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is answering questions such as "what are you doing?" very honestly an autism thing? like yesterday someone asked me and a friend of mine "hello, what are you guys doing?" and I looked around and answered, "well we are both sitting here, I am eating (pointed at my cinnamon roll) and she is drawing. also, i have a book which I want to open and read." I knew the person probably meant something along the lines of how are u feeling but this felt a more "right" answer to the question he actually asked

that sounds pretty autistic to me :)

~ mod rage 

im a tag

I was tagged by @awjoj and @the-great-mr-bad-guy  thank <3 (both questions r good and im v bored so im doing both anyway yay))

The person who tagged me wrote 11 custom questions for the people they tagged, and I will write 11 of my own questions and tag some of my followers.

awjoj’s questions

1. Favourite author?

i haven’t been reading a lot of ((actual)) novels lately so all i could list are fanfic writers.

2. If you were/are in a band, what instrument would/do you play?

the only instrument i could play good is guitar and,, i guess i would be one(mostly for rhyme cs i suk @ lead + no confidence )

3. Do you sleep with a comforter? (like a special blanket/stuffed toy etc.) If so, what is it and does it have a name?

i dont name my comforter but i do have quite a number of stuffed toys ( which one of them is the carrot doll from ikea(kallot) ; kotori minami nesoberi plushie ; one dumb roger(taylor from queen™) doll that i sewed once and a giant chi(sweet home) plushie ; list could go on but these me main homeboys )

4. A song that gives you intense feelings of nostalgia?

hnggg currently its queenie eye by paul mccartney i guess? idk why tho but it gives me vibes.

5. Tea/coffee/hot cocoa?

hot cocoa or tea

6. A song that has made you cry?

from the sun from UMO made me cry once.
also beautiful boy from john lennon it hurts m e
(but honestly those r songs from my depression playlist so,,)

7. What do you do for exercise (if at all? XD)

uh i try to do tracks and also taekwando and for more closet exercises is unprofessional gymnastics.

8. Describe the length of your hair. Would you like to change it (cut it shorter, grow it out) or are you happy with the way it is?

around neck-shoulder length i guess? and im p happy with it i guess (other than me hair being thicc as hella ew)?but lowkey misses having long hair?

9. Any tattoos?

nah, but would be interested in one. someday.

10. What posters do you have in your room (if any?) If you have too many to list then what’s the biggest one of?

a lot. and fucking dumb or not its a fanart of Yohane Tsushima(my whole wall is a weeb - other than the one smoll beatles shrine and a few arts here and there but i s2g,, boi,, (also a lot of maddox-rider fanart lmao)

/ / /

the-great-mr-bad-guy questions

1. Is Queen your all-time favorite band?

they share a position with some stupid moptop band now im sorry.

2. If so, what’s your second favorite band?

the who probably. and a few modern bands(UMO,FOB,sum41 etc ehhh how to choose a placing for all me faves ugh)

3. Favorite band member?

Roger can-u-stop-hurting-me Taylor

4. Favorite Queen song?

you and i will always be top alright- ok but other than that its probably flick of the wrist; seaside rendezous or black queen

5. Favorite Queen album? 

sheer heart attack or a kind of magic tbh

6. Whats your opinion on Hot Space?

(that meme of an old man smiling like the office holding a mug.)

7. Do you ship any pairings? (Maylor, Frian, Deacury, etc)

froger or joger tbh

8. Have you ever seen Queen live? If so, original line up, or Queen + Adam Lambert?

(inhales,,,,, dont talk to me about seeing queen live cause i missed the freaking chanced once i cried 17 september 2016 is a cursed date)
and original line up as in with freddie??? n o body can replace freddie who dis adam l a m  b a rt

9. Who’s solo career do you like most?

surprisingly i love brians more than rogers.(its just,,, brians voice,, bitch he has the,,, HNGGGG))

10. Favorite Queen concert? (Wembley, Live Aid, Queen Rock Montreal, etc)
i would want to say live aid but thats just me all time faves and its not only including queen
but anyway budapest is best they sound 10/10 im in love also the recorded concert is amazing too thats why also -im probbaly biased off the recordings now.

11. How long have you been a Queen fan? 

last year ew. how they they ruin my life and dragged me into this,,, classic rock hell! 11

me questions:

1) favourite genres of music

2) aesthetics

3) favourite modern bands(like from 00 eras and above)?

4) does your favourite ship have a theme song? if so, what are they

5) favourite eras of your faves?

6) do you ever check your spam mails in your emails

7) describe the last 3 picture you had just saved vaguely

8) do u think if paul and john ever just talk abt it/and probably yoko never interfered w/ their musics will beatles still be around 2k17

9) would the world be a much calmer place if freddie mercury was still around and was less promiscuous(hence hot space never existed it will be a myTH)

10) fave solo projects from anybody from ur fave band

11) if u can sell ur soul to classic rock and get back nothing in return other than good music would u still do it.

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Five Things In My Bag:
Important documents
My wallet
My jornal
A Moomin card deck
A bra

Five things in my bedroom:
Ice skating shoes
A heater
2 bags
My cat
Too many stuffed animals

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do:
Scuba diving
Relax in a bathtub
Do a backpacking through Latin America
Do a backpacking through Europe
Become a cat

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
My family
My friends
My home
My pets
Good food

Five Things On My To-Do List:
Clean my room ( i swear its a fuckin mess)
See all my friends again
Enter uni
Read my books

Im tagging here my good old friends: @brohorel
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when we take our exams we get these receipt things to prove we took the exam in case they get lost and rn we have 2 external exam supervisors who are old ladies n take AGES to sign them n one started at the front today and one started at back, and i was sitting in the middle and. it took SO long the guy behind me called livingstone was like “you know what im just gonna sign my own fucking receipt”  god m

u know whats great? that lance has honestly taught me that its okay to be a guy and care about beauty, that its not just a feminine thing and even if it was that there’s nothing wrong with that! 

the only other times in movies or tv i’ve see a man wear a face mask or pamper himself is when someones using it for humor- haha look at that guy, he’s not manly at all! he must be gay! thats not something boys do!

lance enjoys pampering himself and feeling pretty and it’s not just used as joke, it’s a part of his nature and no one else points it out or scoffs at it

that just makes me really happy and honestly that precious boy has allowed me to accept certain parts of myself i didn’t at first 

you can be a boy and have a beauty routine, you can take care of your skin, its a relief finally seeing that validated and i really appreciate the voltron writers for giving us this part of lance, because it’s so so important! i love him!

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Hi, I really love your voltron headcannons, could u do more shiro ones?

happy birthday shiro!!!

  • the extent of hunk’s familiarity with shiro pre-voltron was that one time he saw shiro in the garrison hallway and thought “oh hey me and that guy have the same gloves, neat”
  • shiro and lance are both in the Unsettlingly Good At Dealing With Near Death Experiences club
    • lance: [almost gets blown up] [hits on allura immediately after waking up]
    • shiro: [gets stabbed by radioactive wolverine claws] “haha don’t worry keith it takes more than several things trying to kill me to kill me”
  • whenever anyone compliments how well put together shiro is keith automatically remembers the time shiro almost started a fire in his dorm making pizza bites
  • “we’d like to speak to your leader” “sure” “…” “…oh right- hello-”
  • shiro is the paladins’ adult guidance, coran is shiro’s
  • whenever shiro says something inspiring allura lowkey takes notes
    • “how do you…. do that” “uh… encourage others?” “yeah that”
    • bless this girl’s soul she just prefers running people into the ground to motivate them
  • one time pidge fell asleep in the vents and shiro went to get her but his big ass shoulders wouldn’t fit and he was stuck for like an hour
  • shiro, whenever something goes wrong: “part of me is like, whatever, you know? you know those days when you’re like ‘this might as well happen?’ adult life is already so goddamn weird”

“My clothes are… um… my clothes don’t shift with my form.”

Namjoon blinked, realized he was gaping, and blinked again. His mouth snapped shut as he finally realized the meaning behind the words, but all he could choke out was a meek, “Oh.”

(A scene from @thatonepersonwithaface’s fic for this au here!! )

Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

friendly reminder that Joji can take pictures with females and they don’t have to be his girlfriend or a potential girlfriend.

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I can't believe we got two episodes in a row of such blatant Deancas what is happening

what i’m having a hard time digesting is that they aren’t trying to disguise it like they normally would?

  • they don’t have sam reacting the same way at all in the slightest
    • like, we didn’t get an emotional scene where sam calls his mom and tells her he’s spun out
    • why is dean so spun out and sam’s just like “let’s go work a case”
    • i mean usUALLY they try to mask the deancas by giving us samcas 
    • even the ONE TIME sam called cas it was just so that he could come back to dean and be like “damn u right, he really isn’t answering his phone”
  • dean keeps doing and saying things that are, as i’ve said before, LINES THAT JENSEN USUALLY WOULD WANT TO CHANGE IN A SCRIPT. he has on at least two occasions changed lines in a script to be less “romantic” but apparently giving his good ol’ best buddy a mixtape didn’t set off his romantic buzzer? 
    • talking about not recognizing the guy staring back at me didn’t set it off? 
    • calling his mom and emotionally telling her how spun out he is didn’t set it off?
    • frankly, i’m disappointed in nesnej
  • USUALLY, there’s some other reason for dean to be worried about cas besides………………..dean loving cas
    • yes, i know cas is fucked up right now and dean is worried about that but like? they didn’t even try to make dean worried about lucifer jr and the possible 87th apocalypse. he was straight up only worried about cas. 
    • not to mention the 17 episodes prior to 12x19 where dean had no clue what was going on with cas, didn’t really need him for anything, and was simply calling him over and over because he was worried about him.
  • USUALLY they wouldn’t have dean and cas straight up say what they mean
    • now it’s like “i feel like a failure and need to bring u a win” and “i’m mad because i’m worried” and “you mean WE like YOU AND ME like WE are a family ????” and “it’s a gift u keep those” and “i love you”
    • like especially the mixtape thing, it could’ve been really easy for cas to give that back to dean and dean could’ve been like “thanks man” and instead he’s like IT’S A GIFT I GAVE IT TO U AS A GIFT
    • they have never canonically given each other anything as useless as a cassette tape just for the sake of gift giving
    • i got off track here
    • why all the sudden are they being so honest with each other where was the fucking warning sooperblop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • usually they’d have some third party being like “you’re in love with humanity” or “cas has this weakness he likes you” and now they’re just ???????????????? direct, face-to-face contact
    • what happened to them being afraid to put dean and cas alone in a room together
    • no seriously
    • since when can dean imply that cas stole the fuckin colt from underneath his pillow and we all just kind of roll with that
    • what universe did i get beamed into

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seungkwan (here) |  dino (here) |  jeonghan (here) | hoshi (here) |  jun (here) | 
seokmin (here) |  wonwoo (here) |  joshua (here) |  woozi (here) |  s.coups (here)
minghao (here) |

  • cornball friends since you both said dogs were your favorite animals on the first day of middle school and everyone else was like ‘sharks, cats, tigers, blah blah blah’ but u and mingyu were firmly like dogs. dogs r the best
  • kinda ended up being class clowns without even trying everyone knows you guys are always losing stuff, tripping over stuff, and ofc arguing over who is the more dorky person
  • and middle school turned to high school where everyone was convinced you were going to date each other
  • because you’re the dog loving clutzs who would always buy ice cream for each other on the way home no matter how many arguments u had in class when u were kids
  • but high school,,,,,,also meant mingyu getting taller and hotter and less dorky more ,,,,,social
  • until you were sure he had a friend group too big,,,,,too big with no room left for you
  • and you didn’t take it to heart,,,you can’t be middle school friends forever waiting for each other outside the school gates making fun of mingyu for spilling ice cream on his overalls and then him pinching your nose in defense 
  • nope you both were seniors now and no one thought of you guys as the dog loving couple anymore,,,,,,,tbh you’d kind of become estranged
  • what with mingyu suddenly being considered one of the most handsome boys,,,,,,becoming close with the other heartthrob of the school wonwoo and even star athlete minghao
  • so at some point you made your own other friends,,,a new circle of people,,,,,,and every now and then one of your friends would jokingly point out mingyu surrounded by admirers and tease like “wasn’t he your boyfriend in middle school?”
  • that is until summer comes around and everyone is nervous for graduation 
  • and you find yourself trying to clean out your locker only to find an old dusty photo in a notebook of you,,,,and mingyu,,,,,hands around each others shoulders when he was still your height,,,,,
  • and you smile sadly but tuck it into your bag only to close your locker and get slightly shocked to see mingyu leaning against the one beside yours
  • a coy smile on his face,,,,,which is more handsome than ever and you want to say you hate it but you don’t,,,,,,,you never could
  • and you’re like “yes?” and he’s like “i found something cleaning my locker out too.” and you’re like ????
  • only to see him pull out a photo from his pocket,,,,the same one you’d just found and you give him a look of confusion
  • and mingyu laughs and is like “did you think i wouldn’t have it? this is my favorite photo of us,,,,,,because we don’t have any together from high school,,,,”
  • and u bite back ur tongue from being like well why do u think that is but u just shrug and say u need to go
  • when you feel his hand on your wrist and ur like ?? and he’s like “i,,,,,do you want to get ice-cream with me?”
  • and for a moment you’re sure he’s joking but you see the flicker of hopefulness in his eyes that you remember he’d have when u two were young
  • and somehow you can’t say no,,,,,,and you guys end up walking out of school and toward a truck near a park where mingyu orders his favorite flavor and yours from memory
  • and when he hands u the one u ,,,, go “you remembered?” and he laughs like ofc,,,,,i remember everything. when we met and u said ur favorite animal was a dog like me and everyone else said we were boring. that time u tripped over my foot in six grade and i laughed so hard i ended up tripping over a jump rope on the floor. oh - that time you got ice cream on your overalls on a trip to the zoo-”
  • “the ice-cream on overalls was you mingyu, not me”
  • he scrunches up his nose and is like “nooooo it was totally you” and you giggle like nope ! i never owned overalls,,,,but you did
  • and mingyu seems to freeze and reevaluate his whole life in this spot which just makes you laugh a bit harder
  • and as you continue walking,,,,,mingyu and you share more memories and it’s like,,,,,you never stopped being friends????
  • but sitting on the swings in the park,,,,you think that did it happen - did you stop being friends?
  • and mingyu tells u ur cone is melting but u just look at him and quietly,,,,, “why weren’t we close in high school?”
  • mingyu seems taken aback,,, but at the same time his face softens and he looks down
  • and even tho mingyu’s grown to be so big and strong for a second he looks so small,,,,,and sad there
  • and before u can tell him to forget the question he raises his head and goes
  • “because you stopped looking at me.”
  • and you’re like ?????? what and he straightens up and is like “when we got to high school,,,,all these people wanted to be my friend,,,,,,and it was nice but when id see you,,,,,,,id smile and look but you’d,,,,never look back at me,,,,,,,i thought - i thougt you’d found out,,,,,”
  • and ur like ??? found out what????
  • and mingyu swallows looking off to the side,,,his profile pretty in the summers setting sun
  • and then he says something you never thought you’d hear
  • “i thought you found out that i like you,,,,,,”
  • and ur like wait?????? you like me????? and mingyu blinks,,,
  • because yeah,,,,,,,,he likes you
  • he’s liked you since middle school and everyone knew and the first year of high school everyone said you two would date - because wasn’t he being obvious
  • and ur like ????? no????? and mingyu is like gkfhsd was i  supposed to get down on one knee with 5000 roses for u to know???
  • and ur like WELL,,,,,,you never i never admit these things but im kinda dense ok mingyu you know this ,,,, 
  • and you’re like NO????? I  JUST?????
  • and you’re both like ???????? @ each other because
  • ofc,,,,,just like in middle schools you guys are two blubbering clumsy kids except this time not like literally,,,,,but emotionally
  • and mingyu finally settles himself and is like,,,,,,,,well now you know,,,,coughs
  • and ur like i do,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like w,,,well what do you think???
  • and u think for a second before moving your swing closer,,,, leaning toward mingyu to press a kiss near the side of his lips
  • and he’s like ?????? does this mean you like me too-
  • and ur like oh no there was just some ice cream there and i wanted to eat it
  • mingyu: are you kidding, are you seriou-
  • you: nO oh my god yes i like you too ,,,,,,
  • mingyu: ok good u need to be more direct obviously we’re both oblivious as heck
  • you:,,,,,,true but also you did have some ice cream there -
  • mingyu: i like you so much but PLEASE

palpatine makes a lot of decisions that dont make a lot of sense, both in the actual film series and in the clone wars, but the one thing i really dont get is him turning up in the darth maul/mandalore arc like “no actually i replaced u permanently with dooku and now im going to electrocute you forever(?why?)”. like i realize that the films necessitate this happening but you Do realize you are being given the choice between a guy at the prime of his life who managed to survive ridiculous circumstance and came back to start staging a (at this point) fairly successful major coup and some 90 year old man whose favorite hobby is repeated failure, right sheev

my recap of 170323 The Wings Tour
  • Got sprayed by the holy water, blessedt by Yoongi and Hoseok themselves
  • Some girls lightstick bomb top went flying from behind me; thrusting her light stick too hard
  • A girl fainted in the pit RIGHT when they were going on stage
  • Taehyung likes blowing kisses and having us go insane
  • Got noticed by Jimin, Seokjin, Namjoon, and Jungkook plenty, I got a nod and smile from Yoongi.
  • Then I got Hoseok who was just being a fluffy hyper baby the whole time who had 17 cups of coffee
  • I don’t think he noticed me
  • Taehyung was pretty chill, he was exploring everywhere. I think he gave me a wave at some point.
  • The girl next to me was a Jimin stan and went nuts when she saw him do Lie, I’m not kidding, she was full on convulsing and wanting to jump the rail in front of us
  • I collapsed on my friend and the seat every time they played those bOPS
  • A girl was screaming JHOOOOOOOOPE every 2 seconds without rest. I aim to be that fucking girl. Bless you.
  • When everybody was not putting up banners at the according songs and it was confusing af since we had like 2 to 3 projects going on lmao so I didn’t get to use them that much
  • Seokjin got hit with a cap and just stared at it on the floor like “excuse you hoe I’m tryna talk tf?”
  • Someone was legit chucking plushies up there and Hoseok grabbed them all to hug them at once
  • there was so much shoving and pushing to get through processing oml it was scary seeing everyone rush
  • everyone was loud. just loud. it was perfect
  • someone gave Jungkook the American flag after he gestured to it for it to be given to him, and wore it as a cape after displaying it. this is going to be his thing. idc.
  • Jungkook = New Captain America
  • everyone kept throwing plushies at Hoseok and Taehyungs feet like guys they gotta wALK DON’T BUST THEY ANKLES
  • Namjoon smiling really big whenever we’d take over his lines
  • Yoongi doing the “let’s take out my inner ear piece and see all my bitches scream for me” for his introduction
  • fuccboi hoesucc come thru with baepsae and mama
  • jimin’s no hands when he was hip thrusting into the air like he tryna bust a nut on stage… boi
  • s l u t d r o p s
  • high notes into over drive by maknae/vocal line
  • everyone sang awake
  • Seokjin and Yoongi made me cry, and the chorus to Spring Day
  • had them back up violinists and shit for some songs, being fancy
  • I did a body heart to Namjoon and he had thAT DIMPLE FACE I FELT COMPLETE
  • Jimin teasing tf out of the girls in pit… way too close to the edge… back up bruh, they want to eat you alive, don’t do it
  • me: *watches Taehyung do Stigma*
  • me: “WAIT FOR IT”
  • also me: “hoe don’t do it”
  • me in the end: “omg”
  • he hit the note
  • I have announced my funeral
  • y'all are invited
  • when they were saying goodbye, Hoseok and two other members had us all waving our arms to the ending of Spring Day left to right for a straight minute, we mirrored them exactly the same way
  • I think my friend said Taehyung or Jimin cried
  • I’ll have to see about that later
  • many many hobi stans
  • the look on their faces when we did the rainbow ocean for them
  • seokjin’s sHOULDERS FUCK MY LIFE
  • wanna climb his ass like a tree
  • the way yoongi stomps and raps at the same time had me rolling, he’s an angry smol man tryna prove a point
  • …When someone tells you jimin is 10x more handsome in person, believe them. just do it.
  • I made a mistake of even looking at him
  • I’m swerving
  • they are very real. all seven of them. wow.
  • I was too close for my own good to them
  • I’m not okay
  • but seriously what the fuck
  • why can’t I go back in time to watch Yoongi say “fuck you and you” in a strangled growl on loop, live and in my face? :’)

I wish I could go to Newark Day 2. Please give them so much love. Stay safe. Don’t push. Don’t shove. Don’t throw too many things at them. Just be respectful. They want to have a good time and so do you!

BTS deserves plenty of love from you guys. Have fun!