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I got to make today’s Google Doodle for NASA’s Trappist-1 announcement! It was a crazy exciting project cause we had no forewarning about this announcement and decided as a team to just make a doodle as fast as we could.  

I took on the project and concepted, designed and animated the whole doodle in about 5 hours.  It was a wild ride and a lot of fun, things always get interesting when you have to work under pressure like that. But the doodle team is amazing and everyone was supportive and helpful in us getting it launched!

Thought I’d shard a bit of the process for making it and some storyboards as well!

I used to be a waitress for this small local restaurant and the majority of customers we had were old. But there was this one night when this couple in their late 20’s or early 30’s came in and I was their server. I was still really new at the time and messed up a small part of their order, but they were so sweet and forgiving. I ended up giving them a free hot chocolate that all of us waitresses in the back had worked together to make it look as amazing as it could. We also decided they were the cutest couple we had ever seen in the restaurant and I told them that. They were so happy and tipped me really well. 
They ended up coming back several times and requested me by name every single time. I’m pretty sure the last tip they left me was like 75% and they are about the only thing that makes me miss being a waitress. 
(I also had an older gentleman who made wood carvings of all of our names and gave it to us. I still have mine lol)

Hey, Shonda!   Watch "This Is Us", written by @reneedeborah

Anyone who watched last night’s episode of “This is Us” could not come away from it without an understanding of why the turn Scandal has taken is so distressing to so many fans and former fans.

Everything in the episode was on point – the acting, the script, the storytelling, the directing,the production values.  Everything.  Not a misstep.  And it was so clear that the writers – and the actors – knew these characters and weren’t just making things up as they went along.

Just as important, we the viewers really understand these characters and their stories and what they are about.  And the writing and acting make us want to know more and keep tuning in.There is a rhyme and reason to what happens to each of them.  And there are OMG moments, but they come more out of a recognition of the life stories we all live every day rather than shock value.

I.   Just.   LOVE.   This.   Show!!!

And when I am not mad at Shonda for what she has done to Scandal, I can recall that she, once upon a time, demonstrated the same kind of talent to put good storytelling on screen as evidenced by the very best episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and, yes, Scandal.  But no more.

Watch “This Is Us,” Shonda.  Maybe what you used to be able to do will come back to you!!!

Note:  the commentary above was an instant message from reneedeborah

Ermanda's Inner Sanctum: Scorpion 3.17 "Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap"

This is a really great episode!  It is all about the cyclone.  Ray comes back to troll Cabe in his hallucination.  Happy keeps breaking our hearts.  Toby kills us with his fluffy, romantic self.  Young Happy and Toby will be with us forever!  Ralph is a darling!  Walter and Paige amuse me to no end.  Callie makes me smile!  And Sly makes me wish I lived in West Altadenia so I could vote for him.  He throws down the gauntlet and I am so proud him!  As great as the episode is, it is a victim of “too many elements” and some great dialogue is cut that would have melted us even more if we weren’t at that point already!  There are so many things to discuss!  It all centers around the episode’s core message on the relationship between logic and fear.  Let’s get to it!

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I feel like my recent posts are all negative about sso recently. So to make up for that and remind us all why we still love the game, here’s 10 things I love about SSO.

1. The horses! As a horse lover the well animated horses catch my eye and make me want them all.

2. The plot line. I could on all day about the main story. It’s such a perfect blend of fantasy and reality that it makes magic look almost realistic. The plot emphasizes the importance of the bond between horse and rider, the most cherished thing an equestrian has making it seem even better. It isn’t just a moral lesson for kids like a lot of games towards the age group targeted by sso are, it’s a deep detailed plot that can get quite dark.

3. All of you guys. I wouldn’t have met any of you without this game, and I love each and every one of you. I thank sso for bringing us together as friends and as a community.

4. The NPCs. Sso has a lot of unique characters. The soul riders each have a unique personality that sso plans to show even further when they update their appearances. Each character has their own quirks, and while they still don’t move around or get any of their own stuff done we still end up loving a good amount of them.

5. Sso took a gaming stereotype and bashed it in the head. Gaming is generally looked at as something guys mainly do and tons of games reflect that only letting you play as a male protagonist. Sso flipped that around and says you have to play as a girl. That’s why I get mad when guys are like “sso needs to add guys cause we play it too”. Girls have played so many games as guys because there was no female character. Even the first Pokemon games were like this! Putting the guys in our shoes might help them realize what’s wrong with a good amount of games or at least accept games with only female characters as well. Kudos to all the male players out there who are perfectly fine playing as a girl and play sso anyway, you are awesome people. You guys can accept a good game as a good game no matter what gender the character is. To sum this one up (it’s a bit long oops) I actually like the statement it makes having to only play as a girl.

6. Races. They didn’t just go and follow every other horse game out there with either racing on a track or following a certain discipline. They allow us to race cross country, giving equestrians something decently realistic (real XC is timed after all) and people who just like racing something fast paced. It’s also something to do when there’s no quests. Plus the way leveling and stats works is really fair in my opinion.

7. Their social media presence. As annoying as some parts of this can be, it’s nice to see them out there with their players hosting contests, leaving sneak peeks and other things. A good game is usually involved with their players.

8. Humor. Sso tends to make jokes and make their videos funny. It makes everything a bit more engaging.

9. Redeem codes. A lot of games don’t give away anything for free at all. Yet sso gives away star coins and star rider time quite a bit. It’s just downright nice of them, and it shows they think of the ones who can’t afford to buy star rider. I have a friend who is like level 13 now from just free codes. (I might actually get her lifetime for her birthday in summer if I can afford it).

10. Lifetime. Almost every game is a paid subscription. I’m old enough where I have to buy games myself unless they are gifts, but I don’t have a credit card. So I can’t buy myself subscriptions unless I want my mom telling me I owe her every *insert time period here*. Lifetime allowed me to actually buy it for myself and not have to worry about it running out. Plus they even have a little free stuff shop and some codes just for lifetimes. I saw online someone calculated lifetime was completely worth it if you plan on playing more then 9 months (I think that was the number). I’ve been on it for almost two years, so I got my money’s worth.

To anyone else kinda annoyed at sso lately, I challenge you to do this. If a lot of stuff you’ve said about them recently is negative, give this a shot!

There is so much hate in the “Lucas baker” tag and it makes me super sad! Why can’t we just agree on the fact that different people like different things?
But since it “bothers” the haters so much seeing our fan art and fangirling over lucas, why don’t we make a tag on our own? Something to separate the party’s?
I dont wanna see so much hate on a tag I literally check once an hour!

So how about we create the

Lucas Baeker

Tag and use it for fanart, fanfictions and whatever else we need to be happy about Lucas’s existence?

Dazai: All right, what are some of your likes?

Ranpo: Uh, unsolved crimes.

Kunikida: Son. of. a. bitch. What are you talking about now?

Ranpo: You know, unsolved crimes. Kidnappings, murders, unidentified bodies-

Kunikida: What?! What, like in movies and tv shows? What are you-…..

Ranpo: Crimes, buddy.

Kunikida: Don’t write that!!!

Dazai: I’m not!! I’m putting travel!

Kunikida: Jesus Christ! What are your dislikes?

Ranpo: People’s’ knees.

Kunikida: Oh, come on! Come on!?!

Dazai: You’ve gotta be kidding.

Kunikida: You know what? We’ll make it up. We’ll make the whole thing up!

Dazai: Let’s get out of here…

Kunikida: We’ll doctor the picture. We’re not even gonna use you!!

Ranpo: Cover your knees up if you’re gonna be walking around everywhere!

queen-of-attitude-city  asked:

Despite everything that happened is it bad that I still like Jon?.. I'm so tired of having to hate my heros.. I mean he's still the same Jon we always knew right? He's not a monster.. qnq;;

No, it’s amazing that you still like Jon! Sure, he has different opinions than us, but that doesn’t make him bad! It makes him a human! Just know- he is not a nazi, nor is he a horrible person. Tumblr likes taking things WAY out of context in order to hate people. I don’t like that! We’re all human, and we all deserve love and happiness! <3

-Mod Webkinz <3

Something I’ve always wanted to do is make an sso movie with that community because there are so many of us, so we could all play different characters. With so few exciting updates and people trying to find stuff to plan in some posts, I’ve decided to actually go ahead and try if I can get some help. I need the following things:

- Writers. Somebody to write the plot line then make it into a movie script. I feel the plot will be really nice if we can get one or more of that writers in the community to work on it.

- Video editors. Of course I’ll edit parts of it. But I also need other people to help out, I’m still new with iMovie on my Mac and it would just be faster. I’ll do all the recording if I can, but I need people to help me sort through and edit the footage.

- Actors! Both characters and voices. It’s easiest if everyone voices their own character, but if you can’t for some reason I can hopefully find someone.

The writer and editors are most important, then they can also double as actors if they want. If you’re not in NA and can’t act because of that, feel free to volunteer for one of the other things! If I can get all the helpers I need I’ll give this a shot. If I don’t get enough help (mainly in writing and editing) I won’t be able to do this. If anyone has ever had an idea for a movie in the past, do share with me as we might be able to use it. Tell me if you’re interested in making this happen and what you want your part to be.

Jesus sweat tears of blood when He was alone.  No one in the world has probably felt more alone than a man who was giving His life to a bunch of people who didn’t even want it.  He cried out in the garden basically saying, “I can’t do this!  Please God, don’t make me!”  But ultimately, He faced His fears of death by extreme torture and suffocation.  And He did it without the support of anyone other than His Father and the support of His own soul. Now I am a person who believes in community and who believes we cannot make it in this world without our brothers and sisters and good friends who know us and love us.  But there comes a time when we must face our greatest pain, our greatest fear; the thing we feel has strung us up on a cross and suffocated the life out of us.  And we must face it without the support of anyone other than our Father and the support of our own soul.
—  Matt Bays, The Blind Writer

anonymous asked:

Luis do you really think that murdering Tulio was the right thing to do? Maybe you should have heard him out. ruthlessly killing someone while they plea for mercy??? thats a monstrous action if I ever saw one

Should be asking that to him. You make it sound like he’s dead, but I know he’s still around.
That t-traitor..
After all we did for him. After all that Othello sacrificed to s-support us. To make him move again. He didn’t deserve any of that. Othello did nothing but be nice to him. ..It’s all my fault Othello is gone.. I shouldn’t have saved that freak. There was a reason he was l-left to drown like he was.. Now I have to finish what I interrupted years ago..

Share what you have, lest you lose what you have.  Spend what you possess on the needs of others in order to keep what you possess.  Do not cling to what you own, lest it be taken away from you.  Do not hoard your treasures, lest they rot and become worthless.  Entrust all your wealth to God, because then it is protected against all who want to steal or destroy it.  Do you understand what these injunctions mean?  Or do they sound like nonsense to you?  To the person without faith, they mean nothing.  But to the person with faith, they make perfect sense.  Faith tells us that God alone can supply the material things on which we depend.  He gives some people more than they need, not that they can enjoy great luxury, but to make them stewards of his bounty on behalf of orphans, the sick, and the crippled.  If they are bad stewards, keeping this bounty to themselves, they will become poor in spirit, and their hearts will fill with misery.  If they are good stewards, they will become rich in spirit, their hearts filling with joy.
—  St. John Chrysostom
Stormpilot Week is over!

It’s officially the end of stormpilot week, but we mods still have a few things to say to you guys. 

 First of all, thank you so much to everyone who contributed and made this week the wonderful success that it was! None of this would have happened without you guys getting involved and making such amazing content to share with us! 

Secondly, we’ve done our best to reblog all the content from the tag, but if we’ve let anything slip through the net then send us a message or an ask or tag us so we can make sure everything makes it onto the blog! Just make sure it’s clear what day the content is for so we can tag it appropriately! 

Third and finally, we’ve had a couple of requests for repeats of stormpilot week, and we wanted to know if that was something other people would be interested in participating in? Given that this week turned out to be more of a success that we’d even hoped, we may want to get another mod or two on board to give us a hand if we did another stormpilot week. 

Unfortunately we can’t make any promises yet for another stormpilot week, as it really depends on the availability of our mods, but if you’d be interested, or you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear it! Send us an ask, or message one of our mods, or even just reblog this post! 

 Thanks again you guys for making this week so amazing! 

 All our love from the Stormpilot Week Mods x

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Lil boo, please don't be sad about Inna's angry comment. I think Jake is hurting right now and she's just trying to protect him the best way she knows how. Obviously it's not effective and can be offensive, but I'm sure in some way she's trying to diffuse the constant conclusions that BVB is breaking up when in reality Jake cares and so do the other guys. This stuff is awful and makes us believe certain things, but it doesn't make it true. We don't know everything in its entirety.

i’m not necessarily religious, but i think sincerely that we as humans may genuinely need God, and i mean that in a literal sense - lest we worship earthly or petty mortal things. the morals that we derive from religion can serve us in the most divine ways, if we truly take them to heart and focus on the greater good instead of bettering oneself or one’s possessions in the short time that we are alive. when we worship possessions or other people, it causes so many problems to arise and creates such a harmful way of thinking in us that’s so detrimental and makes us fear death. focusing on transient things can make us lose sight of altruism and bettering the world around us, to the extent that we sabotage others for personal gain, even if only tacitly. i want to do more thinking about this, but i can see so much value in directing worship to something greater and more divine than us, instead of worshipping a person or material things. it seems like so many values we should work towards can be passed down to us from this method of thought.


I’m really liking the community here. Thank you for the words of encouragement you guys it does mean a lot. It made me feel better last night reading these comments. ❤

I struggle a lot with myself wanting to do my own professional dog training but I keep making foolish mistakes. It just makes me feel like I’ll never be where I want to be. Aayla is so dang smart and could easily learn everything I want her to if I can be a better trainer. I laid out the foundation work when she was young but am struggling with the upkeep and finishing up some basic things like ability to settle, greeting people and not bolting after the neighbors dog.

We have a new focus for our training. Reinforcing our recall. @boetheyellowlab if you lived close I would say we should practice together and use our dogs as ‘distractions’ to recall from. That’s what she needs is people and dog distractions. She is smart and knows the difference between random people/dogs walking around and people/dogs that she gets to say hi to. She can tell if the people engage with me that she might get to say hi and looses her focus.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.