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just out of curiosity, with all these fans i hear bumping into bts, do u think its not right for a fan (in general) to say hi in such a situation? while making it clear that they are not stalking and whatnot. or is it like basically necessary to just act like one doesnt know them

I really hope we just leave them alone during their personal time. No matter what good intention saying hi is or whatever, it’s still bangtan’s personal time and I hope we just leave them and let them enjoy it. We always talk about wanting bangtan to rest and hopefully get downtime during this rigorous tour schedule. And these instances that fans bump into them are during bangtan’s own time and trying to at least do things they want. so I think it’s just showing respect to leave them be and give them that time to do whatever they want and just leave them alone. 

I’ve mentioned before that bangtan had a lot of not good experiences with fans, so no matter if you feel like you’re not bothering them, they will still feel uneasy about it. Not because they don’t want to talk to fans, but they want to avoid to cause commotion and to not bother other people whichever place they’re in. Seriously if fans make it known that they’re around or bangtan feels like there are a lot of people who recognizes them, they will just leave that place they wanted to visit. So I hope fans just give them their space.

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I don't mean to be crass or anything but do you think that rick is circumcised or not? 👀 just curious to see what you think

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this? 👀 And I don’t really have a sound answer. If we’re talking about Rick Grimes, born in (presumably) the 1970s in Georgia, he would more than likely be circumcised. But! Assuming Andy’s body is the template for all things Rick Grimes, bow legs, flat ass and all, I’d say he’s probably not. Not that I know this about Andy for sure, but circumcision is less prevalent in Europe, so I’m just taking an educated guess here. So I lean toward no, but it really just depends on the day for me. 😄

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I'm the opposite of that anon, I really started hating Steve because of the fandom, mostly because his stans couldn't take his fall from Grace - circa 2012 fandom. They put captain America on a pedestal and forgot that there is flawed human behind the idea, so of course everything he does is holy and right and should not be questioned. I couldn't deal with cacw fics, so I left fandom for a while because it was poisoning me

Sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away.  If fandom is making  you dislike something you enjoyed, then definitely, a break is a good thing.  

Fictional characters have always been used to tell us things about morality and the human condition.  Not saying that superheroes are on par with the classics, but we can still use their stories to think about some of these issues.  I suspect those who love a character so much they can’t see their faults or refuse to acknowledge their flaws probably need that fictional character in a way that I don’t, so I try to be sympathetic, and use the tools I have to keep my fandom experience the kind I enjoy. 

Supportive post

It sounds silly, but please, send supportive and positive thoughts to Yuzuru. He always says he can feel the energy from the spectators, so i guess this is the only thing we can do for him right now.

Close your eyes, think of him or look at a Picture and “send” him your supportive words (in basic english, so even he can understand it ;-), or in japanese OFC).

Yuzuru, we know you can do it (and you will), and you know it as well. Just have fun on the ice and everything is going to be fine.

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Me personally I was brought up to live my life how I wanted and not care what others think and don't listen to what others say and basically be a robot for others and I kinda feel like Taylor hiding away and not going out just because of the media shows she cares too much what others think about her instead of living her life the way she wants to. Life is too short to do things based on what others think about you. A break is what Ed did. Lived his life traveling and not caring about being seen.

i dont think we can really understand or should presume to know what taylor has been through, or what she thinks about the media, or how she acts in response to the media, or about her being unseen this winter, or her reaction to other people’s opinions, or her reasons for living the way she has chosen to, because none of us have walked in her shoes… And her shoes are worlds different than most anyone elses.

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I hope Guren will be the person who is able to stop yuu from doing the experiment to revive his family... since he won't listen to anyone else maybe guren can convince him.. I feel like this greed part of yuu is so random and out of character for him

I think that’d be nice and poetic in a way. It’s just hard to say because we don’t know what Guren’s goal is/what he’s trying to do. I think Yuu’s always been greedy, it’s just that now he has the means to accomplish it. He doesn’t see the full picture/extent of his choices. So maybe that’s where Guren comes in to put things in perspective by telling him how he messed up, or Yuu goes for it and learns by messing up himself.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Do you think we're going to see the Queen again this season? Her last interaction with Snow felt a bit unsatisfying imo. Their conflict is so important in this story and I was expecting something that would more clearly say that things are balanced out now, with Snow accepting her past and forgiving the Queen. But all that happened was the Queen apologising and Snow nodding and it looks like some things are still left unaddressed between them.What do you think?Do you expect the Queen to be back?

Oh, I expect to see so much more Queen! We have three versions now. There is always flashback Queen. Then we have banished Queen somewhere in the wish verse… and split Queen’s story may not be over either. They’ve lots of options. This was about Regina’s story with the Evil Queen, but there’s Emma and Snow’s story left. She’s connected to everyone. She’ll be back in some form or other. Plus, there are spoilers… we just don’t know which Queen it’s gonna be.

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Wrt the gender and sex thing being talked about earlier (sorry for just jumping in here): I have a hard time believing that we can blame the general social atmosphere we have that doesn't know what to do with gender non conforming people or otherwise ""cis"" people with dysphoria on young trans people saying "my body is x if I say it is." Simply because in the community I'm in I see it as a reaction to a society that genders them incorrectly without their permission. I think what would maybe (1

It’s not so much that I think these kids are ruining everything. It’s more that since we don’t have a society that already has defined nonbinary gender roles in it, the way some cultures have things like Hijra, muxe, etc., people really have to make stuff up out of whole cloth. They don’t have a traditional social role to build off of. (Not that people should have to be traditional if they don’t want, just that tradition can provide a useful armature to start your exploration.)

I think this lack of a social role is IN PART a result of the trans community deciding that CDs and TVs and butches and queens and kings are ~totally not like us in any way at all.~ I don’t doubt that differences exist or are important! But I think it cuts young people off from sources of history and wisdom, predisposing them to look at their forebears not as “not quite like me but wise and worth treasuring” but rather as “gross fakey fakers who exist to make me Feel Bad.”

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How's you ma fine amazing broskie?!!

Some Psychological troubles here and there with confusing “fiction” and reality (confused if I’m dreaming or not) more often, very tense, anxiety right beside me, talking to myself (the confusing fiction and reality thing), hallucinations most of the time, trouble accepting mum date someone, past starting to affect me and my body, not able to accept my age so I’m just saying time doesn’t ​exist and it’s just something we humans made in order to have.. Order and control and not go into some chaos and stuff but it comforts me, I’m.. coping by doing things i clearly know won’t make things better but.. it gives me a nice comfort of.. thinking i had a choice.. Even if i didn’t.., anyway despite all this and other things like tests and stuff i got some good news!

I uh i got a new air bed yay! I.. have a bed.. Of my own..yay..! After this test essay we most likely won’t have anymore essays to write for the rest of the year! So i guess that’s another good thing!

I’m controlling my harmful towards others and suicide thoughts! … Well.. harmful to others atleast is better! Heh! …

Who am I kidding? … I’m not ok.. But i don’t know how to make it better.. i know i have you guys so don’t worry but.. Still.. i can’t help but feel empty.. idk i think im just craving physical love NOT EW LOVE just.. love like hugs.. Just.. a gesture that proves that.. I’m appreciated.. Atleast a bit but… Here.. tho i do love you guys but this just feels.. Weird.. and idk WTF it us but I’ve been curious about a partner XD tho i talk to no one nor do i have friends over here! XD idk just curious even if it don’t work! Its a dumb but nice lil thought XDD its stupid ik

… I just.. Idk.. And anyway.. Just the thought that I’m obligated to date my opposite gender just.. Takes the fun away from the curiosity of who’s compatible.. But then again I’m too small XD like the usual.. I may just be confused..

And either way.. No ones going to listen here.. So it didn’t matter.. anyway! I’m going to bed :D I’m tired

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Do you think we will get a overprotective Antonio when slyvie stars on justice? Maybe how he was with Kevin? What do you think?

It all depends on why she’s on Justice!

Do we know why she’s on Justice?

Sorry, the only thing I heard was that she was guest starring, I’m not sure if anything else been added onto that?

It could do with a case, something personal, I honestly have no clue. I’ve been checking every day but nothing yet!

I do want to see an overprotective Antonio so we can see the breakup from his POV because we haven’t see any. But I don’t want to say yes cause I don’t know.


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I'm normally not one who fear mongers about rumors, but I'm starting to read more than a couple of reports that Ginny and Josh are no longer going to be regulars, and it even seemed to be confirmed from that tumblr user who told everyone the wedding was going to be in 6X20. I trust your judgment more, though, so I ask for how you're perceiving this new batch of rumors.

I think where there is smoke, there’s fire and the rumors about Josh and Ginny leaving are starting to flame up in multiple places!

I do think it’s weird tho. I mean, Josh and Ginny don’t strike me at the types to discuss show business with paparazzi … it just seems like that would be an unprofessional thing to do so I do think that perhaps these people are really exaggerating what they are saying.

Like, if someone asked Gosh if we’d see them next year and they said “if we’re invited to” meant if ABC will have OUAT back not necessarily a confirmation that they aren’t regulars anymore? I just can’t see how that conversation would happen.

I just think of how many times people react to interviews or panels and then when I finally get to see it and I interpret what they said in a completely different way …

So, I don’t know. They could be leaving? Their kids are getting bigger so they might want to get back into a busier work schedule?

I just checked Kat’s blog and didn’t see her really confirm anything, just said that she saw it. But she has wanted them to move on to new projects…

hi. sorry for disappearing and leaving that weirdly crypted post. i wasn’t feeling too good bc some things were stressing me out - i’ll be honest it had to do w peach. i think one my major weaknesses is that i tend to overthink things and bc of that i tend to get really nervous and anxious about certain things how ppl view me. i jumped to conclusions and kinda panicked. not the best of days ahaha. anyway my dramatic ass deleted my acct and tbh i feel a lot better. i think it might also have to do w thinking things through some more. ofc then i got bombarded w more school stuff bc we have all the last minute stuff due this week since exams start next week.

but i do wanna say thank you to everyone who messaged me. i’m sorry for not replying and making you all worry. i wanted to post this first before i answered your messages. not to get tooo ~weird~ on ya, but i do make it a point to always be honest on my tumblr. i recently missed a few appts w my psychologist and i think that also influenced me. i really like my psychologist and i think by not seeing her i’m kinda avoiding some problems that i’ve been having. i think i’ve left the ‘figuring things out’ to her, when technically it should be me…

anyway i’m hoping to see her soon and i’m doing a lot better. i hope to pick up on things i’ve left off of.  

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Do you think we will see Beth in the finale? Because I was 100% sure that she´ll come back in season 7 but the closer we get to the finale the less sure I am.

Well, I’m not gonna post spoilers here except to say that they don’t actually mention Beth showing up. Which doesn’t mean she won’t. Not for sure. The spoiler site has been talking about things being remixed and edited it, so it’s possible there will be some surprises. I also noticed that the finale is 85 minutes long. It’s odd to me that it’s 85 and not ninety. While I haven’t heard anything in this regard, I’m wondering if there could be a post-credits scene?

All that said, I’m having some doubts that we’ll see her in the finale. At this point, it’s 50/50 if you ask me. But I WILL say that, even if she doesn’t show, there are some powerful callbacks to her–specifically to 5x10, Them, and I feel like if she doesn’t show up here, she’ll be in 8x01. I don’t want to say anything more specific until after the episode airs, but even if she doesn’t show up this episode, there are a lot of things here that strengthen my hope in her return, rather than weakening it. 

I sincerely hope she shows up, but I can tell you that even if she doesn’t, I’m not giving up yet. There have been too many signs of her this season for that. But here’s hoping that she will show and all this will be a moot point. 

Hang in there, Nonny! Xoxo! ;D

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I saw the two videos of tracey and I think the anon misunderstood them, she didn't say camila was shady, she read what people were commenting, she even asked "ohh so she is being shady?" (Which she is not), the syndrome some people associated it with the OCD thing but can also be what the anon said, in the last video she concluded that camila will do good but that 5h won't that this is their last album so we will have to enjoy it but that she will do another video of them later

Completely agreed and as clarification she was reading the comments so yes, of course that was misinterpreted by a lot of people.

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If that would happen, it would break my heart to realize that Emma's love is cheap.Even just 'considering' taking another man home is fucking cheap. Real life or fictional,i cringe to think and find it so illogical that after a fight/or possible break up in ONE DAY)or few days) the one thing a person think is get a one night stand rebound? Hook's been only w/ Emma since & here we are a possibility of Her thinking of sleeping w/ a random dude. Sorry but if that happens, she doesn't deserve Hook.

It really doesn’t seem like Emma at all. And again, if the writers wouldn’t constantly make them do things that are so out of character I would say not a chance.

I hope they will continue to be faithful to the love story that they had built. The last thing we need right now is her realizing that Killian didn’t take off and when he returns she doesn’t tell him about what happen. I just feel like lately A&E are out to destroy the only perfect thing that they were building on the show for so long.

But I think at this point I will just be mad at them for doing something like this… However, this really doesn’t seem likely, even with these two calling the shots. 

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i know its kind of a taboo thing to diagnose yourself with a mental illness but i really really relate to things ive read online and even on your twitter about bpd how do i know i feel like i at least have to know but i also don't want to find out that i'm faking it

this is one of my favorite subjects, tbh. just because i feel like people are always polarized on this and we don’t have to be. okay. this is my personal stance, i’m willing to discuss this, so please don’t take what i say as fact, or yell at me for being wrong. just tell me what you think. im so sorry im so wordy

so first of all, a disorder is born out of something that naturally exists. take depression: “sad” is a feeling. “numb” sometimes happens. sometimes you dont want to get out of bed. people occasionally have Days. But. it’s an issue if it’s excessive, disruptive (hence the term disorder)/hurtful. ocd isn’t being “neat.” borderline personality disorder is a topic you’ll see all over tumblr… people love to reblog bpd posts bc they’re so “relatable.” “oh! i miss people too! i’m clingy! haha cute :-)” but really like. bpd will make life very very challenging. it’s not cute or relatable. elements come from natural characteristics, but are deepened. like comparing light pink to magenta. they’re similar but they’re not at all the same. yanno? so-

-so my first thought on selfdx is that you should never!!! rush!!!! it really frustrates me when “depression” and “suicide” become trendy among teenagers. it encourages self destructive behaviors because it’s just “what you do.” it’s not to be taken lightly. these labels are not romantic. it’s this really tough balance between releasing stigma without turning it into a cute snapchat filter, yanno? so. if you’re going to look into selfdx be very very careful. go very slowly. 

so do so with a shit ton of research. i self diagnosed before official diagnosis, and i haven’t stopped reading about bpd in a couple years. i have about three books on the floor and several safari tabs up on my phone at all times. part of this is because i’m convinced i’m faking, and i hope i’ll stumble across that key. but the thing is, research, if done correctly, thoroughly, and honestly, will be the most surreal thing you ever do. holy. fucking. shit. i get goosebumps every single time. all these things that are pulled straight from my mind and my view, are in black and white. often these are things i never could have identified as abnormal; like last night i found an article about symptoms not often discussed, and it included not being able to comprehend measurement units and time? i never realized that was a thing, but it makes sense. so anyway. it will be frightening and enlightening and cool and nerve wracking and interesting. it’ll make you want to disappear and crawl out of your skin and want to meet others like you, all at once. be very honest. read and read and read and talk to people who are diagnosed. examine this.

a doctor will use dsm-5 to diagnose 

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ok so if the galra truly age very slowly, do you think that gene is present in keith anywhere?? even if it only slows him down by maybe a few years rather than centuries

I think it’s safe to say that Keith carries a fair amount of various alien genes in him, not just Galra. We don’t know much about his past. Personally, I’m leaning toward the Altean/Galran-hybrid-mom theory.

Do the Galra age very slowly because of their Genes, though? If space-time-dilation is a thing in the Voltron universe, their age doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their DNA! Time passes - to put it simply - “slower” around large gravitational masses. (Occurs when two bodies move relatively to each other.)

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now, i could do what i’m supposed to and work on the math that i’m already behind on

or i could say fuck it and keep writing that logicality thing i’ve been working on (feat. autistic logan)

i think we all know what i’m gonna do

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hi julia! what are your thoughts on harry's release? do you think it's rushed? we never really had any confirmation he was indeed working on music like we had with liam and niall and then he releases it before the two of them. and what do you think about it being released now before the dunkirk promo season? do you think things will get mixed up? i hope you don't mind i sent this to other people as well bc i wanna see the different opinions. thank you xx

these are a lot of questions haha. but i don’t mind sharing my thoughts! i don’t think it’s rushed at all. i’ve been saying that i could see him release music this year (although i personally thought it was gonna be after dunkirk but apparently not). he’s been very MIA and that was obviously a good time to work on material. i still think it’s shady that there wasn’t an official announcement via columbia or that he still isn’t listed on their website but we might have to wait until the music actually drops to get a better grasp on that (some people are speculating that a distribution deal has something to do with it).

he is also the third member to release music altogether and the first to actually give notice, whereas niall and louis’ singles were surprise releases. i don’t think ‘rushed’ is the adequate descriptor. i also think everything has been staggered enough not to steal each other’s spotlight (september - december - april) and harry has made sure to publicly support both of his bandmates who put music out; tweeting niall and making sure to get photographed at louis’ x-factor performance.

like i said above, i didn’t expect music before dunkirk. i thought the dunkirk hype would blend into album hype, simply because it would allow a longer timeframe of exposure. my thought process was: promo for dunkirk starting up in june -> premieres in july -> box office headlines all through august -> with a transition into album hype. they’re obviously doing it the other way around, which, to my mind, provides a shorter timeframe with only two to three months of album promo before dunkirk opens. it really makes me wonder why (and what may lie ahead in 2018) but my thoughts aren’t clear enough on that yet!

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tbh your stance on "terfs" is what makes me feel safe following you. the blogs that are all about the "anti-terf" brand are usually really hostile to lesbians, & say some of the same things conversion therapists do, & I'm not going to risk seeing homophobic, triggering content on my dash, from ppl who think that you MUST be homophobic in order to support trans ppl, just for my sapphic fix! I like that you're a blog that's friendly to trans women w/o needing to posture abt it by being homophobic.

Couldn’t have been better said, thank you bunches!! We are really glad you are apart of this blog! 😘💖