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Hands- Cassian Andor


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I don’t know about everyone else but I’m excited for any Cassian content!!! Keen as a Mexican bean! But if you want a little prompt to hopefully kickstart you mind; what about write something based off the word “hands”? Anything at all, the first thing that comes to your mind write it! I hope you get out of it soon darling

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Warnings: None

A/N: Don’t know how special this one is, but at least it got me out of the rut! :) Thanks for your patience, loves. As always. 

He had strong, capable hands. Marred with scars and callouses. I remembered how they’d felt against my skin…running up my thighs, and skimming along my sides as he slipped my shirt off.

You could tell a lot about person based on what kind of hands they had. And I was nothing more than putty in Cassian Andor’s hands.

He caught me alone in the corridor, catching up to me after I’d been caught watching him meticulously clean the blaster that normally hung at his hip.

His fingers curled around my wrist, pulling me to a stop.

“Not now, Cassian.” I murmured, trying to shrug him off. Instead, he tightened his hold on me and pulled me closer.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” he asked calmly, his voice barely above a whisper. I lifted my gaze from the floor to meet his dark brown eyes and instantly regretted it. His expression was filled with pain, and want. Two things I wondered if he saw mirrored back at him.

I averted my gaze back to the floor, where I wouldn’t have to look at his perfect face. “It’s just better this way, Cass. You know that.”

“How is this better?” he asked me in disbelief. “You let me kiss you, you sleep with me…and then you won’t even speak to me?”

“Because.” I hissed at him. I tried again to rip my hand from his hold but he held on, and I eventually gave up. I leaned against him, letting my head fall against his chest. “Because I’m afraid if we do it again, I might not be able to stop.”

I could hear the steady rhythm of his heart beneath his shirt, could feel the rising of his chest. His hand cupped the back of my head, fingers tangling in my hair. “Would that be such a horrible thing?”

“Yes,” I whispered, voice muffled into the fabric of his shirt. “If something were to happen to you it would be.”

There was a small part of me, though, that knew it was already too late for that. That how I felt about him was very real. 

Those hands that had worked so meticulously to make me his traced my spine, running down my back until he was gripping my hips on either side. His fingers dug into my skin, pushing me back and forcing me to look up at him.

“Anything could happen to either of us. At any time. Don’t shut me out.”

I sighed, wanting so badly to just give in. I grabbed his hand and lifted it to my lips, kissing his palm. “I can’t, Cass. I’m sorry.”

Frown lines creased his forehead, as he shook his head slowly. “I’m not giving up that easily. I know how I feel. I’ll watch you walk away a hundred times if it means just once you’ll stay. All it takes is one time to change your mind.” His words made me feel momentarily breathless as he untwisted his fingers from my grasp and cupped my face, his palm warm against my cheek. He leaned in closer, the smell of fuel and leather intoxicating. “You know where to find me.”

Cassian’s lips grazed mine, barely touching them. His fingers brushed my cheek as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Then he was gone, his warmth vanishing as his footsteps led him further and further away…once again leaving me with nothing but the echo of his touch.

For You

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), some dirty talk, slight bdsm, caring Bucky, yeah

Pairings: BuckyxOc

Words: 1,639

Notes: hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long, things have been crazy with my family and applying to grad school. I’ll try and get some more writing to y’all more frequently I promise<3 250 followers oh my god! Thank y’all so much

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I’ve made this post before but I think it’s time to make it again.

This isn’t my first fandom, and this isn’t my smallest, but I think it’s super important that we remember to always respect differing interpretations and head canons in the Expanse fandom.

It’s been brought to my attention time and time again by various people that sometimes they feel they can’t act or speak on their readings of different characters because of backlash or people coming to them to “explain” how they’re wrong based on text and other interpretations. Or that people being so attached to their interpretations makes them uncomfortable in writing things on their interpretation or again talking about theirs.

We need to be sure we keep ourselves open to new interpretations, and those that differ from our own. We need to be mindful of how we speak about other people and their interpretations. We need to keep this fandom as open, honest, fun, and welcoming as we can. And to do that we need to be open to discussion and open to discussions we don’t agree with. 

I don’t like seeing people hurt. Or scared. Or uncomfortable. All things that people have made me feel in other fandoms. Vocal people with lots of vocal people behind them who don’t see how unaccepting behavior sours a fandom. So let’s keep working hard on keeping ourselves open to other perspectives, other readings, other ideas, other interpretations, other fics, everything. Let’s let go of our fears and our prejudices. Let’s make sure this place stays fun for everyone.

It’s all I ask. For me and for you. 

I’m a huge tea fan since my childhood. As a teenager, I always wanted to have an own teahouse which is a place for nerds like me. That time, it was planned to be a LotR-themed thing with teas made and named after characters, places, etc. of Middle Earth.

A few days ago I found Adagio Teas and all of my old ideas had come back.
Instead of LotR I started thinking on MtG-based teas. It’s really inspiring and enjoying to create what kind of tea would characterize a person, a plane or anything else which is related to MtG. I quickly made these two samples just for fun.

I’m planning to do more, thinking on the continuation of this little game. I have the following themes in mind atm:

  • planeswalkers
  • planes
  • factions (guilds of Ravnica, khans of Tarkir, etc.)

I’m open to other’s ideas as well so feel free to drop me suggestions if you’d like :)


I’m still not back yet as I’m still on vacation but I just wanna to explain some stuff even though I’m afraid to talk about these things. 

I’m very sick. 

Not like coughing sick but in the mind. I’ve gotten very very VERY depressed and I’ve come to a point where I’ve gotten super obsessed with tumblr and to make matters worse, I become insane… I don’t want to get into too much detail. And it’s making me not desiring to make anything because looking at other people’s stuff and comparing it to mine it just seems like mine is nothing to me. So! I’m disciplining myself. By taking the tumblr app off from my phone and setting a schedule my laptop so I can go to sleep on a good time as well cause I haven’t been sleeping good lately, been getting really bad nightmares where I’m afraid to even sleep so I don’t even know if that will even make a difference. So during these times, I’m just gonna try and concentrate on drawing and anything to get my mind off like watch comedy videos. I don’t want to bother with anyone either also cause I don’t want any sort of pity from anyone, I know it’s good to talk it out but I just have a feeling that anytime I do talk things out, I feel like my friends have became more and more distant from me. I just don’t want to be here on tumblr so this is my own solution. I may not post or reblog much either but I’ll do what I can and as for livestreams, I been thinking about doing one just haven’t got to it yet. 

All and all hope you guys have a lovely day than my own     

   I dont know what to call this fanfic, but I know for sure that it is smutty and cute so be prepared for the kinky,and dirty things that float around in my mind. This is a Tyler Joseph x reader 


      Y/n pov:  I’ve been so tired lately and haven’t really had the chance to sit down, I have also been really stressed out mostly because I am always up trying to clean up the house. I want it to be perfect for when Tyler comes home this weekend, I am throwing a party for him and Josh as a celebration for finishing their world tour. I am so proud of them both and they deserve a good party. Today is thursday and the week has flown by, I want to surprise them so I have been trying my best to make sure the family and friends that were coming all stayed hushed up. 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  Saturday Morning….

    Y/n pov:   I am so pumped today, Tyler is coming home and I have missed him so much. I honestly don’t think I will be able to keep my hands off of him, but I will need to gain control for the party at least. I started making snacks, Ty’s favorites including stuff from tacobell and oreos for Jishwa. I just finished putting up the ribbons and handmade sign last night so I didn’t have to worry about any more decorations. 

Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring, I practically ran to the door and swung it open to see Laura Dun and the rest of the family outside including Ty’s mom and dad. I couldn’t help but beam as I led them inside as they all hugged me and talked amongst themselves, “ Hey guys, It’s so good to know you all could come.” I said closing the door behind them, but before I could close the door all the way I was pushed back by Zach and Jay who both made themselves at  home immediately. Kelly scolded them as if they were still five for their rude actions, “ Its fine mom”, I giggled but stopped when I realised I just called her mom. She saw the look on my face and came over to hug me, “Awww, You can always call me mom sweetheart.” I felt my face turn red and everyones eyes were on me. I walked over to the kitchen to go grab the snacks, “I have snacks guys, if you want some,” but when I returned to the living room I noticed that they were all staring at something  outside. I suddenly lit up realizing it had to be the boys. “ Quick, everyone hide!” I whispered and everyone scattered and hid waiting for the door to open.  I hid behind the counter and held the oreos in my hand quietly giggling to myself and felt butterfly’s in my stomach as I thought about how excited I was to see my boyfriend and Josh. I could hear the door creak open and Ty’s sweet voice talking, “Babe?” he said loudly. I quickly jumped up and so did everyone else and we all screamed something different but I could only smile and managed to say, “Welcome home boys.” I ran to tyler and wrapped my arms around his neck and he hugged me back and ran his fingers through my hair. I had my face in the crook of his neck and he smelled so good, it was intoxicating I felt myself well up with tears. He was home, he was my home and I couldn’t help it, he just makes me so happy. He heard me sniffle and let go of me, “ you okay baby?” he said lightly smiling. I just lit up and wiped away my tears, “Yes, I am very okay. I just missed you so much, “ I said and I saw that Josh was hugging his family and Ty’s mom was behind us and she was waiting patiently for her turn with Tyler. “ Oh, I’m sorry mom, “ I pecked Ty on the cheek and walked away into the kitchen again to get the food. I opened the pantry and was looking for the cups I just bought for the party when I heard my name called, “y/n?” I closed the pantry and turned to see josh standing right in front of me, “Hey spooky.” I smiled and hugged him, he hugged me back but when he let me go he pulled me into the hall. He looked around to see if anyone was looking then whispered to me. “I know this is kinda weird but You need to fuck tyler, “ he said with a serious look on his face. I turned red and honestly didn’t know what to say. “What?” i finally said a little weirded out, he got really close to me and whispered, “He has been driving me crazy about it, I have never seen him so bothered and horny all the time. He needs it, and I told him that today might be his lucky day, if you know what i mean.” I couldn’t help but smirk at this, the thought of Tyler being all hot bothered at just the slight picture of me turns me on. Josh knew I had a plan because he just smirked and walked off winking at Tyler who was across the room. I probably looked like an idiot because I just stood in the hall with a huge smirk on my face for at least five minutes. I finally broke out of my trance and grabbed the oreos and cups that I originally wanted and brought them to the living room. Everyone started pouring out drinks for themselves and Laura suggested that we all play a board game. I sat on the couch next to Tyler and Zach helped set up the game, we were playing cards against humanity and both Tyler and Josh’s parents have never played so it was definitely gonna be fun. I sat there listening to Zach explain how the game works to everyone and leaned forward to grab an oreo when I felt a hand gently grab my ass, I turned around to face tyler and the sexiest smirk appeared on his face. ‘He wants to play this game, huh’ I thought to myself as I opened the oreo trying to be very seductive as I licked the white frosting. I could tell he was turned on by the way his grip on the couch got tighter. I faced the family again to make it seem normal as to how i was just acting, thank god no one was watching except for Josh who winked at me from across the table. I smiled in proud knowledge that he knew what I was getting at. I was handed my seven cards and I knew Tyler was gonna try and look over my shoulder to see what I had in my hand so I scooted a bit further away from him on the couch so I could read my cards. I looked over to see him and he was smiling to himself and reading his cards, I could tell he was thinking something good and I was excited yet scared to see what he would put down. The first card said, “blank  with you is always fun” and I looked at my cards and had no idea what to put down so I grabbed one randomly and it said “teasing” and I smirked to myself as I placed it on the stack in front of Josh. He was the judge for this round. Tyler had placed his down too and we both shared glances before waiting for everyone to finish. Josh picked up the stack and started reading them all, a few giggles were heard amongst the room until he started laughing and read aloud, “desperate sex with you is always fun,” and we all started laughing except for Josh and Tyler’s parents who just sat there basically appalled with our humor. I felt kind of bad so I got up and requested that we just watch a movie or something, but Kelly said she had to go home and finish important work which caused Maddy, Jay, and Zach to all go home too. They all gave us their thanks and left, Josh said he would go home and sleep, his parents were so kind and his brother and sisters hugged me just before walking out the door. I rushed to give Josh one last hug before he exited as well, “See you later spooky.” I said waving him goodbye, Ty called out too, “Later Jish!” 

  I had a devious plan and I was gonna tease the shit out of him, I walked away from him knowing full well that he wanted to touch all over me and headed down the hall to our bedroom. I quickly pulled off my shirt and changed into my pajama shorts still not wearing a shirt then decided I would go make some coffee. When I got into the kitchen Tyler was standing by the table holding his phone, he looked up and his jaw dropped. “Damn babygirl, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” he said sounding a bit out of breath walking towards me into the kitchen. I was gonna try and duck him and walk away again but I was too late and he pinned me against the fridge, he seemed so tall as he lowered his head looking into my eyes as if I was the most beautiful thing in the world. “Hey daddy,” I said smirking waiting for his reaction. “I like where this is headed,” he said pushing closer to you, I could feel his obvious erection pressing up against me causing me to groan slightly. This triggered him and he lifted me up enough for me to wrap my legs around his waist and I kissed him roughly feeling desperate for more, he had one hand firmly on my ass and the other holding my head as he kissed me back. I could tell we were headed down the hall and he threw me on the bed once we got inside, he looked like a lion who was about to eat its prey as he ripped off his shirt, “I have missed this so much, you have no idea how much I want to fuck you rn. I hope you don’t mind it rough baby.” I licked my lips, “Do me how you want to daddy.” I pulled my shorts off and sat up to kiss Ty again but this time it got even more heated, he brushed his tongue across my lip begging for entrance and I allowed him control. He had undone my bra, and started rubbing my nipples making me moan into the kiss. I reached my hand down and pressed my hand against his dick through his jeans, this earned me a low groan. “mmmm babygirl don’t do that,” he said pushing me onto my back on the bed. “Why not daddy, doesn’t it feel good?” I teased, he was now just sitting on his knees in front of me on the bed, he licked his lips then slowly started pulling off my panties. I could feel my breathing already increase and my heartbeat fasten as he lowered his head in between my legs, “Daddy is gonna make you scream for me, don’t hold back anything babygirl,” he assured me before licking across my clit, I hissed sharply at the sudden contact motivating him to continue tongue fucking me. I grabbed his fluffy brown hair and had my head bent backwards trying to hold back loud moans, but I let one slip and he groaned shoving two fingers inside my core. I began to squirm knowing I was gonna cum soon, I could tell he knew cuz his pace began to increase even more causing me to arch my back,screaming his name among a few other swears just before coming undone all over Ty’s hand. “Don’t worry baby, we aren’t done yet,” he said sounding dark but sexy, he climbed over me and kissed me again letting me taste myself in his mouth. I started to slowly unbutton his jeans as he continued to make out with me, but he was growing impatient and broke the kiss to take off his pants quicker. He threw them across the room leaving him in his boxers, he had an obvious bulge and I could tell he was really fucking horny just by the dominating face he had rn, he came and pulled me off the bed and pushed me against the wall, I just bit my lip and watched his eyes wander over me as I pushed my hips against his. This must have sparked something else because he harshly grabbed my ass and rubbed against me roughly, I reached up and kissed his jaw and made small kisses along his neck, he didn’t speak but closed his eyes enjoying the things I was doing to him, he ended up pulling his boxers down without me knowing and he stopped me with another kiss and he lifted me up by my ass and positioned himself thrusting into me. We both basically melted into the full contact we both so desperately needed, still against the wall he continued to thrust into me both of us groaning and moaning not able to speak. I could feel that same heat I felt earlier rise in my stomach as I felt another orgasm make its way after this new position, I could hear him sigh loudly, “Fuck, baby you feel so good.” I loved when he talked like that, “Fuck me harder daddy,” was my reply to his statement before he turned me around pulling out, he looked not angry but extremely powerful in his attitude, he pushed me to the bed, “Bend over babygirl, I’m gonna make you come for me now.” I did as I was told and turned my head a bit to see him biting his lip hard as he thrusted into me again but with more force. I grabbed onto the sheets tightly, “Ty…Tyler” I moaned still being harshly fucked against the bed. Tyler slapped me hard on the ass, “I can tell your close baby, I am too, don’t hold back I wanna hear you,” this pushed me over the edge and I soon let go of all the sounds and juices I had left and I heard tyler moan loudly and he came inside me. We both collapsed on the bed and he wrapped his arm around me, both of our breathing was still heavy and he just looked over at me and we both realized that we just had unprotected sex, “Tyler?” I said clearly but almost scared. “Yes, I know,” he answered, “Baby, I have been meaning to ask you this for a while but I think now is a good time, will you be my wife?” I smiled widely turning over to kiss him one last time, “Of course I will tyler,” but we will have to do it quickly before your family finds out I’m pregnant.” I said He nodded, “yeah, that would be bad.” 

Hi buddies, 

Thank you everyone who sent me their well wishes after my last status update. All of your messages were wonderful, and if I wasn’t worried about flooding people’s dashes with responses I would answer them all individually. What I mostly want to say though is thank you, because it really was uplifting to see so many sympathetic responses. 

I am feeling a lot better now. I’ll still most likely take a couple of weeks off from writing for a while since I have been feeling that my writing has been stale as of late. Plus, I feel the break will give me time to reflect and hopefully come back even more positive than I am now. 

I won’t officially start it until the last chapter of Once Upon A Time in a Shattered Mind is posted though, so I might manage to sneak in a couple of drabbles before then, depending on how things turn out. 

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hello, i'm currently trying to write some original fiction but all i've managed to do is create a vague idea of what i want the characters to be like. i want to write something where half of the characters are from some secret society kinda thing and they each have to find a normal regular person and train them to work with them for some kind of quest or something. could you give me some ideas for what the secret society could consist of (like assassins etc) and what the quest thing could be. ta

I’m really not that good at coming up with story ideas on the spot, when someone asks me for some my mind just seems to like going blank. :P

Maybe @writers-are-writers can help you or some of my followers might be able to give you some ideas.

Really sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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Okay but can I get some head canons for the Libra boys’ crush confessing that they're jinxed, like a less dangerous version of Lucky Abrams. Wherever they go, the wifi is really slow, phones suddenly have no reception, shoelaces become untied, pens run out of ink, just annoying things. And they're just like "I'm sorry, I know I'm a nuisance."

That’d be the most annoying jinx in the world oh my god. I can’t deal with slow wifi at all so if I had that kind of jinx I’d die l ord

Imagine Abrams with an s/o like that though omg


  • When his crush tells him that they’re jinxed he’ll be a bit surprised, but then that’ll explain why he can’t find any of his pens at all lmao
  • Despite the fact that the things that come from s/o being jinxed is annoying, he wouldn’t mind his crush at all, since he knows it isn’t their fault
  • If its possible, he’ll try to find a way to undo the jinx his crush has. He’d probably look up a book on jinxes and similar topics aha
  • When he hears his crush say that, he’ll look at them and say that they’re not a nuisance at all, and that he understands. He would accept crush just as they are aha
  • Klaus probably wouldn’t mind his crush’s jinx at all, since after knowing, he’ll always have a back up of pens and anything else to counter the jinx. Is always prepared tbh


  • He’ll wonder how in the world s/o got the jinx, and he’ll be curious if s/o got it somehow like Abrams got his sort of curse
  • Even though it might be a bit of a pain whenever s/o is around pens run and the wifi goes slow or goes down, he’ll know that they’re close by if he doesn’t see them lmao 
  • Pen runs out of ink suddenly: “they must be nearby” 
  • Honestly Steven would feel bad for his crush since they’ve probably never really experienced fast wifi or any of those small little good things in life, so he’ll try to think of something to get around his crush’s jinx so they can be happy 
  • I can see his crush just trying to watch a video on youtube or whatever and then getting up to get out of range of the wifi the computer uses so it can load faster. Steven just feels pity for his crush right there and then honestly 


  • When his crush explains the jinx they have Leo sort of realizes why all of those little annoying things around him have been happening lately like the wifi suddenly being slow and stuff. 
  • “so that’s why the wifi went so slow-” 
  • Leo won’t think much of it honestly, but whenever something happens like if he’s using a pen or anything and it runs out, he already knows that his crush is close by 
  • He’ll ask his crush if there’s anyway to undo the jinx they have, and if it really is possible he’ll try to help them out with getting rid of the jinx 
  • Leo will feel pretty bad for his crush since they’ve probably never experienced good wifi or anything, so he’ll try to think of a way to get around his crush’s jinx so they can actually enjoy themselves without having to worry about their jinx
  • When he hears s/o tell him that they’re just a nuisance he’ll just burst out saying that they’re not and that they shouldn’t let their jinx get to them, and they’re really great as a person aha. Leo ends up getting embarrassed along with his crush as well aha


  • When his crush tells him about it, for a split second he has one fear and that’s if s/o is like Abrams lmao. When they tell him its just annoying things like pens running out of ink and stuff he’s like “oh. okay” 
  • He’d honestly wouldn’t mind it, but I can see him actually suffering the most because of his crush’s jinx for some reason lmao
  • When s/o says that they’re just a nuisance, he’ll just immediately blurt out that they’re not and say that the jinx they have doesn’t define them as a person. He sort of says that in an embarrassed manner and ends up with a flushed face since he didn’t realize he said that so loud lmao
  • The only benefit Zapp gets out of a crush having this kind of jinx is that whenever something like the wifi suddenly getting slower happens he knows that his crush is close by lmao


  • Zed would’ve quite surprised to hear that they’re jinxed, and before they tell him how exactly they’re jinxed, he’ll think that they’re jinxed in a bad way. Is pretty surprised to hear that there jinxed in that kind of way lmao
  • He wouldn’t really think much of it at all, but he starts to notice that they really were right when they said their curse was annoying when he starts to lose ink in almost any pen he writes in 
  • Zed wouldn’t mind at all, and would understand that it really isn’t their fault, since their jinx is out of their control 
  • When he hears his crush say that he’ll tell them that they’re not a nuisance at all, it’s just the jinx itself. As a person his crush is great, from what he thinks 
  • He’ll always have an extra stash of pens or whatever to counter s/o’s jinx, and tries to help them out with anything related to it

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hi! (it's me again..) and the prompt is to write about something mundane but give it magic,,but the end goal of the assignment is to have it get published in our school poetry magazine. thank you so much!!

Oh okay, that does sound like a really cool prompt! I’m sure it’ll come out great and be showcased in your schools literary magazine!

As for the poem itself, here’s a way that I often write poetry, especially for a deadline or when there are a lot of poems that I need to write (like name aesthetics):

First, I think of an object or scene to write about. I try not to think too hard about it: I usually know the right thing when I think of it. So in this case I’m going to pick a houseplant. Then I try to picture it in my minds eye. But not just the big picture, but the little tiny details. I try to pay attention to the sensory details, how they make me feel, what I could compare them to, etc.

Perhaps the sunlight is dancing on the leaves just so you can see the veins of chlorophyll working it’s way from the leaves to the stem to the roots, and you admire the way it can produce everything it needs all by itself. Maybe you watch it as it unfurls it’s leaves after a storm, arms stretched wide open to embrace the new day. Or maybe you even hear it whispering to you words of encouragement when you need them most, the leaves brushing against your skin in comfort as you water it, it knows and accepts you just for what you are. Etcetera.

Then from there it’s all about combining the images together, or focusing on one to write enough, making comparisons and observations about it. Then it’s all about finding the words to express what you see in your minds eye.

So yeah, that’s the advice I would give you: think of something and pay attention to it. Pidgeons shimmer blue green and purple but to someone who doesn’t look they’re just gray. Walking past a street lamp when it’s raining makes the droplets dance with yellow and orange. Even green grass holds a certain magic when you’ve been inside for a long period of time.

Anyway, I know that was really long, but I hope this helps you! And if you would like, feel free to send me/submit the poem when it’s done, because I would love to read it!! ❤

First time I met Brendon, he was in a dressing room, and he was throwing a tray full of fruit into a shower. And I kind of stood there staring  at him for a minute, I was like, what is this little kid doing right now- he was so, so just like, intent on throwing all the fruit in the shower and smashing it. So I just asked him, I was like, ‘What are you doing right now?’ And he’s like, 'Well I wanted to throw the fruit somewhere, but I didn’t wanna make it a mess for whoever has to clean it up.’ So he was both being punk rock and very respectful, all at the same time.
—  Zack Hall, on his first time meeting Brendon Urie