonna tell you some real stuff that I think will help.

First of all, everyone is a terrible judge of their own face. You don’t see it like everyone else does, and when you see pictures of yourself you always think your face looks weird because you’re used to seeing it reversed in the mirror. You don’t see your own face like everyone else does.

Second, yes, of course someone is going to think you’re beautiful, sweetie. This may seem a strange thing to say, but you know what, there are things that other people like that I think are ugly. Pugs and bulldogs and those cats with squished flat faces? Really ugly. I hate monkeys. Even pandas have never really done anything for me. And all the time I see people raving over celebrities and all I can think is really??? I don’t think Harry Styles is attractive at all. I actually don’t think Zayn Malik is that good-looking either. But there are people who think they’re the most attractive people on earth, and there are people who think that Misha Collins is ugly, so “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more true. 

And then there’s the fact that people become more beautiful as you grow to love them. When you care about someone, when you fall for them, everything about them becomes more lovely, more special, more perfect. I fell for this guy when I was a teenager, and in retrospect he wasn’t all that handsome, but at the time? I thought he was the most beautiful person in the world.

But then there’s the fact that you’re probably judging yourself against celebrities you see on the internet an on TV, and you have no idea how ridiculous a comparison that is.

You’re probably still pretty young, right? You have NO IDEA how your face is going to continue changing as you grow and mature. I’d show you a photo of what I looked like as a teenager, but I don’t want to lose all my followers. I still don’t think I’m beautiful, but I look at old photos and say “wow, I’m so much prettier now”.

If you don’t believe me, look at what Kesha looked like in school.

And how about Taylor Swift

Then there’s the fact that you have NO CLUE what people actually look like without their makeup, which is usually applied by experts who know exactly what they’re doing to make that person look as good as possible. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but seriously, EVERYONE looks ugly sometimes.

These women are beautiful, but without their distinctive makeup you probably wouldn’t even recognize them on the street. They just look like normal people, right? That’s because they ARE. They’re normal, tired, stressed people with zits and bags and dark circles under their eyes, because those things are normal. You could take practically anyone and give them the superstar makeover treatment and make them look like this with the right products and the right lights. (Go look at this huge collection of celebrities without makeup.)

And as if that wasn’t enough, THEN they bring in the Photoshop to ‘smooth everything out’ and remove the rest of their imperfections.

In the end, what you see looks nothing like what that actual person actually sees when they look in their own mirror. It is an entirely fabricated and falsified idea of perfection that literally doesn’t exist without teams of hair and makeup artists and Photoshop whizzes. Nobody looks like that in real life, they literally just don’t. 

You are a real, normal person, and it is perfectly okay for you to look exactly the way you do. Cause you know what? When you start realizing that beauty is nothing but perception and, a lot of the time, nothing that even actually EXISTS, it becomes so much less important. What your face looks like is such a tiny fraction of who you are and what you have to offer. I mean, sure, I like a pretty face, everyone does, but a pretty face means nothing if there’s nothing in the brain or heart behind that face. I think that anybody who isn’t a shallow idiot would take a kind heart with an ugly face over a pretty asshole any day.

And I know that doesn’t help when all you want is to feel beautiful, when the whole world is screaming at you that your appearance is the only thing that has value… but you know what? Fuck them. Fuck the dicks who are trying to sell you self-hatred. Fuck the old white men making billions off our insecurity. Fuck the society that says that our worth is based on something determined by genetic lottery, something we have no control over at all. None of that matters. It’s all fucking bullshit. 

You are so much more important than your face, okay? YOU are what makes you beautiful, not the shape of the skin and bones on the front part of your head. We all want to feel beautiful, but there is so much more to life than we way we look. 

I want you to be able to feel beautiful, but I also want you to stop spending so much time staring at yourself in the mirror, and spend more time enjoying your life. Do things that make you happy. Read, watch a new show, try new hobbies, learn new things, talk to new people. Don’t spend so much time thinking about the way you look, because nobody else cares the way you think they do. They have their own insecurities.

I know you’re sad, and that’s okay. But you are normal, and normal is being both ugly AND beautiful, alright? That’s what we all are.

Between Two Lovers (Part 2)

Previous Part: 

Part 1

Between Two Lovers.

I woke up the next day with a lot of my mind, and I didn’t sleep so well, I kept turning and sighing and waking up then going back to sleep. 2 boys kissed me last night, one of them who I’m sure that I really like and then the other one who…I don’t know…I might start liking? I know it’s crazy to like two boys but there is something about Sam that Cameron doesn’t have and there is something about Cameron that Sam doesn’t have.

I stood up dragging myself to the kitchen to see my aunt Lisa, I smiled at her and sat down at the table “What’s wrong?” she asked placing a cup of coffee in front of me “I don’t know what to do” I told her not wanting to say more, She smiled at me and stood up grabbing a muffin then kissed my forehead “You do, sweetheart, I have to go, see you tonight oh and you have a voice message” She said and ran out.

I walked to the living room and checked the messages and I did have one from my school, there was some sort of reunion and they wanted to see us, but it was at 11 am and its only 7, I changed into sweatpants and a hoodie then went for a jog, I ran around the block and I saw my friend Matt running he smiled at me “Espinosa” I said and ran beside him “So I spoke with Cam and Sam last night and they both had interesting stories” He told me and I blanked out and when I didn’t speak he shook his head “(Y/N) Cam knows Sam kissed you and vice versa, what are you doing?” he spoke again and I sighed but kept on running “I don’t know Matt, it just happened okay?” I said and started running faster and faster and I saw him catching up “You can’t outrun your problems" 

I sighed and stopped "Matt, I like them both, and I don’t know what to do” I told him and he looked at me “Make the right decision and I know them, so they will want what’s best for you, anyways text me later, take care” he kissed my cheek and ran. Maybe Matt was right, but the problem is I can’t pick one without hurting the other.

I arrived at school and luckily I didn’t see Cameron or Sm, I went to the auditorium and sat down beside my friend Lexi “Hey” I said and she smiled at me and we hugged, the place started to full up and the first person I see who sat not really in front of me was Sam, I looked at him and remembered everything that happened last night, I felt like he was about to turn so I looked away.

The principal finished speaking and I jumped out of my seat and walked outside “(Y/N)!” I heared someone call my name I turned around and saw Cameron, he smiled at me and returned the smile “Hey” I said “So uhm I heard about..” he said but I cut him off “Cameron I like you so much and I don’t know I might like Sam too, my feelings right now are so hard to read” I said and to my surprise he wasn’t that mad “I know I just wanted to tell you that my feelings for you are still here, and their really strong” he said making me smile “Did you see Mr.Brown’s hair?” he laughed and I giggled “I’ll see you later okay?” he asked and I nodded “Do I get a little tiny kiss?” he asked again with such a cute voice, I smiled and leaned up kissing his lips softly 

When Cameron and I pulled away he smiled and took a step back when he turned Sam was in front of him and all they did was stare at each other and it wasn’t friendly at all, tention started building up and I had to get in between them, Cam looked down at me then looked at Sam and left, I sighed and turned around “Hey gorgeous” he said with a smirk, this guy was unbelieveable “Hey” “Do you hate me?” he asked and shook my head “No, of course not” “Do you love me?” he said and I sighed “I’m not sure about my feelings Sammy” was all I told him and he understood, he kissed my cheek “See you later” he waved then left.

Oh my god! this is never going to end.

~2 months later~

Things with Cameron and Sammy were still the same, I was still seeing them both and their hatred towards each other grew and grew everyday, they couldn’t stand eachother now. I know some of you may be calling me a slut for loving (yes I said loving, I came to realize that I loved them both) two guys and it’s wrong but you can’t help who you fall in love with.

They both said they wanted me to be happy but they still wanted me to pick of one of them and I couldn’t. I pick one I loose the other and I didn’t want to loose anymore people. 

All my friends were telling me the same thing over and over again you should pick one and get it over with, pick Cameron, no pick Sammy. This was getting very overwhelming. I came back home and my aunt Lisa saw me, I don’t know how she can read me but she does, she knows when I’m sad or happy “Boy trouble?” she asked me and shrugged “Boys trouble” I corrected her and she got confused for a bit but then she made an ‘oh’ face “Sweety listen to your heart, It will guide you” , listen to my heart? My heart doesn’t know what it wants, how am I suppose to pick between two guys when I can’t choose between pizza or hamburger?

I went to the bathroom and changed into pj’s when my phone ran and it was Cameron “Hey Cam” I said “Hey beautiful, so how was your day?” he asked me and I sighed “Okay, I guess yours?” “you’re lying to me” he said, see this what I like about Cam, he knows when something is wrong “Okay fine, this whole thing is just too much” I replied and I heard him take a deep breath “I’m sorry if I’m pressuring you, I just love you so much, I really don’t want to loose you, (Y/N)” he spoke and I walked out of the bathroom “I don’t want to loose you, or Sammy” I whispered and sat on my bed.

We spoke for a few moments before saying goodnight “Sleep well, I love you” he said and I smiled “Love you too, goodnight” I hang up and layed on the bed, when I heard my phone’s ringtone and I saw ’Sammy' on the caller ID, “Hey Sammy” I said answering the phone “Hey, sorry for calling too late but I just wanted to say goodnight and I wanted you to be the last person I hear” he said making me smile, see how cute these two boys are? “Goodnight, Sammy” I told him turning to my side “Goodnight, beautiful.” he said then hang up. Me and Sammy didn’t really get to the point to where we started saying I love you, we said it once and that was it.

I took a deep breath and looked around my room, you guys might say oh she’s so lucky having two boys fighting for her and I’m not lucky it just happened, I happen to stumble upon Cam and fell for him and the same thing happened with Sammy. These two gorgeous boys would go till the end of the world for me and the toughest part is to pick one of them. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


(Sorry if this is shitty! but that’s the end of Part 2. I hope you guys liked it, I would really love some feedback on part 1 & 2 so message me and tell me! Part 3 is coming soon and it will get better! I promise, love you guys dont forget to reblog and like xx -Maggie)