the things my mom sends me in the mail


Saving up for Cosplay & Stuff !

First, thank you all so much who comissioned/donated me earlier when i had rough times. You are really amazing people.


I love drawing Gemsonas, Lapis and Jasper

Slots open : 3

( Thank you so much for comissioning me.. )

Please contact me via if you want to comission me. 

( Im in germany so be aware if you message me that it might be nighttime for me ! Im checking my E-Mails daily so i will answer within’ 24 hours. )

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I will send you sketches before starting my work, so when you are happy with it i will start cleaning it up.

You have the right to always get current progress updates.

Once Payment is recieved i will start working on the comission.


Discounts are possible, im really open about the price.

     “It says, ‘Forgive me, Mother.’ It’s a general apology for all the dumb things I’ve done in my life. They’re things that I don’t regret doing, because I feel that they were very important for me, but my mom was sad that I left her behind. I guess I didn’t turn out the way she wanted me, with a normal life and career.
     “But it’s more an apology for making her worry about me so much. I tried to call her a lot, but I didn’t have money, so sometimes I would go weeks or months without talking to her. I also collect Spanish books on issues that I care about, and mail them to her. A friend of mine gave me a code that a company uses to send big packages, so I send things for free to my mom.”


Okay spill time. So my Community is having an open house on October 11 and for a cloistered monastery this is a big deal. Those invited get to see all of the enclosure. Mother Prioress really wants my parents to bring me & be able to see the monastery. As some of you know, my parents (esp mom) are less than thrilled about this whole discernment thing. Heck, they barely can call themselves practicing Catholics.

Anyway, any time something “extra” having to do with religion sends them into a tantrum. It usually ends with them displeased but still allowing me to do/go whatever. So Mother mailed the invitations out and my parents received theirs. It’s open on the counter but they haven’t said a word. I was so nervous about them reacting badly, I talked almost the entire time during supper.

They still haven’t mentioned it at all and I’m kinda scared so if you could just send up a “God, please help them” for me it would mean so much.