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Soulmates [Chanyeol]

A/N: Thanks for your request, anon!

Request: #22 - soulmates - Chanyeol

You were one of the lucky ones, or at least that was what your parents told you. You didn’t know if you counted yourself as quite that lucky. Meeting your soulmate when you were young was something everybody dreamed of, and honestly you had been excited when it had first happened. It had been the beginning of middle school when you were stuck outside polishing soccer balls for practice.

“You can’t just work on one side or else it’ll become uneven.”

You had looked up, glanced down at your wrist to make sure that those were really the words inked there, and then stared at the boy in front of you.

Park Chanyeol was his name, and the words inked on his wrist read, “Why don’t you help me then?” Those just happened to be the exact words that flew out of your mouth, and that was that.

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So, in my own attempts to cope with the general state of things these days, I’ve had some issues in both wanting to unplug, but then being removed from one of my main go-to’s for chilling the fuck out (ie finding and looking at nice things on the internet). 

In that spirit, I’ve started a side blog that is just for happy, fun, and chill things. There will definitely be some crossover between my main blog and there, though I’m gonna run it mainly from a queue so the timing will be different. 

Basically if you find yourself needing a few minutes of time where you’re guaranteed to see nothing but cute animals and peaceful things, head on over. We’re all about that low-key self care at laughterkey’s chill out tent.

ETA I just threw a ton of stuff up there last night to get a few pages set, it’ll even out source-wise over the next few days.

ETA2: If you like this kind of stuff you should absolutely be signed up for the bouncy castle newsletter. It’s a joy.


anonymous asked:

what is some advice that you would give baby witches? or your past self when you were just starting out? how should baby witches start when ist their first day and they dont knew anything yet?

I’d say read a lot before you practise. Memorize all the basics of how to use your mind and spirit in the craft. You don’t necessarily need books though, if you can’t afford them, the internet can do just fine (more research is always great though, so if you can get books, do it). Go through the tumblr witchcraft blogs, you can find a lot of good stuff there, but don’t forget to think for yourself. If something sounds strange, read from several sources.
Also, I don’t think anyone really needs a mentor when it comes to starting witchcraft, but apparently many witchlings feel like they do. It’s not necessary, really. You can teach yourself most of the stuff.
Another important thing is to remember your craft is yours and is different from anyone else’s. You don’t need to be wiccan to be a witch, you don’t need to follow any religion or have a deity. When it comes to witchcraft, only do what you’re comfortable with, because that’s what works best.


3,000 Followers isn’t a huge number compared to a lot of Social Media accounts but it means a lot to me. When I started this blog, I simply wanted to share things that I enjoyed, I never thought of having thousands of people enjoy it enough to follow me. It feels good though and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I plan to keep scouring the internet always trying to find the best content to share. Thanks again and hopefully we’ll just keep growing.

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TRUE STORY Me: My body is doing a thing. It's painful. Doc: That's impossible, bodies can't do that. Me: But...other people have witnessed it? Doc: Nope. Impossible. Me: There are Internet support forums with many people experiencing the same problem. Doc: Nope. Not a thing. Goodbye. Sadly, this isn't even the first doc to do this to me.

So sorry you had to go through this!  I’ve had lots of trouble with doctors too.  Some of them are so close-minded that if they haven’t heard about a medical problem, that problem just doesn’t exist!

There are good doctors out there, though, and I hope that you find one of them. In the meantime, I hope you get the support you need from all the lovely tumblr people out there!!

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feelin like these tumblr warriors are actually just tryna start a race war and setting "whites" and "blacks" against each other. isnt that what the KKK wants? also why is it always 'boo bad americans'? spain invaded what's now mexico? of course they probably also did shit to the natives in that area? people don't shit on spain though? is it because they're not pastey white™ europeans?

I don’t think they’re trying to start a race war, but I think it’s very in vogue to be Socially Aware™ which ends up meaning that you attempt to find as many morally objectionable things as you can in everything you see so that everyone knows how Socially Aware™ you are. Not to say racism doesn’t exist, but people trying to create racism out of nothing don’t do anything but dilute the definition of racism in an attempt to get themselves some internet points.

Some people DO shit on Spain, because they are Europeans. But of course, the bigger issue is the assumption that POC haven’t ever colonized another country, which is false. As long as there has been people, humans have fought over land and subjugated others.

5 things tag

I was tagged by @freakishly-bookish-ant, thank you lovely! 

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. my mp3-player plus headphones 
  2. a book
  3. my phone 
  4. a wallet even though there’s no money in it :P
  5. my Moleskine weekly notebook

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. boooooks
  2. my PC with a huge-ass monitor
  3. jewelery 
  4. my riding stuff
  5. all kinds of nerdy paraphernalia 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

  1. Plant a tree
  2. ride a horse bridleless and bareback
  3. and first own a horse actually :’D
  4. set up a beautiful home library
  5. be good at something

5 things that make me happy

  1. feeling the wind in my hair
  2. good music
  3. riding or being around horses
  4. getting books
  5. LUSH stuff

5 things I’m currently into

  1. Internet linguistics
  2. succulents even though I only own one Aloe Vera
  3. The Alan Parsons project 
  4. pecan nuts
  5. Cuba Libre :P

5 things on my to-do list

  1. finish writing my daily 1k for my thesis 
  2. doing my daily DuoLingo Norwegian practice
  3. upload today’s pics for the book photography challenges I’m doing
  4. do my knee-mobilizing exercises
  5. have some lunch?

5 things people may not know about me

  1. I did ballet for 5 years as a kid and still miss it sometimes
  2. relatedly, I can almost do the splits 
  3. I love The Eagles and saw them in concert when I was 17
  4. I hate myself more than most of the people in my life would think possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I get irrationally angry at people who park illegally 

This was fun, thanks for the tag! I tag @lloydoholic, @lovelykieren and @lightwoodsmalec! :)

(just a useless long personal post about diagnoses dw)

ive spoken to quite a few psychiatrists….between short term psych wards, residential institutions, outpatient, you name it…and a few of them have suggested that i may have bpd - possibly even IN PLACE of my current schizoaffective, bipolar type diagnosis?

its possible for psychosis to stem from bpd, and it could also explain my mood instability (depression, hyperactivity, mania, anger, etc), really inappropriate dramatic emotional reactions to things (screaming and crying if i cant find something or if my internets not working, crying over one sentence a friend says that rubs me the wrong way?), and my suicide attempts? could explain black-and-white thinking?

uhh only thing that makes me doubt it, though, is that while i fear abandonment, i dont go to great drastic measures to prevent it, which is typically considered a key element to bpd

one doctor actually really wanted to dx me with bpd - but he was just one of the short-term ones, didnt really know me well, and they wont usually give you a diagnosis in short-term if youve already got a diagnosis from outpatient

the others *all* said i definitely have bpd traits, at least, but wouldnt consider diagnosing me with it because i am still a minor

so i dont really know. my dx has been iffy. first mdd + adhd, then bipolar + adhd, then a few have suggested i have bipolar but not adhd, the adhd is just mania (definitely think that ones wrong), schizoaffective depressive type + adhd, bipolar with psychotic features + adhd and w/o adhd IDK, schizoaffective bipolar type + adhd ITS FUCKIN COMPLICATED GUYS

man i wish i just KNEW

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hey, hi. Sorry your not feeling so good right now, I hope the feeling let's up. Uhm, how do you think Bucky feels about toe socks? I'm kinda going through a thing of doodling him in just socks, otk, bobby, tube. I'm probably not gonna draw a toe socks version but then I was like "Bucky might like footsweaters though..."

Bucky would be intrigued and pissed off that they were mostly made for women. He had no idea they existed until he found them in your laundry. He had pulled you to the side, asking you what the purpose of them was. 

“They’re just socks with toes, they were a thing in the ‘70s.”

“Then why do you have a pair?” 

“Because they’re fun to wear, and you can wear flip flops with them in the winter.”

He’d search the internet, ordering the largest size he could find and wearing them around the Tower, secretly of course. He’d make sure he had slippers on over them, or his usual combat boots.

You’d caught him wearing them a night before you had to leave for a mission. He made you promise not to tell anyone that he was wearing them. When you came back a few days later you found a present with a large bow on your bed. It was a box filled with Avengers themed socks and a note.

“There was a sale, thought of you.”

anonymous asked:

hi i have weird ask. can you pleease write all the words to 'Second Wind'? english isnt my first language and i cant understand some of the words and i cant find it anywhere in internet :(

I KNOW. there really aren’t Bressie/The Blizzards lyrics hardly anywhere on the internet and it’s a damn shame. I’ll give it a shot, but I know there are bits of it I can’t understand even though I’ve listened to it a lot so if anyone hears different things please please lmk. collaborative efforts are valued. lyrics under the cut!

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Bear Lake Monster

(John x Reader)

„Where are we going this time?“

„Bear Lake.“

You get out your laptop, searching for the new destination. You and John had just finished a hunt but he already had the next case on his list. No rest for the wicked.


“Hmm.” He grumbles, tiredly beside you in the car. He hadn’t slept that much and although you had offered to drive, John wouldn’t let you. God forbid you touched his car.

“Why there? How do you even find all these cases. I haven’t seen you using any kind of technology other than your phone, since I started hunting with you.”

“Bobby called earlier when you were sleeping.”

“You know, you should really learn how to use the internet.”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”

You had tried to get him a laptop before and it had ended…well, it wasn’t really his thing. Though it would make things a lot easier sometimes, especially since John had a habit of not answering his phone when you called.

You leaned your head back and tried to get some rest while you were on the road. It would take quite a while until you’d arrive.

“Okay so we’re basically looking for a big ass snake who’s eating people?” You ask, sitting on your bed in the motel room. You both had slept a few hours but were already awake again early in the morning. Not really your choice but John kept tossing around beside you until he finally got up. Of course you weren’t aloud to sleep any longer either.

“Care for a swim?”


“Don’t worry.” He laughs, “I was planning to go anyway, you don’t have to.”

“Noo please don’t. I’m the one who has to get you out again. You always do this reckless shit.”

“I put my complete trust in you Y/N.”

“You shouldn’t.”

You drove out to the lake around midday when the sun was shinning and it wasn’t too cold to swim. If you didn’t know about the supposed monster you might have gone in yourself because it was getting kind of hot. For now you rather watched John swimming around, searching for anything out of the ordinary.

“You found anything yet?”

“No nothing.” He yells back, “You know you should…” He’s suddenly cut off and when you look out onto the water you can’t see him anywhere anymore.

“John?…that’s not funny!” You wait a few moments but he’s not showing up so you run into the water and swim over to the last place you saw him. You almost get a heart attack, feeling something brushing your leg. You suddenly feel two hands on your shoulders and jerk around to see a smirking John looking at you with a smug face.

“You asshole! Was that necessary?”

“I was just trying to get you into the water with me.” He gives you an apologetic look, “See? My trust in you wasn’t misplaced. You would have totally saved me.”

“I hate you sometimes.”

John pulls you close to him, hands wandering down to your waist. His face is inches away from yours and he gently kisses you. You smile until you see something in he corner of your eyes.

“John…” He turns around following your view. There’s something coming your way, very quickly. You’re not able to see it clearly but it sure as hell doesn’t look friendly.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” You both start to swim back to the shore as fast as possible. Luckily you make it in time, a bit out of breath but alive.

“Next time you want to get me into the water with you pull me into the shower.” You say while panting heavily. That thing, whatever it was, had scared the hell out of you.


and yeah again like… there are some precautions you should take, be careful about what you attach your real name+face to (though that is more of like… a concern about potential employers finding stuff) and obviously don’t go like… publicly posting your address and stuff like that but like 

tbh a lot of the advised internet safety precautions are applicable to irl situations to. there’s creepy people everywhere, it’s not just an online thing. 

Dating Scandal (Seungri Scenario)

Requested by quirkydorky6

Hope you like it :) Enjoy <3

Summary: When your relationship becomes public

Three weeks had gone by since the bomb was dropped, against your will.Three weeks since your whole world was turned upside down… Three whole weeks since your relationship with your boyfriend became known to the people around you. The thing was; ‘the people around you’ didn’t simply just mean friends and family. It meant every goddamn person around the world who cared about that specific category of news from the Korean media. Fans had been very shocked; finding their way onto the internet to… Discuss the newest dating scandal concerning a celebrity. It wasn’t your fans, though, it was your boyfriends.

Lee Seung Hyun, or more widely known as Seungri – maknae of BigBang.

Someone, you really had no idea whatsoever of who, had somehow found private photos of the two of you. Photos you were very sure came from Seung Hyun’s own, private, computer. They showed you kissing, hugging and posing cutely for the camera like many other couples did. How could someone do something so cruel?

You could still clearly remember the day the public found out…


Having spent the night at your handsome and silly boyfriend’s apartment, waking up and finding him asleep next to you put you in a great mood. How could he make you this happy by just being next to you? He really was amazing.

Reaching out and brushing some hair out of his face, you couldn’t help but smile as you studied his peaceful, sleeping face.

A few moments later, you decided that it was time to get up and start making breakfast. It was Seung Hyun’s day off and he deserved to be pampered, since he’d been working so hard lately. So, after you’d stretched slightly, you got out of bed and made your way to the kitchen – where you started preparing all of his favorite breakfast dishes. He’d be happy to see all that food, wouldn’t he?

Smiling to yourself after a while, you placed the last plate on the table and gave yourself a mental pat on the back. You weren’t that good at singing, dancing or acting, especially compared to Seung Hyun, but cooking was one thing he’d never be able to beat you at.

“Babe?” the husky and sleepy voice of your dear boyfriend called from the living room.

“In the kitchen”, you replied while you began making coffee.

As you took two coffee mugs down from the cupboard, you felt two arms snake around your waist. Your back was soon pressed against a noticeably muscular chest, making your heartbeat pick up slightly. Seung Hyun might not be as muscular as Youngbae of Daesung, but there definitely was something hidden under the clothes he wore. You definitely weren’t complaining, to say the least.

“Morning”, he mumbled, placing his lips against your shoulder for a quick kiss.

“Morning, handsome”, you said and smiled as he chuckled, “coffee?”

“Coffee”, he confirmed before releasing you and turning to look at the table that was now full of food, “you made all of this, babe?”

“Yeah”, you said and smiled as you poured the coffee into the two mugs, “you’ve worked so hard lately, so I wanted to do something for you”

He turned towards you yet again, spinning you around so that you were facing him. As he enveloped you in a hug, a smile spread across your face again. You inhaled his intoxicating scent, wrapping your arms around his waist. The two of you stayed like that for a few more moments before Seung Hyun leaned back slightly, only enough to be able to look down at you.

“You are absolutely amazing, you know that?” he told you.

“I know”, you jokingly told him, not being able to keep a straight face as Seung Hyun chuckled.

“I love you”, he told you.

“I love you too, Oppa”

He leaned his head down and placed his lips on yours. It was a very sweet kiss that made all the butterflies in your stomach come to life. You kissed him back and silently wished that the moment wouldn’t end. This was perfect.

Seung Hyun’s phone suddenly started to ring in the living room, though. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips before releasing you and walking out of the kitchen. Moments later, however, he reappeared in the doorway, a shocked expression on his face while his phone was pressed against his ear.

“Baby?” you gave him a worried look, wondering what was going on. It didn’t seem like he heard you, though.

“How the fuck could that have happened?” he angrily asked the person on the other side of the phone, surprising you with his tone, “there is no goddamn way that-… Yeah, well-… No-…”

Whatever they were talking about, it couldn’t be good. What exactly was it though?

After a few moments – that honestly felt like an eternity – Seung Hyun hung up and angrily placed his phone on the kitchen counter. You felt your heartbeat pick up from nervousness as you studied Seung Hyun. What was going on?


Your voice seemed to bring him back to reality. He looked at you for a few moments before sighing and running a hand through his hair.

“Someone hacked my computer”, he started, “and posted pictures of us online”

… What?


There was a reason why celebrities, idols in particular, never told the public when they were dating someone. The fans went completely crazy, especially the female fans of male idols. They were very terrifying and you’d always been scared of how that particular group of fans would react, if or when your relationship became public. Now that the relationship had become public knowledge, you were too scared to even go online to see what people were saying. Even if neither Seung Hyun nor YG Entertainment had addressed anything concerning the scandal yet, you were sure people still spoke their mind – telling everyone exactly what they thought about the two of you dating.

How many death treats had you gotten so far? How many nasty and mean comments had his ‘fans’ left on different websites, directed towards you? What would happen if you went outside and someone recognized you? Would they beat you up?

Having refused to leave the security of Seung Hyun’s apartment since the day the scandal broke out - your mind had gotten plenty of time to wander to the darkest of places. You’d lost count of how many times you’d broken down because your imagination of people’s reactions had gotten out of hand. However, the thing that scared you was that your imagination most likely was spot on.

Seung Hyun was very worried about you, something you were very aware of. Every time he came home, he tried to cheer you up and take you mind of everything.

How could he be so calm? What was his secret?

“Babe?” you heard his voice call from the hallway of his apartment before the front door closed.

Peaking your head out from under the covers, you glanced towards the door leading out from his bedroom and into the living room. He was home? Where had he been today? The only thing he’d said before leaving this morning had been that there was something he had to do.

“Baby?” he called for you again; his voice getting louder as he approached the bedroom.

Moments later, he appeared in the doorway – a bag in his hand that instantly sparked your interest.

“What’s that, Oppa?” you asked, too distracted to even think about greeting him first.

He chuckled before walking over to the bed, where you’d spent the entire day – aside from the occasional bathroom visit or retrieval of snacks. As he sat down next to you, he placed the bag on the floor before turning to look at you. He looked worried.

“Our dinner”, he quickly explained before continuing, “how are you feeling, baby?”

“… I’m fine”, you said, trying to sound convincing and failing miserably.

“Babe”, he said, more or less telling you to stop the bullshit.

“Okay”, you sighed, “I don’t know what to do… I’m scared of going outside and I’m terrified to go online and see what people are saying about our… Scandal

The disgusted tone in which you said the last word made Seung Hyun smile slightly. He knew how ridiculous you found the fact that a celebrity dating was considered a scandal. Couldn’t people just let them be happy with the person they loved?

As you glanced down at the bag of food with great interest, Seung Hyun chucked before taking his phone out of his pocket.

“I want you to look at something, baby”, he said, typing something into his phone before handing it to you a few moments later.

Hesitantly, you grabbed the phone and looked at the screen. A news site was loaded and a video was available for viewing. You read the headline right above the video; feeling your heart skip a beat and your eyes double in size. ‘Seungri of BigBang confirms relationship with unknown woman’.

“Oppa?” you whispered, unsure of what to say.

“Watch the video first, baby, then we’ll talk”, he said.

Despite being very confused, you did as he told you and tapped on the video – making it start. Your Seung Hyun appeared; he was at a press conference it seemed. Had he really arranged a goddamn press conference, intending on telling that world that the scandal was true?

You glanced at your boyfriend sitting beside you, getting a smile in return before he told you to keep watching.

Three weeks ago, pictures of me and another person was stolen and uploaded on the internet”, Seung Hyun said in the video, “this created chaos among my fans and the media has talked about it a lot… I wanted to address all of these rumors and the scandal today and tell the world that…

As you waited for Seung Hyun to keep talking in the video, you felt your heart pound in your chest. What was he going to say?

… The speculations people have shared ever since the photos became public; that the girl who’s in the photos with me is my girlfriend…”, Seung Hyun stop for a moment to take a deep breathe, “It’s true… She is my girlfriend and has been for about four years now

A loud mixture of many voices took over once he’d uttered those words; the flashes from the journalist’s cameras becoming even more blinding. No one could’ve expected that he would save something like that.

This will come as a shock to many people, but what I would like to ask of everyone… My fans especially, who’ve supported me throughout my entire career, is to also support me in this”, Seung Hyun said, “I can’t even begin to describe how much I love her… I will do absolutely everything to make her happy and to have her by my side, so please understand that she is someone who makes me very happy

The video came to an end as the reporters started shouting questions in Seung Hyun’s direction. As you stared at the phone in your hands with big eyes, you felt how your heart continued to pound in your chest. What-?

Seung Hyun took the phone from your hands after a few moments and placed a hand on your cheek, tilting your head so that you were looking at him. This touch made you come back to reality.


“You’re shocked, right?” he asked, “sorry… I should’ve told you that I was going to do this, before I left this morning”

“This was what you had to leave for?” you asked, surprised.

“Yeah… I couldn’t stand seeing you like this anymore, so I did the first thing that came to mind”, he explained.

You stared at the handsome man with big eyes, trying to figure out what to say next. Seeing the video had been such a shock, your brain had momentarily stopped functioning.

“I don’t know if I’ve only made things worse now”, Seung Hyun said, “but I… I just had to do something”

“I definitely didn’t expect something like this”, you started, “… but I feel surprisingly happy that this is what you ended up doing”

“Really?” Seung Hyun looked surprised.

“Yeah”, you smiled at him.

As Seung Hyun enveloped you in a tight hug, you couldn’t help to wonder what would happen after this. What would people say and do? Would they eventually accept the fact that the two of you loved each other and wanted to be together? His fans especially; would they hate you even more now that they knew that you were his girlfriend? Or would they listen to Seung Hyun’s plea and actually support your relationship?

Only time would tell…

acequeenking hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “My lovely friend @continuousspec tagged me to share five good things…”

Oooh how do your fav candies compare to Cadbury Eggs? These look delicious and I love the carten!

I wish I could tell you, but we don’t have Cadbury eggs here (though the internet has convinced me that they are excellent, so I’d hope the Milka eggs would measure up) If you’d like to find out, I’d be happy to send you some, because the glory that is Milka Löffel Eier should me shared all over the world :-D

theherocomplex hat auf deine Bilderserie geantwortet “Have some spring flowers from my garden to brighten your dash ✿ I…”

All the hugs for YOU, sweet Lenny! <3<3

I have been saving this one for the right moment, and now it’s going to bolster my spirits for the weekend! Thank you, lovely Bee ♥

Originally posted by positivegrunge

I notice that there are still people who don't believe this is actually me running this blog ...

Hi! I’m Bex Taylor-Klaus. I’m a Leo, I’m not totally sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s Astrology for “awesome.”

Seriously though. This is Bex. I act a little. You might know me from things. Or you might not. I don’t know your brain. You might just follow me cause you saw the dog in my picture and thought that was me. If that’s what happened, I’m so sorry. This must have been a sad realization … Go find the puppy. You need it.

I know internet trolls and fake accounts exist all over the place, but this is not one of them. Although you should be warned – it probably gets weirder here than it would if this were a fake!

So the point is I’m real. And to the lovely followers who put up with me, I love you all. Seriously. You guys are the sweetest and I really am grateful to every one of you!

To the non-believers who unfollowed me, you’re never gonna see this so there is zero point to me continuing to type. Right. Awesome.

It is currently 3am and I have to go shoot a television show in a few hours. I feel like this whole post went off the tracks a while back … Hope you enjoyed -_-

Bex T-K
Supreme Ruler of Bexico, Batman’s number one competitor, and total freaking nutball.

The Middle Is Always the Worst...

If you think seeing a whole stream of photos of someone cleaning out a closet is as boring as hearing the contents of an acquaintance’s dream, a) you’re wrong; b) you’re in the wrong place; and c) you have no formative memories attached to this image; and then we can circle right around back to the part where you’re wrong again.

Ohhh yeah, the B. Bears where they clean their room. It was like HGTV Jr., c. 1983.

And don’t act all shocked, though I have never again been able to find the picture of the inside of my underwear drawer that I posted on the internet, indeed I did in 2009. And the inside of my first military closet. Oh, and the second one.

So good, glad we’re caught up, LOOK AT THIS.

Oh dear, B. Bears. This was the last pocket of sorrow, the last place things just got crammed and slammed in the process of trying to hurry up and live already. It WAS going to stay like this until the new closet project was done, but as yet, permits are not forthcoming and this needed bettered.

The Hallmarks of Awful, so many hangers crammed on the rail you can’t shift them, floor piled, collapsing sweaters towers, things piled on TOP of the hangers? Bad. It’s only a three-foot wide closet, the size of your average coat closet maybe? 1925’s answer to where you should put your whole wardrobe, anyway.

After years of doing this for myself and others, there is only one real truth – it will get way worse before it gets better.

Admittedly, there’s not much to work with here. But if you just accept there’s a rail and there’s a shelf, you lose. There’s up, always up. And in this case, there’s an extra bit of depth in the back. That’s the game changer.

The back layer becomes “Cold Storage.” That is to say, things we will never need here because I’m currently wearing shorts, but can’t get rid of. Winter gear hangs out on the wire shelves, with bins above for gloves, hats, ski unders, and swimwear. The top striped tote is “archive clothes,” those sentimental tees and whatnot that you want to keep but not wear – that’s the limit right there, if it doesn’t fit in there it’s out.

This tiny closet has a big job: Dress, Winter, Coats, Sports, and Army Keepsake Uniforms, for two. That’s a lot. As packed as it was to start, I didn’t get rid of a lot. Adding the folding space freed up the rail so that it’s actually functional now. And I didn’t buy a bunch of stuff either – most is repurposed, plus a few containers from the 99 Cent Store and the Target Dollar Spot. Not everyone can be trusted to collect containers before one actually knows their purpose, and if you’re not sure if that’s you, ask, and I’ll issue your license – but my little stash made this project.

Have I opened the closet just to look every time I’ve passed it today? YES OF COURSE. Ahhhhhhh!

I can get to my triathlon tote, front and center, with easy dump containers for bike helmets and heavy rotation gear, there’s a place for dry-cleaning-in-waiting, and extra belts and purses are up top, with wellies and the like.

It’s actually better than I thought it would be. There’s a LOT IN THERE. But dang if it isn’t just like this.


Sometimes it was hard to tell who was a bigger kid, your guys’ three year old son or your twenty-three year old boyfriend. And during Christmas the lines got even more blurred with Michael writing a Christmas list almost as long as your son’s with just as many toys on it. Needless to say when you came home with an Elf on the Shelf you weren’t sure who was going to enjoy it more.

You had bought the toy so Michael and you could hide it together and watch your son’s face in the morning when he went to find it but after the first few days of sharing duties you let Michael take the reins; after all, he was having more fun with the thing anyway. Though, giving Michael full control over the project seemed to be a bad idea when you woke up one morning with the Elf on the toilet, hershey kisses floating in the water. Soon, Michael had run out of ideas though, turning to the internet for help which only lead to more problems.

“Are you on your way home?” Michael asked, whispering over the phone so his son didn’t hear.

“Yeah, but I have to make a stop first. I ran out of tape last night when I was wrapping.”

“Can you pick up a gingerbread house kit?”

“The last time you made a gingerbread house the cat ended up wearing it,” you said, remembering the scene from your first Christmas together. “Why do we need a gingerbread house?”

“It’s for the elf!”

The next morning Michael and you woke up to your son sitting on the edge of your bed. A fit of giggles causing a serious of hiccups to strike his tiny body, but he kept laughing a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“Come see what Elfy did today,” he giggled.

You immediately regretted your decision to buy the gingerbread house kit when you walked into your kitchen. The counter being covered with frosting and gumdrops. Elfy, as your son had come to call it, sat in the middle of the mess a tiny piece of gingerbread held in his hand, the house behind him barely standing.

The messes only got worse from there. If it wasn’t frosting covering the counters it was paper snowflakes dangling from your son’s bedroom or army men littering the floor while Elfy was taped to the wall. The worse being the morning you woke up to find a shattered ornament on the floor, Elfy sitting in the middle of the tree. If your son wasn’t having so much fun searching for Elfy in the morning you would have confiscated the toy from Michael but you couldn’t ruin your boys’ Christmas fun. 

Truthfully when Christmas morning came, you were dreading to see the mess Michael and Elfy had made the night before. You knew it was going to be bad since this was the finale. Needless to say, you were a bit confused when you didn’t find your giggly son at the foot of your bed; instead he was snuggled up to Michael waiting for you to open your eyes. 

“Merry Christmas kiddo,” you smiled, rustling his hair. “Did you find Elfy already with daddy?” 

Your son shook his head, “Daddy said we should wait for you this time.” 

Five minutes later, Michael and you followed your son around the house trying to find Elfy. The whole time you side-eyed your boyfriend, who up until this morning hadn’t managed to hide Elfy this well. He was up to something, you just didn’t know what. Finally, after searching the entire house your son found Elfy, both Michael and you running into the living room to see where the Elf had been hiding. 

Elfy sat on top of three presents one for your son, one for you, and one for Michael. Of course, your son tore his open right away revealing the Disney Infinity game he (and his father) had been harping on for weeks. Next, Michael opened his gift that he had bought himself, a new xbox controller. Finally, it was time for you to open your tiny box. Like your boys’ you tore the paper off, revealing a velvet box in your hand. 

“Will you marry me?” Michael asked the moment you opened the box. He took it from your hands, getting down on one knee in front of you. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our beautiful son. What do you say?” 

You nodded your head, Michael slipped the ring on your finger before kissing you. You didn’t know how Christmas could get any better than that until you heard the whispers of you son, he was talking to Elfy. 

“Thanks for getting my daddy a ring for mommy,” he whispered, hugging the Elf. “Now they can get mawied.” 

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Hey everybody! I finally got time to do my official studyblr introduction!

I found out about the studyblr community from @studykey and have basically been obsessed with it since. Its not that often that you find a community on the internet that’s not only inviting ,but is better the people in it. 

About Me

I am 17 years old ,and my birthday is Dec. 22. I love making videos on YouTube and blogging (links in my profile). I am also a fashion designer ,and I participated in my first show earlier this year. I am currently making a bunch of things because I want to open up my own online shop. Even though I love fashion I still want to go to medical school and have a career in medicine. I deal with a Chronic illness ,so basically I’m in pain 24/7. I promise you I’m not even exaggerating its all the time ,but I am learning to live with it. The pain comes with a bunch of other strange symptoms. I go to high school online due to this. 

Why I need the Studyblr Community

I am in need of motivation ,and just ways to make my life easier (as far as school goes). Due to the illness mentioned above I missed a lot of school when I was going to a physical school. I went to a private school (basically the principle makes the rules) so i was still promoted to the 10th grade after my freshman year. My grade were awesome I just wasn’t attending enough school ,but my principle was able to make exception. That was until it was worse and I became a “problem” to the adult at that school. They basically tried to make everyday the worst day for me. My parents fell behind on payments (missed alot of work taking care of me) ,so I wasn’t allowed to come back. Private school will work with you ,but since they didn’t want me there anymore they chose not to try and work out a payment plan. 

I pretty much had no transcript after that. We thought that if we payed we could get the transcript and I would be in my correct grade. We talk to an employee at our state board of education ,and she said that it still might not work. Since he decided to promote me even though I hadn’t attended enough he could also just decided to say that I didn’t pass either. Which really ,really sucked for me.

I ended up having to start over completely ,and I just finished my freshman year (for the second time) this past school year. It was so devastating because I worked so hard at school to maintain an above 4.0 gpa (even with my situation) and it was all taken away from me. For once working hard had not paid off.

I still want to graduate on time ,so I would have to at least do complete 2 grades in one academic year. I would still have to take summer classes too. It’s so hard to be motivated in my situation so I really hope that this community can help keep me going. I need people to push me and keep me going!

I know this story is on the sad side ,but I am still determined! So don’t feel too bad for me okay :)

I haven’t had a studyblr long so I haven;t found a ton of blogs to follow. The ones I am loving right now are @cmstudy @happilystudy @jubstudying @lovegoodmd @obsidianstudy @studeying @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyplants @studypool @tbhstudying

the signs as Danisnotonfire quotes

Aries: I’m about as violent and intimidating as a pink butterfly

Taurus: You don’t like bacon? You must be a vegetarian

Gemini: Basically I am petrified of letting anyone use my laptop ever, because I’m afraid that they’ll somehow find something absolutely horrific or embarrassing that I had no idea was there

Cancer: What kind of micropenis must you have to make you do this? You’re not impressing anyone, you are the Cancer of human kind

Leo: What kind of bloody peasant do you take me for?

Virgo: I’m a nice, friendly, extremely unintimidating, polite guy, I guess just some things irk me… like stupid people

Libra: Even though I spend like 10 hours on the Internet, I don’t spend more than five minutes on Facebook otherwise I want to go on a fucking killing spree

Scorpio: Sometimes when you intensely dislike a person, you just have to take comfort in the fact that one day, they will be dead

Sagittarius: I don’t know what I’m doing with my existence

Capricorn: I actively try to make myself look like an unapproachable asshole just to avoid conversation

Aquarius: One direction have like 3 million Twitter followers and of those 80% probably believe in Larry more that they might in Jesus

Pisces: I just feel that the world will be a lot better if more people would calm the fuck down and stop caring too much

-AstrologyxJudgements (amazingphil is coming soon)