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So two things, I think I've heard your also a Stranger Things fan? Are you and the boys ready for the season 2 premiere?!?! I'm pretty sure they'd love it, as well as the frogs! The thriller trailer got me thinking I saw a bit of lost boys influence in there, maybe? Then again, its set in 84 while LB was 87. Well, we'll see. And two, we're close to Halloween! How do the guys plan on celebrating?

Good evening! It’s late here, 11:22 pm to be exact and I just finished watching the premiere of The Walking Dead! But since I’m in the Halloween mood, I’ve turned the channel to A Nightmare On Elmstreet 2, which, I discovered has Robert Rusler from Thrashin in it. That’s important because, hello, Brooke McCarter was also in that. Anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of Stranger Things and I can’t wait for season two, which is just around the corner.  The boys are okay with it, but prefer The Walking Dead, or something a little more gory.  However, The Frog Brothers love it!

I was supposed to go out today and find a costume for Halloween, but got lazy. It’s Sunday, it’s supposed to be lazy.  BUT I was thinking of going as Daenerys Targaryen because I love her, what can I say?

As for the boys, I heard Marko is going again as someone celebrating the Day of the Dead.  Dwayne was considering a Frankenstein theme, Paul is going as a dead rocker. It’s awesome. I’ll post a pic even.  And David, well, he says he’s going as a vampire. Ha ha, go figure.

There, that’s Paul’s costume. Kick ass right?

White Rose

It was a cold winter day and Ruby walked to a grave that she hadn’t been to for a long time. It had been forever since she had walked through the forest, where the Beowulves lurk and hunt for prey. Ruby laid a single rose by the grave and started to walk back to her home. Weiss knew about her mother being gone, but she never told her where she was buried, she also never told her when she went to go see her mother. Ruby knew that Weiss didn’t like that. It took a while for the black haired woman to get back home. She smiled to herself and started to make some cookies for Weiss, Rudolf and Winifred, from when they come back from the park. Weiss promised to take the children to the park today. The white haired woman sat on a sled with Winifred and slide down the hill with her. She was scared to go alone. Rudolf on the other hand, was excited to go by himself for once, Ruby wouldn’t let him sled by himself. Once Weiss and Winifred got to the bottom of the hill, Weiss helped her little daughter up, before Rudolf accidentally ran her over. Winifred started to tear up a bit while she was getting up, again.

“Rudolf, why did you do that?” Weiss asked, irritably.

“It was an accident mamma.” Rudolf answered.

“Apologize to your sister, right this instant.” She demanded.

Rudolf went up to his sister and apologized, but Winifred slapped him in his face and started to laugh. She then ran away. Rudolf went after her and threw a snowball at her and she threw one at him. Winifred ended up throwing one that hit Weiss and she smirked a little. She then started to throw snowballs at the both of them until that got tired. Winifred started to make a snow angel and giggled. The other two started to laugh as well. Weiss got up and helped the other two up.

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Roaring ‘20s II

Sorry it’s so long :( Here is the first part.

And now the long awaited second part :) I hope you all enjoy it! <3


“That won’t work!” Zaynshouted. You hadn’t left Zayn’s sight since the incident last week. He had been so stressed out and you felt useless. And you also felt like a burden having to be watched by Zayn and his friends all the time.

“Zayn,” you whispered softly.

He looked to you and his heart thawed a bit. Zayn was the sweetest human being alive, you were certain. But he would get so angry and worried that you were in harm’s way. Part of him hated himself for walking up to you in front of the shops and giving you a cupcake. At least you’d be safe. “Yes, baby?” He said. His tone was a hundred times softer than how he sounded to Niall just moments before.

“Please don’t shout at Niall,” you said softly.

He looked at Niall and said nothing but Niall nodded as if he had apologized. Zayn sat beside you on the couch in his office. New windows had been installed almost immediately, and the liquor was long gone. You knelt on the couch and rubbed his shoulders. He was so distressed. You kissed the side of his neck. His tie was a skew and the top two buttons open. His suspenders fell to his hips as they usually did by the end of the day, and the cuffs of his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You knew they were planning something. Something to get the man that threatened you to show his face. They just didn’t have a great plan yet.

“Thanks doll,” Niall winked at you.

You smirked. “Zayn,” you said quietly again.

“Hmm?” He hummed and enjoyed your touch on his back.

“What…” you took a deep breath preparing for what you were about to say and how upset it would make him. “What if I bring a box to the delivery–”

“No,” he said his entire body tensed up like a coil.

“–but you would be there, hidden–” you continued trying to make it better but it was too late.

“No,” he repeated getting more worked up. His blood was steaming at the thought. 

“–and so will the boys–”

“DAMMIT!” He shouted angrily and he hopped up from the couch so fast you nearly fell off if Niall hadn’t caught you. Zayn was furious with you for even offering and he was so pissed he punched a hole through the wall. You stared at your lap and waited for his curses and anger to settle.

He knelt in front of you and lightly held your hands on your legs. You didn’t look at him and he hung his head so his forehead rested against your knees. Niall sat beside you patiently. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I didn’t mean to scare you,” his voice cracked with too much emotion–sadness, anger, worry… “I can’t…” he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose. “I can’t lose you,” he said knowingly and tilted your chin up to look at him. “I can’t,” he said and his voice was so broken and hollow he felt like he already lost you because he scared you.

Niall bit his lip. “Zayn, it sort of makes sense,” he said quietly. Zayn’s hands tightened in yours and you didn’t say anything, you kept your breath even. Waiting. “If they threatened her, then he’s not going to think you’re stupid enough to send her so close to the issue…he won’t know what you’re doing and then we’ll swoop in and get her and him.”

Zayn shook his head. “Niall, I need you to pipe down or I’m going to knock you right out,” he said knowingly.

“No, you won’t,” you said knowingly to Zayn.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I am not going to put you in danger. I made a promise to your father and I’m not going to break it. End of story,” he said with finality.

“Zayn,” you started.

“Baby, please,” he begged. “I don’t wanna fight,” he whispered. So you kept your lips closed.


“This is so stupid,” you whispered to yourself as you tried to breathe in courage from the air. If you didn’t die, Zayn was definitely going to kill you. You wore a pair of loose fitting gaucho pants, a blazer and your most broken in pumps in case you had to run. And you were pretty sure you were going to have to.

You drove your car to the site designated by the man on the phone. Zayn didn’t know you were listening. He didn’t know that after he hung up, you told him that you would be there early.

You stopped at a payphone and dialed Louis’ bar. “Tomlinson,” he answered.

“Louis,” you whispered softly.

“Hey, love, what’s eating you?” He asked curiously. Why would you call him?

You took a deep breath. “I’m…probably being a Dumb Dora, but I don’t want to go in blind…I…I’m trying to help as best I can. I want to help. But I can’t tell Zayn…” you closed your eyes as you listened to the clink of several glasses.

“Love…” he said in warning. “Where are you?” He asked.

“I just want to help, Louis,” you whispered in response.

“Damn it all,” he hissed and he snapped for Niall to call Zayn upstairs and warn him. “Babe, you can’t–it’ll kill him.”

“I have to try, Louis, I can’t just do nothing,” you said softly. “I don’t want him to get hurt for me…”

“You’re going to kill him,” he said knowingly.

You heard Niall shout something and you hung up.

They would all be here soon. Zayn answered the phone to Niall’s panicked voice and when he heard him say your name he almost lost it and his heart thudded viciously against his chest and he truly thought he would have a heart attack. He would willingly go to your father, the police officer if something happened to you and beg to rot in jail. He wouldn’t handle this well if–well, he couldn’t even think about it. He drove at an unsafe speed to where he thought you would be narrowly avoiding Louis’ car as he zoomed by with Niall.

In the meantime, you stood in the alleyway between to warehouses. The one you were designated to meet at by the man on the phone. You placed the box at your feet and waited patiently resisting the urge to tap your foot. You tried to breathe at a normal rate since you were so scared. “Hello, love,” a voice said slowly. You turned to the sound slowly and swallowed thickly.

“Sir,” you said quietly.

“They really let you come here alone,” he tisked. “I can’t believe it. He must not care about you as much as we thought,” he said.

You swallowed audibly and ignored the taunt. You knew Zayn loved you. And he was probably going insane at the very thought of you in danger of getting hurt. God, if this guy didn’t kill you, Zayn definitely would.

You held your breath as he stared at you. “Can you deliver a message to your love?” He asked. You didn’t answer. You didn’t want to give him anything he could use against you. So strongly, you remained silent. “Tell him I always win…and tell him not to send silly little girls to the big games,” he said and you closed your eyes to the sound of tire screeches. Somehow that distracted the man before you or he in general just had terrible aim. Maybe you even had an angel on your side. But he shot you in the arm, causing you to scream.

Zayn’s heart stopped when he heard the gunshot and he all but lost it right there. Louis kept running, Niall slowed and turned back for Zayn. He had to stop…he fell to his knees and started sobbing into his hands. He didn’t want to see or go on he was terrified he just lost you. He threw up everything in his stomach and started sobbing. He hated to feel weak and he left his biggest weakness out in the open.

You were clutching your arm in pain as you looked to see where the man ran off to. You didn’t see, your arm was burning and you didn’t know what to do as your stomach turned in repulsion to the shot. You grabbed your arm and pressed on the wound, your heart pounded and you hissed and whined in pain.

“Oh thank God,” Louis whispered in relief. He scooped you up into his arms and carried you back.

“He went–”

“Shh, he doesn’t matter,” he said softly and hurried you back to Zayn.

“She’s fine, mate,” Niall whispered as he rubbed Zayn’s shoulder when Louis reappeared with you in his arms. Zayn looked up, tears streaking his beautiful face. Louis settled you down in Zayn’s arms as he took hold of your arm and tightly wrapped his belt around the upper part of your arm to help stop the blood flow. Zayn cupped your face.

“Dropped a card,” you heard Louis mutter.

“Oh God,” he choked out. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered brokenly. “I’m so sorry.” You felt terrible. You knew Zayn cared and you had utter faith in him that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you. This wasn’t his fault and he would forever blame himself. He buried his face in your neck. “I’m so sorry,” he whimpered.

“I’m okay, sweetheart,” you said softly. “I’m okay,” you promised him. “I am so, so sorry,” you whispered. “You didn’t do anything. I didn’t listen,” you reminded him. “This is all me,” you told him. He shook his head and kissed the side of your head. He smelled like vomit but you still loved him.

“I’m never letting you out of my sight again,” he whispered to you.

You smiled softly and snuggled into his chest as your arm continued to throb in pain. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you answered. Zayn kissed your forehead and lifted you up so that he could get the medical attention you needed.


With much convincing, your father let Zayn see you and allowed you to leave the house. Zayn grovelled feeling terrible and with the help of Louis came up with a convincing lie of the two of them being idiots and Louis accidentally hit the trigger and it ricocheted around the room through your arm.

Honestly, Zayn was so upset your father believed you.

Your arm was in a sling to keep the blood flow normal and Zayn was so cautious and careful around you while your arm healed. “I’m alright,” you told him repeatedly and smiled softly at him.

“Baby, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. The best thing that ever happened to me was watching you walk up the street and me being brave enough to give you a cupcake.”

You smiled. “I love you, Zayn and you are perfect,” you told him. He started to answer but before he could, you continued. “What’s up with the guy?” You asked.

Zayn shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, but trust me, when we get to him, he’s as good as dead,” he promised. The thought scared you a bit, but the boys were probably much more capable than you were in a situation like that.

“Are you still–?”

“Selling alcohol?” He asked. “Yeah. As long as prohibition is in place, people want alcohol.”

You sighed and stopped walking along the walk of shops. “Zayn,” you sighed softly. “Just…don’t get hurt, okay?” You asked.

He smiled and lightly stroked your injured arm. “Never baby,” he promise and swept you off your feet, gathering you into his embrace as he held around your waist and kissed you in the middle of town. He was so happy you were safe. And he would never let you down…so he wouldn’t get hurt. “I love you too,” he whispered. He couldn’t believe that a sweet girl like you could love a criminal like him. And that you would put your beautiful life on the line, just for him.


Louis was stunned that you were so good at gambling. Not in a way that you-were-a-girl-so-you-shouldn’t-be-good-at-gambling kind of way. He was just shocked that you could swindle the best gamblers he knew.

And he loved it. He would gamble with you, you even took some of his money (he’d get most of it back, but it took a few persuasive kisses). Most of the men you gambled with would be impressed that you were good at poker and rarely got angry enough to get mad at you. You were never too harsh and usually gave them back a few dollars since you did so well.

“You’re such a good girl,” Louis smiled at you as he wiped down the tables and you flipped the chairs upside down on top of the tables. He kissed your cheek. You smiled brightly at him. You really had fallen for Louis and enjoyed every part of his life. He spoiled you rotten and you equally hated and loved it. “I have so much money, doll,” he smiled softly. “I love spoiling my girl,” he cooed.

You couldn’t argue with him when you adored the idea of being his girl so much. Liam was less than thrilled about your capers with his best friend. But you told him he had to get over it.

“I will kill you if you hurt her,” Liam promised Louis.

“I will come to you willingly if I hurt her,” he promised. You rolled your eyes at both of them.

“You’re both crazy birds,” you muttered.

Louis put his hands on your hips pulling you to stand between his knees as he leaned back against the bar. You rested your hands on his shoulders. “How much you make baby?” He asked with a smile.

“A thousand clams,” you smiled excitedly.

He grinned at you and kissed your forehead. “You’re the coolest bearcat ever,” he said knowingly. You giggled and he was pretty sure he would never get sick of that sound.

“How’s Zayn?” You asked.

“He’s fine, he’ll be by later tonight,” Louis said softly. “He’s still upset,” he told you with a small shrug. “I don’t know what I would do if I was in his place,” he murmured. “God, babe, you should have seen him,” he sighed. “I’ve never seen him like that before. You’re never allowed anywhere near a bootleg deal,” he mumbled and then nuzzled his face into your neck. He inhaled your hair and how pretty it smelled. You rolled your eyes as you sat in the bar.

“I’ll never go anywhere near alcohol,” you said softly.

“Are you being smart?” He asked with a chuckle and you smiled innocently. He laughed more and pecked your lips softly. “Let’s get a wiggle, I have to get you home to Liam before he comes down here to bump me,” he said with smirk.

You rolled your eyes. “Do you really think I’d let Liam kill you?” You asked him. He snickered and kissed you again. “I’m just going to take the trash out for you, why don’t you let the car warm up?” You asked with a small wiggle of your eyebrows. He smirked.

“You cheeky little minx,” he murmured.

You giggled and pecked his cheek before heading outside to get rid of the trash out back. You tossed the bag in the trash can and then you were grabbed from behind. A cloth was placed over your mouth and your arms were wrenched behind your back. You screamed. But it was muffled by the fabric in your mouth. You screamed as hard as you could for Louis. You hurt your throat, gave yourself a headache. You couldn’t get out of the man’s grip. Your hands were tied behind your back. You kicked but they dragged you to a car and thrusted you into the back seat and you couldn’t kick the door open. You kicked at the seat in front of you as you continued screaming as two men slid into the front closing the doors and driving away from Louis’ speakeasy.

You kicked harder and screamed. “Pipe down and knock it off,” the man in the passenger seat said threateningly and pointed a gun at you. You sat stone still and didn’t make a sound.

“So, princess, do you know who we are?” The driver asked. You could hear the smug smirk in his voice. You couldn’t answer so you just sat there. “We’ve got a beef with your little boyfriend,” he said. “In fact, we have a beef with your whole little misfit gang of rum-runners,” he said knowingly. “Our boss is gonna get out. He didn’t do anything wrong…and we know a few guys,” he said. You knew he was referring to Mr. Big Shot. You didn’t answer. You couldn’t. “Your little boyfriend hustled us. We don’t take kindly to that,” he remarked.

You knew Louis was probably going insane. And Liam was probably going to kill Louis. You were so stressed out as you sat there quietly. You looked out the window, trying to see any markings. Not that you would be able to get back to Louis.

“So…we’re going to take a little collateral…” the man said in the passenger seat facing you. “Hi Miss Little Collateral.”

Dammit, you thought.


Louis was running around the house and shouting for you. He ran up and down the street in panic. You had been gone too long. He was an idiot. He sat down on a bench and hung his head. Liam was going to kill him; he hoped he would. How could he lose you? He never should have let you out of his sight…especially at night. Not even four feet from the speakeasy. He sniffled and let a few tears fall down his cheeks. He felt so sick and awful as he hurried back to the bar and grabbed the phone and dialed Liam. “Where are you?” He snapped.

“Liam,” his voice broke. “I’m…” he choked off sobbing. “I balled up,” he fisted his hand against his eyes. “I…”

Where is she?” Liam hissed.

He explained that you went outside to get rid of the trash and by the time he realized you had been taking too long, you were already gone. Liam hurried down to the pub. Harry was still there behind the bar. He was trying to calm Louis down that they would find you. Harry’s girl was all but a detective. He would call her if need be. “You don’t want her here, Harry. If something happens to her you–” Louis was cutoff because Liam smacked the door open and punched Louis right across the jaw.

Liam was so scared and frustrated, his sweet sister… “Liam,” Harry said as Louis just accepted the punch. He was so mad at himself and he deserved the punch. “That’s not going to bring her back.”

Liam inhaled deeply. “I’m going to kill him,” Liam vowed.

You were tossed into a room and the door slammed shut. You kept calm. You needed to be calm to do this right. You were clever. That’s why you could gamble. It’s how you learned. You could do this. You took a deep breath and surveyed the room as your eyes adjusted to the dark. You could hear the distinct sounds of negotiation in another room. Your wrists were bound by rope and you looked for something sharp. It was a bedroom, but without a bed. This probably just housed stuff. It wasn’t for people.

But there was a bathroom. You quickly got up and silently walked there as quickly and silently as you could. You found a sharp straight edge razor. You took a deep breath and hoped you could do this.


“Two thousand rubes,” Liam growled as he drove. Louis inhaled deeply.

“Liam, I am so beyond sorry, I don’t know what else to say. I will not sleep until I find her,” he promised.

Harry sat silently in the back and tried to diffuse the tension as much as possible. They had been driving around for hours looking for places to hide a bottlegging service. Warehouses, the industrial district, they looked everywhere. “Stop,” Harry said suddenly seeing someone running just through the edge of the trees by the road. He jumped out and ran into the woods.

“Babe?!” Louis called.

You stuttered to halting stop narrowly missing a tree. You turned and saw Harry and you sighed with relief and bolted for him. Gunshots sounded startling you and you dropped to the ground. Liam jumped out of the car as Louis backed up several feet Liam aimed the gun back and Harry grabbed your hand and hurried back to the car. Liam jumped inside and Louis sped off. You calmed your heart a few moments as Harry calmed you. Liam sighed with relief. Louis was having difficulties not crying again. Louis stopped outside his home and Liam pulled you out of the car and into his arms. Louis sighed sitting on the back bumper of the car. He looked like had aged ten years in the last six hours.

Liam held you tight and kissed the side of your head. You sighed in exhaustion. After cutting the ropes off you had to sneak out and it took time, strategy, calculation. You were terrified…still. “Are you okay?” Liam whispered. “What happened?” He asked grasping your hands and examining the blood streaks on your skin.

“I-I had to cut the ropes…I wasn’t that good,” you whispered softly and looked at the cuts on your fingers.

Louis felt sick. “I’m so sorry, baby,” he sniffled.

You frowned. “How did you get that bruise?” You asked.

He smirked. “Uh…I deserved it.”

“Liam! You didn’t!” You smacked his arms.

He smiled gently and kissed your forehead. “He lost my sister,” he said softly.

You released Liam and sighed. “Thank you, I love you,” you told him. He smiled.

“I love you too, kid,” he winked.

You rolled your eyes. “Thank you Harry,” you said and pecked his cheek.

“Anytime, darling,” he smiled at you.

You looked at Louis. “Well, are you going to clean me up or what?” You asked sassily. He sniffled and cupped your face and stared into your eyes.

“I’m so sorry, doll,” he whispered. He kissed your forehead and brushed his thumbs on your cheeks. “I’m so sorry. I never should have–”

“I’m fine,” you promised and stood on your toes to kiss his lips softly. “I love you,” you whispered. “It’s not your fault,” you said bravely. Your voice was hoarse from screaming and crying. “I’m okay.”

He sighed. “You are the strongest girl I know. I love you too,” Louis whispered.

“Babe,” Harry said quietly as Louis clutched to your body.

“Yeah?” You murmured into Louis’s shirt.

“Do you know where they took you?” He asked.

You tilted your head and thought for a moment. “As a matter a fact, I do,” you smiled brightly.

“Attagirl,” Louis smiled proudly in your hair and kissed your forehead. “But you’re not leaving my sight for a second, ever again,” Louis promised.

“Okay Zayn,” you joked with an eye roll

“I’ll call him right now,” Harry said grabbing the phone.

You smiled and looked up at him. “Well, boys, are we gonna catch a criminal or what?” You asked. Liam smirked and shook his head at his daring little sister.

“Coolest girl, ever,” Louis declared and kissed your temple as you sunk into his body for relaxation. You may have rolled your eyes at him. But you were sure if Louis never left your side, you would never be hurt again.


He was sort of hoping you wouldn’t come to the site today. He was scared. He knew you would tell him he was an idiot. And he was, but he was trying hard. His stomach growled and he felt even worse that he didn’t listen to you. Physical hunger reminded him how much of an idiot he was for not listening to his intelligent angel. “Are you okay?” You asked as you sat in front of him and you bit your lip. You had this unsettling feeling in your stomach…it gave you the heebie-jeebies

“Uh…no, not really,” he mumbled shyly and stared at his lap. He was mad at his step-sister still, you knew that much. But more so because his parents allowed her to live with her fiancé…and he really wanted to kill Louis for putting his sister in danger. But she loved him. For whatever reason…

And to be fair to Louis, it was strange that you loved Liam. You were currently dressed to the nines in your pretty white dress at this dirty construction site. Liam couldn’t give you what you needed. He didn’t make enough money. He wanted to give you the world, and he couldn’t even feed himself. You were ritzy…he wasn’t.

But that didn’t matter. You had money of your own, that you worked for. And if you asked, Daddy would give you more because he knew how hard Liam worked. He would give Liam Hell for ignoring you and investing in the stock market, but he wouldn’t let Liam starve if you cared about him.

“What’s the matter?” You asked softly.

“I did a bad thing,” he whispered.

You blinked. You had heard all the hullabaloo going down with Zayn…Louis…you were nervous for Liam. You didn’t want anything to happen to him. You were genuinely scared. “What?” You asked quickly, nervously. “You know, I really don’t think you should be involved with the boys,” you murmured.

“It’s…not that,” he mumbled. He sighed and dragged his hands through his hair. “I…I put my money in the market.”

“What?” You whispered in disbelief as you stared at him.

“I know what you said and I should have listened…but you don’t know what it’s like, baby. I want to buy you things and spoil you like the boys do for their gals,” he said quickly. Sure he was a bit grungy of the boys because they had the money to buy their girls things…but…he wanted to keep you around. He had never felt so strongly for a girl before…you would be snapped up in a heartbeat. “I want to be good enough for you,” he whispered.

You stared at him. “Liam,” you said softly. You knew the market had a small dip a few days ago and it was making everyone panic. You didn’t think it would hurt Liam.

He could hear the disappointment in your voice. But it was more than that. He stared at you. “Baby,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

You cracked your neck and looked at him. “Is that why–?” You looked at him and noticed he looked a bit paler. And thinner somehow. “Liam when did you eat last?” You asked.

He bit his lip and shook his head “Louis’,” he murmured. Your heart almost snapped in half. That was almost three days ago. You rubbed your temples and stared at him. You got up and hurried off the site. You were so frustrated. You wanted to scream at him. But first you had to get your love food.

He sighed in frustration and went back to work. He wanted to cry. He was so sad and upset with himself. He should have been happy with what he had, but he wanted more. For you. That’s all he wanted. You were everything in his eyes and he knew how easy it would be for you to be with someone who was more perfect for you. Someone who had money and wouldn’t have to worry about the next pay check, or skipping meals. But he couldn’t let you go so easily.

You were almost in tears at the thought of Liam starving all because he was too proud to tell you he was hungry and that he’d foolishly done what you asked him not to. You bought him a sandwich, chips, and some pop. You also got him an apple and a water bottle. He would feel so ridiculous that his girl had to buy him this stuff, but you had money and you just wanted him to be happy and healthy.

“Hey Princess,” Niall smiled softly at you as he passed by you carrying Liam’s lunch. You smiled politely.

“Hi Niall,” you murmured sadly.

“Aw, babe, did Liam tell you about the stock market?” He asked. You nodded trying to hold back tears. “Aw, he means well, darling,” he said softly. Niall worked at the bank most days. It was only Thursdays and Fridays that he worked the construction site.

“He’s hungry,” you croaked worried about the well-being of your boyfriend.

“Babe, we won’t let him starve. Liam is our best friend. Louis has a restaurant. Harry has a bakery, don’t worry, doll,” he promised and kissed your forehead. “I have to get to the bank. But I promise it’ll be fine,” he said softly. You nodded and started back for the construction site. Along the way you were yanked into a side street and a hand was covered over your mouth before you could let out a full scream.

Niall happened to glance back and see that you disappeared. His heart went into a spasm. Oh God. Not again. He truly had enough of girlfriends getting kidnapped this week. “Babe?!” He called and ran down the street. When he didn’t hear you answer, he hurried to the construction site. “Liam!” He shouted and scaled the frame of the building to him. “You have to come quick,” he ordered.

“Niall, I’m exhausted, hungry, and I just…” he sighed heavily as he thought of you. “She’s mad.”

“She’s not mad, she’s upset…but none of that matters because she just vanished out of thin air,” he grabbed Liam by the arm and pulled him down the road recounting the moments he spoke with you and told Liam that you were headed back to him with food.

Liam’s heart was so loud, it echoed in his ears. “No, no, no,” he whispered. He let tears fill his eyes in worry. “Not her too…” he whispered.

“All the money you have,” the man snapped at you. You glared at him and prayed he wouldn’t hurt you. He held a gun to your head as you slowly opened your purse. After struggling for a few moments you gave up and succumbed to him. You had to do what he wanted or he would have no qualms killing you. You handed him the only money you had, almost twenty dollars. “That’s it?” He growled. “I know you have more…little baby vamp like you surely has money…”

“I don’t,” you said handing him your purse. You didn’t need it. You just didn’t want to die and have Liam feel guilty.

He narrowed his eyes at you. “What’s a pretty dame like you doing with a sap like the one you’re fooling around with down at the site?” You clenched your jaw to keep from snapping at him or crying. You didn’t answer. “You’re awfully keen on someone who can’t even provide for you,” he noted looking at the bag of food you dropped when he yanked you in the side street. “Where’s the money?” He asked. “The bank? Because we can go there,” he offered.

“Only a dunce would put money in the bank these days,” you snapped.

He clearly took offense to that because he back-handed you across the face causing you to fall to the ground. You strongly lifted yourself up as tears filled your vision. Your stockings were torn and your dress was now covered in dust. “Trust me, love,” he said knowingly. “Your little group of friends is on the up and up…if they know what’s good for them, they’ll bring the money we were supposed to get last week,” he said and he gathered your purse, your money and walked away slowly. “Have them give us a call, princess,” he called over his shoulder.

You had a decent mind to throw a rock at him and knock him out so that Liam could come and kill him. He was going to eventually. Liam had enough of losing people he loved.

You grabbed Liam’s food and hurried out of the side street. You bumped into something solid and warm. “Oh thank goodness,” he whispered close to tears with relief and pulled you close to his body. You held him closer and Niall sighed. He examined your body right before pulling you back close. His eyes zoned in on your stockings and he clenched his jaw. “Did he touch you?” You shook your head burying yourself into Liam.

“Goddammit,” Niall hissed and pulled your face from Liam’s body. Liam’s blood sizzled in his veins. “He hurt you?” Niall asked.

“I’m alright,” you whispered and you held the bag out to Liam. “Here,” you didn’t remark anything else about the food. “He stole my purse and money…and he wants more. You were supposed to give him some the other day?” You said curiously. “I don’t know…” you murmured. “But he wants more money.”

“Goddammit,” Liam whispered and put the heels of his hands against his eyes and he kissed your forehead. “I’m so sorry you were dragged into this. Baby, I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

You shrugged. “I’m alright,” you promised again.

He shook his head. “No, you’re hurt. And now you’ll have to tell your father and he’ll kill me for not protecting you…and then he’ll kill me for not listening to you about investing,” he sighed in frustration.

You cupped his face. “Li,” you whispered softly. “I’m not mad, I’m just worried.”

He looked at Niall, he sighed softly and kissed your cheek. “Glad you’re alright babe,” he whispered and headed off to work.

“I want to get you everything you could ever want and deserve, baby,” he whispered softly.

You smiled gently at him. “Look at me,” you ordered and made his sweet brown eyes look at yours. “We are a team, okay? What’s mine, is yours,” you explained. “That shouldn’t make you feel less manly…you don’t have to ask. You work hard to pay bills and stuff and I’ll make money for us to spend, okay? You’re my favorite person in the world, Liam Payne,” you promised and pressed your lips to his. Your jaw hurt a bit and so did your body. He looked down at you.

“Your pretty dress is all ruined.”

You smiled softly at him. “It’s okay,” you whispered. “Are you okay now?”

“Yes, my best girl is okay,” he whispered and stared into your eyes. “I love you so much, I don’t know what I would have done if—” His voice broke off. “I’m so sorry for not listening.”

“I love you too, Liam,” you whispered. “Now, eat, please,” you said softly. “I’m going to get more money for the crazy baloney all of you have gotten yourselves into…” you said knowingly. “And I’ll ask Daddy if you can get a raise so you can buy me a ring,” you winked at him. He grinned brightly.

“Baby…don’t do that…” but he was still smiling. “I already got you one,” he said softly.

You stopped in your tracks and spun around to look at him. Your jaw hit the floor. “What?” You gasped.

He smiled shyly and looked at his feet. “That’s why I invested,” he said softly and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. “I’d probably still have money if I didn’t buy this, but I wouldn’t give up the look on your face,” he whispered and knelt down on one knee. “I love you.” You grinned and he took hold of your hand. “I’ll love you forever and do my best to take care of you and do anything I can to make you happy,” he promised. “Will you marry me?” He asked softly.

“Of course,” you said and tears filled your eyes. He slid the ring on and kissed your hand before scooping you off the ground and twirling you in a circle and kissing you softly on the lips.

“You don’t have to get money for the boys and I to screw around with.”

You smiled gently at him. “Some people are worth investing for,” you whispered and pressed your lips to his again.


Niall was panicked. He’d watched all three of his friend’s girlfriends get into trouble in the past few weeks. He was staring at you as you read from a book while he sat behind the counter of the bank. He told your father that some of his friends had been having trouble with some financial stuff since they were so well off and he was worried that you would get hurt. But felt that if you were with him or your father at all times, you would be completely fine.

You’re still quite unsure how Niall got your conservative father to agree to such terms.

You were reading your text but you weren’t absorbing anything because Niall had on his most dashing smile and he was wearing a pair of suspenders, a button up and a bow tie. His laugh was infectious and everything about him made you tingle with love for him. He was helping a customer and a younger man about your age walked in. He was waiting in line, but kept smiling at you. Politely you smiled back, thought nothing of it and looked back at your textbook. Niall saw him blatantly drooling over you and though he couldn’t blame the torch he clearly, suddenly carried for you…he didn’t like it one bit and could do nothing while he helped the customer before him.

“Hey, doll,” the guy said. “You’re awfully pretty,” he hummed and stood in front of you. “What are you doing in a joint like this inside all day?”

“M-my boyfriend is working,” you said softly and shyly. It was a miracle you were brave enough to say yes to Niall. Guys made you incredibly shy. It’s what happened when you were the quiet church girl. Your schooling was all private and tutors. The only men you spoke to were your father, brothers, and the friends of your father who tutored you.

Then Niall saw you at church and he couldn’t keep away and did everything he could to get to you. He asked your father before he even spoke to you. He was the sweetest gentleman and did everything he could to protect you and make you feel comfortably safe.

“Niall…” he hummed. “Hmm…” he smirked and took hold of your hand and your text fell to the floor. Niall was rushing the customer but didn’t say anything. “Shouldn’t hang out with men like him…they’ll just get you into trouble…bout to, too,” he said knowingly. “Money needs to get there soon,” he warned and kissed your knuckles. You tugged your hand away and looked at Niall. He was fuming and the guy leaned to your ear and whispered, “Pretty dame like you, we could get into all kinds of trouble, though,” he said knowingly and slowly inched his hand up your side. You pulled away quickly almost falling flat on your back and Niall excused himself quickly letting his jealousy flare up.

She’s mine,” he growled at the stranger and grabbed him by the collar and shoved him out the door. “Are you alright, sweetheart?” Niall asked cupping your face. “God, I can’t leave you alone for two seconds without you stealing someone’s heart,” he whispered and kissed your forehead. “Are you okay?” He repeated softly. His voice was like velvet. His hands felt like magic against your skin. You nodded.

He sighed. “Sorry, sir,” he said to the customer.

He winked at you. “I understand, I’d go crazy too if some sorry sap chatted my girl if she was as pretty as you,” he said knowingly. Niall laughed and you blushed and giggled shyly before getting back to your reading.

As soon as the man left you went over to Niall. “Are you sure you’re okay—”

“Ni,” you whispered. “He knows you need to give him money,” you said softly.

“What?” He asked quickly. “Why would he—?” Niall’s face drained of color. “We’re closing shop,” he said and ran to the window and pulled the curtains, dropped the closed sign in the window and shut the lights off dragging you down to Zayn’s office. You were scared. Niall stopped just in front of Zayn’s door. “I will not let anyone hurt you, ever again,” he promised. “I need you to tell Zayn and then I’m bringing you home to your father and I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

“Niall,” you shook your head. “I don’t want to be away—”

“If you’re around me, baby, you could get hurt, and I’ll lose it…if you do,” he winced at the thought of your sweet being marred by his stupidity. “No, you’re not staying…” he said softly. You bit your lip and swallowed. You recounted the events to Zayn. He called Harry, Louis and Liam. This needed to end and soon. You sat quietly on the couch until Niall took you home. “I’m not going to let anything happen to him, sweetheart,” Zayn promised you. “I like him a lot,” he winked at you. You smiled weakly.

“I’ll see you first thing in the morning,” Niall promised stopping his car outside your home. You bit your lip. “I love you, baby,” he said softly and pressed a gentle kiss to your mouth. You knew he was going to give the man the money. You were terrified.

“Have a good time, sweetheart?” Your father asked. You nodded and headed to your room. When the lights in your house turned off and everyone was asleep. You slipped out the door. You pushed the car down the road so the engine wouldn’t wake your family. After saying a quick prayer, you put the car in gear and drove to find Niall.

Like hell you were going to let him get hurt for you.


Niall gulped as Zayn handed him the money in the briefcase. It was fraction of what they wanted with the proposition they leave the girls alone. “We’ll be right behind you,” Liam promised. He nodded and took a deep breath. Louis stuck a gun in the back of Niall’s pants and snapped his suspenders.

“They know you’re the most innocent of the group,” Harry said. “It would be me, but they don’t know I exist,” Harry promised.

“You’ll be fine,” Zayn said. Niall nodded. He would do this for you. He wouldn’t live if you got hurt because of him.

He stepped into the designated warehouse and climbed the stairs. The boys would create a ruckus downstairs and distract Mr. Big Shot’s men. When they finished with them, they’d come get Niall…and hopefully Mr. Big Shot.

Niall climbed the steps and felt the sweat bead the side of his head.

“I did not expect them to send you,” Mr. Big Shot remarked quietly. “Thought I’d see that curly haired one,” he said massaging his arm where Harry’s girl had shot him. What a wimp…passed out and everything from an arm shot. Niall thought. “Been meaning to get in touch with him.”

Niall stored that information away to report back to Harry. “Here,” Niall said tossing him the briefcase. He opened it, looked through the money and then looked up at Niall with a wicked smile.

“I hope you know I don’t take any wooden nickels,” he said lowly and reached for his belt. Niall struggled to reach for the gun in the back of his pants. But he wasn’t quick enough. He was shot in the stomach. “I said, all of the money or there would be no room for negotiation.” Niall knew he was still pissed that Louis’s girl had swindled him of his money and that the amount they brought was more than fair. He coughed and Mr. Big Shot kicked Niall in the stomach. He groaned again and held the gun aimed at Niall’s head. “All or nothing,” he growled at Niall his finger over the trigger.

Bang. One bullet.

Bang. Two bullets.



You sped to the warehouse where Niall had brought you weeks before. You saw Louis running around the back and scaling the fire escape as someone followed him. He seemed utterly too happy to be running around being chased by several men.

Your heart pounded when you didn’t see Niall. You felt the dread deep in your stomach and you were so scared. You hopped out of the car and hurried up the steps of the warehouse. You heard voices and heard Niall’s accent, the deep tenor of his voice. No one could stand him being Irish, but Zayn was tolerant, got him a job and all that and got him working for him. You couldn’t imagine a world without him now and you were terrified that he was going to get hurt.

So you took the stairs faster. You heard a gunshot and you paused for ten seconds praying that Niall was fine. Tears filled your eyes. You couldn’t bear the thought. Why didn’t the boys help him? Harry saw you on the stairs above and he gaped at you. And then heard the men following him. You kept running up the steps and Harry dashed onto the floor below where the men followed him.

You got to the big open room and saw Niall, bleeding and coughing curled on the floor as Mr. Big Shot held a gun aimed right at Niall’s head. Your stomach lurched and you aimed the gun you stole from your brother at the man hurting your love. He was so wrapped up in his own escapades he didn’t see you standing in the doorway. You pulled the trigger. With incredible precision you hit him in the middle of his upper abdomen and then again in his hand as he flailed knocking the gun out of his hand. He fell back on the floor, his gun skittering away. You ran to Niall and pressed your hands over his wound. You started sobbing. “Niall,” you cried. “Ni,” you begged. “Baby,” you whimpered. He smiled up at you sleepily.

“I know I died, because this has to be heaven,” he whispered. “And you’re supposed to be safe and sound at home,” he struggled to breathe normally. You had helped down the camps during the Great War and you treated hundreds of bullet wounds. You pressed hard on his piercing and heard the door fly open.

“Jesus Christ, babe,” Liam said looking at Mr. Big Shot. “Fantastic aim,” he whispered.

You ignored him. “Liam, help,” you begged.

“He’ll be fine,” Liam promised. “Ni, stay awake, yeah?” Liam asked.

Niall smiled at you. “Close my eyes and lose sight of her?” He asked slurring his words together in exhaustion. “I’d rather shoot myself in the foot,” he joked.

“Not the joke we’re looking for right now,” Harry rolled his eyes wrapping his belt around Niall’s waist.

“You saved his life, princess,” Zayn said knowingly and gathered the briefcase, cash and used the phone in the room to call his girlfriend’s father to help. He was unaware of the activity Zayn put up with. Maybe he knew they were involved illegally. But Mr. Big Shot and his boss were wanted men. He wouldn’t be unhappy that Niall’s girl had severely injured him.

“Are you alright?” Liam asked you.

You didn’t look at the other man in the room. “He’ll be okay?” You asked, still crying.

“Until your father gets a hold of him? Yes, he’ll be fine,” Harry smiled softly.

You sighed with relief. “Niall, don’t you dare leave me,” you whispered in his ear and pressed a kiss to his lips as his breathing altered erratically.

“I would never,” he said softly. “I love you too much. Thank you for saving my life, princess,” he whispered.

You smiled gently. “What were you thinking?” Your father’s voice bellowed. You sighed.

“All due respect sir, she did save his life,” Liam said softly.

He took a deep breath. “You had me worried sick,” he snapped at you. “Niall, when you get well, you and I are going to take a ride.”

“Sir,” he coughed with a smirk. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he smiled at you. “But your daughter is my angel…she saved my life. Go easy on her, I owe her mine,” he said his eyes fluttering shut as the medics took hold of him to bring him to the hospital.


You held his hand as he smiled at you sleepily from all the pain meds. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

“You said that already.”

“It’s still true.”

You smiled at him. “Niall, please don’t scare me like that again,” you whispered.

“I don’t want you to ever pick up a gun in your life ever again…so I won’t,” he whispered. “Thank you, sweetheart. You’re my angel,” he sighed. “That ride your dad is taking me on? I’m going to ask him for your hand, if it’s all the same to you.”

You grinned and kissed his forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” he smiled. “Always,” he sighed as you squeezed his hand making sure he got back to better health before he had to convince your father that it was okay to marry you and probably ended up in this hospital bed again.

But you were worth it.


You didn’t tell Harry that something bad was going to happen. The man on the phone said you had a week…but it was more than a week…and that scared you more. You were so fearful. So at every moment you had, you were with Harry. Not that he complained. You followed Harry home and sleuthed around doing your best to make sure he was safe. He didn’t know. He was so in the dark.

He was worried about you because he had a sinking feeling that you were next. Mr. Big Shot was gone, but the man on the phone was still on the loose. He was going to get what he wanted. He wanted Zayn’s bootleg run out of commission. He wanted it all done and gone.

Harry avoided talking about the runs with you. But you knew it was scary. Liam’s fiancée, his sister, Niall, and Zayn’s girl had all been hurt, taken, or something of that nature because of this. Harry would do anything to avoid this happening to you. Thankfully, Niall’s girl hadn’t killed Mr. Big Shot. It was rumored his boss was upset that a quiet church girl had stopped him and found no use for a wet blanket of sorts. That irked you.

Harry was so thankful you chose to stick by him, one of the boys, or your father at all times of the day in hopes that would mean you were protected. He loved your independence it radiated as much as your beauty and intelligence, but he cared about your safety more. You were working on your studies as you sold cupcakes at Harry’s shop. He was out back planning a run with the boys. Niall was better. Despite Niall’s future father-in-law’s ride down to the river, he was well and capable to help.

Harry knew that they had to catch him in the act. And he knew that Mr. Big Shot’s boss knew who was involved. But Harry hadn’t been bothered. So he assumed he didn’t know about you.

It was quite the opposite.

The Boss saw that Harry was a weakness. Since he was the behind the scenes man. Getting through to him was getting thorough the whole operation. You had played dumb the next time The Boss called. “I don’t know what they’re doing…I know nothing about Harry…we just met…he owns a bakery,” you told him. Part of you knew he didn’t fully believe you. You knew he needed proof. So you would give it to him.

“Harry’s part of something much bigger than a bakery, princess,” he snarled. You didn’t answer.

“Come to the office?” Harry asked coming form out back. You shook your head.

“I don’t like going there.”

“We won’t be there long,” he promised.

You shook your head. “I’ll be fine here. It’s the middle of the day, Harry. I’m selling cupcakes,” you reminded him.

“And cheesecake,” he mumbled.

You smiled. “I’ll be fine. I’m safer here than I would be at Zayn’s,” you reminded him. “I’m a big girl.”

“Aw, not the big girl card,” he smirked at your stubbornness. He kissed your forehead. “I’ll be back in a flash,” he promised. “I love you,” he whispered. “And damn your independence,” he chuckled.

You kissed his lips and hugged him tightly. “I love you too,” you giggled. Your genius intrigued Harry and he held a map and bunch of paper in a briefcase intending to go snag Niall from the bank before they got Liam out of his new office job with his fiancée’s father and met Louis at the speakeasy before heading to Zayn’s.

Hopefully the five of them had enough sense between them to get out of this balled up hooey.

You waited five minutes. You paced the room. Nothing changed. You took inventory for Harry. He loved having you work for him. He got to keep an eye on you and he liked to joke with the customers that you were so sweet it only made sense for you to sell the sweets.

You’re pretty sure people wanted to kill him simply because he was sickeningly sweet to you. You went back to your studies and wondered when Harry would get back. Would they have gotten the job done? Was this enough? Where was The Boss? You were sure he had tabs on the pastry joint. You knew he had eyes on it and you knew that if that was true. He would be here soon.

You sold a few more treats and smiled at the kids that came inside watching as they made it back to their parents outside. None went to a threatening man of any kind. It had been almost an hour…you would have to close soon. Harry would be back soon to take you home.

What a bust.

You put your books beneath the counter as the door opened. “Hello,” the deep voice said. You knew that voice. You stood up and looked over the counter to the man. He smiled smugly at you. “Thought you were lying, kitten,” he cooed. “It’s a shame really,” he said pulling the blinds down. “At least if you were lying, I’d have a reason to kill you…” he mumbled. “I don’t like killing innocent sweet girls,” he smirked.

Something told you that was a lie.

“I suppose I’ll just have to settle for a lesson with your guy,” he murmured pulling a gun from his pocket. You kept your breathing even as you watched the gun. He twirled it on his fingers and ran his hand over it as it gleamed in the lights of the shop. “You see darling,” he sighed. “I’ve been cheated, betrayed, and most of all disappointed,” he said and walked along the shop examining the cupcakes. “I don’t like any of those things.” You didn’t respond. “So,” he said. “Here’s what we’re going to do, doll,” he cooed. “You’re first going to give me every last penny in this shop. Then, we’re going to go to a bank on the other side of town. I know you’ve never been there, you and your guy are never separated, and you’ve never been in the bank. They don’t know you there.” Well, Niall would know you. So that would help. “And you’re going to make a withdrawal for your boyfriend,” he said knowingly.

“And if I don’t?”

“Oh did I mention I love cooperation,” he said pointing the gun in your direction.

You nodded. “Well, are we going to bump gums, or should we get a wiggle on?” You asked calmly.

“You’re much calmer than I expected,” he murmured. “I underestimated you, princess,” he smirked.

You shrugged. “It’s hard to be anxious if you already know the outcome of the events,” you told him. “It’s all the anticipation of the future,” you explained.

“Oh? And you can predict the future.”

“I know you’re going to kill me anyway,” you shrugged. “You don’t play by the rules,” you told him. “You get what you want and then have no use for the thing or things that helped you.”

“Bravo, doll, you’re not as dumb as you look.”

You almost lost it. “Neither are you,” you said evenly.

He narrowed his eyes at you and snarled. “Money. Now.”


“Are you sure this will work?” Zayn asked from the front seat of Harry’s car. He nodded as he drove.

“He wants money, we’ll give him money…we alert the police of our missing loot, Niall tells them the bank was robbed,” he shrugged. “And they’ll have no choice but to believe that he has it,” Harry explained. “We’re none the wiser, and he’s gone.”

Niall and Liam were taking the money back to Louis’ speakeasy. Louis drove a separate car to the warehouse. Just in case. You never know. “You sure he said four?” Zayn asked.

Harry nodded as he grabbed the brief cases out of the back and headed up the stairs of the warehouse. Louis and Harry flanked him, holding guns and ready to go. They made it to the top. Knocked on the door. Louis and Zayn put their guns down. Louis kicked the door open. “Always wanted to do that,” he smirked to himself. Zayn rolled his eyes and Harry entered.

It was empty.

“The bastard,” Harry growled and he examined the room. He called Louis’ house. Liam grabbed the phone. “He’s gone.”

“Shit,” Liam hissed.

“Oh God,” Louis whispered.

Harry turned to him and Louis handed him the note and booked it downstairs without explanation. Heard there was a sweet little shop downtown. Why don’t we meet there? If you’re not too late of course…

Harry’s stomach rolled. “Oh no, oh God, NO,” he said. “Liam, she’s…sweets no…” and bolted after Louis. Zayn quickly behind. Harry jumped in Louis’s car as he hovered by the entrance and sped downtown to the shop.

“She didn’t want to come…she knew. Oh God, LOUIS TODAY,” Harry shouted running his hands through his hair and

Louis narrowly missed other cars, ran stop signs. He didn’t want to be too late. He knew what Harry would feel. He had felt it himself. So had Liam, Niall, and Zayn. And now Harry.

This needed to end.

And soon.


You gathered the money out of the safe, the register, Harry’s deposit bag. There was a gun aimed at your head, but you worked no quicker, nor nervously. “I’m thoroughly impressed with your work, doll. If I didn’t have to kill you, you would have been quite the vamp for my dealings.”

“I would never work with you,” you muttered and dropped the bag. “Dammit,” you hissed.

“Pick it up,” he snapped angrily. You crouched down gathering the money and you grabbed the gun off the shelf with your textbooks and tossed it into the bag with the money. You stood up and held the bag. “Where’s your little guy now?” He asked smugly.

You heard tires screech. “If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure that’s him.”

He ran to the window and you grabbed the gun out of the bag and aimed it at him. “You called them, you stupid little—” he reeled to you. His eyes widened at the sight of your gun and he gaped as he moved his to take aim.

Harry jumped out of the car and heard four shots. His stomach turned and he put his hand on the glass door and took a deep breath. He heard you scream. His heart started up again and he ran inside.

There was blood streaking the floor. The man was trying to strangle you. You gasped for air. Two guns laid on the floor a few feet away. His hands, bloodied, perfect round holes, through and through. You had shot him once in each hand, once in each foot. Harry tackled him and you gasped for air. Sirens sounded and you cried as you breathed.

Zayn swooped you and set you on the counter. Liam and Niall helped Harry. “Are you okay, doll?” Zayn asked and wiped the blood on your neck. “His blood?” He asked. You nodded. “Good girl,” he smiled and kissed your forehead.

Louis brought the police in they grabbed the man that hurt you. Harry was so close to snapping his neck. Liam and Niall calmed him down. Your father came over to you and Zayn while Louis gave the detailed account. “You’re alright?” Your father asked.

You nodded and sighed. He smiled and kissed your forehead. He looked at Zayn. “You better take good care of her if you’re going to sell illegal alcohol,” he said lowly. Zayn paled. “I’m not covering for you all the time,” he reminded him and headed to the police as they took hold of the biggest rum runner in the area.

“Babe?” Zayn asked looking at you suspiciously. “What just happened?”

“Go clean up,” you told him. “They’ll investigate,” you promised with a small smile. “Daddy can only ignore so much,” he smirked and took a deep breath.

They were going to be okay. Zayn kissed your forehead, tipped his hat to his soon to be father-in-law who was shoving the rum runner in the police bucket, and headed back to the office. He had the suspicion that Zayn was involved in something illegal. But as long as his baby girl was okay, well…he’d let one slide. It was a difficult rule to enforce anyway.

Harry was crying as he walked to you. “Goddammit, baby,” he whispered. “You’re too smart for me,” he sniffled. You grinned and held him closely to you. “I love you so much,” he snuggled into your neck. “Don’t ever do anything like that again,” he warned.

“Do you know how cool you are?” Louis asked you. “You took down the biggest rum runner in the state,” he smiled in awe.

You cupped Harry’s face and smiled at him. “I’m alright,” you promised. “I’d do it again. For you. Always.”

“You have sharpshooter aim,” Liam murmured. “No pun intended, of course,” he winked at you. “Attagirl,” he winked at you.

You smiled proudly. “You’re the bee’s knees,” Niall shook his head. “I gotta go get the clams from Lou’s,” he said. “Drinks are on me tonight,” he winked at you.

You giggled and Harry continued to hold you to him. “Harry, why don’t you take your girl home to clean up?” Louis suggested. “We’ll clean up here,” he said rubbing Harry’s shoulder.

Harry walked you to the car and he drove to your home. You sat in the car in silence for a moment. “I love you too, by the way,” you smirked at him. He looked at you with sad eyes.

“You fooled me.”

“I did.”


“I knew I could do it,” you whispered. “I did it,” you smiled softly.

“You are your father’s daughter,” he said with utter reverence for you. “I love you so much,” he whispered and pulled you toward him to kiss you for a long moment. He pulled back and rested his forehead against yours in utter happiness. You were safe. He was safe.

“I love you too,” you breathed and pressed another kiss to his lips. The whole group was safe. They were going to be okay. “Harry?” You asked suddenly.

“Hmm?” He asked and smiled at you and lightly peppered kisses down your hairline to your jaw.

“What would you say if I could get you into a Yankees game…and meet Babe Ruth?” You asked.

He pulled back some and looked at you in surprise. “I’d say, which church would you like to get married in?” He said as the smile spread on his face from cheek to cheek.

You grinned. “You should probably get Daddy’s permission, then, first,” you whispered and kissed him again and he chuckled against your lips and squeezed you to him happily.

Prompt from that-pisces-dude:  Will invites Nico (who’s totally oblivious about the meaning of Netflix and chill).when he finds out,he’s like:OH HELL NO! YOU INVITED ME FOR NETFLIX.AND I WANNA WATCH SOME DAMN NETFLIX!

  • Nico started dating his current boyfriend, Will, for about six months. And he was pretty happy. 
  • He was much better than any other guy he has dated so far, which was only two.
  • His phone buzzed and he instantly knew it had to be from him.
  • Wanna Netflix and chill? Will text him.
  • Nico smiled at the idea. Okay. Be there in ten.
  • Cool! See you soon! <3
  • Nico grinned and got out of bed. He put on some comfortable clothes before heading over to Will’s place. 
  • Like he promised, he was there in ten minutes. 
  • Will opened the door, smiling. He was wearing nothing but his boxers. He let Nico in and kissed him. 
  • “Hey.” 
  • “Hi. So, what are we going to watch?” Nico asked as he headed to the couch.
  • Will raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t matter.”
  • “What do you mean that doesn’t matter? You asked me to come over to watch Netflix and to chill.” Nico told him. 
  • Will chuckled and shook his head. “Nico, wanna Netflix and chill means do you wanna have sex.” 
  • Nico stared at him, wide eyed and mouth open. He hasn’t thought about having sex with Will yet. They were still in the beginning of their relationship. 
  • “Nico?” Will asked after a few moments of stunned silence.
  • “OH NO! I am not having sex with you! You asked me to come over and watch Netflix and that’s what I want to do! Watch Netflix and relax with my boyfriend!” 
  • Will blinked a few times before saying: “What do you want to watch?”
  • “I don’t know! There’s lots of things I haven’t seen yet.” Nico replied, as he went to the Xbox to get on Netflix.
  • “We can watch The Walking Dead.” Will suggested.
  • “No, I’m not watching a show about zombies.” Nico told him. “What about The Office?”
  • “That show is stupid.” Will snorted.
  • “Is not!” Nico protested. “It’s funny!”
  • “It’s dumb.”
  • They fought a bit more about what to watch. Nico always wanting to watch some type of comedy while Will wanted to watch a drama. But neither of them wanted to watch a movie.
  • They finally agreed on watching Orange is the New Black, which both of them wanted to watch.
  • Nico curled up against Will as they watched the entire Season 1.
From India and Turkey to Oxford, we live in a perpetual state of war against women
Protesters in Istanbul after the murder of 20-year-old student Özgecan Aslan in February.

On some days I don’t need to read the news. I know it already. It is basically a list of the women and girls who are the latest to be abused and killed. If it is nearer to us – a teenager murdered and dismembered – we are saddened, while consuming every detail. The dead girl’s face will watch us for a while. And just when it feels too much, her face will soon be replaced by another.

We fixate on individual loss as we feel our way for clues that might help us escape our already dark imaginings. And in the night we wonder where our children are, and who they are with, and what they are doing; we walk ourselves through scenarios in which somehow these awful things would not happen to our children. Or to us. Or to anyone we know. This is the collective secret of motherhood. Let it be someone else’s.

Now, though, we are at one of the recurring stages in the news cycle where, unless we switch off altogether, some things become impossible to ignore – although of course they have been ignored deliberately for a long time. The abuse of young girls? Now it is Oxford – nice Oxford, where in fact a quarter of children live below the poverty line. As with Rotherham and Rochdale, the stories of ongoing abuse and rape finally emerge. If this is all about Pakistani grooming gangs, indeed let’s investigate it fully. But such gangs can operate only in an environment in which the adults who come into contact with these girls do not appear to value them or see them as children. Even when they are turning up with their crotches soaked in blood they are seen to have consented to relationships with much older men, or memorably described as “unrapeable”. Consent only exists for the right class of women.

The right class of women are certainly not to be found in Yarl’s Wood, where asylum seekers are detained. As with the child-abuse stories, all those who work with refugees have been talking about the sexual harassment and self-harming that has been going on there for a long time. This is not a sudden revelation, but now the evidence is there: Serco, the private company running the centre, may have to answer some serious questions. The abuse is systemic.

After years of silence, Turkey’s women are going into battle against oppression

                                                       In Turkey, women have been out on the streets because of a rising tide of sexual and domestic violence. Since Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old student, was murdered after an attempted rape and her burned body found by a riverbed, women have been vocal about the rolling back of their rights by the AK party, with many of its supporters saying that the murdered woman was to blame for seeking “sexual freedom”.

In India, politicians want to ban India’s Daughter, Leslee Udwin’s important documentary about the gang rape of Jyoti Singh. In this film, one sees the attitudes of the rapists and the defence lawyers. It is hard to say which are the most disgusting. Over and over, they state that basically she deserved it for being out with her boyfriend, and that if she had not fought back she might still be alive.

The response of the Indian political class at the time of the attack was appalling, many talking about “adventurous spirit” leading to inevitable rape. Singh was flown out for medical treatment in Singapore, so horrific were her internal injuries, and when she died there her body was brought back not to her village, but cremated at night to avoid more protests. Television at the time – I was there – was suddenly full of middle-class women from Delhi also saying they did not feel safe.

So sexual autonomy and freedom from violence remain an impossibility for most of the world’s women.

In this country, we move from one abuse story to another, not wanting to make the necessary connections. Rape is now recognised as a war crime. What isn’t recognised is that we live in a perpetual state of war. Here comes the obligatory qualifier: terrible things happen to men and boys too. Not all men and boys are terrible, but we operate in a system in which half of us live in fear. According to our level of privilege, we can mute that fear or we can insulate ourselves by focussing on ever-smaller issues. Thus we have feminism as a series of lifestyle choices: can I be a feminist and wear frills/join Isis/not like the new Madonna album?

Sure, that’s easier than trying to dismantle a system that operates very well for some, the world over. When David Cameron says he is going to do something about child abuse, one wonders how he will admit its scale, or admit that the lives of working-class girls are not important to him and, even if they were, that this is beyond the scope of his rudderless government. The make-believe election we are having will always be more of a priority for those who run things.

The war against women is waged routinely and globally. Equality of the most basic kind cannot exist when a woman’s life and her words are always worth less than a man’s. But in the darkness of the night, what haunts us are not broken systems but the faces of the broken girls. So, so many. All the time.


Imagine if we had a Bethyl house

A cabin in the woods where we could escape to, and we’d watch episodes of the walking dead, talk about Bethyl, give each other Beth braids, design things, and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And we can do outdoorsy stuff like learning survival skills, self-defense and how to use a crossbow. And at night we sit around a huge fire getting drunk on moonshine and peach schnapps, while burning random things.

There would be crying, a lot of crying.
but it’s okay because we get it

watching the Walking Dead is like slowly descending into hell because you know it cannot possibly end well at all so you just keep watching it get worse and worse while knowing that the end is going to be the worst possible thing so if aliens of the future ever ask what we do for joy we can tell them that