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Nightmare Come True: SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017

Summary: Taking on a hunt in an abandoned hospital shouldn’t have been as difficult as this, nor as frightening. But when your greatest fear is that which you’re hunting, can your skills as a hunter overcome your terror?

A/N: This is my entry for Week 8 of the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  The prompt given is in bold and the gif is in there as well. Oh and the description of why the reader is scared of clowns is the true story of how I came to have such a fear!

Word Count: 1500

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: Clowns (yep, that’s a huge warning), descriptions of being chased.


You should have listened to your gut. It was never wrong but you had ignored all the warnings and had pressed on anyway. After everything that had happened, there was no way this hunt could have turned out well and now you were trapped inside a nightmare!

Things had started to go wrong as soon as you had left the bunker. Barely twenty miles away from home, one of the tyres burst so you were delayed while Dean fixed that. Continuing to drive through the night to reach your destination, disaster struck again as the car radiator overheated, leaving you and Sam to walk the handful of miles back to the last service station you’d passed while Dean stayed with the car. The final straw was reaching Duleth, Minnesota in the middle of the day, almost 14 hours after you’d first set out, and finding that there were no vacancies in any of the half decent motels, meaning that once again you were stuck in a place with barely functioning heating and a hot water system that hadn’t been updated since it was installed in the 70s!

Tired, hungry, disheveled, cranky…..all of these words were more than an accurate description of you and the Winchesters when you emerged from your room as the sun began to set. Despite being exhausted, the lumpy, uncomfortable mattress and flimsy thin curtains had ensured that you’d barely slept. Because it was so late, the only place that was still open and serving food was one of the local bars so dinner had consisted of fries, chicken wings and a poor excuse for a burger.

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Relapse - Prologue

Fandom: TeenWolf

Pairing: None yet

Pronouns: she/her(I can write one for him/he or they/them)

Warnings: none amnesia?Idk, impending doom, bad writing.

Summary: All of a sudden I was here, In the woods with no idea where  I was. Time was meaningless right then was the start, the start of my brain and my life. 

A/N- k this is the first thing I've ever written but I've been thinking about something like this for a while, so here, go easy on me. also, this is written terribly so don’t read this if you want something good it very rushed but I’m trying.

Originally posted by mizar113

All of a sudden I was here, In the woods with no idea where  I was. Time was meaningless right then was the start, the start of my brain and my life. staying in the middle of nowhere was not going to get me answers so I started to roam, just walk in a random direction to see if I could find anything, so I started walking making sure to watch my step, towards anywhere that meant something. after about 20 minutes of walking aimlessly, I smelt something, something good, actually, it was the most divine smell, food, my stomach grumbled at the thought of something to eat; I had been in the forest for some time I guess.

 I followed the smell up until I saw a small house across a paved road. I could see smoke coming from the back and without thinking I walked straight towards it. The house looked small but it had a huge backyard in which sat a family; they looked right at me. There were four of them, a man, a woman, a baby sitting in a highchair and a little boy about five years old the woman looked at the man and cautiously stood up “Hello sweetheart” she said with a kind voice she gently reached out her hand towards me “what are you doing out here.. in this"she gestured to my clothes. I looked down at what I was wearing: a long nightgown which was probably once white but looked brown as if I had been rolling in the dirt.(I might have been) ” I don’t know where I am,“ I said "what’s your name” the man spoke staring at me with a worried look fixed on his face.“ No, I don’t know my name either”. The woman looked at the man and said “let’s take her to the hospital” “but what if…"the man started to say but she tilted her head to the side and said "she’s a child and we can assume things like that, when her parent could be looking for her, what-what if it was Alan? I would hope someone would take him to the hospital instead of… shoving wolfsbane down his throat or reading his mind first.” the woman whispered the last part but not very quietly. The man sighed but nodded, got up and took the baby inside the home. “go help your dad with Marin” the woman said to the small boy, he nodded at her words and scurried inside, the woman walked over closer to me”my name is Claudia she said with a smile that was my family, my husband Michael” she put her hand on my back to guide me over towards the glass door where the other family members went through ”the baby is my daughter, Marin” the little boy ran up to us holding a bag way bigger than he was “I helped dad, here’s the diaper bag” she stopped and took the bag from the boy.”thank you pumpkin.” she looked back to me” and this is my son Alan” I smiled at the little boy “Hi Alan” I said, he smiled and ran out the front door almost knocking over his father who was walking out the door with the baby in hand.” HEY!!”Michael said scoldingly ”he’s energetic,” I said to Claudia, she laughed and nodded and continued out towards the car.

Claudia got into the passenger’s seat and Michael was already seated in the front I got in the back beside the baby, with Alan on the other side.”so what’s the first thing you remember” Michael said “being in the forest, then I started walking and ended up in your yard” I said “interesting” he mumbled but continued driving. Once we arrived Claudia took the baby and we walked to the reception desk the woman there asked us what we were there for but didn’t look or sound very interested we register all the information and then sat in the waiting room for a while, in silence. Finally a doctor came out, walked up to me and said ”you the amnesia.” and gestures for me to get up he started walking fast down the hall so I stood up to follow him down the hall, he walked into an empty examination room and gestured to the bed/table I sat on it and waited for him to say something, through the door Michael walked in and stood to the side of the room, the doctor looked up from the clipboard he was reading and walked over to the cabinet and grabbed something from it he turned to face me in one hand was a cotton ball the other was a needle.”HEY, what are you doing” Michael said with the same confusion in his voice that was in my head “just a simple blood test,” the doctor said with a shrug of his shoulders “well you could have given her a warning,” Michael said and settled back to his place on the wall.  The doctor’s explanation was not as soothing to me as it was for him, but I stayed put. He put alcohol? On my arm before sticking the needle in but before he could it snapped, I looked up at the doctor who looked confused then Michael who looked worried ”guess it was defective, my needles have done that to me before, I’m a vet” he said “you’re a terrible doctor, either way, we’re done here. The doctor was too busy inspecting the broken needle to hear or see Michael take me out of the room he pulled me down an empty hallway “ what are you?” he said in a stern voice.” what do you mean?”I said”I saw that needle, don’t lie to me,” he said a little angrier “I don’t know,” I said a little louder.”What is going on here” a voice said from behind me Michael stood up a little straighter looking behind me  I turned around to see Claudia looking angry, not at me but Micheal with the baby in her arm and Alan traveling slowly behind her “I came to tell you the deputy is here, but I see this, what happen?” she said “ the doctor tried to take her blood and the needle broke, she is something supernatural” he said looking upset “okay, let me see” she walked over to us and  handed the baby over to Michael and stood in front of me she held her hand up on my shoulders and looked into my eyes .

I felt numb my brain was working but it was not me working it, I couldn’t think until she pulled back.”oh my” she mumbled she stared at me with wide eyes grabbed me and Alans hands and started speed walking  over to the reception where a sheriff’s deputy was standing waiting we walked up to him with Michael trying to keep up with us.” we want to be her parents” Claudia said to the deputy “Wha-What” Michael said. The deputy chuckled and said “I’ll give you two a moment” and walked over to the reception desk and began talking to the receptionist with as much luck as we did.”What is she Claud… do you know what she is, does she remember” Michael said “she doesn’t remember anything she was telling the truth but I know.. But we need to help her” he said looking at me. Michael tried to speak but she cut him off ”trust me she is in danger, and I’m the only one that can help her” he looked at her but simply nodded “okay” he said and waved over the deputy “ so what were you saying”he said “We want to be her least until you find her real ones” Michael said the deputy looked at me and said “if you’re sure.. I’ll talk to child services but until then you will have to come down to the station, I hope all this works out for you Dr. and Mrs.Deaton and…” he looked to me again for my name I guess, but I still didn’t know it.”y/n” Claudia said, and it sounded… right, very right and familiar, the first thing that did, so I nodded. Once the deputy left Claudia turned to me and held my hands and looked into my eyes and said “I know you don’t know what I’m talking about but I am going to help you I am going to save you from what going to happen, I don’t know how yet but it’s not going to happen again okay.” a tear rolled down her eye I didn’t know what she was talking about but I nodded. Somehow she knew something about me even I didn’t and she was going to help me, and for some reason even though I just meet her that day I trusted her.

That was a mistake.

Hello Detective (Chapter 24)

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“It’s a fake. It has to be.” Sherlock said, standing in front of the painting, surrounded by Lestrade, John, the gallery owner Mrs. Wenceslas, and yourself.

“That painting has been subjected to every test known to science.” She argued.

“It’s a very good fake then. You know about this, don’t you? This is you, isn’t it?” Sherlock retorted, turning to face the owner. She rolled her eyes and turned to Lestrade.

“Inspector, my time is being wasted.” She said, neither confirming or denying Sherlock’s statement. The pink phone rang suddenly.

“The painting is a fake.” Sherlock said into the phone, no voice followed.

“It’s a fake, that’s why Woodbridge and Cairns were killed.” Sherlock spoke again. Still no answer.

“Oh, come on, proving it’s just a detail. The painting is a fake. I’ve solved it, I’ve figured it out. It’s a fake, that’s the answer, that’s why they were killed. Okay, I’ll prove it. Give me time. Will you give me time?” Sherlock asked.

Ten.” A chilling voice came from the phone that gave you goose bumps. It was the voice of a small child.

“It’s a kid. Oh, God, it’s a kid.” You muttered to Lestrade.


“It’s a countdown. He’s giving me time.” Sherlock said, bending down to look at the painting. He was muttering to himself as his eyes scanned the painting.


You placed your hand over your mouth in shock. If Sherlock didn’t prove it in the next 7 seconds this kid was going to be killed, along with anyone in a one block radius of him.

Seven, Six, Five.” The boy said, speeding up.

“Oh, at the Planetarium, you heard it too.” Sherlock said, his mouth forming an ‘O’.


“Oh, that’s brilliant, I love this.” Sherlock said, stepping back and typing something into his phone.

Three, Two.”

“The VanBuren Supernova.” Sherlock said into the phone.

Please, is somebody there? Somebody help me.” The kid spoke, and the countdown stopped. You let out the breath that you didn’t realize you were holding in.

“Go find him and pick him up.” Sherlock said, handing the pink phone to Lestrade.

“VanBuren Supernova, so-called. Exploding star. Only appeared in the sky in 1858.” Sherlock said pointing to the painting, cockily. He then stalked off to follow Greg.

“So how could it have been painted in the 1640s” John smiled, looking at the painting, relieved that Sherlock had solved it.

After Lestrade picked up the boy you took the gallery owner down to the station. Lestrade met you there and Sherlock joined along.

“You know, it’s interesting. Bohemian stationery, an assassin named after a Praque legend, and you Miss Wenceslas. This whole case has a distinctly Czech feeling about it. Is that where this leads? What are we looking at, Sergeant?” Sherlock asked you.

“Criminal conspiracy, fraud, accessory after the fact, at the very least. The murder of the old woman, all of the people in the flat.” You spoke confidently.

“I didn’t know anything about that. All those things, please, believe me. I just wanted my share. The 30 million.” She pleaded as Lestrade entered the room and sat down next to you. Miss Wenceslas sighed before she began to speak again.

“I found a little old man in Argentina. A genius… I mean, really. Brushwork, immaculate. Could fool anyone.” She said.

“Mmm.” Sherlock muttered, raising his eyebrows.

“Well, nearly anyone.” She said looking over to Sherlock. “But I didn’t know how to go about convincing the world the picture was genuine. It was just an idea. A spark which he blew into a flame.”

“Kdo?” You asked her. Who?

“Nevím…” She said. I don’t know… You scoffed.

“It’s true. It took a long time, but eventually I was put in touch with people. His people. Well, there was never any real contact. Just messages… whispers.” She said.

“A to ti šeptá nějaké jméno?” You asked. And did those whispers have a name? She nodded for a moment, almost afraid to let the name slip.

“Moriarty.” She spoke, and a hush fell over the whole room. You looked to Sherlock and his eyes widened.

After writing up the paperwork for Miss Wenceslas’ indictment, you and Sherlock left in a cab. You knew John had gone off on Mycroft’s case so the two of you were going to surprise him.

“I didn’t know you spoke Czech.” Sherlock said, as he sat back in the cab.

“I told you there were a lot of things you didn’t know about me.” You replied.

“What other languages do you speak that I don’t know about?” He asked with a smirk.

“Vous allez devoir attendre pour le découvrir..” I spoke with a smirk. You’re just going to have to wait and find out.

“Ooh, French. There’s another one.” He said, impressed. The cab stopped and you realized you were at some sort of train service station. A bunch of tracks converge around here. You saw John crouched down, examining some of the lines. You and Sherlock quietly snuck up behind him.

“The points.” Sherlock said.

“Yes!” John said, turning around, caught off guard.

“I knew you’d get there eventually. West wasn’t killed here, that’s why there was so little blood.” Sherlock spoke.

“How long have you been following me?” John asked.

“Since the start.” Sherlock said, confirming your suspicion that he wouldn’t pass up on an interesting case just on account of Mycroft.

“Come on, we’ve got a bit of burglary to do.” Sherlock said walking off, you and John in tow. You travelled a few minutes outside of the city to a flat.

“Missile plans haven’t left the country otherwise Mycroft’s people would have heard about it. Despite what people think, we do still have a secret service.” Sherlock said as we approached the flat.

“So whoever stole the memory stick can’t sell it or doesn’t know what to do with it.” You said.

“My money’s on the latter.” Sherlock said, turning up the stairs to a fair sized apartment. There were garbage bags outside, cluttering the porch. Sherlock picked the lock and pushed the door open hard with his shoulder.

“Jesus.” John muttered, clearly not okay with breaking in.

“Where are we?” You asked Sherlock.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t I say? Joe Harrison’s flat. Brother of West’s fiancee. He stole the memory stick, killed his prospective brother-in-law.” Sherlock said, looking out the window. Conveniently, behind his flat was a train line. On the window sill was blood, which had to belong to Andrew West.

“Then why’d he do it?” John asked. Suddenly you could hear keys in the door.

“Let’s ask him.” You said, pulling out your gun.

You walked slowly into the hallway until you could see Joe Harrison with his bike. He saw you and raised his bike, possible preparing to throw it at you. You raised your gun to him and he lowered it, defeated.

He continued to explain to us that him killing West was an accident. He explained how he started dealing drugs, that the bike messenger was a good cover. He got in too deep, owed a lot of people a lot of money. At West’s engagement party he was drunk and started talking about his job. He said West told him about the missile plans, beyond top secret, he even showed him the memory stick. Harrison thought it could be worth a fortune. West came to his flat because he knew Joe had stolen it. They got in a fight on the porch and he accidently pushed him down the long flight of concrete steps. He brought him back inside and heard the train stop outside of his window. He dragged his body out the window and onto the top of the train, taking him far away from here. He would have gone on for ages if it weren’t for the points, the train changes tracks and West’s body shifted off the top and fell to the ground.

Joe Harrison left the room to fetch the memory stick.

“Distractions over, the game continues.” Sherlock said.

“Maybe that’s over too. We haven’t heard anything from the bomber.” John whispered.

“There were five pips, we’ve only had four.” You reminded him.

Sherlock obtained the memory stick and left to give it to Mycroft as you and John shared a cab home. Considering you had to be at the office early in the morning to work out Miss Wenceslas’ arrest, you decided to go home and John continued on to Baker Street.

When you unlocked the door you noticed that you hadn’t seen Mrs. Astor all day. You went to check on her and found her asleep watching telly. You smiled and continued up to your flat. You locked the door and slipped into the shower. You got out and turned on the light. You slipped on a silk robe and stepped out into the kitchen for some tea. You heard a shuffle behind you and before you could turn your head you felt a spark pain in your neck. Someone had jabbed a needle into it. Their arms wrapped around you, holding you as you tried to wiggle free, your vision became increasingly blurry as you descended into unconsciousness.

Party All The Time...Part 2

(Part 1)

Your aunt picked you up from the station with very few words needed.  She handled the scheduling of your court date, and even took care of finding you a lawyer that would sit down and talk with you.

All of the things that your father should have been doing.

The lawyer wanted to cut a plea deal: community service for a first offense if they could get you to agree to go to counseling sessions with a court-appointed psychologist.

They wanted to take the “abandoned daughter” route.

Dead mother and absent father, left behind to fend for herself and her brother.

And, at first, you were all for it.

You wanted to stick it to your father.  To show him the kind of pain and hurt that he had inflicted upon you when he decided to pull away so badly when your mother had paid the ultimate price for a job that he was working.

You dare say, it even made you smile at night when you thought about how much this would hurt him.

But your court date came, and when you were questioned by the lawyer, she asked the all-commanding question.

“Has your father been there for since the death of your mother?”

You could tell how the words shocked him.  How his eyebrows ticked up and his shoulders pull taut.  How he sat a little straighter in his chair and how his stern eyes softened as the cogs behind his skull slowly began to turn.

And you found yourself fumbling for your words as you second-guessed your entire strategy.

Feeling tears well in your eyes as your memory flashes you back to all of the lonely nights that you cried yourself to sleep.  Nights where you wailed for your father only for Jessica to come barreling through the door.  Days where Jack would call him and he would have to cut the call short because of the case.

And you decided, instead, to understand his mind.

Like he did with so many awful, terrible people.

“No,” you state plainly as you watch your father swallow hard.

“Do you feel as if he has abandoned you in your time of need?” the lawyer asks.

And finally, you spoke up.

“No,” you state again as you watch your father’s eyes well with tears.

You flicker your gaze to the lawyer as she cocks her body lightly towards you, the confusion written on her face as you draw in a shaky breath.

“My dad is gone a lot for his job,” you start, “and yes, when my mom died, he was absent.  He buried himself in his work and relied on my aunt a lot to take care of us while he grieved.”

And then you turned your attention back to your father and continued.

“I wanted to come up here and condemn you.  I wanted to sit on this chair and look you straight in your face as I talked about how you abandoned your children in favor of your job…the same job that killed our mother.”

A tear wafted down Aaron’s cheek as he listened to you with a ferocious intensity.

“I wanted to sit here and talk about all of the times I cried for you at night,” you continue as tears stream down your cheeks, “nights that Jack would come running into my room because he wanted his mom and you weren’t in your bed to hold him.”

Aaron’s chest was jumping with his muffled sobs as he watched his little girl struggle on a testimony stand.

A stand that practically swallowed you whole.

“I wanted to get up here and tell you that is was your fault that I drank and did drugs.  That it was your fault that our family fell apart.  That is was your fault that mom is dead!”

The last sentence made your father wince, and it broke your soul.

“But-…but the-…the truth is…”

You took a moment to calm your tears and emotions before turning your head towards the judge.

“The truth is, Your Honor, that it’s my fault.”

You saw the judge smile at you lightly as you take in a deep breath through your nose.

“It’s my fault that I fell into the crowd that I did.  It’s my fault that I chose to drink and try drugs.  Not my father’s.  My father…he’s just-”

And as you turn your head back towards him in the little room, you catch his eye as you breathe, “He’s just hurting.”

“Like me,” you say meekly.

Even your lawyer was trying to stifle back her tears as you clear your throat.

“And I’m ready to take whatever punishment is mine,” you state as you nod your head in punctuation.

It was your mature, impassioned plea that would give the judge the heart, and piece of mind, to drop your community service altogether in favor of individual, and joint, grief counseling sessions for you, your father, and your brother.

Because, as the judge said…

“There is nothing more important than the strength of a family.”


au prompts:
• you work at the car wash and you’re so cute so I decide to embarrass you by playing that car wash song from shark tale but I didn’t realise my window was open and oh you just splashed me
• I accidentally poked you in the face when I was pointing to a product I wanted on the shelf and now you are tending to your sore face I’m sorry are you okay
• it’s your first day as a pharmacist and we’re best friends so naturally I come in to watch you mess up but you’re actually doing really well and wow you look great in that uniform go you
• you came back to your car and realised your ticket ran out just as I’m about to leave so I give you my ticket and save you from the ticket inspector
• I’m ur landlord and ever since u moved here I’ve been visiting more often
• (cont) also you’re not allowed dogs but I’m letting you break the rules I swear I don’t fancy you
• I work in a charity shop and every few weeks you bring in massive bags of stuff you no longer want and while I stack them on the shelf I see that you’re giving away loads of cool items and are you crazy I love these! so I keep them for myself and hound you about them the next time I see you
• I work at Ann Summers and you accidentally walked in here thinking it was Topman which is actually next door and now you can’t stop blushing because you knocked over a lingerie stand you’re so cu t e
• I go bowling sometimes and accidentally shut down a lane by myself and you work here and reset it and now you’re ‘checking it works’ by playing a game w me but I’m so gonna win I’m bowling queen
• (cont) ok I lost but you should’ve seen how good their back looks in that shirt that’s cheating!!
• I found this band top I really want so I move it to a different clothes rack for when I come back bUT two hours later I see you buying the shirt and telling the shopkeeper how long you’ve been looking for smth like that and it was just there on a random shelf but you’re cute so I guess you can keep it but this is nOT over
• (cont) I’m in the same shop a few days later and you’re there in that damn t shirt and I want to rip it off you in like more way than one (so I confront you and we somehow start something special)
• at a friend’s wedding you tried out some magic trick and used me as the ‘beautiful assistant’ and you took off my expensive watch aND CANT GET IT BACK but you have a great sense of humour n I kinda want to search with u forever but I’m still pretending to be mad
• you’re one of those annoying callers so I try to confuse you on the phone with ‘Jim’s whore house, we got the hoe you got the dough’ but you aCtually play along and you’re probably gonna get fired but at least you have my number wanna meet up sometime?
• there’s this funfair and we both go on the bumper cars and idk how to work it oOPS I just bumped into you and now you’re cornered and idk how to reverse should we just scream at each other until the ride’s over?
• OR I keep going in reverse in this stupid bumper car and you work here so you try to help me but instead I run into you and I’m sorry you hurt your foot can I get out and you can drive us both
• we live by the seaside and every month there is this film club we go to but this time everyone else is ill or doesn’t like romantic films so we sit together and you end up crying on my shoulder at some soppy part and later, at like 9pm, we go in the arcades where you win a minion and we go for a walk along the beach where you throw it in the sea and you just polluted the sea with a minion but anyway I think I like you
• I’m staging a political protest and you just join me and like thanks no one has ever done that before wanna make out
• I hate reading but my friend signed me up to this reading club. This week it’s Shakespeare and I could write sonnets about how powerful your voice is when you read
• we’ve both entered a photography competition and every year you’ve won so this time I’m fed up and drop out only to find out you do too. turns out we like each other
• we’re sat next to each other on the same train for three hours and you can’t speak English too well so I teach you slang and when you stand up to go the train jolts and u fall on me and suddenly you mumble “bollocks” and everyone in first class looks at you in disgust it’s hilarious
• I work at one of those service stations and you are looking at condoms and ask me which ones are best and I think that’s the strangest thing ever but I’m slightly jealous.,,come back
• we work at the same place and you were supposed to take notes at the meeting but you’re accusing me and now we’re in the staff room whispering heatedly about how we’ll get fired and should we just both take the blame and take the argument to my place?
• you left hickeys all over my neck and I have church tomorrow…u do the math(s)
• you don’t have a palette so you’re literally using your tshirt as one I mean I’m impressed but idk if that’s about your rippling pectorals or your artistic ability
• I just heard some idiots screaming apple bottom jeans boots with the fur while skating down my road so I go outside n see you trailing behind because one wheel has fallen off, I have screwdrivers if you want (based on a real life event that happened to me but w kids)

anonymous asked:

I'm moving out of my abusive parents house and cutting all family ties in two weeks, and I'm terrified. I have a safe place to stay and a support system while I find a job once I get out, but I'm going to literally have to sneak out while they're at work, and steal my passport, SSC, and Birth certificate out of a locked safe before leaving. I'm a legal adult so they can't class me a run away, but I'm so scared they'll find me. Are there any precautions I can take to keep them from finding me?

Remake all social media accounts that have your name or any selfies attached to them. Use a made up last name on sites like Facebook. Set everything to private. Get a new phone, new number, with a new service (if you can) to make it harder for them to find you that way. Make sure that you don’t return to any of your old haunts if you can help it, find new grocery stores/gas stations/etc.

You’ll be okay. You’ve already done the heavy lifting. These things are just little polishes.

-Lou the Lobster

pocohantas01  asked:

Could you do Clarke's POV for Write a Loving Letter Boy or Bellamy's POV for What Team? Either one one would be awesome. Thanks.

Showing up a month late with Starbucks, whatever. Original fic here.

Bellamy wakes up hungover to discover that Miller has written REMINDER: Bellamy called his college radio crush and rambled about High School Musical at her for ten minutes on their whiteboard. Which is, you know, mildly unfair. Clarke isn’t really his college radio crush, because he’s never seen her or spoken to her, he just likes her show. She’s sarcastic and funny and while her taste in music isn’t exactly his and is occasionally horrific, he kind of likes it anyway. Miller has caught him actually arguing with the radio when she plays something he disapproves of, which is probably where the whole crush thing comes from.

Definitely not anything real, because, again, he’s never seen her and he doesn’t know her. So that’s just not possible.

Even if now he has apparently spoken to her. Drunkenly. To request a song that wasn’t even good enough to make it into High School Musical 2.

He rubs his face. “You hungry, O?”

Octavia, who is less hungover than he is, somehow, looks up from the book she’s reading. “Are you trying to kill your hangover and embarrassment with food?”

“Are you a brat?”

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