the things you do to me terrance

Various Things Overheard In My Apartment.
  • “I dont want hoes to juggle.” (followed by a soft sob)
  • “Why do they still make grape soda?” “Why do they still make white people?”
  • “Smash the 5, wife the 7, stay the fuck away from the 10.” “That was poetry.”
  • “Anime is trash and Goku is a bitch.” (said as punishment for not finishing a drinking game).
  • “How many times have we played gay or Puerto Rican?”
  • “Im tired of you always trying to start beef with me, square up motherfucker!” (said to our cat, Nicki)
  • “I’d fuck Terrance from Tinkerbell.”
  • “Are you salting your cookie?” “How dare you white shame me in my own home.”
  • “I’m straight, but Zevran is very convincing.”
  • “I’m straight, I just have sex with girls sometimes.”
  • “Oh my god, I have to be in Alabama in 5 hours…” (grabs bong)
  • “Peek these booty gains.”
  • “The brownie mix said oil…I thought olive oil was ok…” 
  • “He complimented my silk cap. I think I’m in love.”
  • “I AM A GROWN ASS MAN.” (proceeds to vomit on the curtains)
  • “No, this is the back-up Adobo.”
  • “I wanna make out with Joe Biden.”
  • “Why is the bathtub pink??”
  • “I’m not mad that someone broke into my car, im mad they didnt take the home-made cookies sitting in the driver’s seat. Fuckin asshole.”
  • “Is it too late to change my major to Thot?”
  • “Your attitude is what drove off Meek Mill!” (our other cat)
  • “When he told me he didnt own lotion, I knew i had to leave.”
  • *buys 3 more mugs when we dont have any cabinet space left* “I cant help it, I’m a Taurus.” 
  • “You know what I’d do if we went back in time?” “Before or after you immediately got lynched?”
  • “Drake is the only real man in this house.” (you guessed it, Drake is our third cat)
  • “Ok but real talk, the hulk could get it.”
  • “Not like full hulk…but maybe like half-hulk…yeah.”

anonymous asked:

Not sure if this has been asked before (since I only started following you recently), but do you have an idea of what the different characters sound like? Or maybe actors who could accurately portray them?

Satan: Terrance Zdunick

Natalie: Isla Fisher w/out the accent

Archangel Michael: Anthony Garfield in amazing Spiderman

Archangel Gabriel: Jonathan in the Mummy

Michael Panagakos: The dude from Boy/Girl thing

Kristi: Gretchen Weiners

Mr. McAllister: Tom Selleck

“Stan” Satan: Josh from Bridge to Terabithia

The 10 songs tag thing

Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same. I was tagged by @allthesememesthativedone. Thanks for tagging me:)

1) Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey

2) Tap Out by The Strokes

3) Muchacho by Kings of Leon

4) Holding On For Life by Broken Bells

5) Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers

6) Terrance Loves You by Lana Del Rey 

7) Agnes by Glass Animals

8) Lips Like Sugar by Echo & the Bunnymen

9) Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths

10) Fake Happy By Paramore

thanks again:)

idk who to tag

The RvB character list

 We have:





-Lopez the Heavy


-Why do they call it a Mantis?

-Andrew D.Kaboom


-Lavernius JR.



-Frank (again)

-Alpha Leonard

-Epsilon Leonard

-Dear Chairman

-Original Allison

-Beta Allison

-I’d prefer to stay with Agent York

-Tiny Feels Bucket

-*Evil Maniacal Laughing* 

-Knock Knock



-…Complete Me







-Psychopathic opera singing 

-The Biggest Trash Lord in the Universe

-Xbox One: Day One Edition Trash

-Fucking Terrance

-My name is Aiden Price

-Dear Director

And of course there is Project Freelancer

-Allison and Leonard got busy

-Emotional Instability

-Things are going to get bumpy

-Hey Utah

-Hey Georgia