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Newt’s first year as a father-

Everyone: Newt you can’t leave the Demiguise in charge of the baby.  No it can’t pet the Graphorn NEWT THE BABY CAN’T RIDE THE HIPPOGRIFF.

Newt: That sounds fake but okay.

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about Fantastic Beasts winning an Academy Award when none of the Harry Potter films ever did. And to that I say, “Really?”

We’re specifically talking about an Academy Award for Costume Design. For the most part, the HP films left the characters in their student robes. Simple and efficient, but nothing to really write home about. You have a couple exceptions of great costumes (The Yule Ball costumes, Dumbledore & McGonagall’s robes, etc), but for the most part we had student robes for 7 movies, and whole bunch of clothes off the rack from the Gap.

On the other hand, Fantastic Beasts is a 1920′s period piece with THOUSANDS of extras that all had to be outfitted in period appropriate wear). In an interview recently she talked about the usual rental studios not having enough 20′s apparel for their needs so she sent people scouring the globe to collect them. In addition to that, you have the gorgeous work on things like Graves’ coat, Picquery’s Phoenix dress and headdress, and Queenie’s coat, that was hand woven out of 30,000 feet of silk thread.



You know the “Person A draws the head, Person B draws the torso etc” game? We did that. Also Tina is a hot dog today? ok
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If you go onto Voltron's FB page, there's people sitting there saying that they don't accept the vlog thing as something canon. I personally think it's a bit silly that after months or a little after a year of them being in space, people find it hard to believe Keith is struggles to open up, and people are sitting there ignoring what's canon.

h o w c a n p e o p l e t h i n k i t s n o t c a n o n.

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What's your opinion on off colour dobes? I found an fb group dedicated to "all colours" and some claim to health test hips, etc - which I find is decent to do regardless of what you're breeding. But I understand blues have alopecia issues, I could never get a blue due to that. But if someone's health testing their white and solid black dobies and doing some sport or work outlet, and they where AKC registered, would you find that okay or unethical? Why or why not?

There is no such thing as a white doberman. All “white”, “cream”, “double dilute”, “cremello”, etc doberman are actually albino. Though many albino supporters will say otherwise, this is not debatable nor is it Fake News™. The gene mutation creates one of the many types of albinism we know can affect living creatures with pigment, and this specific one causes albinism in primates (including humans), rodents, and dogs. Many albino doberman breeders will tell you that all albinos are pure white with red eyes, but that is a very misguided and ignorant idea of what albinism looks like. Humans with this form of albinism (and gorillas) frequently have blonde hair and purple, green, or even blue eyes. Some even have brown eyes! However, all mammals affected by this type of albinism are intrinsically disabled at birth due to photosensitivity, an extremely heightened risk of cancer at a young age, and various systematic issues as pigment is used in many processes besides skin/hair/eye color such as digestion and brain function.

Mice and dogs with this type of albinism are extremely prone to intense fear reactions and seriously unstable temperament. I have a theory part of it is because they cannot see well (which is a fact- they are all photosensitive to some degree, many are cross- or wall-eyed, and some are completely blind in all but extremely low light situations due to pain caused by even overhead lights in a house) and they are bred to react to visual stimuli, they are automatically given a disadvantage in determining the difference between threat and safe.

Albino doberman are also extremely inbred as they all come from matings between a “white” bitch and her normally colored son. This makes them extremely prone to many, many more health problems than even the non-albino dobermans out there, and it’s not like the breed needs any more help being unhealthy.

So no, anyone deliberately producing albinos is not an ethical breeder, and I don’t care how much health testing or titling they do with their dogs. They are deliberately producing puppies with debilitating disabilities for profit by shrugging their shoulders and saying their dogs are “just fine” and super healthy, all the while discouraging those who buy their puppies from actually looking into the science behind it by dismissing it as fake news. Additionally, I have a bit of a personal problem with albino breeders, as they are a bit tone-deaf on the words they use to gather support for their dogs and the racial issues that surround US politics both when Sheba first was born and now.

Solid dobermans also do not actually exist- they are all one of two things: tan pointed dogs with extremely dark and muddy markings, or mixed breeds. The entire doberman breed is tan pointed. It is not genetically possible for a doberman to be born completely missing tan points. They have been all tan pointed since the “look” of the breed was finalized in the mid 1910s. This is not like German or Miniature pinschers where the solid stag red is present- that was bred out a very long time ago. As such, “solids” are produced solely by color-first breeders, who do not take long-term health and temperament into consideration, and who again rely on ignorance of their buyers to be able to continue to deceive and cut a profit. 

There are plenty of doberman out there with very dark or muddy markings that at first glance do look solid, some even are well bred (they are relatively common in working and european lines, which focus on dark dark pigment). However, if you look at any of these dogs in the sunlight, you’ll be able to see that they are indeed tan pointed, just that the tan is extremely dark. If their breeders are at all concerned about breeding to standard, they will also admit that the look is not desired, and that particular dog should be bred to another with lighter markings to fix what is a mostly cosmetic fault. Most “solids” that are actually solid trace their lineage back to either dane or viszla crosses, and many are also closely related to or bred with albinos.

Blue and fawn are allowed in the AKC standard, but are not in the FCI standard. While I would not buy a blue, the only color-specific problem in the dilutes is CDA, which is honestly mostly cosmetic and for most dogs easily controlled. At this point in my life I will likely never purchase a dog bred to the AKC standard as I vastly prefer the euro dogs, so I will never have to make a decision on supporting a breeder that intentionally produces blues or fawns because that standard does not allow them. However, here in the US, it is not considered unethical to produce dilutes so long as you are doing everything else you’re supposed to (but you should warn new owners about CDA and advise them on how to manage it).


I’m posting this because it’s absurd. A different artist who also drew a Lisa Frank baphomet is claiming not only I stole her very original idea, but also I traced it. And I want to show this because I think this is ridiculous.

The top photo is her overlay where I “trace” the shape of the face, and then for some reason I moved it to trace the shape of the shoulders. Because I have no idea how to draw goat faces and shoulders and can only do so if I google image search for the exact image I want to use (also remember that her image is only the top half of baphomet, I must of just had to google for another cute baphomet to trace the lower half of, because how could I have done it otherwise?). 

The 2nd set of photos is artetak’s image lined up with the original engraving of Baphomet, that I also used as very heavy inspiration, and, SHOCK AND AWE it lines up too! Really disappointed in Eliphas Levi for using his time machine to come into 2017 and tracing her original (copyright tm) baphomet image. 
The bottom photo is the original engraving of baphomet from the 19th century, the one that inspired every image of baphomet to come after, the one that they built a statue of. 

I was aiming for an exact copy of Baphomet with authentic Lisa Frank imagery and aesthetic. I used the original engraving as a base for proportions so that things lined up exactly with the very Victorian proportions of the original. Looks kind of like artetak did that too, but I never claimed otherwise. 

For the record, like 5 years ago I drew a baphomet sigil in the style of Angelic Pretty, and you can bet your ass that I had at least 4 different people I never even heard of before, who obviously never heard of each other either, messaging me to claim that I “stole their idea” of devil sigils. What is it with Tumblr thinking they invented Satan????

Edit: shes since claimed (on a now deleted IG post) I copied the same color palette as her, but again: LISA FRANK. I just used the eyedropper tool on scanned Lisa Frank stickers to help find just the right Lisa Frank colors (obvs you can’t just use the colors you click on, you have to usually mess around with them and saturate them usually), so if our colors are the same, it’s because we both did that. I am just so shocked at the absurdity of this whole situation! 

EDIT 2: She deleted the original FB post, and the IG post, and has now instead put up an IG post brushing the whole situation off with: “ When someone up and does the exact same thing as I do then sends me a nasty message telling me I’m full of shit, it really fucking sucks. “ which is, ONCE AGAIN, absurdly hilarious because she messaged me (it was anon, so maybe it was someone else) on Tumblr ASKING ME TO EMAIL HER, and my email wasn’t really any less shitty than her response where she asked me if this was my “first ever original piece”, like I’m cringing so hard at this.

Edit 3: I’m adding some more random stuff because she’s deleted her original callout posts AND is still acting like I was somehow antagonizing her over this. So this is just what happened: she told me to email her on Tumblr, I did, it was an angry email because the situation is absurd, she then deleted all her posts about it and claimed I was “sending her nasty messages saying she’s full of shit” and you know what fucking sucks? I’m confident no one will actually see this because she has thousands of followers and I don’t, so she gets to be the victim. Real cool.

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Your recent post made me wonder - if Lestat is bad with technology like he says in the most recent book, do you think someone had to teach him how to set up a facebook account? Louis trying to show him the difference between the search bar and the status bar after he accidentally posted someone's name for all to see? So many questions.

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what would dating Credence be like??

(Let’s say this takes place long after the movie, so Credence has had time to start healing before getting into a relationship; I really do not want to correlate romance with recovery.)

  • The sweetest, purest relationship
  • You were friends for a long time before either of you gets the courage to say anything
  • Holding his hand in yours to warm his up
  • Okay, but the screenplay makes it so much more hella obvious how touch starved this poor fella is so: Realising how few positive touches he’s had in his life, so always be incredibly careful to make your movements obvious, slowly introduce him to new contact, and making sure you don’t overwhelm or push him
  • Lots of soft, chaste, gentle touches
  • Letting him know it’s 100% okay for him to initiate/stop physical contact with you if he wants or needs to
    • God, it makes your heart pound whenever he’s brave enough to take your hand or hug you first
  • Telling him you’ll happily help him change his last name if he wants to, because you know how much he hates being reminded of his adoptive mother, and that he’s welcome to yours if wants it
  • Taking bubble baths together and getting into bubble fights
  • Reading to him when he gets nervous because he finds comfort in your voice
  • Holding him tightly throughout the night so that he knows you’re there
    • He likes being the little spoon while you play with his hair
  • Credence tells you how Tina was the first person to ever do him ‘an uncomplicated kindness’ (the screenplay really did hurt me, okay), and resolving to do as many kind things as you can for him, and that they will be as far from complicated as possible

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Involves Masterlist: (x) 

-Lauren and Kerrie

On use of my art

I wanted to clear some things up since a few people have asked me what I mean with my “do not copy, edit or repost” message.

First and foremost, things I’m okay with:

  • Saving my art for personal use (eg. using as a wallpaper)
  • Using it as reference, though I don’t know why you’d use my art for that
  • Heck, just saving it to look at later. I do that with everything I find pretty

Things that are NOT okay:

  • Tracing my art and posting it
  • Editing my art and posting it
    • Removing/covering my watermark
    • Adding your own watermark
    • Cropping
    • Adding filters
    • etc.
  • Making a new post with my art
    • This goes to everyone saving my art and posting it onto Instagram, VK, FB, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. I don’t care if you credit me. I will report you without warning.
  • Using my art in videos (AMVs, dubs, etc.)
    • This shouldn’t even have to be mentioned but for goodness sake, stop being a terrible person and trying to make money from other people’s hard work.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this all boils down to personal vs. public use. If you trace my art but it just stays in your sketchbook or whatnot, fine. The moment you start “sharing” it with other is the moment I hunt you down and report you.

If you’re ever unsure of what an artist allows, ask them. They will more than likely give you an answer. If not, just move on. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t use someone’s art.


request (yes):  Hey Hailey! I have a request for ya ;) how about something with little Jason (14/15) and reader go to some event (concert/sporting event) together and they just have tons of fun? - @jxsontxdds

word count: 656

A/N: this is okay

warning(s): none

Key: y/fb/n = your favorite band name

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“Oh, keep him? We don’t keep them! Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America?”

“I do know a few things, actually. I know you have rather backwards laws about relations with non-magic people. That you’re not meant to befriend them, that you can’t marry them, which seems mildly absurd to me.”

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Hey there! Not sure if you've already talked about this, but I was wondering what you think about Lestat's singing voice? I personally always thought of him as having an almost Bowie sounding voice but with the energy and range of Brendon Urie from Panic at the disco. Idk if you've heard the song Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! but that song is kinda how I think Lestat would sound- I think he'd have a kick ass falsetto voice. Also Ave Cesaria by Stromae is a good example in terms of French music

Hello hello~~~ This post got very long! It’s a big question!

I guess I haven’t talked about Lestat’s singing voice bc I can’t find it, but YES, #headcanon accepted, Lestat would have a kick ass falsetto voice! 

I just drafted this post and it’s too long, so much more can be written and more vids could have been featured, but I’ve spen

The short answer: As with Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is music in the ear of the beholder, and your idea of Lestat’s voice is as valid as anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

I’m gonna offer a few responses on this, from AR, from canon, from a mutual VC fan friend of mine, and then respond to your suggestions. I had to make a cut bc the post was getting long.

SO, AR has said, on several occasions, that Bon Jovi was a big influence on Prince Lestat. She even dedicated Prince Lestat to Bon Jovi (as one of her muses). [X]

I also seem to recall Lestat mentioning a love for Bruce Springsteen in canon, but that might have been fanon. In QOTD, Baby Jenks says Lestat sings like the Boss:

Baby Jenks did love the Vampire Lestat’s music,… Yes sir, that was the one she loved… It wasn’t the words that got to her, it was the way he sang it, groaning like Bruce Springsteen into the mike and making it just break your heart.

I’m on Fire, the lyrics and the way he sings it, seem very Lestatuesque to me. Try Dancing in the Dark, also very Lestatuesque to me…

Thanks @sanguinivora​ for linking me to this Vulture interview (12/1/2010)! AR answers the question:

What do you think Lestat’s band would sound like now?

Well, it always sounded to me like Jim Morrison. That was the band I based it on — Jim Morrison’s voice, physical beauty, and the sound of that band in a song like “L.A. Woman.” That’s how I imagined Lestat’s band sounding. I don’t know a lot about rock music right at this moment; I haven’t listened to a stadium band in a while. I don’t know the latest stuff. I really don’t know. The main thing in emphasizing Morrison is that I’m emphasizing hard rock. It’s really acid rock. It’s not lightweight rock music and there has to be a good voice at the helm. Morrison had an exceptionally good voice for a rock singer. But modernizing it? Sure, whatever. Bring it on.

Hit the jump for more, cut for length

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What do librarians do while the students are away?  Well, this summer, we’re quite busy shifting, re-shelving, and cleaning in the stacks!   Things might be a bit quieter than usual on our Tumblr this summer as we’re away from our desks, but we’ll post photos and videos so that you can follow along with our discoveries. 

Here’s one of our summer projects that’s already nearing completion.  We’ve shifted all of our comic reference materials out of the closed stacks and integrated them into our reading room reference - meaning that they are now browsable!  Come by, visit, take a look around, and find some good books about comic books to read.

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Important question: How do you define magic.

Well, this is a bit of a tricky question, isn’t it?  Yes of course it’s the correct wand movement and an incantation maybe, but there are many different kinds of magic.  There’s a certain kind of magic in meeting an old friend, a kind word, or perhaps even a favorite book.  

I don’t believe there is only one kind of magic in this world.  It can be found in the comforts and happiness of the things you love most, and the things you cherish.  Charms and spells come second to that, I think.

Worst part about baking is when you search for a recipe and like the first page of the search results are like “easy peasy recipe that is essentially just water and flour!” or if you search for something more complicated/uncommon, its just “top 28 things to bake on this hot summer!” and half the links are dead

OR, you find a recipe, its not in metric measurements, and there are two “join our site and share on fb and give us your credit card number” you have to ignore

Not bloody vikings


I’m a Heathen because I live in North Lancashire, in the Danelaw, because my ‘ancestors’ were here - even though I’m Cornish born and bred. My one-eyed grandfather used to preach in Lancashire and Cumbria. My mum remembers holidays here and the Lake District. I’m one of the Hanged God’s cos I was hanged in the womb, but also because I began my proper magical life in Hanging Town.

When I can, I honour our literal peer, Baron Ashton,on Good Friday/Easter Saturday, with cigars and rum, at home, or at his memorial if I can.. This place’s dead are my dead now. Its water has nourished me for 17 years, its isotopes are in my teeth, my bones.

When Legba told this white Cornish boy the lwa weren’t his ancestors, but that he had ancestors here up North, that was what he meant. Dead in the ground, some become landwights, some just *here*.

And now my Mum’s ashes are here - she died in Preston. My Dad just moved to the building next door.

I’m not a Heathen cos I want to play Viking. I’m one cos this place got into my bones. And yeah, I’m a Brit, but moving 300+ miles from an an area where you’ve had traceable kin since 1400? That’s a wrench, for me. Sounds like nothing, but, it isn’t.

But what people forget is roots grow in all directions through the earth, Wherever there’s the water of memory. The proper nutrients. They’ll grow sideways, upward, downward. Find things to climb up, entangle round, embrace.

Connections, roots, they happen through the dead and the land. You just have to learn to notice them. And that’s a *skill*, it really is.

As a FB/Mugtome friend wrote, emphases mine:

If ancestors are considered at all, it is either in the narrowest possible terms - such as deceased family members who you knew in life but might not have had the best relationship with, or who might have been fundamentalist Christians that would disapprove of such practices, etc. Or else with this weird 400-year disconnect, where they want to edit out the whole complicated ugly history and horror of their ancestors’ actual lives in the Americas, and hark back to a romanticized idea of their ancestors as they were in Europe.


There often seems to be an underlying desire to absolve one’s ancestors of any complicity in genocide and slavery by conveniently skipping over that section of their ancestors and instead venerating “nice” imaginary idealized ones from before colonialism when their hands were clean. But nobody’s hands are ever clean, and certainly not within the history of Europe prior to colonization of the Americas.

Your ancestors are going to include some reprehensible fucking bastards, no matter who you are, and you have to own your own dead. You don’t have to condone their bullshit or justify what they did in their lives, or make excuses for them, or even sit in judgement over them - but you do have to own them. You are your ancestors - the sum total of all of the desperate day-to-day lives and entanglements that culminated in your birth - and you will always dance to the tune of your own nature and nurture. But you are also the only one with the choice and free will to decide where you’re going to take that ancestral inheritance from this point forward[.]

Our contemporary moment - right this instant - emerges out of our ancestral past and its myriad entanglements of joy and suffering, and it’s our responsibility to shepherd that moment into tomorrow. The conductor’s baton is in our hand for a minute, and you have to make that minute count. It’s harder to do that, or to do it constructively, if you are estranged from your own ancestors - or if you are in denial about who they were or what they did. 


To engage with the mysteries of landscape is to engage with the mysteries of the dead, and engaging with the mysteries of your own ancestral landscape can be a means of approaching your own ancestral dead, nameless or otherwise. The streets they walked down, the places where they drank, the types of food they ate. People always go on about how America doesn’t have history like Europe does, but it totally has history. If it has dead in the ground, it has history. Even Miami, which has less history than most pubs where I used to drink in London, is a landscape teeming with the dead.

 […]You are who you are, your ancestors did what they did. You can’t change any of that, but you *can* pay close attention to the voices of the dead as they emerge through landscape. You can take uncompromising ownership of the emergent process of human lives that culminated in your own life, however raw and ugly, and decide what the next sentence of that narrative is going to be. You can have an ancestral practice that is rooted in the realities of your actual dead within America, and the landscape and history that they weave through.

 Ancestor work is not really about that, [it’s] about giving the future a solid foundation - and that might not always be easy or comfortable to engage with as a process - but nobody else is going to do it. Thorny material may arise, but the strategies of ancestor work are replete with methods for mediating such difficulties. It’s not a half-hour sit-com, and you are not going to cheerily resolve all the gnawing torment and wickedness that wracks that landscape and churns through those dead, but you can do your bit. You can set your light in the darkness, and contribute to creating a foundation for the future that is a little more solid, a little more aware of its past, and a little less in denial about the realities of its history. It’s the work.

BTS Reaction to: You Coming Home Drunk

Jin: was annoyed at first. he respected that you were allowed spend time with your friends. but he didn’t like when drink was involved. you were more adventurous when drunk and he worried your friends would trick you into doing something stupid. then you would stumble home, inebriated. which kind of annoyed him. you were an adult, someone who was supposed to be mature and responsible. not someone that got blind drunk. but then you would slur something like, “isn’t jin oppa so handsome? i love him so much. him and his cooking” and he finds he’s not so mad anymore

until you throw up all over the floor

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Suga: had expected it tbh. a picture had popped up while he scrolled through fb, one your friend put up of you all doing shots. and he knew that it would only get worse from there on. so he wasn’t shocked to see you trying to sneak in, only to trip. sighing, he gets up. “aren’t you lucky i stayed up to help you?” he’ll grumble, picking you up off the floor

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J-Hope: found it hilarious. he makes sure to record you doing stupid things, even encouraging you. “why don’t you show me that dance you were talking about? the chicken one?”

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Rap Monster: drunk you meant horny you so he could hardly wait for you to come home. when you stumbled in, telling him you needed him badly and clumsily trying to strip, he rushes to you and rips your clothes off. “let me help, babe,” he’ll smirk

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Jimin: immediately rings taehyung and hoseok, “guys, guys! she’s completely wasted! you should come over and see, she’s trying to talk to this bird outside the window”

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V: couldn’t understand the appeal of excessive drinking. and didn’t understand how it could turn an ordinary person so stupid. he watched you fumble and stumble around; half amused, half confused

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Jungkook: didn’t know what to do. he figured he should get you to bed but you were so squirmy and whiny, saying you weren’t tired, wanted toast, wanted to go for a walk, etc. he was getting frustrated by your childish antics but also found it a little cute ?? especially if you tell him you liked his smile or that you were so grateful to have him

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Um... Hi! Wow, I can't believe I'm actually asking you something. *laughs nervously* So how much do you exercise? It's a really bad question, I'm sorry

Hello!  No such thing as a bad question.  I’d say it really depends on what I need to run away from on any particular day.  Or what creature I’m feeding and caring for.  The work around my case keeps me quite active, and that seems to be enough for me.