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@danielhowell hallway of dans. 2017. watercolor on paper.

Concept: Tony Stark as dad. And you know his daughter is gonna have him all wrapped around her little finger, this is just fact.  I also had this image of Tony stepping on his daughters lego ;) Milene told me to share it so here goes:

Tony’s daughter, no more than six, has been playing lego in the living area. Tony has been preparing dinner around the kitchen, he admits that he’s not the best cook but his spaghetti meatballs has somehow become one of his daughter’s favourite dishes.

‘Daddy! C’mere! Look what I made!’ His baby girl shouts from near the sofa.

‘Just a moment sweetheart, you don’t want your pasta overcooked do you?’ He calls back from the counter.

But his daughter is not really a patient girl, so she stands up and starts to walk towards the open kitchen, she just wants him to see her lego aircraft NOW.
And though she’s about to be six, Tony still doesn’t want her anywhere near the stove when there’s hot boiling water in the saucepan, so he just has to give in.

‘Ah ah ah! I’ll come over sweetheart, let me just drain the water from the spaghetti.’

His daughter seems to be satisfied with his answer, so she walks back to the coffee table and fumbles with the lego pieces on the floor.

Tony quickly puts the spaghetti aside, switches off the stove and heads towards the living area.

‘Hey sweetheart, what is it that you’re gonna show – fffffu’ By the time Tony actually pays attention to what he’s walking into, it’s already too late, his bare foot has stepped right on to the sharp edge of a lego, causing him some ungodly pain.

He quickly leans forward and grabs the arm of the sofa to ease some pressure and tries to maintain a bit of balance, so he won’t just falls flat on the floor with his bum, risking to sit on yet another piece of lego. But his abrupt movement has consequently knocked down the lego tower they have been building,  near the side of the sofa. The moment the tower hits the floor, his daughter screams,


Tony is still recovering from the intense pain one piece of small lego can bring, looking at the now broken Stark tower on the floor and he silently whines for the loss of the hours of hard work.

’I’m sorry baby… promise I’ll fix it, alright?’ He tries to keep his voice even, but that damn lego really got him.

He manoeuvres himself to be sitting on the sofa seat, and his daughter is looking up at him from the floor, pouting.

Now he knows the power of his big puppy dog eyes when his daughter who inherited from him is using them against him.

Just when he’s about to pinky promise her that he’s gonna fix the tower, his daughter catches the pain he’s been showing on his face.

‘Daddy are you hurt?’

‘It’s alright sweetheart, just step on a lego’

His hand is still absently rubbing his foot, the intense pain has lessen now, but he’s still feeling it.

His daughter then puts her hand over her lips and deliberately places a kiss on it, then she moves her hand over Tony’s foot and gently touches it saying,

‘Bye Bye pain, kiss goodbye pain.’

And it’s all that matters, all his life, all the pain he has endured, they all seem so insignificant. The soft touch of his little girl’s hand, the little toothy grin she shines at him, the earnest hope and wish that he will not feel any pain after she fly-kisses them goodbye, right at that moment his heart has just melt into a puddle of warm chocolate.


Though, the moment is soon gone when his daughter’s genuine smile turns into a mischievous one. He knows she’s up to no good when her touches feather away, and her little fingers start tickling his foot.

‘AH AH Daddy knows what you’re up to!’ Tony quickly scoops her up to his lap and starts tickling her instead.

They lose themselves in laughters and giggles, along with some screaming and groaning, then the elevator door opens and appears their one and only beloved mommy. They both pause their tickle war, and greet,


‘Hey Pep’

‘Tony. What happen to my tower?!!’  However it’s her first reaction.

Like mother, like daughter.

‘Daddy broke it!’  Tony rewards his little traitor more tickles and she’s giggling again.

‘Oh please, you two.’ Pepper starts walking towards them while taking off her heels.

‘Um.. Pep, I suggest you leave your shoes on fo–‘

‘OUW SHHHHH WHAT on earth –’ Though unlike Tony, Pepper is graceful, she quickly recovers her shock pain of stepping on a lego and sits herself at the end of the sofa without knocking anything down.

‘Hey baby, you wanna kiss mommy’s pain goodbye, OR TICKLE it Goodbye??’ Tony literally wriggles his eye brows for maximum dramatic effect.


When two devils with Stark genes team up, Pepper knows she can’t possibly win.

a lot of unpleasant things happened during high school partly due to environment and partly due to Guys but i mostly didn’t recognize how messed up they were at the time and then after high school i for the most part just tried my hardest not to think about them so i’ve processed almost none of them so whenever i start talking about high school an enormous surge of angry words pour out of me and it’s terrible probably

Me at family gatherings
  • Aunt i only see during special occasions: Oh, you've gained weight!
  • Me: (all smiles while returning her hug) i know! So did you!
  • Homophobic, sexist uncle: what, you still don't have a boyfriend?
  • Me: boyfriend no, girlfriend yes. (Laughs in his face)


anonymous asked:

Did something happen to the discord chat? I tried checking it out today but ??? It worked fine for me last night. If I got kicked out idk why because I only ever said maybe 2 things in chat?

Hey, sorry if I am a bit late replying to this.

The B.A.P group chat is temporarily closed.

there was an incident that made us mods realise that we weren’t taking appropriate actions to keep the group chat safe for all our members. things reached a bit of a tipping point with how quickly new members were joining the group and we ended up removing about half the members and deactivating the invitation links (which is why the link in the tumblr post about it does not currently work), this happened during Friday/Sunday and since then we’ve taken steps to making the chat more appropriate for minors as well as making sure the more private things some members may post aren’t as easily accessible for new, unknown, members.

Now the server has settled after the changes and is more stable and organised, so we will soon be opening the server again (I will make a new post when that happens); people joining back after having been kicked will be able to check the announcements channel for more thorough info about what’s happened.

If you were kicked from the chat know that it was not for a personal reason, we were just trying to downsize the server to well-known members to get it under control. Anyone who was part of the server is more than welcome back once the server is open again and we hope you do not hold it against us.

Adventures in co-writing a cousins AU

Me, a certifiable angst goblin queen: Stop me from doing this thing.

@pathfindersemail: *does not stop me from doing the thing*

Also @pathfindersemail: *actively encourages me to do the thing*

Also @pathfindersemail: HOW COULD YOU DO THAT THING

hey!! i saw this post  flying around and i thought HEY! I wanna do something like that!!!

send me your OCs name & i’ll make a playlist out of the letters!
Cause MAN i love characters and music and making playlists for characters 

Ima need someone to make a plus size strapless bra for a D cup that actually gives support because I’m trying to wear sleeveless/off the shoulder things when I go on my trip in July then in summer in NZ. I want my boobs to not just SIT in the bra but actually BE SUPPORTED. Does such a thing exist though? 🤔😞