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Hi! I love your work and could I get a reaction from Oikawa, Kenma, Kageyama and Noya when they find out their s/o is a rhythmic gymnast with a speciality in the ball discipline, maybe casually practicing with one of their volleyballs like a cat with a ball of string and not letting the boys have the ball back =^.^=

again, 3 is the character limit and the random name picker pulled out the setters, so noya’s out this time around. you can always request this again with other characters when i open for requests again

also i hope you know i intended to watch only a few ball routines for this and i was dragged down the youtube rabbit hole and watched rhythmic gymnastics videos for like three hours straight. nonnie, what have you done?????? rhythmic gymnasts are surreal. i couldn’t find a lot of terminology either so if things are…. wrong, let me know and i can edit/rework them but i generally tried to avoid them if i could


  • You decide to swing by one of his practices for a little while just to say hello. You don’t even realize that you’ve picked up one of the volleyballs and started rolling it smoothly along your arms mid-conversation.
  • He always assumed that you were some kind of dancer because of your poise and how you carry yourself most of the time, but being a rhythmic gymnast catches him off-guard. He can appreciate the effort you put into it too.
    • Also, he really likes how…bendy you are. *wink wonk*
  • This is absolutely your chance to get him to loosen up when he’s practicing too hard.
    • “Could you please give me the ball back, ____?”
    • “This ball?”
    • And then you proceed to toss it up high and back walkover away from him twice before catching it effortlessly. These keep-away-style shenanigans continue on while the ball seems to glide with ease all over you or you throw it up high and catch it in otherwise impossible ways. If the rest of the team is there, they’re completely amused by this display.


  • The first time you refuse to return the ball to him while demonstrating your abilities, his eyes widen slightly in realization. Your general dexterity makes much more sense to him now.
  • Honestly, he doesn’t even want to try to get the ball back from you.
    • “Well, I guess, I can’t practice now if ___ won’t give me the ball back.”
    • “We have an entire cart of balls, Kenma.”
  • At some point, you do try to teach him some simpler, less involved skills, and he’s actually quite adept at them. But don’t try to convince him to give gymnastics a shot. He doesn’t want to learn how to dance. One sport is enough, thank you very much. Not to mention, he’d rather not do one where he’d have to perform in front of a crowd.
  • But he does start to roll the ball along his arm mindlessly from time-to-time. You even catch a little smile from him if he manages not to drop it before he stops


  • This poor boy…he really didn’t know that rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics are different, so he just assumed you were like the gymnasts he’d see on TV during the Olympics.
    • Seeing you do skills that weren’t what he thought you’d do downright confuses him. Where’s the part where you do flips on the balance beam?
  • The fact that you can catch the ball perfectly between your feet and legs after throwing it up so high renders him speechless.
  • He’s so fascinated by what you can do. To him, it must be fate that a setter who can pinpoint toss is dating someone who can do something similar in a different way and with a different part of their body.
    • And that total control you have over the ball while you practice is downright mesmeric.
  • You have asked him try setting the ball really high and to see if you can still catch it without having thrown it yourself
    • Kageyama is incredibly touched by this, but he’s so flustered when he tries to agree to it that you’re not entirely sure what he’s saying when he stutters his response.
      • But at some point, he keeps pinpoint tossing it just out of natural reflexes and you have to give up on attempting that

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Hey this is just a comment to the one handed bun comment but it may seem impossible bc almost everyone is born with two arms and hands that doing simple things one handed seems impossible but it's possible I know a girl who doesn't have her right arm and I've seen her put it into a ponytail really fast I think if you search YouTube you can find an example

@ anyone interested in one handed bun logistics

Are you in a toxic online political group?

I’ve lurked in a lot of online political groups since I arrived on the Internet — reddit’s TumblrinAction and TheBluePill/TheRedPill, YouTube gay & anti-sjw channels, and all sorts of Tumblr groups, including radical feminists and social justice activists — as well as their subsets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’ve seen so many feuds and SO much nastiness; I’ve largely avoided getting caught up in it myself, but you spend too much time in any of these “communities,” and you find yourself thinking some really terrible things. So here are some questions I’ve put together that you can ask yourself to discern whether the political group you’re part of is doing you more harm than good.

  1. Does the group set itself up in opposition to another group? Not every group that’s focussed on bringing down another group is terrible, but at the very least you shouldn’t spend all your time in them: that “those who fight monsters” saying is very true. You may start finding the toxic beliefs of the opposing group “make sense.”
  2. If the group is opposed to another group — how much do you really know about them? Are they really a cohesive group with a specific set of beliefs? Or are they just targets for which you can blame almost anything? Is there existence used as a threat — is it a threat for someone to call you such?
  3. If you think about leaving the group or disagreeing with one of the group members, does it make you scared? How would people react? How many friends would you lose if you did? This isn’t to say that bigotry doesn’t justify ending a friendship… but much of the time, that’s not what’s going on there.
  4. Are those who disagree with the political group (not oppose, just disagree) terrible people? Do you find yourself thinking of them as the “enemy” — are you immediately suspicious of them? Is there pressure (overt or covert) to cut them off completely? Do you feel unsafe around non-members because they’ll never really understand? Do you ever see them being dehumanized, threatened with violence, told to commit suicide? Do group members receive criticism for being too nice to non-group members?
  5. Is it very easy to get labelled as dangerous/horrible/disgusting for disagreeing or questioning? In many groups, particularly social justice groups, I’ve seen the following arguing style: “if you think X, then that means you believe X (or you’re part of X group), which means you’re horrible.” In other words, “if you’re not 100% with us, you’re against us.” This gives no room for expanding or questioning your beliefs.
  6. Are there certain group members who are beyond reproach? Many political groups idolize certain people and/or groups of people, sometimes without their consent. In other cases, leaders might be able to lead group-hunts of certain members. In extreme cases, this might allow group leaders to abuse other group members.
  7. Do you see unsubstantiated statistics and “facts” being passed around as Gospel? Do people spread articles and stories without fact-checking — without even caring whether they’re correct or who wrote them?
  8. Does being in the group take you to emotional extremes — fear, joy, anger? Politics can obviously affect your emotions, since they can touch on personal topics, but they shouldn’t dominate your emotions or your life. At best, this indicates over-involvement in a group — at worst, a group that demands full emotional involvement.

This list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it targeted at a specific group: many, many political groups (some of which vehemently oppose each other) that I’ve looked at have displayed these behaviours. If you recognize these signs, please take a moment to step back from your community. Go offline. Speak to someone who isn’t involved with the politics. Write out your thoughts and fears. Take care of your mental health. It’s okay if you still adhere to the group’s beliefs, but please, take care of yourself first. Then take care of others. Then, looking out for yourself and others, allow yourself to get re-involved in politics.

So I want to explain some things and ask for some feedback

A. I finally posted a youtube video! and I want to explain some things about that channel, my goal is to make it family friendly, or so that if someone new finds it they won’t know that it was a recovery recipe

No anorexia stuff will be mentioned

I may do some DIY’s so you can show a recipe to your parents and it wont just be recipes

No curse words will be in the comments

B. I want some feedback on how the video was (if you watched it) either in the comments of it (or here) be as critical as you need 

Was the editing okay (besides the watermark that will not be there next time)

Was there stuff there that shouldnt have been there?

Did you want to kill yourself after you heard my voice?

Or anything else I need to change

I really liked doing the video and hope to do one or two a week! We will see how that goes xD

5 things

Cole AKA @luigimario77 tagged me in this! And he also contemplated putting me in some of these categories. (I was on the phone with him while he did this)

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. my 3DS
  2. my Zelda wallet inside of my Zelda purse (yeah I know)
  3. a pencil/pen
  4. this bag of coins I carry around just in case I guess?
  5. my cell phone

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. my plushies Dr. Hugs, Skinny Dipping, Stitch, Totoro and Clefairy
  2. a shit ton of posters from stuff like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem and Ouran High School Host Club
  3. my amiibo collection
  4. I mean my bed of course
  5. a print of Laslow signed by Liam O’Brien

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  1. get my own place with Pumpkin and Cole whenever he can come
  2. start my own YouTube channel
  3. make a video game
  4. own a munchkin cat
  5. just make my OCs and stories known…somehow!

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Fire Emblem
  2. DanganRonpa
  3. Legend of Zelda (especially for these next few days)
  4. Persona
  5. my own OC story I’m FUCKING SUPER INTO AAAA

5 things on my to-do list:

  1. again, get a place to live with Pumpkin and later Cole
  2. but before that I gotta get a job
  3. and my license would help
  4. hug Cole
  5. hug Pumpkin

5 things people may not know about me:

  1. I’m actually mixed, my mom is black. Some have been able to guess by looking at me, most cannot
  2. My name is Cassis, many, many people spell/pronounce it wrong (the most recent was a woman at Cinnabon who spelled it “Cassisa”). I’ve learned to live with it. As long as I can spell my name, I’m good.
  3. I was the lead percussionist in band in middle school because I’m really good at keeping the beat of a song
  4. I love singing and dancing, but I am not a professional at either. I haven’t even taken any classes besides a ballet class in elementary school which to me doesn’t count
  5. I have a self insert character named Sophie, though I don’t use her too much. She stems from really, really old self inserts I’m more embarrassed to talk about, but she’s blonde because I was a blonde child- I just kinda stuck with the blonde- and her appearance was everything I wanted my appearance to be (I was incredibly insecure about my body and such). I don’t use her for much anymore besides some crossover stories and even then I’ll just use my own damn self, but she’ll always have a place in my heart even if she is a little embarrassing to talk about.

Since Cole tagged most of the people I was gonna tag…I’ll go ahead and tag @athenaroses @alicinaverdi @dia-empathizer @bundle-of-clouds and @sunesonix! If you want to of course!

Introducing Draco to Social Media Would Include:
  • “Face… book?”
  • “Tumblr? Isn’t there supposed to be an ‘e’ in there somewhere? I don’t trust it.”
  • “Who is Instagram and why does she sound so tacky?”
  • His favorite filter on Snapchat is the dog filter because he’s just that white.
  • His story is 200 snaps long and all about Potter.
  • “Tweeter?”
  • Whenever he gets a notification from Twitter and the phone makes that bird sound, he screams like a little girl.
  • “Whats the point of making a video if it’s only six seconds long? I can’t even finish my sentence in six seconds.”
  • “Besides, why have eight different social media accounts that do the same thing? You can post short videos of yourself on Vine, Insta-whatever and Snapchat… Why are Muggles so redundant?”
  • He loves Dan and Phil, obvi
  • You find him two weeks later in the bedroom singing ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ in front of a camera without a shirt on.
  • “Uh… Draco… What are you doing?”

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Tadhdfw you have those times where you’re desperately trying to entertain yourself but you’ve read and gone through every app on your phone 3 times and can’t stay on anything or even be happy with what you’re doing. Like you go on YouTube but nothing it suggests is interesting enough to click on or you’re just not into it and your mind is frantically trying to find a new thing to do


Vulnerability feels like an ocean. Nowhere to grab or get footing for fields of sea. You can get paralyzed forever like that. When that contrasting presence you are most afraid of swims near you, you’ll loose all view of yourself. When you fall and drown find your way in those feelings. Your'e invincible, and your'e the only one who needs to know that for you to summon courage from the pocket of strength you bashfully keep tucked away. Embrace those overwhelming things you don’t want to look at. I know you’ll find yourself there.

Watch the entirety of ‘Dang is Invincible’ ->

Some of these may be fairly obvious, but I feel that sometimes people (me included) overlook the obvious. Hopefully by following these tips you’ll be able to study more effectively and see an improvement in your language learning!

1. Know how you learn best. You can take quizzes online to find out what kind of learner you are, whether you learn best by writing things out, listening to information, reading, etc etc. This might be obvious, but if you’re not using studying techniques that work for you, you won’t learn much (or it’ll take you much longer than necessary). Following on from this- DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT TECHNIQUES WILL/ WON’T WORK FOR YOU. This happened all the time at school, teachers would tell me I can’t study by just writing/ reading my notes. Jokes on them, I got 7 A’s.

2. Do a bit everyday. This doesn’t mean you have to sit down in front of a textbook for 2 hours a day. Even just reading over the notes you made the previous week will help commit it all to memory. Honestly, rereading notes is the way to go when you’re tried/ just feeling lazy (we all have those days). Repetition repetition repetition!

3. Use more than one resource. Only using one textbook/ app/ website is only going to give you one definition/ explanation for what you’re learning. Having a ‘back up’ resource will mean if you come across something you’re not sure about you can easily look up another explanation which should help you understand it better! It may also cover something that isn’t mentioned in your ‘main’ resource, so you’ll be learning even more! That being said, try not to overload yourself with textbooks and online courses. Using too much will slow you down. 

4. Set goals. Breaking it down into smaller chunks will prevent you from feeling totally overwhelmed with the idea of learning a language. Setting goals like ‘5 grammar points and 20 words a week’ will mean that you can easily progress and achieve what was set, which will not only make you feel great about achieving those goals, but it will also mean you will be learning at a good pace. Following on from that…

5. Go at your own pace. Just because someone claims you can be fluent in 3 months (ya’ll know who I’m talking about) doesn’t mean it’ll work out like that for you. Sure, some people can learn a language to a high level in a year, but for others it may take them 2 or 3 years to get to the same level. That’s totally fine! If you try to rush, chances are you won’t actually learn much at all. It’s much better to take all the time you need (be it 3 months or 3 years) than trying to learn it all at once but never remembering it or learning it wrong.

6. Use the language in everyday life. You don’t have to travel around the world to do this. You can change the language on your phone/ laptop, make friends online who are native speakers, writing a diary, even just talking to yourself.  Using the language will help cement it in your mind and make it feel more natural when you speak it. Even just narrating your day in your head will help you become more familiar with the grammar and words used. 

7. Write things down. Even if you don’t write out pages and pages of notes from a textbook, keeping note of new words or grammar structures you’ve learnt will help you remember them, and if you forget something it’s all there in writing! It will save you from having to look it up again online or in your textbook, and the process of writing it out will help you become more familiar with it and commit it to memory. 


Hey guys! Today, I just wanted to share with you how I go about with my bullet journal. I have collected a lot of ideas from Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube, and this is the format that suits my taste. I hope you guys find this useful or interesting! :)


1. Index

Of course, most, if not all, bullet journals start with an index page so you can make reference to it in the future. This makes things easier to find and more organized.

2. Habit Tracker 

I track various habits like eating fruits and vegetables, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water, finishing a book, etc. I put numbers in the grids and each number corresponds to a date. If I did that certain task on that day, I will shade in the box.

3. Calendar

This is a calendar for the whole month. Here, I use post-it notes so that it can be easily transferred if the date ever changed. I also use different color of sticky tabs for school, blog and personal life, but the one above is only for blog posts since I don’t have other things to put yet. 

4. Books and Blog Posts

The one above is separated into three columns - “Books I Want to Read,” “In Progress,” and “Finished” - and I used sticky tabs to put the books that I want to read in the month of January on the first column. When I’m already reading the book, I will transfer the sticky tab to the “In Progress” column, and then to the “Finished” column when I finished reading the book.

On the bottom part of the page are the blog posts that I plan to post in January, and it’s also separated into three columns - “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Finished.” I also move them to the appropriate columns when the task changes status. 

5. Expense Tracker

This is where I track my expenses for the month. In the first column, I put the item that I bought. In the second column, I put the date, and in the third column, I put the amount.

6. Weekly Spread

This is where I put my everyday tasks. So first I put the date, and then the bar below that tracks the number of glasses of water that I drank that day (left) and the number of hours of sleep that I had the night before (right). Then after that, I proceed to my to-do list, and I shade the box different colors once the task is done for school, blog and personal. Below that, most of the time I put 1-2 sentences about the highlights of my day.

7. Weekly Mementos

To the left of the weekly spread are the mementos that I collected throughout the week. These are mostly receipts, tickets, stubs, and any other thing that I think might be worth putting in. 

Here is a list of things I do to motivate myself to study on my bad days:  

  1. Tidy up Clean your living quarters and declutter your work space. 
  2. Take a shower or bath Wash away the bad vibes. 
  3. Step outside Breathe some fresh air and appreciate nature. Maybe even go for a walk. 
  4. Try meditating Even if it’s just for five minutes. There are a lot of great guided meditations on Youtube [x] [x] [x] if you’ve never meditated before.
  5. Drink Water Hydrate yourself. 
  6. Talk to someone It can be a good friend, a family member, or even a stranger. Just socialize a bit.
  7. Music Listen to your favorite song or album to pump yourself up.
  8. Make a List It doesn’t have to just be things you need to get done. It can be your favorite things or stuff you want to do before you die. (I personally find making lists relieving and they inspire me to work harder.)
  9. Study in a new place Go to a library, a coffee shop, or even a park.
  10. Do some exercises/stretches It will ease any tension in your body and make you feel less stressed.
  11. Do something you enjoy Give yourself a bit of a break and try to study later knowing you were able to do something you like.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional on this blog, but let me just say this-

Picture that you were in your senior year of high school in 2004. You had a lot of abuse and mental health issues going on. You latched on to the one good, pure thing you could find- Lazytown. You thought it was more of a show for adults, and you weren’t even sure how kids could sit through the show since a lot of the show was watching the subtle but great interactions between the adult characters. 

You go to college. You still love Lazytown. Your life is still a wreck. You hang up a few print outs from Lazytown that you find on the Nickelodeon website. You find grainy videos on Youtube of Latibaer. You research everything you can find about the show, which isn’t much. You buy the DVD of Hero For A Day and you watch it in your dorm room and your roommate hates you. 

You leave college, try to get your life together for ten years, go through a lot of hardship, all the while knowing that when you have nothing else, you have Lazytown. One day, you decide to try to start exercising more, and slowly you start getting healthier. Sportacus being kind towards the characters is something you never saw in gym class or any sports team. His gentle non-judgement pushes you to take care of yourself. 

Some other adults openly detest that you like Lazytown, and claim that you are only allowed to like it because you’re a woman, and if you were a man, you’d be a ‘predator’. Nobody will watch Lazytown with you. They hate it before you even get a chance to show it to them. There are some memes that get a lot of attention, and you wonder if more people will watch the show, but not much happens. There’s not a lot of fics or art, and any piece you find, you collect as if it’s some rare, precious treasure. 

One day, you go back to your Lazytown blog to see that your posts have way more notes than they should. There’s a TON of people suddenly into Lazytown! Well, you don’t like the news about Stefan. It’s heartbreaking. But you take a look at this huge fan base, some new fans, some old, and you look at all the incredible things they’ve done so far. Raising money, spreading awareness, joining together. You can’t believe how much fan art is on your page! You used to cling to even one piece of Lazytown art, but now there’s tons of it! Suddenly, you are absolutely swamped in Lazytown posts that you never saw!

And then, you see a post that says Stefan and his supporting cast will be performing We Are Number One live. It’s been over ten years since you last fell in love with Lazytown. This entire time, you thought it was on the brink of disappearing for good. 

Stefan, one of the actors, even in his hardest times, gets on live and sings a song for all of his supporters. The very same actor that kept me going through my worst times is still here to entertain and inspire everyone even during his worst. 

And the entire decade of loving Lazytown comes full circle. You can’t believe how many fans are comparing Íþróttaálfurinn to Sportacus. How many head canons there are. How people are interpreting the characters to relate to them. 

It truly feels like the end of First Day of Summer, when Robbie realizes he was never left alone.

Let 2017 be the year we stop laughing at (laughing at, not with) fat people for doing entirely normal things, like running or stumbling. You could only say it’s “funny” for so long because you’re fatphobic and it shows. If thin or toned people did half the stuff that fat people are doing on camera, no one would find these vines or YouTube complications half as funny.


I discovered a gem today among reccomended youtube stuff. Draw With Jazza has quite a few tutorials on how to draw a lot of things that might be useful for you. Even if you aren’t a digital artist, you can still learn some things. Here’s a list of some things you might wanna check out:




Female Anatomy / Male Anatomy

Eyes / Cartoonish Eyes




Emotion / Expression

Fighting With Weapons


Body Types



There’s plenty more in the suggested videos as well as on his channel, so I hope you find everything you’re looking for but that should hold you over right?

Into You

Requested by Anonymous: “The reader does a lyric prank on her best friend (and crush) Barry Allen with Ariana Grande’s “Into You” and he confesses his love to her”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 824

A/N: Hey, thanks for the request! This is not the best thing ever, but I hope you enjoy it! It was fun to write :) Let me know what you think!


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Tips for improving vocab in L+

1. Look up every word you don’t understand or aren’t sure about when reading in your target language. This makes the reading go really slowly so you might want to pick just one paragraph to start. Write down all the the words you look up. 

2. Choose a location or situation, real or imaginary and try to name all the things you see. For example, if you choose kitchen, name everything you might find in a kitchen. Look up and write down any words that you do not know in your target language. 

3. In the shower, the car, wherever, try to think all your thoughts in your target language. When you get a chance look up vocabulary for all the things you had trouble saying.

4. Watch youtube videos in your target language and write down and look up any words you don’t know. It might be helpful to turn on subtitles in your target language so you can see how the words you don’t know are written.

5. Do creative writing prompts in your target language, looking up any specific vocab you need. 

6. Make a vocab list and then look up synonyms for all the words.

5 vegan tips

1. Do your research
Research and expand your knowledge on veganism! Find out about vegan youtubers, local vegan restaurants around you, recipes, articles and so much more! Before going on a road trip this fall, I was researching on all the fast food restaurants to find out what vegan options they offered. And let me tell u, this was VERY useful! Once I gained my knowledge on what is not vegan and what is, I got a general idea of what I can eat. So now when people offer me things that aren’t vegan, I don’t have to read the ingredients like a maniac, I just kindly reject. Also finding a vegan community online can be very helpful and supportive!


2. Try new vegan recipes
I challenge you to try at least 1 new vegan recipe every week. This will help you get a feel of what food you like, and make it easier for u to cook. I suggest even getting a cook book. For ex. Forks over knifes. This book gave me great food ideas and sometimes I switch up recipes to make them my own.


3. Stock up on fruits and veggies
This is so you always have something on hand. This will prevent you from running to the store constantly. Normally I go to the store once a week and get all the basics: fruits, veggies, almond milk, and 1 frozen dinner. Normally I buy big boxes of rice and pasta 1 a month and then I use my fruits and veggies to make meals out of them, I use the almond milk for random things, and I get the frozen dinner for when I have that lazy weekday. Sometimes I get tofu but it all depends. My grocery list is pretty cheap and far from expensive. Always having fruits and veggies on hand with make it easier to whip up a meal real quick.


4. Make sure you’re getting your calories in
As a healthy vegan, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories in that your body needs. Being vegan it is easy to under eat, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. At first you’re so used to the mind set of eating smaller portions, because animal products are heavy, and very calorie dense. But on a vegan diet things tend to be lighter, and less calorie dense. So after saying this, make sure to eat eat eat those fruits and veggies, and don’t shy away from bigger portions.


5. Be happy
Try to be happy despite all the animal abuse that continues on. Be happy because you are truly making a difference! You are helping the environment, animal, and your body!

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I’m Saying Baby

Pairing: Grayson Dolan x reader

Word Count: 547 words.

Warning: Mentions of sex. I don’t know if that’s a warning, but it’s there now

Summary: You’re dating Grayson and you join them for a video where you have to read out dirty fan fiction. Then Ethan finds one about you and Gray and makes things weird. 

A/N I can’t remember exactly what they say in this video, so I made most of it up and just based it on the video idea. Also, I just want to put out that I have nothing against smut with them or the people writing it. This is purely based on their reactions to it themselves. x

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“We’re back!” Ethan yells making you jump a little. You were so distracted by your train of thought. You return to the moment looking at the camera. Grayson intertwines his fingers with yours and you squeeze his hand gently. 

“Today we’re joined by the lovely Y/N and we’re doing something that scares all three of us,” Ethan laughs. 

“We’re reading out dirty fan fiction,” Grayson adds and you sit quietly letting them do their thing. You like being in their videos, but you don’t say that much because it’s their YouTube and the fans are there to see them together.

“I’ll go first because I found an amazing one,” Grayson says with a smug smile making you laugh. As he starts reading out you notice Ethan’s face getting redder and redder. 

“That’s enough!” Ethan says covering Grayson’s mouth when he doesn’t stop. Grayson just laughs and they begin play fighting. You look through your phone to find a good story. Moments later Grayson has stopped reading out loud. 

“You got one, baby?” he asks in his raw voice. You nod starting to read one about Grayson. When you say the word “daddy” he steals your phone away. 

“No! Why do people say that?” he almost yells making both you and Ethan laugh. He probably hates that word more than you do. But he has the funniest reactions to it. 

“I’ve got you good, dude!” Ethan says starting to read out. 

“This one is for the both of you. It’s a Grayson x Y/N fan fiction,” he smiles starting to read out. You feel your face get hot. You never even stopped to think that people might actually write about you. Grayson looks at you and you can see the embarrassment in his eyes.  

“Ethan, stop,” Grayson laughs trying to grab his phone but Ethan continues. Grayson goes a little quiet until Ethan starts making sloppy “sexy” faces. 

“At least it’s well written,” you say with a laugh placing a kiss on Grayson’s cheek. Ethan is on the brinks of tears reading it out as he tries not to laugh too much. You guys finish up the video after reading out a couple more. You manage to find one about Ethan, which makes him shut up. It’s a funny video and you know the fans will love it. 

“I can’t believe people write about the two of us,” Grayson says as you’re packing up. Ethan is already editing the video since it’s Monday night. 

“It’s a bit weird, but I guess it isn’t much different than fictional characters,” you say with a smile. Grayson nods thinking it over. 

“I love the fact that our fans love you almost as much as I do, but I don’t want to share our sex life,” he pouts making you walk over and wrap your arms around his waist. 

“I’d prefer if we didn’t share it either,” you laugh raising an eyebrow. He starts laughing as well when he realises how it sounded. You peck his lips but leans down for more. 

“God, I leave you for two minutes,” Ethan says and Grayson is quick to throw a pillow at him. Ethan runs off with a laugh making Grayson groan. 

“You can kick his ass later. Right now I want to cuddle.”

A Little Individuality

@crankgameplays I don’t know if you’ll see this but I kinda wanted to talk about the whole “being compared to others” thing. I know it’s super annoying when people do that, especially since you’re a growing channel so it looks as if you “copy” Jack or Mark or whoever else. I myself find it annoying because I can see in your videos that you ARE unique, and I think that obviously people who compare you to bigger channels or complain for you to “stop copying them” HAVE NOT seen more of your videos and cannot make the judgement because they don’t know you enough. It isn’t copying to genuinely enjoy doing Youtube. It isn’t copying to have the desire to do charitable things with the channel. People who judge you straight off the bat and don’t give your channel a chance don’t deserve any extra attention for their complaints, because they don’t know the person they are talking about. You’ve been doing YouTube for more than 4 years and YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON, so please stay cranky :)

I love you and your videos so much Ethan, and I can’t wait for the livestream tomorrow!!!

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Monsta X reaction to finding your dance channel on youtube and you've danced to many if their songs? Thank you!

I sure can love! I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like a bf/gf thing but I just did it as some random girl they come across on Youtube.

*Gifs are not mine*

Monsta X Reaction To You Covering Their Dances

Shownu: He’d be really impressed with you. He would want to know how long it took you to learn the dance moves because he sometimes has trouble getting a hang of certain dance moves. His favorite would be All In and he’d keep it to himself because he secretly likes you.

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Jooheon: Cue fanboy mode! This guy would absolutely love it. He knows how tough the choreography can be, but when he sees you, you make it look so easy. Jooheon will literally go around the dorms showing everyone your videos and forcing them to watch you dance. His favorite would be Rush.

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Kihyun: Surprised at the fact that you took the time to learn their songs out of all the groups that have been out longer than them. He’d be really appreciative and would look for more videos. He’d be a little salty to see that you did other groups but happy to know that you mostly covered their dances and considered yourself a Monbebe. His favorite dance cover would be Stuck.

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Hyungwon: In this situation he’d also be very appreciative like Kihyun. He will go around the dorms and ask if they knew about your channel and what you did. He’d bring it up a lot and will ask questions that no one would really know the answer to but yourself. He would keep tabs on your channel for future dance covers to their songs. His favorite would be Trespass. (Ignore the caption on le gif)

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I.M: He’d be shocked to see you covering their dances. Like where did you come from. Changkyun would like it the most because his fan took the time to show their appreciation for their group by covering their dances. He would also show it off to everyone in the dorm and would be absolutely ecstatic to see you rapping along to his part while you dance. His favorite would be Amen because it isn’t as intense and he loves the way your body moves. (he looks so cute right here!)

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Minhyuk: Major Fanboy Alert! Excited af, like he will blast your videos all the time at the dorms, in the car, anywhere. He would have the videos downloaded so he could have them on hand. He would want to leave comments, but would be unsure of what to say. He’d develop a small crush on you. His favorite would also be Trespass. (pretend that’s you on the phone)

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Wonho: He’d be attracted to you right off the bat. The fact that you can dance and your timing is on point. He would want to know who you were, going as far as to find out if you have a twitter. He would ask the managers if it was alright for him to post a little clip of you dancing to their Twitter page. His excitement would show every time you post a new video. His favorite would be Hero.

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I hope you guys like it and send in more requests for reactions and scenarios. Ships are open only Wednesday and  Thursday so send those in. And remember requests are always open!!!!!!!!! (except for ships)