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So #StayLoud was trending on Twitter earlier for TLH and it makes me happy honestly. To know that there are so many people who still want to support the show and the crew even after everything that happened. That’s the way it should be really.

However, I’m not very happy about some of the things I’ve seen towards this hashtag. I’ve seen people calling all Loud House fans pedophiles, calling us “whiny manbabies”, they we’re trying to make ourselves the victims just because we want to continue supporting the show.

Do you know how messed up that is? Especially the pedo part. Since Chris is gone, there’s no problematic (that we know of) people working on it. Continuing to support the show even after all this doesn’t mean that you support Chris or anything that’s he’s done.

He may have created it, but it’s all of these other hundreds of people who bring it to life.

Can we stop this thing where someone having an opinion on something gets extrapolated to mean they must also think x y z, or that having a particular opinion makes them an x y z kind of person? Everyone is just trying to make sense so stuff that makes no sense at all, and some times it just feels like we’re waiting for someone to ‘step out of line’ so we can pounce on them.

None of us /know/.

But pretty much all of us have been here for years now. So I completely get not agreeing with an opinion, I don’t get using that opinion to question people’s overall motivation. We’re way past that at this point, we know why we’re here.

(This isn’t directed at any one in particular, it’s just an observation based on the general state of my dash). And I’m not going to say ‘treat people with kindness’ but how’s about just not being actively unkind.


English Lyrics

We were like magnets once
Cuz only when one of us turned around
We grew apart

I had nothing
But thanks to the scars you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story

I was nothing special
But thanks to the breakup you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story
In this sad love story

It’s time I forgot you
But my memories are getting fatter
Feelings growing bigger
When I look back
It makes my heart rip apart
But all of it were classic scenes
Do you remember?
In the dark movie theater
The day we first held hands
I was thankful
That your hand that built up and tore down countless things
Landed in mine

Do you remember?
The night you told me about your family
It was something only I knew about you
Making me want to give you a piece of my heart
It was raining under the blankets
You used my body as a roof and avoided all the rain of the world
I remember everything
Even the first morning without you
Moments I broke down after enduring so well
I cried for a while in the shower
As I picked off your hair on the soap bar

I had nothing
But thanks to the scars you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story

I was nothing special
But thanks to the breakup you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story
In this sad love story

I comforted myself, saying this sadness is just a drizzle
But I still wake up with a wet face
Seasons casually change and only look ahead
But I keep pacing back and forth
Next to you, who is only left as a memory that time left behind
I can’t forget
Our first night after being pulled together by our drunken attraction
Actually, I was drunk even before I had my first drink
I think what we drank was destiny

We sobered up way too fast
Back then we couldn’t live without each other
But now, every day is like a war
We look at each other as if we’ll kill each other
Then we face the end of our tears
From our first encounter that felt like necessary fate
To our last as we turned around, calling each other ill fate
We were each other’s mirror reflections
Even until we broke apart from the looks we threw at each other

I had nothing
But thanks to the scars you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story

I was nothing special
But thanks to the breakup you gave me
I became the main character
in a sad love story
In this sad love story

A story that’s only special to me
Isn’t it so cliché?
I know I’m not the only one
But this is me

I had nothing to give
But thanks to the scars that you left behind
I’m giving them to someone else
A sad story that resembles me

Everything was a first to me
But thanks to the fear you gave me
I’m forever
in a sad love story
In this sad love story

We were like magnets once
Cuz only when one of us turned around
We grew apart

We were like magnets once
Cuz only when one of us turned around
We became strangers

Not a single star in the Seoul sky

My mother-in-law found my twitter account and I am discomfited. She’s randomly liking conversations I’ve had with David. She liked a tweet I made cursing at the NY Times for a truly disgusting cake recipe they probably published 30 years ago. (It has cherry cola, sauerkraut, and mayo, and chocolate in it and should only be baked in the fires of hell and fed to monsters and people who use books only for decoration.)  David suggested we make the cake because he knew I would be amused, but also irate and unreasonably disgusted. It’s not his fault I enjoy overreacting to things, but he makes the best of it. So I tweeted back that I wanted a divorce. I think m-i-l knows I’d rather fling myself off a bridge than divorce her son, but like. YERGH.

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oH MY god that’s actually really funny wtf

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Hi I was wondering how much do you ask for a commission / request for a drawing and what happens if I don't like the result? I love your art. ❤

Thank you ❤
It starts from 18 USD and depends on your idea. My system is: I make some sketches and send you the blurred photos of it so you can see I’m actually working on it. Then you pay (I use PayPal). After that, I send you the actual image and we gonna work with it until you like it. If you want to commission me, that means you like what I’m making, right? So you will ask something related to my style, right? If so, then it’s gonna be fine, cuz I know how to do my thing. Just make sure you can explain what you want, cuz I can’t read minds, unfortunately ;)
Just don’t expect anything more than I have on my page from me, that’s pretty obvious! For example, as you can see, I don’t draw faces a lot, so if you order a portrait from me, don’t be surprised if the result is not perfect.
We gonna work with your order until the very end, until you like it. But you can’t just say “I don’t like it, so let’s just cancel it all with money back and stuff”. Cuz you know guys, it’s time, materials, hard work and stuff. If you are not sure I can make your idea right, then better find someone who can!
Also, if I can’t do your idea, I’ll tell you that from the very beginning!
Don’t want to sound like I’m aggressive/greedy/whatever, or like I think everything I do is perfect, don’t get me wrong. I love doing commissions cuz you guys have so many of interesting ideas and I really enjoy working on them even if it’s sometimes hard to get what you want from the start! It might get some time, but we will come up with something you’ll like for sure!

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bats, vampires, pumpkins, skeletons, and magic!

bats: are you superstitious?

I wouldn’t say so - I’m rather open to the idea of supernatural things and I don’t really fear the unknown so I guess nah!

vampire: are you afraid of death?

Nope! I’m not really afraid of anything and I’m most certainly not afraid of death either. It happens, not really much you can do to prevent it. Just live, I guess! I think if you’re afraid of death it kinda makes you dead before you really die, if that makes sense. 

pumpkin: do you believe in ghosts?

Yes and no! It’s sorta similar to my thoughts on reincarnation, but I believe that the ghost of people lies inside things. Nature, people etc. I think when people die and become “ghosts” that they aren’t really dead at all, they live all around us - we just can’t notice them. If that makes sense, it probably doesn’t but oh well! 

skeleton: what is your biggest fear?

Okay so I’m not really afraid of this, but it’s something that fuels my anxiety a lot and it’s the thought of me not being able to get testosterone for some reason. Every time I think about it or I hear about other people who couldn’t get testosterone for whatever reason I feel a breakdown coming on and so I guess that’s my biggest fear?

magic: have you had any near-death experiences?

It’s not really a near death experience per say, but I was stabbed by some little shit when I was younger so I guess that’s the closest I’ve had to an NDE.

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Harry's special: highlights used for promo: he played bingo with some elders and throw axes (aka nothing related with music but "funny" things), what Harry says about making music: I did on my own and decide music wasn't for me, what H says about himself: I'm an attention seeker. Now can someone tell me how can he get compared to those who made/make music for the shake of art, expressing themselves and moving people, and deny that he is in it just for the fame?

We knew this special was going to be like this, at least we aren’t surprised

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Being that it's asexual awareness week I think it's appropriate to note that anyone - man or woman - who still uses "virgin" as an insult are ugly and pathetic. No seriously, to be so invested in how others spend their time in the bedroom is seriously pathetic and proves that they have shit interesting going on in their own lives; sex isn't everything. Remember that.

Agreed. Sex isn’t the one defining thing that “makes us human”. Some people are indifferent to sex. Some people are sex repulsed. That doesn’t make them less human. That is something to discuss with your partner if you have one, but otherwise nobody else needs to know. Heck, I’ve talked to people who like having sex and even they say it’s not that great all the time.

I really wish we lived in a world that didn’t put so much emphasis on sex and pressure people into doing things they’re not ready for or don’t even want, and shame those who never do it. It’s really unhealthy and emotionally exhausting.

Lisa, first thing, I want you to get on the phone with Coil.  Get that transportation – I’ll text you directions to the place – and get Coil to make a statement, have him make it damn clear to Empire Eighty Eight that he’s responsible for this email.”

Hm, well, she can try.

“I don’t think he’ll be willing, as far as ‘fessing up.”

“Tell him that I’m not going to sign any deal with him if he can’t own up to this and get the heat off us, when we weren’t informed and we didn’t agree to taking this kind of action.”

It’s something, at least. Coil doesn’t know that they were planning to decline anyway because of Rachel’s stance on the issue. Question is, though, how much does he actually care whether the Undersiders agree or not?

If his power is strong enough, he wins either way.

Speaking of which - at this point, my biggest question about Coil is exactly that. How strong is his power, anyway? How large can the outcomes he controls be? How far into the future? Does other people’s free will (to whatever degree free will is a thing) and/or the Manton effect weaken his power the more people are involved and the more the outcome goes against their wishes?

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I'm trying to apply as an artist but apparently tumblr auto-resizes things after they've been posted a while? and everything is tiny now?? Do u guys have alternative ways to submit our pieces when we apply, like through email? (sorry, I think I saw an ask about this already but I can't find it now....)

Hi Anon!

Yes! Still, fill out the typeform (make a note in the link section) and then email us at Make sure you mention the name you used in the typeform so there’s no chance of mix-ups!

Some people have also been uploading things to Google Drive and linking us that way so you could give that a try too.

Thank you for applying and I’m sorry for the trouble!


hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

dear tom holland fans,

i’ve heard that there’s been some (completely outrageous) negativity in this fandom especially directed at tom recently. some are about people getting mad that tom didn’t go to the china premiere of spider-man: homecoming when he was clearly sick and unwell. another thing i saw was that tom had apparently unfollowed all the instagrams of models that he was following because people got upset that he liked one photo of a model. i’m sure many of you follow guys or girls that you find attractive on instagram. and i’m sure there isn’t a group of people who are constantly breathing down your neck and making you feel bad for finding someone attractive. there’s plenty of other issues but these are the ones that i’ve seen most recently.

i would just like to point out and remind all fans in the tom holland fandom, whether or not you’ve been involved in this ignorance, that:

  1. Tom is HUMAN
  2. Tom has FEELINGS
  3. Tom has EMOTIONS
  4. Tom deserves PRIVACY
  5. Tom deserves to hang out with whoever he wants regardless of gender and not have people assume that he is in a relationship
  6. Tom doesn’t deserve the pressure some ‘fans’ put on him
  7. Tom doesn’t deserve the shit this fandom gives him
  8. Tom shouldn’t be sacrificing things for his ‘fans’
  9. and last but not least, Tom Holland is just like any one of us and i’m sure if you were in his position and being pressured by people that are supposed to be supporting him and loving him, you wouldn’t like it very much either

i want you all to understand that this is not an attack on the whole fandom. heck, i’m part of this hellhole of a fandom. but it’s to those particular few who seem to have the assumption that they can control tom and have a say in his life that i want to remind that there are boundaries to being somebody’s fan. you can love them, support them, laugh for them, cry for them, but you cannot control them. they are not yours to boss around. not now. not ever.

Self Care

1. Consciously teach yourself to relax, and practice relaxation as soon as you feel stressed.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

3. A warm shower or bath can help our muscles to relax, and can help ease the tension in our body and mind.

4. Talking with someone who accepts us as we are – and is nonjudgmental – is highly therapeutic.

5. Recognise that there are things that are outside our control – and there are some situations that we simply cannot change.

6. Reward and indulge yourself with things that you enjoy so you feel respected and valued as a person. (For example, buy some clothes you love, or get your hair and nails done)

7. Make an effort to establish and maintain a work/ life balance. You need to make time for your hobbies, and to hang out with your friends.

8. Organise your time, and prioritise your tasks. You’ll feel a lot less anxious if you get things done on time.

9. Recognise that you have limits and enforce your boundaries. If you live with too much pressure you will end up overwhelmed.

10. Keep a sense of humour – smile and laugh throughout the day.


ishida: okay

we: LET THEM KIsS!!!!!!!

ishida: okay

we: TOUKEN SEX….. PLE A SE ????!!?!

ishida: okay


ishida: okay


ishida: okay



please stop assuming all asian musicians are naturally talented prodigies!!! there is no such thing as ~~natural talent~~ and we all work our butts off to get good at what we do, so please learn to accept that!!!!

People with BPD are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.
—  Marsha M. Linehan